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Model treat of the day: Kelly Brook and her slim and curvy figure during a photo-shoot she did this week, in a variety of outfits  ranging from spandex pants to high-waist shorts!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Thora

    Don’t like the last 2 outfits.

  • Debbs

    These outfits look ridiculous but I do like her face and body.

  • lilkitten

    I like the spandex/red outfit. She is gorgeous. A little stocky (I think her chest makes her look heavier than she is)

    • HB

      Yes! The shiny pants and cropped sweater looks pretty cute in a comic book sort of way.
      I think she’d look much slimmer without her boobs too, and maybe if she toned her arms up, but she doesn’t need to. She’s got a really sexy figure.

  • Andi

    lovely curves. she holds her weight well, even in these outfits. i bet most men would choose her over a stick thin “supermodel” any day!

    • georgi

      I know I might be in the minority here, but I don’t give a f*** what most men would chose.

      • Adele

        I agree with you georgi…

      • Tally

        Maybe i am weird because i would want to look good for men (if i actually had to choose, been with my bf for 8 yrs) because if i tried to look good for females it would never happen. They would find something wrong with me instantly. But ofcoarse what all of us should do is look good for ourselves

        • Winnie

          i agree with you on that. while the “most men like X feature” comments are pretty stupid considering i know big girls, thin flat girls, curvy girls, busty girls with boyfriends, i’d much rather appeal to men than women. it’s not that hard, a simple t-shirt and yoga pants and a decently pretty face seems to do the trick. i would never trade that for the scrutiny women endure from one another. yet were much more forgiving when a man doesn’t meet our aesthetic ideal.

        • georgi

          What bothered me was Andi’s suggested presumption that we all evaluate our own bodies in terms of what guys prefer. It’s like a paternalistic pat on the back, here, here you non-VS type of girl, don’t you worry, guys actually prefer fuller figures!
          Andi, just realize that not all women need your comfort! Some of us are just fine, really :))

          • Soph

            I don’t think one should strive in an obsessive way to be attractive to men but really, being attractive and finding a guy you think is absolutely gorgeous thinking the same about you is a pretty great feeling. It is easier to achieve than trying to please girls (who constantly judge each other) and in reaps better rewards.. I am personally bowing out of the let-me-be-ultra-thin-so-my-friends-are-impressed game. Don’t really like it, don’t think its healthy for my frame, don’t think it’s sexy and it’s a waste of life on earth

    • Hazal

      Well, the feminist in my also says “Who cares what men think?!” But on the other hand, I’m pretty sure that most (not all!) men and women alike prefer a medium weight on women aka women who are neither skinny nor fat.

  • Bellerina

    I like the red checkered dress on her, but I am surprised about her figure. I always thought she was an enviable hourglass, but her waist seems dependent on the outfits. Just a pear with implants, I guess.

    • Robin

      I don’t know about the implants, but she is definetly no pear. Her legs are proportionate to her body, maybe even her slimmest asset.

    • idontknowyouyoudontknowme

      Kelly is definitely an hourglass, the reason her waist doesn’t always look tiny is because she is evenly proportioned/slightly shorter torsoed vertically, which when exaggerated with her big breasts can seem too short hence wider.

      Also, since she is not 6 feet but just a little taller than average, she deliberately wears swimsuits/outfits which make her legs longer and slimmer, creating the short torso/wide waist in the process.

  • Kimmy

    Are her boobs real?
    I wish I had bigger boobs

    • Gen

      Don’t wish that. I have DD’s and most of the time they just make me look fatter than I am. If I do dress them in a flattering manner, I end up having to show too much skin and people often get the wrong impression.

      I can fit into a size 4 dress everywhere else, but if it’s not cut generously at the bust, it won’t finish zipping. If I do manage to squeeze the tits in, they look like square implants (think Christina Hendricks).

      I am not looking forward to what they’ll look like should I get pregnant and breastfeed. They’ll definitely get larger, making them an E or, what, F? And then deflating?? They’re perky now because I’m 20, but I know my days are numbered.

      Enjoy your normally-sized breasts.

      • Soph

        Personally can’t enjoy. Would absolutely LOVE to have bigger boobs. Used to be a D cup and am now a B, didn’t even lose much weight dunno what happened. SUCKS!

  • misscheeks

    Nope, I’m pretty sure Kelly’s boobs are real. She’s well known in the UK for her fuller bust, even when she was a teenager they’ve always been on the bigger side. Plus they have a how shall I put it? hmmm a very natural “hang” to them lol, just google “kelly brook topless” [NSFW y’all!! :D] and you’ll see what I mean ;). That being said, I don’t find her body all that enviable and her fashion sense is poor and tacky as always.

    • JN1976

      Ditto…I second that!

    • Liz

      They definitely look natural…but pretty spectacular for her age/how big they are. The only way I would want boobs that big is if I could guarantee they would be and stay that perky. She has a really fortunate weight distribution. If she lost a little bit of body fat she would have a Selma Hayek-perfect hourglass. I wish they dressed her better, though. I understand going retro for her figure, but you can do so much better than those terrible blue leggings.

    • Hazal

      “That being said, I don’t find her body all that enviable and her fashion sense is poor and tacky as always.”

      So true!

  • I love Kelly’s figure – but the outfits are not my taste at all. I preferred her figure when she was a bit more lean though – like this: http://www.skinnyvscurvy.com/kelly-brook/kelly-brook-looks-really-good-bikini.html
    Then she was near body-perfection to me (if she had a rounder butt she’d be perfect!) She’s put on a bit of weight and is not as fit-looking now. She still has nice proportions, but her dress sense, like misscheeks said, is always tacky.

    • JN1976

      Thanks for the link!
      Wow I didnt know she was ever that lean. I tend to sway more to thinner bod’s…aesthetic pref, and my body’s petite so skinny-fit works best for me BUT i must say the first shot on that link is a great example of a healthy curvy that is VERY attractive…(by healthy curvy I mean not over or under-weight)…if I had big(ger) boobage and at least 4-5 more inches in my height and hip width that pic would be my goal

    • Nobsnob

      Actually I don’t mind that she gained weight, it distributes so well on her….

    • Aafje

      Her body in that pic is my ideal body type lol

      • solaxia

        She looks amazing in that pic! But I personally don’t mind the weight gain eithet (I hardly even notice it) because like nobsnob said, it distributes so evenly on her! A bit jealous over here I must say =o(

        • I don’t think she looks bad with the extra weight at all – I just think she looks more ideal a bit leaner. She still has a body I would take over any of the VS models! I think her proportions are just fantastic.

  • La la la la

    the first pic is the least flattering, but the rest make her look like she has a perfect figure. the outfits are a bit kitsch but her figure suits that retro look very well. she has a beautiful face. i think she’s an apple shape (right?) and a much better apple than ms. upton- kelly’s proportions are much better

    • misscheeks

      Kelly isn’t apple-shaped. She’s more of a short-waisted hourglass/cello body type, I guess it’s clearer when she’s thinner. Kate Upton isn’t an apple either btw.

      • idontknowyouyoudontknowme

        I wonder which celebs are truly cello though. I would guess somebody like Kim K rather than Kelly, because for chellos I would assume someone who is larger framed, which Kelly isn’t imo, just curvy.

        • Winnie

          Trinny and Susanna listed Oprah as their example of a cello shape

        • misscheeks

          I suppose you’re right idontknowyouyoudontknowme, cellos are essentially heavier/plus size hourglasses with larger frames and Kelly doesn’t have a large frame even when she’s a bit heavier.

        • kateuk

          Cello is some like Serena Williams. KK is just a bottom-heavy hourglass. She doesn’t have a large frame, just short and wide-hipped.

          • kateuk


    • Winnie

      i think if “apples” looked like Kelly i don’t think the majority of apple-shaped/apple-hybrids who post on this site would feel as bad about themselves. next time look at her hips if you’re confused. they are slightly wider than her ribcage, and definitely wider than her waist. NOT apple characteristics in the least.

    • kateuk

      Kelly’s waist/hip ratio is far too significant to be apple shaped.

    • Kimberly

      Apple shaped? No, her waist is the smallest part of her body.

    • serena

      Since a lot of you guys are interested in celebs body shapes, here is a chart that’s easy to understand: http://bodyshapestyle.com/wp-content/plugins/Trinny-Susannah-Body-Shape-Quiz.jpg

  • Emmy

    any mexicans here? she reminds me of Ana Brenda Contreras, maybe it’s the smile

  • ary

    awful outfits and makeup, and i’m really not a fan of her face, but her body looks really nice. Sometimes a bit top heavy, sometimes a bit bottom heavy, depends a lot of the angle lol but she has a great shape and legs.

  • artemis

    i want her shiny pants 😀 but not w/ a high waist

  • Isabel

    I prefer a smaller bust, but overall, she’s my favorite body type along with Nina Dobrev’s and Rachel Hurd Wood’s.

  • JaneParker

    Either she gained some weight or the outfits don’t really flatter her body. I still like her body but I’ve seen her looking way better than this. There’s a pic on this site of her wearing a top showing her belly button, it had a lot of negative comments because of the outfit but to me she looked amazing there. The only thing I like here (sort of) are the pants. But I commend her for wearing micro shorts with those legs, mine are slimmer and I absolutely cannot find the confidence to wear those outfits. I’m one of those who think that micro anything only look good on skinny people. But I’m trying to stop thinking like that, hopefully this summer I’ll get out of the house in some short shorts for the first time in a while.

  • roonie

    I find her really irritating for some reason. She is beautiful though. Her body is attractive but I prefer slimmer shapes, she may be too curvy for me. Don’t mean to rant but her personality just seems so annoying, I can’t even really explain it but she just gets on my nerves sometimes.

  • Cal

    I don’t throw the word average around much, but that describes this girl. Forgettable playboy face, her body’s an hourglass but that doesn’t make it good. No butt, flabby and stocky.

    • Kimberly

      How is she average? You admitted that she is an hourglass shape. Does the average woman have an hourglass figure? No, the average woman has a square shape.

    • lc

      I think she is average too. Hourglass or not, plus, I have seen many hourglass shapes in real life anyway. Being an hourglass does not make one immediately special.

  • Dawn

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. Her body is amazing (Has she put on some weight lately? It looks really good on her). I also like her last outfit. She’s always so stylish…

  • Winnie

    i think she’s actually lost some weight since the last time she was featured on her. i know her outfits are supposed to be flattering to her shape but they don’t make her look the best imo, and they’re kind of ugly. still like her figure though

  • Emma

    She’s just too perfect. It’s not fair!

  • lc

    She is so “blah” to me.

  • Nobsnob

    Well, banging curvy body as usual for Mrs Brook.
    She’s va va voom!!

  • moomuhmuh

    She’s rocking those shiny pants. That outftit is kinda cute. I would have thought only teeny tiny slim tall people like Miranda Kirr could pull those off, but they look great on Kelly. I love her body. Them boobs 🙂

  • serena

    Body is too thick for my personal preference, but she’s a lingerie model, her appeal is to be sexy and curvy, and she’s pulling it off. For a normal woman this is a good body but since she’s a model toning up a tad wouldn’t hurt.

  • HazeL

    Hot body as usual, she looks good at most weights (I’m guessing 140-150lbs at 5’8??). Her outfit choices are heinous though – I know its a shoot so shes styled, but I’m pretty sure these are her designs for her collection at New Look. She could dress soooo much better for her shape, plus for some reason it really annoys me the way she wears string bikini bottoms, like pulled up really high.

    • misscheeks

      I don’t know how much she weighs but Kelly is barely 5’6.

  • Kimberly

    I hate the outfits and I understand that she is not everyone’s cup of tea, but her body isn’t average. Most women could not naturally have her proportions.

  • Pixie

    She looks like a ’50s pinup girl in the floral two piece. 🙂

  • Nicole

    Only thing i’ve ever liked about this girl is her smile…which is pretty and genuine looking but that’s about it.

  • mary

    she looks good but is too soft for my liking

  • solaxia

    *sigh* she looks gorgeous! I am jealous. I usually prefer a more pert full bum, and legs that are shaplier and fuller (but that’s just me being a picky btch)…she looks incredible and so feminine! Can’t fault her looks.

  • sasha

    Average face, flabby body.

    • jamie

      i wouldnt call her flabby…its not like there are fat rolls hanging over her pants

      • sasha

        jamie: look at her bikini pictures, there are fat rolls everywhere

  • Nikki

    She has a pretty face but those outfits are far to young for her. Very Lolita-esque, she needs to dress her age.

  • Hazal

    Her legs are her best feature imo.

  • Tia

    the outfits are not very “body friendly” but I like the retro vibe. She pulls them off despite not being rail thin.

  • Junior

    Love her body, but I do prefer her slimmer. I’m really jealous of her boobs; want to get mine done, but I’d probably go a cup size lower than her, like a full D. I’d be too small to pull off hers, although they fit her body amazingly.

  • Jessica M

    Her body looks almose exactly like mine, shapewise xD But since I’m only 17 I don’t know if that’s a good thing for me in the long run.
    She’s beautiful BUT I just find her face to be rather generic. Her distinguishing feature to me is her banging bod.

  • ellentjie

    How does she wear such tight and short things with no rolls hanging over anything. I have skinnier legs than her but if I wore shorts like the ones from the first picture and sat down, I would have rolls! And nothing rolls over the top either! Even skin!

  • Hourglass Love

    Speculation in the comments section, that Kelly Brook has breast implants.

    Her breasts look fake here.

    Kelly Brook is no stranger to corsets.

    You can see the corset in this dress.

    Where did the hourglass go?

    How is this woman able to portray herself as a sweetheart, while posing in sheer lingerie with her hand down her panties or her legs spread open?

    I’m searching for decent role models, with hourglass figures.

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