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Kelly Brook Is Back in Lingerie

Kelly-Brook-Is-Back-in-Lingerie - Kelly Brook Is Back in Lingerie

British babe Kelly Brook loves to pose in teeny-tiny lingerie and this time, she’s showing off her hourglassy curves in a campaign for Ultimo.

Daily Mail says that Kelly’s measurements are… 32E-26-36 (do they sound accurate to you)?

Extra facts: Kelly is 30 years old and 5’6”. 

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Kelly-Brook-Is-Back-in-Lingerie-2 - Kelly Brook Is Back in Lingerie

Kelly-Brook-Is-Back-in-Lingerie-3 - Kelly Brook Is Back in Lingerie

Kelly-Brook-Is-Back-in-Lingerie-4 - Kelly Brook Is Back in Lingerie

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  • Bee

    Why is she famous?? She hasnt actually done anything that hasnt involved her being half naked or in super tight clothing.

    • eik

      isn’t that what most models are famous for?

      • ashley

        I really don’t care what she is famous for as long as we keep getting to see pictures of her. Now that is a body.

        • jay

          I agreed with ashley. I wish that more models looked like this. beautiful curvy body. I mean, not every person is built vuluptuous and there’s nothing wrong with that but more variety would be great. and sorry but for me plus size doesn’t count as curvy…

          • southerngumdrops

            could not agree more! yes, someone can be plus sized and curvy but not always. the words are usually used interchangeably and i don’t think they should be the majority of the time.

            someone very thin can be curvy and heavier girl can not be curvy (just overweight)

          • Jay

            yes, exactly! 🙂 plus sized can be beautiful but not every plus-sized woman is curvy and vis versa. And it’s not always healthy to be larger either. Gosh, if only there were some middle ground in this industry.

    • gen

      Whatever. She is much more deserving of fame than those ugly reality TV stars that we keep getting shoved down our throats. At least she is drop-dead gorgeous and doesn’t look like a clown like those ridiculous Kardashian girls.

      • lc

        LOL agreed.

        • Kelsey

          She seems more like 34-27-38

          • kate

            I’d say 36-27-38.

  • dizzy

    She started her career as a television presenter on the “Big Breakfast” – she was an absolute CHAV back then, with a chav accent and trashy/slutty clothes. Then she met Billy Zane, started dating him and developed a posh exterior and started dressing in more “demure” clothes. She may fool Europeans and those from the USA, but us English know her true chavvy colours.

    • dizzy

      She was also a page 3 girl – classy!

      • Sam

        Look up her modeling credentials.
        Do you know how bad you are coming across here lol

    • TJ

      What does CHAV mean?

      • b

        So I looked up “chav” (fearing the worst) and it seems to be like…Eminem. They’re these working class white kids who smoke and drink and just act like gangsters. Kind of like white trash in the hood sense. Like Eminem and the girls he’d run around with…hoop earrings, tough acting, trashy and ghetto.

        Am I right?

        • tasha

          yup, that’s right

        • Nkeon

          Kind off. Eminem is not really what would be classed as a chav.
          Katie Price and Peter Andre are the epitome of chavs! it’s not just about trying to be gangster (we call them rude boys/girls in the UK) it’s also about the trashy lifestyle, accent etc.

          Youtube a British programme called Shameless. That’ll show you what chavs are!

    • blaire

      uhm im sorry but what is a CHAV? and a CHAV accent? i’m interested in what that means lol

      • dizzy

        if you know the english page 3 models such as jordan you’re on the right page. classless.

        • beckers

          Ok i’m british and i wouldnt class her as chavvy. In fact of all the models out there, I would say she has been the most gracious with her fame. She does not milk the limelite and she is no wag. She does her job which is modeling and i don’t think she should be attacked for that. Also an accent doesn’t determine anything, she cannot help being where she is from and sounding as she does. I think just because someone has a thick accent doesn’t make them thick or unclassy, I get stick all the time for my broad midlands accent.

          • dizzy

            I was referring to how she looked and dressed at the start of her career. She has gone to great lengths to change her image since.

          • b

            Bahahaha I love English colloquialisms! So silly! Sodding this and wag that and all these chavs!

    • Sam

      She went to the Italia Conti stage school (posh school) and is a trained stage actress. You don’t half sound jealous.

      • beckers


        • sola

          i think she’s well lush =oD

  • B.

    The measurements sounds pretty accurate, although people do look a COMPLETELY different size in person. She has an amazing body.

  • lolita

    32E 26 36 my ass…………..

    • b

      I kind of believe it. I’m 30-24-36, 5’5″ and I buy it. Why, do you think she looks bigger?

  • Haley

    I’ve always loved her. She’s so womanly and healthy looking. It’s great to see that someone who actually has boobs and a butt is modeling underwear. Those teeny tiny VS models should take a hint, we don’t want the people to photoshop your boobs in pics to make it seem like you actually have them, if you’re modeling a bra, fill it out, naturally. P.S.- And she’s only 5’6”?? AWESome!

    • sola

      i know right!? i love it =o) so sick of people calling VS models curvy! the only curvyish one is candice…yet she could do with more boobs and butt to be called ‘curvy’. she is very thin! she is grogeous and im not saying she needs to change but just saying ‘curvy’ curvy aint really that

  • 0??

    Her waist is bigger than 26 and 32 around her bust I think not!!

    • Ella

      32 is the band size. i.e. UNDER the bust, not around it. If she’s an E, then her she’s probably 37ish around her bust.

      • Ella

        ‘Her’ isn’t supposed to be there. Went to type it one way and then changed it without realising I forgot to delete that…

      • Ash

        Thank you Ella. Band size is correct.

        I do think her waist is 27 and hips 38

      • shell

        Yes, but i doubt her band size is only 32 – her back doesn’t look that narrow. I would say she looks more like a 34 or 36, especially with being tall (she’s well known to be 5ft 8 in British magazines, newspapers ect).

  • Jo

    Actually I believe her measurements…I’m shorter than her and my waist is 23″ on a good day and 24″ on a bloated day, and it looks something like hers. Since she’s taller, 26″ sounds convincing (I would’ve thought it’d be 24″ or 25″). However, she’s not 5’10 and stick thin, that’s why 26″ on her looks thicker than 26″ on a typical runway model.

    • smarterthanyou

      She’s got a teeny waist she’s not “thick” in any way.

  • TJ

    I wonder how much she weighs? Any guesses?

    • kate

      130lb-135lb perhaps?

      • Eve

        I think you are right. No way she is 118.

  • Casey

    She looks great but for some reason her face doesn’t look like her at all.

    And to the person who brought up VS girls, bras were not only made for women who are a cup-size E. Why not have both Kelly Brook and VS models?

    • artemis

      small cups are cute too ( like mine hehehehe)

  • Sarah Jean

    Versus I want to thank you because your website is helping my bestfriend with her journey of recovering from her eating disorder, i.e. helping her achieve a healthier view on body image.

    Also I would love to see you post some pics of Cory Kennedy 🙂 I’m not actually sure if pictures of her fly around that often, but she is definitely interesting & different 🙂

  • Eve

    Kelly is awesome! She is super hot, I prefer her to VS models, speaking truly.

  • Kae

    One of the best bodies I’ve ever seen. She is incredible looking. The first photo of her face looks a little off.

    More pics of Kelly please!

  • violet

    i’d guess her waist at being a little bigger than 26, probaby 28 but only because we have almost exactly the same body shape and we’re the same height. i’m a little bigger than her at 29inches but not by 3 whole inches so hence guess.

    • Uma

      if her waist was 28 than her bust needs to be bigger than 32 band – which it probably is – and not to mention her hips. She has an incredible waist to hip ratio. I would say 26 waist sounds ok.

      • Sarah

        Agreed. I would say her bust is around 34/35 (I’m perfectly aware that a 35E doesn’t exist though, at least not in Canada). Her waist sounds good, but I think her hips are larger than the measurements say!

  • Nikki

    Most enviable body in the business.

  • Pauline

    I think her measurementes are true. I have almost the same measurements (I’m 32E-26-37) and her body does look a lot like mine, which make me feel really great! I wish my face were that georgeous too!

  • Dlicious

    her face in the yellowish lingerie looks weird :S
    although i LOVE her body

  • Natasha

    Love her…..however is true that this girl claims she weighs like 118 pounds…….just a thought ….also just because she was a page 3 girl which is the uk equivalent to being a playmate of the month yet less iconic(im guessing) puhhhhhlease dont compare her to that wench
    Jordan…….Katie doesn’t look like an oompa looompa have tacky extensions and have a revolving door of men lol.

    • Natasha

      I meant Kelly doesnt look like….

  • Elisabeth

    Great body, but what happened to her face? She looks really old and tired here.

    • kate

      She’s 30 not 20.

      • Elisabeth

        My 34 year old cousin looks more fresh-faced than her, and my cousin isn’t a model!

  • Jemima

    Holy crow, she is gorgeous. Amazing body.

  • anon

    Wow, she has the most enviable body! I believe her measurements because my waist and hip is similar to hers, and we look about the same in photos. (I WISH I had even close to a 32E though! Holy crow!)

    I think she is an absolute stunner and so much sexier than the ultra-skinny VS models.

  • Freedom

    no I don’t think her measutrents are corrrect.
    I’m 5’5. with similar measurents, 32E-25-34. and my waist does not look as “curved in” as hers,mine looks alot straighter. Perhaps this is due bone structure? maybe.I noticed when I put on 3lbs 3 years ago , my waist had more curve like hers does. I wonder why that seems tp happen? Now that I’m back at my normal weight my waist look straighter. Anyone else ahve the same thing happen to them ? Natasha says kelly is 118, and if thats true,maybe b/c i’m 115. that 3 pound difference, her waists is visibly smaller.
    My conclusion is her waist must be smaller than 26 based on my analysis.I dunno may be the inch taller makes all the difference.

    • e

      Your hips are smaller, therefore your waist would not be as “curved in” as hers. If you had larger hips, your waist would probably appear more curved in comparison. I don’t think her waist is smaller than a 26.

  • Sam

    You can see here Kelly’s wikipedia
    Don’t listen to that hater.

    • Freedom

      thanks for the link!
      her measurents are stated “32E-24-35”
      NOW that seems more reasonable. Its not everday people purposely add 2inches to their waist line!

      I apologize to everyone for the typos in the previous post.The general idea I was trying to rationalize was how is possible if you lose weight , your waist becomes straighter instead of more cinched in?

      Ex. When Hiedi Montag got lipo on her waist, which made it seem straighter, instead of curvier(as in cinched in like a corset would be?

      Has anyone had this phenominon happen to them?

      • Uma

        It depends on bone structure; so while some women are curvier with more weight on because even though they do not have such a curvy bone structure, they store weight on hips. And please,stop saying her waist is 24, it isn’t.

        • Freedom

          thanks for the answer ,
          I was not stating that her waist is 24, i was quoting it from wiki. I was just agreeing with idea if her hip measurents are correct, then have 24″ waist is totally likely. However ,convinced with most of the disscussion maybe her hips are more 37 to 38 inches wwith a 26″ waist.
          Me stating such a objective fact should not cause such irritation. What does is it matter what i guess her waist measurent is?

        • tiffy

          I’m a 34B-26.5-37.5 and 5’5.5 …I’d die of happiness if my waist looked as small as hers, or if my boobs were naturally that big while staying flab free everywhere else. I can’t believe people saying her hips are 38-40″ or that her waist is 27″…lol..she’s very slim! Even my hips aren’t that big, and they look much bigger than hers do in her pics! It’s really her very narrow waist that makes her hips look wide and curvy. If you have a 24″ waist and a fine bone structure like she does, 35″ or 36″ hips will indeed make you look curvy and lush.

          She’s more like 34D-25-36 or 32E-24-35….

          Beyonce has a 26-27″ waist, maybe even 28, now she’s a thick curvy chick with large bone structure….Kelly Brook on the other hand is 24-25 around the waist and has a more delicate bone structure especially her upper body (note her thin but graceful looking arms and shoulders, and her narrow back…leading to her also narrow waist)….she looks thicker than that because she is busty, and don’t forget the camera adds some poundage…she is actually a slender girl with great bone structure and with her fat all going into her good bits (her BMI is reportedly to be below 20…see how thin her face is? and how slim her arms are?)…she’s very genetically blessed physically and has one of the best celebrity bodies I’ve ever come across, but I have to say her face is on the plain side.

  • lc

    She looks nice. I wonder why VS doesn’t hire women like her to model lingerie. I mean, the VS model’s bodies are great, for sure. Just wondering though.

    • Emily

      That’s because VS doesn’t make a 32DDD (32E) except in one bra. They need 32As and 32Bs, because that’s all they have. Check out Bravissimo if you want to see models who look like Kelly.

  • lp23

    Thanks for posting the pictures versus.

    I seen these pictures the other day. She has got a fab body has kelly. You don’t many models with this body shape. Her measurments seem wrong though.

  • ♥Maria♥

    Her hips are definitely larger than 36″. They look more like 38″-40″. My hips are 35″ and I am 5’8″ and much thinner and fitter than her so its impossible that her hips are only 1 inch larger than mine.
    She has a nice body overall, but she’s too thick for my taste. I’m not saying she’s fat, but she is definitely soft around the edges and it looks like her skin would jiggle if I poked it. I guess some people like that, but she does nothing for me. I much prefer curves on a tight, toned, athletic figure like Candice Swanepoel’s.

    • kate

      She’s softer than many model but looks great because of the way the fat is distributed, i.e. big boobs, small waist, big hips. Soft with a prominent belly and love handles never looks good!

    • smarterthanyou

      You’re thinner than her? Good for you! She’s really thin and beautiful and so you must be sooo much more so than her. It’s silly you’d even mention the word “fat” talking about someone so thin as her. Plus she is athletic, look at her legs. She’s just not underweight like many models.

    • gee

      you sound jealous…35″ hips on a 5’8 tall female? and you’re calling a very slim female like kelly brook ‘thick’?, her waist-hip ratio is most likely alot lower than yours, and I can bet my tukhus that she’s alot more slender standing next to you…your 35″ inch hips look smaller than hers because you have wider waist than she does and you are taller…if kelly brook’s hips looking as slim as she does is 38-40″ at 5’6″ tall, then my hips must look 42″ when they’re actually only 37″ and I’m alot thicker than Kelly and at her height…it’s okay maria dear…we’re not all genetically blessed to have tiny waists and womanly, flaring pelvic/hip bones to (myself included)…infact most of us do not have that kind of bone structure, it’s been researched somewhere I believe…but I’d never dream of calling her thick because she is far from it…you have to understand that hourglass proportions are not always ‘thick’…if that were true than it must also be assumed that all tube shaped girls are petite, skinny and fashion-model-like, when in reality the average american girl is either a tube shaped size 14 or a pear shaped one…nothing skinny about that.

  • Johny

    She is beautiful, but she has never been a chav.
    just because she is a down to earth girl with working class roots doesn’t make her a chav.

  • terri

    i think she has always had an amazing figure.what i love best about her is those breasts.the fact that they are natural.kelly is very sexy.

  • O

    i really like her body

  • Johny

    why does everyone keep comparing her to VS models? she is nto that much bigger than them. I bet she is about 1 size above and no more and she has big boobs and is shorter. Makes her look bigger but she isn’t much bigger.

    • Kae

      Well, I for one, would like to see more women like Kelly Brook in VS. I feel as though most of the VS models have the same type of body and i think it would be great to show more variety. I miss the days of showcasing bodies like Leticia Costa, who had more of an hourglass shape like Kelly.

    • kate

      Probably a couple of sizes bigger than VS models plus being shorter probably makes it look more like 3 sizes, but her body is all good. Most VS models are too skinny anyway.

  • miaowface

    I think the measurements are about right, I’m the same height and have similar measurements and aside from the fact that I’ve got a bit of love handles action, my body shape is very like that.

    As always her body looks amazing, but her face doesn’t look as nice as usual, except in the second to last photo anyway.

  • burntsoup

    She’s fantastic. Got her picture on my door to inspire me to work out a wee bit more.

    I agree about the measurements. I’m very similar to her: 32E, 25, 37 but only 5ft 4.
    She looks similar to my shape, but more fit.
    I need to get her legs then i’ll be sorted.

    It’s great to see a body like this. It’s good for girls who are similar and want some realistic motivation to get them fit.
    Variety is key- I just wish there was more underwear models like her.

  • Wow, I don’t know who she is, but she’s beautiful! Her body looks so healthy and curvy in the best sense of the word. She looks like someone who takes care of herself by working out and eating right, not someone who starves herself and lives on cigarettes and diet Coke.

  • I love this woman’s body. I must say that she’s probably one of the only women who I’ve envied body-wise. She inspires me…. 🙂

  • Avalin

    LOVE IT!
    She is so gorgeous. I think she has one of the best bodies in the world (if I had to pick a celebrity body that I wanted to have the most she would be at the top of my list).

  • Katarina

    She looks really really good! Agree that VS should have more girls with her shape!

    About her measurements though, her hips look def. much bigger than 36!! Mine are 39 and def. look a lot smaller in comparison (altough I am much taller than her). Strange!

    • suzushii

      You can’t really compare since you can have realllly wide hips and no behind, or very narrow hips, but huge behind – and those two people look dramatically different, yet they have the same numbers.

      Me and my friend, we’re both 36 inches, but I look like mine is bigger then hers becau she she’s just wide and flat-assed, yet very very skinny, while my hips are narrower but I have a bubble but and it looks a lot curvier.

      • smarterthanyou

        She’s not wide, you’re just judgmental.

      • jijo

        that doesn’t make sense…if you are 36″ around the hips and it’s mostly because of the bubble butt, than your hips would look narrower than your skinny friend who has less of a butt but also 36″…not curvier…so your friend would actually look curvier and more of an hourglass than you do, from frontal view, which is what usually counts in determining body shape and proportions. It’s the width of the hips from the frontal view that makes a girl an hourglass. A girl with straight hips and a big/protruding butt is not more attractive than a thinner girl with wide flaring hips and a less protruding butt, infact the second type girl looks more curvy than the first type because of her bone structure, regardless of her flatter butt and ‘thin-ness’. So if you say she’s alot thinner than you but with 36″ hips, she must be very hot and well proportioned, and you are probably insecure and jealous.

  • ellen

    Now THIS is a normal body! No plus size and no super skinny and she looks great!

  • sola

    i dont know that i would call her body “normal”. its not that common to have proportions like her! so to say she was normal is not accurate. what is normal?! She is stunning tho. fabulous body. to me, this is an AMAZING body. not at all normal

  • Aunty Jackson

    Haha… those ain’t E:s

    • Uma

      But her band is supposedly 32. The smaller the band the smaller the cup. So a 36E is definitely bigger than a 32E. i’m a 32C and i was a 34C; huge difference, let me tell you.

      • kate

        “i’m a 32C and i was a 34C; huge difference, let me tell you.”

        Yes, very true. I’m a 30C at the moment and they are virtually non existent : (

        • Emily

          Try Bravissimo!

    • kate

      Well if she is a 32 band then she may well be an E. This is equivilent to a 34DD or 36D on a smaller band.

      • Emily

        I’m a small 32DDD/E (F in European sizing). She’s a bit larger than me, so she’s probably a full 32E.

  • summerrain88

    Agreed. I’m a 36D, and she looks to be about the same size as me cup-wise, maybe a tiny bit larger. She’s 2 inches taller than me according to to this, but she’s a bit thinner. I had seriously disordered eating in high school along with being a compulsive exerciser, and when I started college a few years ago, I gave up on eating healthy and working out. I put on quite a bit of weight and felt horrible. Since, January I’m eating truly healthy for the first time in my life (mainly organic, chicken breasts, ground turkey breast, baked salmon, spinach and regular salads with homemade Italian dressing, eggs, oatmeal, only whole wheat pasta/bread and brown rice, a ton of fruits and veggies), and I started exercising in a healthy manner. I do Zumba, Biggest Loser DVDs, and Pilates. I’m down to a 138 lbs. I’d like to lose about 13 more, but I’m happy to be healthy again. My hair and skin looks amazing, and I’m learning to love myself and my body for the first time. And that’s something that starving myself or binging on junk food will never take from me again.

  • smarterthanyou

    138 and 5’4 is totally healthy for most women. Whether it’s what a person wants depends on what they think looks good.

  • summerrain88

    ^I agree with you completely. I’m just now learning to love myself and my body for my health and not for looks (though, if I said vanity played no part, I’d be lying. I still want to look good). Now, though, it’s about my definition of looking good, not someone else’s. If I have to stay at this weight for a little bit before my body is willing to lose more, that’s ok. I’m eating 90% very healthy and treating myself once in awhile, and I’m working out daily. I feel good, and I’m just now starting to become confident in myself in terms of my appearance. That’s a big, new thing for me.

  • Emme

    She looks more like a full 34D. Her waist is probably 26 or 27 and her hips are probably a full 10 inches more than that. 37 or so. She’s stunning. What a gorgeous body. She probably wears a Full Size 4 of Size 6. Which is extremely healthy will still being slim. She probably has to buy a larger size on top because of her chest.

  • Mary

    Do you know what I love most about her body? She doesn’t look too musuclar. Her curves are soft and feminine. Don’t get me wrong…I commend women who have six pack abs. But not every woman is genetically disposed to have ab muscles. As woman, our stomachs are naturally curved. They aren’t naturally flat like men’s stomachs are. I love that her body isn’t overly ripped or low on body fat. It’s nice to see a softer healthy body.

  • Krystal

    now if she had blonde hair and blue eyes she be my idea of perfection! gorgeous women!

    • k

      sorry but monica bellucci can make any blue eyed peroxide blonde look washed out, bland and cheap….ooh nothing hotter than a lush, hot blooded, Mediterranean woman with warm chocolate eyes, coal black hair and breathtaking curves! There’s just an aura of elegance, demureness, mystery and intense passion surrounding them that screams ‘woman’! kelly brook is hot bod like monica belluci in earlier years, but her face is plainer than any random attractive girl you’d see in malls or walking down the street…blegh.

  • Tinekat

    Wow great body! I think in band size is a 34ish, but other than that, seems pretty accurate

    • kate

      I’ve just realised how much band sizes vary from store to store. I’m a 28″ ribcage yet I have everything from a 28 to a 34 band and all various cup sizes from an A to a D!

    • Emily

      I disagree. I wear a size 10 (US) and a 32 band. It’s a matter of ribcage size, and hers is tiny.

  • Susan

    Bra sizes are often not accurate, and often are made for smaller or larger breasts than they imply. For example, a 32D is the same as a 36B in alot of stores, from what I’ve noticed. My one friend is technically a 32D, and I borrowed her bra as I am a 34D, however it was two sizes too small.

  • Rrr

    Woaaah nelly! I am actually exactly the same measurements as her, according to the ones given here. Though I don’t think I look nearly as amazing as her – not as toned, and frankly I do just look bigger than her. Maybe it’s because she’s taller than me – I’ve seen some people commenting saying she’s more like 5’8 than 5’6, which I suppose would make sense. Btw I’m 135lb if you were looking to figure out her weight – though as I said before, I expect she does weigh a bit less than me.
    Anyway – what I really wanted to say was SHE IS SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS! She designs really nice swimwear too. 🙂

  • Gemma

    I DO NOT believe she has 36 inch hips.
    I have 36 – 37 inch hips and I’m only 5″3 and I look much smaller than her! Compare Kelly Brook to Salma Hayek who also has 37 inch hips and you will see that Kelly is a bit bigger (not just in height).