Kelly Clarkson Is 165 Pounds at 5’3”, Says Expert

May 23, 2009 in Kelly Clarkson by Versus


Or, to be fair to all visitors, Kelly is 75 kg and 160 cm. Which would imply that she has a BMI of 29.2 (overweight range 25-29.9), says an expert from Star Magazine:

“Kelly’s much heavier frame shocked fans at KIISFM’s Wango Tango concert in L.A. Fitness expert Joe Catalano says: “She looks like she weighs about 165 lbs. At 5’3”, that’s almost 35 lbs. over her ideal weight.”

Hmm… does that sound accurate to you?

Star Magazine also reports:

“I’ve always been thicker,” she’s said. “I don’t believe in dieting.” And even now, says a friend, “She’s happy where she’s at. She doesn’t think being thin should be a big priority in her life.” Plus, she wants to continue to be a good role model for her more voluptuous fans. “She gets tons of fan letters telling her to stay curvy,” the source says. “The last thing she wants to do is betray those young women who look up to her by going on a crash diet.”

But even though she’s just fine with being on the fuller side, Kelly’s starting to consider making a change. “She’s nervous about her health,” a friend reveals. She knows she needs to do something about the extra weight.”

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