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Kelly Clarkson Is 165 Pounds at 5’3”, Says Expert

kelly-clarkson-is-165-pounds-at-53-says-expert - Kelly Clarkson Is 165 Pounds at 5'3'', Says Expert

Or, to be fair to all visitors, Kelly is 75 kg and 160 cm. Which would imply that she has a BMI of 29.2 (overweight range 25-29.9), says an expert from Star Magazine:

“Kelly’s much heavier frame shocked fans at KIISFM’s Wango Tango concert in L.A. Fitness expert Joe Catalano says: “She looks like she weighs about 165 lbs. At 5’3”, that’s almost 35 lbs. over her ideal weight.”

Hmm… does that sound accurate to you?

Star Magazine also reports:

“I’ve always been thicker,” she’s said. “I don’t believe in dieting.” And even now, says a friend, “She’s happy where she’s at. She doesn’t think being thin should be a big priority in her life.” Plus, she wants to continue to be a good role model for her more voluptuous fans. “She gets tons of fan letters telling her to stay curvy,” the source says. “The last thing she wants to do is betray those young women who look up to her by going on a crash diet.”

But even though she’s just fine with being on the fuller side, Kelly’s starting to consider making a change. “She’s nervous about her health,” a friend reveals. She knows she needs to do something about the extra weight.”

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • LT7

    Eveyone puts a bit of weight on at some time in their lives…
    its whether they realise though in time and do something about it to keep at a healthy weight :o)

  • DT

    I don’t believe anyone sends her fan mail to stay heavy. This is beyond Curvy….. it is downright unhealthy. I am certain she is very unhappy with her weight and she is just trying to justify staying ,,,,,, wow 165 at 5’3″…. that is really f-t…. sorry I do not mean to insult anyone similar … but a good diet and lots of exercise, starting slow, will go a long way. She will find that smile again…

    • actually i agree with you. for someone that is 5’3 should not weigh like that, knowing it can harm their health. maybe not now but later on it will. she doesn’t need to go on no crash diet or anything but at least take care of her body by exercising. nobody is asking to be a size 0 but staying like that is also sending a wrong message to young girls as well because they think looking like that is healthy.

      • Katarina

        Well said!

      • toobz

        thats kind of like unhealthy to stay overweight because she doesn’t want to upset her friends.

        • toobz

          i meant fans lol

          • DT

            You’re right…. and if her fans really like her, they would want her to be in shape for the rigors of performing…

    • nadine

      that is just silliness. if you know anything about healthy weights you know it is all about BMI and what she is eating. at 165 and 5’3 her BMI is only slightly high. she is not obese. you talk like you are going to have to roll her to her next concert. everyone needs to stop judging and let her just be her.

  • kris

    yeah, Kelly definitely weighs more than that, she’s pushing 180+

    • Leanna

      Well there is no way to know what she weighs unless she steps on a scale. This guy is just speculating the same as you are.

      Anyway she is 5ft3 so perhaps the weight is not as high as you might assume. 180lb+ at 5ft6 would be comparable to 165lb at 5ft3.

      But if someone is carrying too much body fat it doesn’t matter if they weigh 165lb or 180lb+, it’s not healthy is it.

  • Kristy

    This is one of my big bugbears, she isn’t curvy, she is overweight. Kim K or Kelly Brooks are curvy, Kelly Clarkson is not! I think 165 at 5’3 is a reasonably accurate estimation, but I’d of said closer to 180 too.

    • Kristy

      Ahh, Brook.

    • John

      Let’s get real people….curvey…no way….Kelly has gone from borderline to obese…her bodyfat is well over 35%….its not height vs weight…its the amount of fat…
      20% is max for any woman…4ft or 9 ft….she needs a life coach….or a food muzzle…..Dr John has spoken!

      • Tern

        Lol. 20% is definitely not max for women. For women it is as follows:
        Essential fat: 10-13%
        Athletes: 14-20%
        Fitness: 21-24%
        Average: 25-31%
        Obese: 32%+

        This is the American Council on Exercise (ACE) chart.

        You should also note that on women, a six pack appears at around 16-18% body fat depending on musculature. Here is a nice quote for you:
        ” A research paper by Gallagher et. al. in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2000) came to the conclusion that certain low body fat ranges are “underfat”, which implies “unhealthy”.2 According to this research paper, men who are between 20-40 years old with under 8% body fat are considered “underfat”, whereas a “healthy” range is described as between 8-19%. For women in this same age group, any level under 21% is “underfat” and 21-33% is considered “healthy”.”

  • Kae

    Without seeing her in person, I have a hard time estimating her weight but I think she may be around 170 lbs, but it’s so hard to tell. If she’s 5’3″, yeah, she should lose weight for health reasons. But due to constant weight fluctuations, I think it’s safe to say that she will never be “small”, but that’s not really the issue here. Finding a healthy weight for her body type is the best way to go.

  • Miranda

    Yeah she’s overweight, but honestly I don’t think her health is in jepordy YET. But either way, she should try and get in shape for herself, not for other people. If she’s happy with her weight than fine, but the older she gets the more strain the extra weight’s gonna put on her heart.

    I still love her though, she’s awesome.

  • Gigi

    *sigh* i wish people would stop using the word “curvy”, or “volutptuous” to describe someone who is clearly and unhealthily overweight. i love kelly, but she’s gotta lose weight, not for aesthetic reasons, but for health reasons.

    • VK

      Ditto to the describing overweight women as curvy or voluptuous comment. Curvy surely implies that a woman is NOTICEABLY thinner round her waist and stomach compared to her boobs, hips and/or bum – it kind of implies a woman is in good shape. Overweight women are not.

  • jjj

    She clearly weighs more than 165 pounds. Being at this weight is certainly not an image of health.

  • Rose

    This is not curvy. This is just fat and unhealthy.

  • She is not curvy, curvy is Kelly Brooke, toned and curves in all the right places.

    Kelly Clarkson is fat, there is no two ways about it. 165lbs at 5’3 is unhealthy, I am 5’8 and 165lbs is around the absolute maximum I should be BMI wise.

    She won’t keel over and have a heart attack tomorrow, but carrying significant amounts of fat around your midriff does increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes later on in life so she needs to work on it for her future health.

  • Kristi

    Okay, BMI is a bunch of garbage…

    Anyways, Kelly Clarkson is FAT. Not CURVY, FAT!!!

    America has gotten so fat, that to ease themselves from being fat, they get to be called curvy.

    She is fat, and definetly needs to lose the weight.

    Being fat comes with a bunch of other health problems.

    • toobz

      HOw is bmi a bunch of garbage…please explain.

      • Instant

        BMI is a bunch of garbage because people that are in shape but happen to weigh more because of their frame and/or muscle content are in the overweight range of BMI. My husband is 5’10”, weighs around 194 lbs. According to BMI, he is 20 lbs. overweight. But his body fat is 11%. I can’t imagine what my husa
        band would look like if he lost 20 lbs. just to be in the high end of the “healthy” range for BMI 🙁

        Is Kelly Clarkson overweight? Yes, I do believe she is. I don’t think it is a severe as it may seem. Yes, she may weight 165, BUT, how much did she weigh before the gain? In the bikini pics of her on here, I would peg her weight at around 140’ish(very similar to how I looked when I was in shape, I’m 5’2″ and I weighed around 130-135 lbs.).

        And while some people do use “curvy” to make “fat” sound good, it describes shape, not size. She is still a bit “curvy” looking, her waist does appear to be smaller than her hips still(but she’s never been “curvy” up top).

        • Instant

          LOL, i meant to backspace the extra “a” out in “husband”, not split the word like that, hit enter instead 😛

  • Emma Jane

    If she choose to be that size then it is down to her her but what really upsets me is when people call her ‘curvy’ she is fat! a curvy girl is more like kim kashardian or beyonce (who have beautiful figures) and so i am very offended if people call my size 8/10 figure curvy when overweight girls are being called curvy. If you want to be bigger then be bigger, its your body, but call it the right thing

  • Vera

    I agree with everyone–this isn’t just curvy, it’s fat. While I don’t think she should hate herself for being overweight, I don’t really think it’s a good thing that she’s happy where she’s at.

  • Sofia

    Yeh she is definitely NOT curvy.
    Just fat.
    and that BMI is really unhealthy.
    That confirms that she is almost obese. Gross.

  • serena

    I have absolutely nothing against fattish people…even if I usually admire toned and slender bodies-who can blame me?- what can I say…it’s OK to be a little chubby if you feel good in your own skin. that’s the important thing. but now seriously , I don’t think Kelly’s feeling OK with such an unhealthy weight. she definitely has to lose some weight. besides the unpleasant look , we’re talking about a medical problem.

  • I love this woman she has a great voice and she is so sweet I am not taking anyones side I mean thin girls or curvy girls and I hate the word fat I think it hurts and sounds very offensive so I wish Kelly does really feel good with all those new pounds . anyway I’ll keep buying her records lol it’s not about the pounds and the cellulite it’s about what you do 😉

    • DT

      You always say things like this and it is very nice of you, however this website is called skinny vs curvy so it is not about how well she sings or acts or jumps… it is all about the shape, and kelly is way overweight and she should do something about it. Does she have to? No, but this website is about our opinion,,,, the cold hard facts…..

  • kayleigh83

    This acceptance of all body shapes thing has really gone TOO far in the last few years! I mean why is it OK now to condone TRULY underweight OR overweight people? It’s one thing to be a little on the thin side, or a bit chunkier than usual, but when people are verging on emaciation or obesity (BMI-wise, not based on how they look in pictures) and people are STILL going “She’s just rockin’ her curves!” (this usually only happens when someone is overweight, not under) like it’s something to be PROUD of?

    I mean I get that there’s a backlash against the super-skinny trend but that doesn’t mean we need to champion one extreme against another – just because a BMI of 16 isn’t healthy, doesn’t mean a BMI of 28 is.

    • everything you said is something i agree with. this whole body image is going too far. i’m all for women loving their bodies but not to the point where it becomes unhealthy.

    • Uma

      Wow, truly truly well said. That is the correct opinion in all this matter and that is how people should think in order not too offend anyone, but in the same time not to lie to anyone about their true size.

    • Kae

      You’re right but the BMI is outdated. But I agree, she’s overweight and needs to take control of her health.

  • mEEE

    She’s nervous about her health,” a friend reveals. She knows she needs to do something about the extra weight.”


    As it should, this should be her only concern or reason to want to lose weight.; not her record company, not the media, but her own need to feel healthy.

  • Amanda

    Don’t believe she is 165 at all. I am 5’6″ and 200lbs, and she looks just like me. So I think she’s at least 180lbs.

    • faby

      but she is very short

    • Kristy

      No I agree, I weighed over 180 at 5’6 giving me approximately the same supposed BMI as Kelly even though she is shorter.. and I didn’t look anywhere as big as this, so definately think she is over 165.

      • Leanna

        Everyone carries their weight differently. But you guys do realise that you can be the same height/weight as someone else and look completely different in size, shape and fatness. It definitely is not the case that if you weigh x pounds you will look the same as someone else of x pounds.

        • anya

          Exactly Leanna. You can weigh a certain amount of weight and look like you weigh more or less. People asume that if you have a big butt, broad shoulders, big thighs or big arms and so on, then you weigh alot more but no one can tell how much a person weigh just by looking at them.

  • skirmute

    She is young and should concern about her weight because it is unhealthy. She is not curvy any more, she is fat. Let’s face it. Even if she is happy with her body (well, I doubt it), she should concern about her health if not about aesthetics.

  • siiri

    i’m the same height as Kelly,and currently weigh 110-120lbs(50-55kg)(haven’t weighed myself in a while) anyway when i was 135-140 lbs(62 or so), i already felt really unhealthy and looked like pudding. i can’t believe carrying 165 lbs! or i could but i’d be seriously overweight. i am what u’d call curvy right now, even more so with 10 more lbs… curvy doesn’t equal obese.

    • Instant

      Ah, but you’re probably small framed, Kelly isn’t. I’d put her at around 135-140 lbs. in those bikini pictures of her on here, so even though 165 lbs. is a lot for her height, when taking her frame size and previous weight into consideration, it’s not as bad as if you were to get up to 165 lbs. For her, it is about a 30 lbs or so gain, for you it would be a 45-55 lb. gain.


  • pssh

    i’m 6’2″ and i feel gross if i weigh that much i mean jeez

    • Instant

      165 lbs. isn’t a high weight for your height, why would you feel gross?

  • BlackEssence

    …give her a year and she will be on the cover of a magazine with the caption “how I lost the weight”

    …just wait and see…

  • ms_benes

    unhealthy and unattractive

  • Lolright

    kelly and i have the same body type, as in we carry our weight the same, i am guessing. I am only an inch taller as her at 5’4, and i weigh 158, and by looks, she looks about 20 pounds more than me. But i am no expert, just an estimate.

  • She looks like she is trying to take off… too bad she CANT because of her weight gain!

  • noname



    • Emily

      Umm i don’t think you realize that even though she is happy, this is NOT a healthy weight for her. So many risks for her heart and arteries that it’s beyond insane.

      no one is telling her to be anorexic or loose 95lb’s, just that she needs to be at a weight that is comfortable and healthy for her body.

      If she was 5’6 and above, then this weight wouldn’t be risky for her health, but she’s very short, so it definitely is.

  • Don’t be brain washed fools. come on guys shes perfectly normal. This is curvy and very much average. We are not all supposed to look the same. I don’t think this is unhealthy I think she is super sexy and perfect as is. please don’t be superficial.

    • Ramie

      you are the fool….if this is average, I’m glad to be smaller than “average”.

    • melissa

      that something is “normal” does not make it right without going onto other discussions trought history there have been things that were perfectly normal ( women not havin the right to vote, etc) that does not make it right

      that society now sees overweight and obese people as normal is because is everywhere, does it make healthy? nop it doesnt, skinny to emaciation is not healthy either

      dont be obtuse yourself having too much fat in your body is not healthy period, it could be if you lived in the dark ages or in cave times where you didn’t know where you r next mean was coming from and your body needed to store fat to survive and burn in times of need
      the only way to get fat is to eat more than your body needs
      yes even people in a normal weight can be extremely unhealthy, that does not make people who carry too much fat healthy on contrast is not about looking good or not the fat goes inside too covering hearth arteries lungs liver ETC takes years of your life, 20 lbs overweight might not seem too much gaining a pound or two every couple of months might seem nothing give it 15 years 15 lbs a year and you got 250 lbs of not a big deal right? that one lb extra a month was 120 calories you did not burn in a day even by overating by a couple of apples you get there, is the level of activity vs the amount of food consumed it all stores as fat
      it does not matter what you eat you can have your junk food every now and then but in moderation

      this girl needs to cut acouple of bites of her meals and go for an hour walk and will lose those 20 or 30 lbs in a few months without killing herself over it and without much problem

      but is unhealthy to keep doing what she is doing that is the bottom line

  • Steff

    I’m the same height as Kelly and weight about 130-135 lbs so I’m definitely slimmer but I have to say she doesn’t look bad, she’s cute. In fact, most people on the streets do look like her, her shape and all I mean, so don’t hate…

    • melissa

      thank you for being a voice of reason

  • melissa

    I am just extremely saddened by all the comments I have read on this website. A person is so much more then their weight. This is why society puts so much pressure on women to be skinny because of comments like this that impressionable people could read. My daughter is five and didn’t want to wear her bathing suit because it said it made her thighs look big. She weighs 35 pounds and stick skinny. For the love of god she is five.

  • Britt

    This is ridiculous. I am so sick and tired of hearing that someone is “unhealthy” for not meeting the media and cultural ideal of thinness. Believe it or not, if you are “naturally thin” and don’t exercise or eat healthy foods then you are MUCH more at risk for health problems than a “fat”, “unhealthy” person that exercises on a regular basis and maintains a healthy diet. It’s very easy for those who have never had weight issues (that time you gained a few pounds and then stopped eating junk food don’t count- there are people that have struggled with their weight their entire lives) to pass judgment on those that are heavier. You might think that it’s “common sense” that people that are heavier, “overweight” or have higher BMIs are going to have health issues and that because you are “blessed” with a lower weight naturally that you have better self control or are morally superior. Guess what? That’s not the case. There’s a lot of fat hatred going on in this country and while there is a huge problem with the diet and sedentary nature of Americans, just as many- if not more- “thin” people are guilty of those behaviors than overweight people. Get over it!
    Check out to find out about the obesity paradox and learn a little more of what you aren’t told in the effort to shame you in to starving yourself thin.

  • Jaqueline

    (Kelly Brook isn’t the lush curvy we’d be referring to; she’s a twig with breasts. -_-)
    And I think she looks fine. So she’s a bit chubby. So what? She’s still beautiful and will be no matter what she weighs.
    I’m 30-40 lbs lighter and 2-3 inches taller than her, but I’d still kill to look as gorgeous as she does.
    Leave her be. If her being “overweight” puts her at a slightly higher health risk, that’s for her to deal with, and none of anyone’s business but her own and those of her closest friends and nutritionist.

  • Kristen

    Kelly should stay curvy I think! Its annoying seeing all these stick skinny stars and there crash diets and Kelly is just Kelly and no one else! Im not a stick skinny girl im a littl curvy but Kelly is a very good rolemodel to kids and she is my idol! No one should tell her she needs to loose weight she looks fine to me TO TELL U THE TRUTH! She is a very nice person and shes very beautiful in every way! In the inside and out! Who really cares about weight! I have chubby friends and there lkike the bestest friends in the world and so r the skinny ones. it only really matters what is on the inside not out! It kinda ticks me off how ppl look this stuff up its not your guys buisness how much she weighs! And im sure everyone who is reading this just clicked it because it popped up thts what i did and just saying only the inside tht matters! And she has a AUH-MAZING voice!!:]<3 ya Kelly:]

  • lolo

    she is a woman and looks great she has ass hips and legs some people wish they could look like her look at marilyn monroe size 10-14 men feel head over heels for her so all u haters non having ass bitches shut up! and go grow some ass pancakessssssss

  • Jenn

    I wish she would stop using curvy when she is so not. You’re plus size, end of story.

  • thats the vision of a healthy woman. most woman are like 110 pounds and look like twigs. and she IS curvy. Plus size is 190 pounds and up.

  • jenn you sound like youre 100 pounds about. plus size is 190 lbs n up i agree with emilyy

  • Nk

    Actually plus size refers to any woman who wears a dress size larger than a uk 12. Although high street retailers may stock these clothes here if you go to Europe or the UK or any higher end US store, clothes sizes will go plus after that point.

    Having said this you do not need to be overweight to wear a plus size. My mum is 5ft 7 and weighs 135 ibs and wears a size 18. However I am 5 ft 6 and weigh 165ibs but because I work out and watch what I eat I wear a size 10/12. It depends on body shape-I’m an hour glass so will ALWAYS look skinnier than a pear shaped girl even if I’m not.

  • joe

    I don’t know if anyone realized but that top was essentially a fat suit. It was so big and heavy that it hung a good distance away from her stomach, and made it look like her stomach was 20x bigger.

  • melissa

    She is fat, and is not the top look at the jeans under the top you see the lower belly and her hips and thighs are really big ( would guess a size 16 jeans) also the arms are really fat and flabby not toned
    Bmi measures mass but does not tell you what that mass is made of she is clearly carrying too much fat around her lower abdomen arms and hips

    i am 5’3 weight 170 after i had my 3rd child had a difficult pregnancy and gained a lot of weight haven’t lose much yet as breastfeeding and having loads of things to do not focused on weight yet, but i carry it differnt i weight 164 with about 20 lbs of boobs so bmi never worked for me at 135 (my normal weight) i had a 23 inch waist and 28FF breast size and a jeans size 4 or sometimes 2, people always tought i weight 110 or less i have a small/medium frame but carry fat in my breast and butt

    now i am 29 inch waist and 32H breast i do not feel fat but my bmi says i am , if those 20 lbs of breast were on my abdomen certainly i would feel fat.

    i think if she works on losing fat and does cardio and weight training and eats a bit healthy with ocational treats she can lose the fat and create lean mass she has a large frame and a pear shape body type so will always carry more weight on the bottom
    at 140 ish she looks fine is not the BMI is how you carry where you carry and what of it is fat and what is muscle

  • Kara Michaels

    She weighs more than that