Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson in a Suit. A Bathing Suit.

keely2in1 - Kelly Clarkson in a Suit. A Bathing Suit.

Now I think we can all pretty much agree that Kelly Clarkson is not skinny. And she is not thin either, “not thin, not fat”, yet not quite chubby (tummy looks quite flat). Am I getting close? While we do get a curvy perspective from the back, Kelly isn’t the Hollywood-standard of “curvy”.

One thing is for sure though: Kelly probably didn’t stop eating chocolate when she was 13, like the rest of Hollywood.

What do you all think? Do you like Kelly’s body? Why or why not?


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Brian

    I LOVE her body, she’s not stick and bones like some hollywood celebs. She has some meat on her bones, and is curvy, and look at that a$$

    mmmmmmmmmm, can’t beat that!

    • Juck

      You still love it Brian?

  • LovelyDove

    I have the same body type, smaller on top, a true pear shape. some days I love it, some days I wish I was Nicole Richie.

  • Roy

    I’m a black man and that is just the perfect body I would be looking for! She looks good and soft all around with that nice butt and thick legs! There would be a lot of body-slapping sounds if I had that one…Man!

    • Lydia

      men come to this website???………

  • Linda

    i think shes gorgeous

    shes healthy and attractive
    and definitely promotes eating!

  • Mark

    You’ve got to be kidding, she looks gross. She needs to lose at least 30lbs before she would even begin to look attractive.

    • Priya

      Men like you are the reason why girls starve themselves to death nowadays.

      Grow up, you piece of shit.

      • Rusty HInges

        I agree with you 100% is guys like that girls try to be a size 1. There is no sense in risking your health to look like everyone else that appears to be starving or binging and purging. I agree…grow up asshole!

        • mado

          i don’t think guys like size 0 girls…but Mark overreacted i think…personally, i think she could start exercising not to lose weight but to tighten up a little…i don’t like what i see but i would love to see the potential toned body she can have…

          • squidy

            You cray, she’s toned as f***. The inch or so of fat she has obscures it. Look at her tummy, she has mad abs.

      • Dan

        wow. a bit touchy are we? let me guess … you’re a fat pig too who can’t deal with reality? KC might still qualify as having a healthy weight but she certainly isn’t in good shape. in fact if she keeps gaining weight she will soon put her health in danger. is that really a message you want to send to the girls you pretend to care about?

        news flash! you don’t have to be anorexic to be healthy and fit and hot. back during her Idol glory days she was at a healthy weight and looked hot. now she is just plain gross. have to give her credit for braving that bikini …

        • anonymous

          In this particular picture here, she isn’t fat, or gross, or overweight. Man, some people…

          • billy

            I think she is beautiful, All these movie stars who are so skinny you can see there bones are absolutely disgusting. I’m 6’1″ and 210 pds, i have 9% body fat and i am a deputy sheriff, thats for all those who think i’m fat and only like fat women. I say put some meat on your body!!!!!

        • Stevie

          I think she looks great for a normal person, but in Hollywood she is compared to all the stock thin girls. It’s all about If she feels confident.

        • Rose

          Dude.. Your argument is that she is not healthy, yet your basing your statement on her appearance, isn’t health internal. She may be much healthier now than she has ever been before… Give her doctor a ring and get back to me 🙂

          Its sad that we judge everyone, naturally skinny women are still beautiful, and naturally curvy women are still beautiful.

          Also before any one says – i am not overweight, though you may not take my word for it, i am infact a size 8… you can decide if you wish to believe me or not. 🙂

        • Tracy Campbell

          …this isn’t even close to fat. I’d like to see what kind of beer gut you’re rocking Dan. I only ask because it seems that men have these double standards of what weight is considered attractive for a woman, especially a famous one…but what about you guys? I have seen maybe 2 sets of washboard abs in my life, and I’m a tattoo artist, I see a lot of bodies.

        • squidy

          You’ve been completely brainwashed by media. Every pro athlete I know looks very similar to the picture here, except when they cut weight for shows/fights/etc. She’s solid muscle under thin fat. Skinny models are so skinny because their bodies have eaten away all of their muscle in the absence of sufficient fat. A girl who exercises WITHOUT starving herself will become very thick like the picture. It’s muscle. You can tell because her tummy doesn’t sag, and her swimsuit doesn’t dig in, and her abs show through.

    • Jason Gordon

      Mark probably weighs 250 pounds…….The problem is he’s only 5′-2″ lol

  • Crystal

    I think she looks absolutely adorable! she looks healthy & unaffected by the Hollywood pressure. kudos!


    • ben

      I agree with you Crystal and I bet you are just as adorable and thick as kelly is 🙂

  • dee

    She has a good boobs and a nice waist/hip ratio.

    No, she’s not skinny, no she is not that lean, but she looks good.

    Mark to say she needs to lose 30lb is ridiculous. If she lost that much weight, she’d end up losing lean mass. Anyone who is of a healthy weight and wants to look fitter, should work on replacing fat with muscle not losing ridiculous amounts of weight.

  • dee

    I mean she has a good body…..did i type boobs lol.

  • Super D

    She looks very much like my wife… her naked body is a work of art… My wife is curvy, works very hard and is not to fat…it took me a while to get my wife to relax about her body (and I’ve been with her since she was a teen!) …A good deal of thanks to imperfect idiots who demand perfection in other people which only helps create unrealistic body images…If you look you can see Kelly Clarkson’s muscles are cut in to a NORMAL level and her BODY is shaped the way it should be…all I can say is thank God for J Lo, Latin, and Black women who have made it clear that the real men of all races dig the curvy ladies! Baby Got Back!

  • great singer but beached whale

  • stella

    Whoa, not bad:) She looks really good, does not need to lose 30 lbs.(doesn’t need to lose any at all), and she does not look like a beached whale. Damn, I shudder to think of what y’all’s girls must look like, or how you treat them if they don’t look like you think they should look.

    • randy_bottoms

      there is a simple answer to that question. all the guys that comment on here about how terrible she looks and how she needs to drop 30 pounds are lucky if they even have any women.

  • Jess

    I think she looks fabulous.

    You don’t need to be Nicole Ricci to be attractive…hell…even Ricci isn’t that hot.


    Kelly Clarkson is curvy, not fat, and she is healthy. As long as she stays fit, she’s perfectly fine.


  • mike

    i like it! i prefer curvier women, and tthis is perfect!!

  • Danielle P =)

    I love kelly’s body because it does fit her but as you can tell yes she really does not have much of a chest but i guess it doesn’t bother her

  • steph

    wow i love that every single post here, except mark, said how great she looks
    usually people are very critical, and i was expecting “wow HUGE/FAT/GROSS” comments

    i was pleasantly surprised.

    • Benice

      I think she looks great. She is neither fat nor skinny but has excellent tone and shape. She is always confident about her body and that makes her even more attractive.

  • Rose

    Fenton, You must be joking! It doesn’t seem possible that there are still people as ignorant as yourself! How can anyone spew that hatred? It makes me ill just thinking that there are still people out there like you.

    • Ella

      That’s not just ignorant: that is clearly racist. Can’t someone please delete those comments?

  • Brad

    I’m assuming Mark has a rock hard 6-pack and 3 supermodel girlfriends? Get over yourself dude. Kelly is still a hottie even with a few extra pounds on her.

    • Linda

      i agree, at least Kelly makes it international and has a great voice. 🙂
      I am not her biggest fan but i won’t disagree with the obvious.

  • Sam

    Awww she looks so cute in the second pic.

  • Marius

    I am a guy from Norway. And I can tell you that most “normal” and yes “hot dudes” like curvy girls. Some like thin, some like fat and some like curvy. Its the same thing with girls; some like thin guys, guys that are fat and guys who has muscles. Its the same pressure that men should be a beefcake in this society today also. I am very fit and my looks are quite ok, and for me saying that should not result in me being shallow or overly self confident. In fact, I also have a good personality, what? Good looking and personality? Does that exist? haha.

    Anyway, I love those photos, she looks hot!

  • charlie

    wow! not much of a chest!! dude i’m screwed then.

  • -Name-

    She looks healthy and happy to me!

  • jo

    she looks very healthy, and eventhough she’s not thin she’s got some tone to her lower body…real nice body shape/structure and great skin….besides, I’ve seen way much more cellulite and ‘flab’ on much skinnier women. I think Kelly is one of those rare girls who look hotter without clothes than with. Having said all that, she has gained more weight recently since this post…I hope she will pay some attention to her health, because she looks near perfect in the pics above, she shouldn’t gain nor lose weight.

  • dani

    Hey guys stop judging her.I know she doesn’t look like this anymore but I dont think criticism will help her.I think she is gaining weight because she is sick.So its not her fault.I really like her and she is pretty.And she wants to sell her music not her body.You dont buy her body along with the cds…you buy her music not porn movies…Thank god she is still happy and optimistic.

  • josh201

    in current pics she looks much fatter than this. she looked perfectly curvy a few years ago and still looks hot in this pic imo.

    lets clear up some misconceptions. some guys like skinny and some guys like curvy/voluptous. all guys like young women with pretty faces and nice hair. guys who like curvy women are not doing so to be nice or because we can’t get better or because we are fat ourselves – it is because we like curvy/shapely/voluptous women with thighs and booty. after all, there is no reason to compromise in what types of girls you fantasize about as you can fantasize about anything you want even if you are the most hideous nerd in the world. i (like many guys) find thin women unfeminine and unattractive – their bodies are like little kid bodies or old woman bodies. whereas curvy bodies seem more womanly and sexy to me. so even if i was a rich famous alpha male who coud get whatever women i wanted, i would still go for curvy women but of course I would then be able to get the prettiest curvy women with the sexiest proportions. that would be the only difference.

  • Terry

    Kelly definitely looks good with some weight on!

  • jw_photography

    She looks…. I love her body, she has a great ass and nice curvy legs. She has a sweet pair of tits, but if I’m honest they could be a bit bigger.

  • babybrighstar

    i think she is curvy but i would not not like to have the same body as her .
    she is a true pear with this butt and these hips . i don’t like her body at all

  • Trace

    She is definitely bottom heavy. I just saw her on a 4th of July special, and she has put on quiet a bit of weight since these pics were taken. But man she has an awesome voice. I’ve always loved her.

  • Noushie

    She is my favourite singer in the world, she has a fantastic voice and personality, and she seems like an all round nice person. Stop judging her, she is beautiful in every way. I’m a 13 year old girl, and she is one of my idols. she is beautiful and curvy, and looks stunning in a bikini. Not everybody is as thin as Blake Lively, and not everybody needs to be. I just hope her health is alright, because she really does deserve to live a happy life whether she is a size 1 or a size 21.
    Noushie xoxo.

  • Laura

    Wow! Kelly is curvy! I mean I may be a little underweight, but WOW! I wish I had curves like Kelly. Mark, you are truly crazy. Men like you are the reason people die. People have disease because some STUPID people think like that. I think Kelly Clarkson is pretty, confident and, well sexy. I’m like a stick.

  • Rob

    OMG I think she’s just gorgeous. This is what girls should look like, I love curvy girls/women. I can’t stand the anorexic stick figures that Hollywood prefers. Quite frankly Kelly Clarkson turns me on. She is on no way fat, phat maybe, but NOT fat.

  • Cass

    So what if she doesn’t have a thigh gap, stick arms or a completely flat stomach? She still looks healthy and happy. Many “skinny” people are still very soft in the middle, not because they’re unhealthy but because they’re made that way. When you can confidently go out on a beach where you know people are going to be taking pictures of you wearing a bikini and most likely posting them online, or for that matter, when you can sell out stadiums and are played on the radio, then come back and make fun of her.

  • Olivia

    she looks good. Shes thick, but shes short as well. So her thighs are naturally bigger than most the women we see on this site. Shes definitely healthy. (her stomach is flat and she has a proportionate waist to her body… those are the areas you look to for health) also if you look, her thighs are strong, not all cellulite and fat.
    COULD she lose some weight, yes.
    Buuut she still looks great, and if she werent famous and yall saw her on the beach, you would be sayin damn

  • Eric

    She has a very nice body. She would look even better In real life as opposed to just photos. I would take this any day over a real skinny girl. Kelly’s body Is pleasing to the touch. Skinny girls not so much.

  • squidy

    Uuuuuungh, she looks so amazing. That is like the perfect beach body IMO. Sexy thick but not too outrageous. And actually I WOULD call her thin. Skinny is one thing, but thin is this. Look at the definition in her stomach. You guys do realize she has a lot more muscle than a fashion model, yeah? Makes her thicker.

  • Becca Bankston

    why does everyone have to argue about body shape as if there is only one good type???? Kelly looks great. She is very toned and in shape. The tiny Hollywood actresses look great too. They are not anorexic, they are very small boned like Chihuahuas or whippets. A fat whippet would always be relatively small because of its bone structure. Kelly Clarkson is medium boned and even if she starved herself, she would still be larger because of her bone structure. (eg: an emaciated labrador would still be bigger than an obese whippet) Its silly to argue about the stuff. People should just strive to be as well proportioned and healthy and toned as possible regardless of size. Beauty comes in lots of sizes and shapes and colors.

  • Becca Bankston

    Its also important to realize that some “stick and bone” people are stick and bone because they have chronic illnesses that make it hard, if not impossible, for them to gain weight and it really hurts their feelings when “well meaning” strangers tell them they need to gain weight. (Maybe they can’t) If you don’t know someone, you should not comment on their size whether they are big or small. They might like how they look or they might not and not be able to change it for whatever reason. (rest assured people know if they are fat or thin and do not need to be “helpfully told about it) At any rate, its rude and uncalled for. Women are not farm animals at a county fair to be openly judged exclusively on their looks.

  • PC

    Thunder thighs.

  • Big daddy

    I’d totally nail it. All weekend long.

  • trre

    the word you are looking for is luscious. yum.

  • Onlywifey

    She has a natural female body. I don’t find it noteworthy, good or bad

  • Ashly


  • Jason Gordon

    In the REAL world she’s hot AF