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Kelly Clarkson Loves Her Bubble Butt

kelly-clarkson-in-black-on-stage-3 - Kelly Clarkson Loves Her Bubble Butt

She really does! And she says guys love it too. And she’s sad for the girls who can’t fill their jeans:

Kelly Clarkson loves her “bubble butt.” The “My Life Would Suck Without You” singer loves being a role model for curvy girls, and is especially proud of her shapely posterior. She said: “I totally have no chest, I’m all butt. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a bubble butt – I get it from my mama. Guys are usually like, ‘Oh my gosh, look at that butt!’ In a good way!” “I’m a fan of my butt. I like filling out a pair of jeans, because sometimes I see girls who can’t and I feel bad about that.”

Kelly, 27, has been criticized for her fluctuating weight, but insists comments about her figure do not bother her.She is happy to admit she has cellulite and struggles to stay slim, and claims women who say it is easy to stay in shape are lying. She told Britain’s Heat magazine: “Dude, every woman has cellulite, I don’t care who you are. Unless you’re some anorexic girl in some mental institution? but even then their skin gets like that and worse. Any girl who tells you she doesn’t have cellulite is a frickin’ liar!”

Although Kelly has ruled out having cosmetic surgery to improve her figure, she is adamant women should not be lambasted if they do go under the knife.She insisted: “If a girl wanted bigger boobs, she could get them, but you can’t get a bigger butt!””I’m kind of on the fence about it, because I have a friend who was completely unhappy with her boyish figure and she got breast implants and it turned her life around. So it’s hard for me to be against it, but I’m also not for it. I would never do it.”

OK, there are a few interesting statements in there! Let’s talk!

Source: Heat Magazine

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  • Wendy

    she seems sad.
    why insist and argue so hard/often if youre completely happy?
    ps: bashing ppl w/o butts not cool — even sadder.

    • Casey

      I agree with you on that. I don’t care that she’s gained weight, she was never a thin celebrity to begin with, but she does seem to be really insecure about it. If she had really embraced her full figure, she wouldn’t need to bash on others.

      • Miaca

        That’s not a bubble butt 😀

      • Alyssa

        Versus, you should make some rules about people responding to comments with curses and attacking the commenters.
        On other sites, you are warned if you attack the commenters directly (ie, no saying “you’re pro anna, you are stupid, ect”, so it doesn’t interfere with the comments).

        Its hard trying to post because so often you have to scroll through “INternets ArguMEnts” in order to read something intelligent…

        Remind people that comments are set up to voice opinions, not to bash each other…

  • may

    it’s easier for some than other’s. her comments sound very negative to me… negative towards people who have “boyish” figures.

  • jess

    Oh whaaaaaaaat!!!! Honestly to me this sounds like someone who is totally insecure about their body and therefore making judgements on other peoples!! The thing that shocks me the most are the flippant comments about ‘anorexics in mental institutions’. How damn rude!! And by the way I don’t have cellulite and I know other girls who don’t either. ALSO, and this is what I have always thought, Kelly Clarkson is not curvy, Kim Kardashian is curvy, Kelly Clarkson is overweight as curvy is not just another word for overweight. She’s trying to say she’s better than girls who don’t fill out their jeans?? Well what about girls with big breasts? Are they better than her?? Its not that hard to stay slim kelly!!!

    • michelle

      shut the hell up, sorry for my language. But you know what, it is freaking f****** hard to look slim with a pear body shape. She’s got a way different body shape then you. My friend is her basic shape and in the best shape she could be, and is the healthiest girl i know, and guess what? she’s STILL got that kelly clarkson shape, Yeah she’s more toned, but it’s her BODY SHAPE! your loser! please, use your brain! And it’s true, some people would be even more confident with plastic surgery. I sure would, but i’m not going to. I’ve got wide hips, and no matter how much I try, people still call me bottom heavy. They say I’m so chubby around the bottom, but if you feel my bottom half, it’s almost all muscle. i’m only fourteen and it pisses me off when people say these kind of comments. Just shut up, please. Yeah, actually her comment was rude about the anerexioc. but don’t go making freaking insults about other body types, that you DONT have!

      • Cecil

        michelle, you really need to calm down. Go take a breath and listen to whatever teeny boppers listen to.

        • michelle

          it made my little cousin feel better about her body and I helped avoid more negative body image piling up into her, so who really cares if some random girl like you thinks i’ve got anger management issues?

          Oh by the way.
          Cecil, your not my therapist. Go take a breath and listen to whatever you listen to.

          A teenybopper…
          hahahahhahahha, nice. your really cool.

          • ha

            You misspelled “you’re”…

            You are acting immature. Nobody on these discussion boards ever insults other body shapes; they just discuss what the celebrity is saying/looks like.

          • Kayla

            Are you her older sister or something? Leave the girl alone, I liked her comment, much more then yours. How exactly are you even talking about kelly clarkson. At least the girl had a reason to post her comment.
            And making fun of her spelling? She’s fourteen years old for god’s sake.
            I agree, why are you labeling her a teenybopper now? You don’t even know her. *sigh*

      • Casey

        Wow that was really uncalled for! I don’t think Jess was dissing pear shaped bodies, I think she was just saying that Kelly Clarkson shouldn’t be saying she’s better than anyone without a big butt…

      • mmmhmm

        dont you think you’re over reacting a little bit michelle?
        you’re only 14 you really have no idea how your body is going to be in a few years time you may look very different. i know i had a different shape when i was 14. and its not hard to look slim with a pear shaped body if you know how to dress it properly! you can still be very skinny and have a pear shaped body.
        I also agree with jess here about her not being curvy, just overweight. if u look at her she doesn’t really have a curvy figure, its just plain chunky.
        and i also know people who dont have any cellulite (I, unfortunately am not one of them lol)

      • molly

        michelle, if discussing different body shapes makes you react in that way, you probably shouldn’t visit sites which are all about different body types and sizes. if I understand Versus correctly and what I gather from reading different comments this site is meant to be fun. we all look different and we must try to be happy with what our genes have given us. i appreciate that a 14-year-old is rather insecure about her own body, but if you feel attacked immediately by comments which are not in the least directed to you as a person (or your body for that matter) I think you’re better off not visiting this site.

        • Miaca

          Who are you? The site patrol? LOL 😀

          Whether she is 14 or 99 years old, her comments ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED and ENHANCE the discussion.

          I suggest you phone her mom and discuss your concerns about Michelle. I doubt that PUBLICLY attacking her, scolding, taking a “I am more experienced than you” approach serves to help the child do you?

          Admit it Molly, you are being passive aggressive toward a 14-year-old.. TSK… TSK.. TSK… Shame on you woman! 😉

          • molly

            gosh, if I came across as a patronizing “I am more experienced than you”-bitch I’m sorry. but I really meant what I said. I remember very well how I felt when girlfriends discussed the perfect leg length or the ideal breast size. And seeing it all in print surely doesn’t help to make you feel comfortable in your own skin especially at a young age when you just learn to deal with the workings of your body. The girl can do whatever the hell she wants and of course her opinion is appreciated, but I, too, am entitled to express mine.

      • Summer

        I have a pear shape and I’m not overweight… it’s called exercising and eating properly. I have a great body, I just have to work a bit harder to slim my wide hips down. Don’t use your genetics as an excuse to be fat…

    • Ramie

      Kelly is just trying to make herself feel better. It’s quite common. For example … I’ll say I have a small chest but I am so glad I can wear those cute tiny tops. However, I have a small tush…and I thank God I don’t have a bubble butt. Personally I don’t think bubble butts are attractive. Make the best of what you have. Feel good about it. Don’t feel sorry for other people who aren’t built like you. It really doesn’t matter. In 100 years none of this will matter…..your body is just a vessel to get you through life.

      • Miaca

        But you still have a flat chest ….
        I support Michelle in her outrage!!! You go Chica! Speak up for what you believe 🙂

        • Michelle

          Thanks, :). Wow, I can not believe I actually got sucked into one of these stupid arguments. *sigh* I guess it is just what happens when your PMS’ing. Can everyone just chill?

          Anyways, My best friend looks quite similar to Kelly and everyone tells her to get plastic surgery. I told her to ignore those kind of things. Then I read something slightly negative and felt the need to stick up for that sort of body type.

          Yeah, Kelly is a bit chubby, but she does not look horrible in my eyes.

        • Ramie

          ok then…I would rather have a flat chest than be chunky like Kelly. That’s my opinion.

  • Karina

    While i usually admire proud curvy celebs, kelly’s comments here seem totally negative towards girls who don’t have big boobs or a big butt. and the comment about an anorexic girl in a mental institution is kind of insulting because anorexia is a serious mental illness, it’s not just about weight and food, which lots of people are unaware of.
    kelly doesn’t have an ideal body. and that’s okay. she should be saying something like that. like, “yeah i’m like this, but so what. i can still sing.” not bash girls who are slimmer than her. i mean just get over it. when u call too much attention to your weight/figure, it gets really annoying and its seems fake and seems like you’re insecure.

    • Anna

      its interesting that we all feel such different things about the why kelly clarkson has made those comments, I reckon she was saying those things because she genuinely feels that by saying that she will make other girls feel good and it makes her feel good about her body type because of the way the media has made such a big deal . I can picture myself saying the same thing but if I said that then I would be saying it because I genuinely feel my body type (which is a pear) is a sexy body type and that I have a nice butt.
      But I reckon people can blow something out of proportion which I feel is whats happeneing here.

  • Juliette

    Kelly is an official member of the Kardashians, now. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kelly. They all spend way too much time talking about their weight. She’ll fit right in.

    • AB

      hahaha, funny but inaccurate.
      the huge difference is that the Kardashians go out of their way to talk about their weight, whereas Kelly doesn’t.
      It’s not her fault people won’t leave her alone about it! It’s not her fault that every time she sits down for a freakin interview, they HAVE to say something about her weight. Not once has Kel complained about her weight like Khloe or Kim, she just defends herself when the subject comes up (because it unevitably will).
      So Kelly loves her fried foods and potatoes so what?! She’s a girl from the south she doesn’t care about being skinny. And that’s fine,as long as she’s happy. So she’s gotten chubby it’s not like she’s morbidly obese or anything,lol

  • Dr. Truth

    Man! Everyone acts like being pear shaped is the end of the world! I’m as pear as they get and you know what? I work damn hard to stay in shape. It’s not easy, but it IS possible. Kelly is just in denial about how awful she looks. either that, or I’m too obsessed to look past her fat and consider her simply satisfied with who she is.

    Oh, and not everyone has cellulite- I’m prone to getting it if I gain weight- my sister has never had it. Depends on genetics (I am shaped after my mother’s side of the family and she from my dad’s).

    • Kae

      I agree. I have a friend who is very pear shaped but she still has an amazing body. She exercises and watches what she eats and she has no cellulite to speak of. She is hot! Pear shapes can be beautiful as well!

  • Emily

    I think I’ve been so busy feeling sorry for her bc of all the weight she’s gained that I forgot what a stuck up diva she is. She’s always been able to fill out her jeans, she didn’t need to gain the extra 40.

    • Angie

      Kelly is the FARTHEST thing from a stuck-up diva!I’m a huge fan and although i do admit that she has gained too much weight recently, I hate that people are bashing her like this.
      She is NOT like the Kardashians at all. SHE doesn’t go around talking and obsessing about her weight because she wants to. It is magazines,tabloids and websites like these that are making all the fuss about it. Is it her fault that every single freaking time she sits down for an interview they MUST say something about her weight? No! She is simply defending herself when the subject comes up! (Which is wayyy more often than necessary.)
      I for one am so glad that she has the confidence to take these comments lightly, and that confidence is one of the reasons I like her. However,she’s not made of stone,people! I’m sure she is a little bothered by her weight gain, but people trashing her for it is probably just making it way worse.
      That being said, I really do NOT think she meant any disrespect with her comments about “girls who can’t fill out their jeans”. She didn’t say anything bad about them (unlike you people who are saying she looks terrible and other mean things), she just meant that SHE PERSONALLY would rather have a curvy butt than a flat one. She was just speaking her mind and she has every right to do that.
      All that being said, yes, I agree that the anorexic in a mental institution comment did cross the line for me. Especially noting that many of her fans are teenage girls and young women, who have the highest risk of eating disorders…not saying she has tons of anorexic fans, but I’m sure there are some.

      So enough with this madness already! YES she’s gotten chunky, NO she doesn’t care at least not as much as everyone else seems to! Now lets stop obsessing over her weight and get the focus back on that amazing VOICE! ahhhhhhhh:)

  • emm_star

    If shes not bothered why does she keep saying statements about her body? I’m not bothered, shes a cool singer, but she is overweight its obvious. Fair enough if shes naturally like that but to me sounds like shes a bit lazy. Let her get on with it, but I reckon she may lose some fans regards to the anorexic comment. That was way out of order.

  • ohwowlovely

    The anorexic comment was out of line. She clearly has no idea what she is talking about and just needs to stfu.

  • so because smaller women that don’t have a big butt or hips should feel bad about it? i understand that kelly doesn’t want to change herself and loves the body she’s in but why does women that have curves, or think they have curves, bash thin women? not every woman will be bless with a big ass and that’s just the way it is. i wasn’t bless with a butt like kim but hey i have one, you’re going to put me down for it? “unless your some anorexic girl in some mental institute”? what the hell is that suppose to mean? yeah they are women who have cellulite but there are women who don’t have it, in any shape. just because you don’t have double d’s or wide hips, it doesn’t make you a woman? i guess no matter what some people say, there will be others continuing to bash other women because they don’t have that ideal body type. it’s sad that hollywood does put the whole size 2 thing as beautiful because not every girl looks like that but the same goes for the girls who don’t have the kim kardashian look. so is it right to bash them?

  • Kairi-Chan

    This was an interesting interview…I agree with most of the people who have said that she shouldn’t have made such a harsh comment about “anorexic” girls in “mental institutions”. That was pretty…tactless. The comment about cellulite was weird too. (lol) Not every girl has cellulite…in fact a few of my friends have no cellulite due to the fact that they are quite athletic.

    I feel like she’s trying too hard to prove that she’s happy with her body, you know? I think most everyone has put it correctly so far: If she’s /really/ happy with her body then why talk about it? And why be tactless when it comes to other body types/shapes?

    …I’m not really sure what to think of her! (lol) I’m wondering if the interview was truly accurate? I suppose that since it quotes her it would have to be accurate or else the people responsible for it could get sued, right?

  • Miranda

    Kelly, you may feel bad for women who can’t “fill out their jeans”, but I feel bad for you and your unproportionate chubby arms 🙂

    It’s not cool for her to put down another group of people to make herself feel better, but if that’s what helps her sleep at night.

    • Miaca



  • rei

    She doesn not have a butt people…she’s just a little big so duh!! She has to have one!! And she’s not curvy either!!

    • AB

      Actually, she does have a butt and IS curvy…when she is slimmer.
      Now that she has gotten big it’s just in hiding.

      Seriously, look at pictures of her back in 2004-2005. She is slim and looks AWESOME! But the girl does (did) have a bootyy!

  • stajjny

    You don’t have to be overweight to fill out a pair of jeans 🙂 I don’t consider her pearshaped if you look on pictures where she was normalweight, she looked much better back then. She had a booty there too, that was natural and not because of her overweight and i’m sure it wasn’t all fat back then. And well, most women do have cellulites but it’s like everything else 🙂 Has to do with genes, diet and shape (sometimes).

    “She is happy to admit she has cellulite and struggles to stay slim, and claims women who say it is easy to stay in shape are lying.”

    Que?! What is that? Just because her weight gone to the sky doesn’t mean every woman out there has to count calories and sleep at the gym to stay in shape. I think it’s easy to stay in shape, i don’t put on very easily just because she does.

    And i have to say it, she should lose some weight! It seems all this “i’m happy” crap is an excuse to stay in the shape and weight she is. Is she was truly happy she’d say “f**k it, i don’t care” for real. I think she looked 1000 times better before.

  • Kae

    She definitely stepped over the line with some of her comments, especially regarding girls who can’t fill out their jeans. There is no reason for a comment like that whatsoever. I’m glad that she likes her butt however, she shouldn’t put others down to make herself feel better.

  • Brittany

    I don’t like it when people have to prove how proud of their bodies they are by talking about people who are different. i.e. “I feel sorry for the girls who can’t fill out their jeans”

    I agree with whoever said she sounds insecure.

    I’m a believer that ALL body types are beautiful as long as their healthy. It’s ok to be thin (an believe it or not there ARE women who are truly naturally thin) and it’s ok to be curvy (and by curvy I don’t mean overweight) women come in all shapes and sizes and their all beautiful as long as their healthy.

  • suzushii

    I agree with the general gist of the previous comments.

    And I have to add one thing – that’s not a bubble butt. That’s just a big butt.

    Maybe I understand something else by it, but for me bubble butt means a proportionate, ROUND perfect half-sphere shape butt that you see on lucky people or people with lots of muscle there. And you have to have a clear line under the butt separating the butt sphere from the thigh. and the butt has to jut out.

    In her case, it’s not even that big of a difference from where her thigh ends, and her butt begins. If she’d be skinnier, it’s be a small flattish butt.

    So yeah, in a way, she’s actually dissing herself.

    • Julie

      You’re right about bubble butts. They are made of muscle. That’s why guys go crazy for girls like Jessica Alba or JLo because they are thin but with bubble butts.

  • Serafiina

    I never had an opinion of her, but now I have. I don´t like her.

  • Summer

    First of all, she’s not a ‘curvy girl’. she is over weight and unhealthy. It’s nice to have curves and not be a twig but she shouldn’t be a role model, she is promoting an unhealthy life style AND I don’t have cellulite and I’m not anorexic. I’m a size 4! I’m not a liar either.

    • Miaca

      How do you know that she’s unhealthy? Are you her Physician? Until I read a post about her having Diabetes or high blood pressure I will continue to maintain my position…. She is fat as Hell lol but she is a healthy and positive role model (image-wise) for young ladies 🙂

      • stajjny

        Why is she a rolemodel? She trashtalks other bodyshapes to a magazine, and she is NOT healthy. That is NOT healthy bodyfat! Ask any doctor or dietist, they would tell you the same thing. It’s not a positie thing to be overweight, would you call a skinny supermodel a healthy and positive role model? Probably not, because it should not be okay to be either overweight or underweight as it’s not good for your body.

        The human body was not meant to carry that extraweight, if it was – you would NEVER have any problem with diabetes, joints etc. And, the body can’t create fatcells on its own.

        When we all know how dangerous it is to overweight and underweight, why is it okay all of a sudden to be overweight? This could escalate and what happens in 1 year? Does she have 20 extra pounds? Is it still okay then? You clearly see that she’s not exercising or eating well, if she was, she’d look like she did before.

        If some girl who is a bit overweight sees her as an rolemodel something’s wrong.

        • a

          “The human body was not meant to carry that extraweight, if it was – you would NEVER have any problem with diabetes”

          Actually, skinny people get diabetes, too… weight is not the only factor. I have 2 of them in my own family.

          • stajjny

            It was just an exampel 😛

          • suzushii

            But extra weight IS a factor that INCREASES your risk of diabetes and other illnesses associate with the metabolic syndrome.

            Saying skinny people also get diabetes, is like saying non-smoking people also get lung cancer.

            Um yeah, but guess who get it easier.

          • Miaca

            That’s why there is Type I and Type II Diabetes… Type II is the one that is curable and is most often associated with being clinically overweight (versus celebrity gossip tabloid overweight).

          • Instant

            Do they have Type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Type 2 is the one that’s associated with an unhealthy excess of body weight and bad diet. Type 1 isn’t. 🙂

        • Miaca

          First off Ms. Stajjny: Do you know her actual body-fat percentage or her BMI stats? We are all eyeballing it here (you realize that right?) and going by hearsay and tabloid rumors… All VERY FUN but how accurate is the info? Think about it :)… So I agree with you that being overweight is unhealthy, we are simply disagreeing about whether Kelly is FACTUALLY overweight… I rely on science and numbers my dear.

          Secondly: I WOULD call a “super skinny supermodel” as you eloquently put it a role model. Whether people who live in the limelight are aware of it or not, some children and adults look up to them and find reasons to be INSPIRED to chart life decisions and goals. My role models are not celebrities, but some people’s are 🙂 Although I don’t get to choose how people live their life (ugh :)), I do get to sit back and critique the Hell out of them from the comforts of my social setting 😀

          Thirdly: Even girls who are overweight need inspiration. I think ALL chicks (sick or not, healthy or not, crazy or not, etc.) deserve to feel like they are okay with who they are, WHILE taking the necessary steps to maintain balance in ALL aspects of their existence. Physical wellness, spiritual wellness, cultural wellness, emotional wellness, financial wellness, academic wellness, social wellness, and vocational wellness are ALL very important aspects to maintain.

          Finally: You requested I ask a doctor or a dietician … I happen to be a doctor 🙂

          • stajjny

            Hehe, well, what i mean that it’s not WRONG to be overweight but it should not be encouraged. I have seen the path it can take you, my mother was normalsize/bit chubby when she was young, then she got pregnant 2 times and it escalated and now she’s given up. Luckily, i don’t have those problems, quite the opposite, i was called anorexic for many years and now normalweight 🙂 Guess it has to do with genes a bit.

            That’s what can happen to Kelly, and i mean, to even call her a positive role model is wrong. I wouldn’t want anyone to see her as a rolemodel and feel “if Kelly is like that, it’s okay if i am too” and ignore the problem itself, that you are overweight. And you can get complications due to overweight, not everybody does but it can happen 🙂

            Hehe, if you’re a doctor then you should know what overweight can do to you :/ I just think it looks like Kelly is unhealthy, it’s not like she’s got a big booty like Kim or Beyonce due to genetics and bone structure. It just looks wrong on her. It shouldn’t be okay to gain weight when you are perfectly healthylooking just because of the reasons she says.

            I guess i’m very against it just because i’ve seen the path it can take you, and society is a bit messed up. It’s not okay with skinny models, even though we want them on the covers of ELLE and Cosmo, yet we despise the signals they send out to us and young girls. It’s sometimes like this, not always but most of the time: you get skinny, it’s your own fault, you are anorexic. If you are overweight, it’s just the way you are and it’s not your fault :/ It shouldn’t be like that. There should be positive healthy role models, doesn’t matter bodyshape.

          • Kairi-Chan

            Miaca: You’re a doctor? …For some reason I find that incredibly difficult to believe. If you truly ARE a doctor then please tell me where you work so that I don’t make the horrible mistake of going to you.

          • Instant

            Miaca, I respect your opinion, but I think the reason people believe Kelly is currently overweight and may be unhealthily so is looking back at some of her past pictures. She looks noticeably bigger than a year or so ago, and that would lead one to believe she’s put on a bit too much weight.

            IMO, Kelly’s a role model because she seems happy and accepting of who she is. She’s NOT a role model because she does not seem happy and accepting of others that are not like her. Granted, I know we’ve all made similar comments to hers, but our comments generally are not heard by a lot of young men and women. I think it is OK of her to say “I’m happy, I love my body, and you should be happy for and love your body too.”, but I don’t think it is OK of her to be so harsh and flippant towards those that aren’t like her.

  • Chantel

    well,I think Kelly is not healthy at all and she is overweight I don’t want to say that she must be slim or go on diet,but she must start training if she want to look better.And I don’t believe that she is happy,come on,how you can be happy then you don’t fit into your clothes.

  • Miaca

    Kairi-Chan: ROFL!!! 😀

    • Kairi-Chan

      O.o – Well at least you have a sense of humor, I’ll give ya that.

  • Ava

    Well she’s not that overweight, she’s OK. But she’s NOT curvy. She’s clearly thicker than she she should be.

  • Lex

    For everyone who’s ragging on Kelly for dissing the skinny girls – deal with it. How many times have your perused this site and come across a scathing comment calling someone who’s body isn’t quite perfect “fat” or a “cow.”

    And after a lifetime of hearing those girls who went from a size 0 to a size 2 calling themselves fat, I don’t think it’s to much to ask for the girl to be able to turn it around. I can personally attest to that: imagine being a size 4 or 6 and hearing your size 00 friend talk about gaining two pounds and how fat she was getting. Even for someone with a huge ego, that’s a nasty blow.

    Granted, Kelly probably is approaching or exceeding her healthy weight. In her defense, her body type is one of the most difficult to keep weight off of. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying it’s a bit more difficult. Part of the reason that Kelly looks so heavy is that we immediately compare her to her celebrity counter-parts. The ones who have their own dietitians and personal trainers. It’s likely that Kelly does not have that: You also have to think about celebrities bodies might look like if they didn’t have that outside help.

    I think many people posting on this particular topic (pro-Kelly and against-Kelly) are jumping to conclusions and not looking at both sides.

  • chechebelle

    as for that comment about women “lying” about it being easy to stay in shape.. i just think kelly hasn’t tried the right workout program for her.

    i am a pear shape (formerly a size 0, and now a two, Lex, but weight gain is weight gain and it’s all relative). i’m getting ready for my wedding in the spring and decided i needed to tone up (and yes, i have cellulite). the answer: vinyasa yoga. i made a commitment to go ten times in the next 5 weeks (i bought a card that expires then, so i have to go). it’s fun, it’s balanced, and yes.. it’s easy!

    i’ve gone three times and i’m already seeing results. maybe kelly should come with me.. ha.

  • Claudia

    She doesn’t have a bubble butt, she’s just overweight.

  • josh201

    kelly is blessed with a cute face and feminine hourglass/pear shaped body proportions. as well as a sexy, fun personality. she is just a little overweight. girls stop being curvy and start being fat when the fat starts to obscure the feminine body and facial features. that is where she is now. she was perfectly curvy a few years ago. id still bang her then and now. like i said, from a guy’s pov she is still way hotter than many girls out there who simply have ugly/unfeminine faces and ugly shaped (round, square, v-shaped) bodies. at least kelly can lose weight, while genetically ugly girls are just screwed. i’ll take the pretty but slightly overweight girl anyday because of this, at least my kids would be pretty.

  • Julia

    Honestly, I think she’s disgusting (her weight). Anyone who’s content being that fat should really be mentally tested or something. I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why doctors and sensible people have been saying for years just how bad it is to have that much body fat, regardless of how ‘cute’ or ‘hot’ you think you look. And personally, I really have no idea what kind of guy is interested in a girl that will probably be about twice his size.

  • Honey, I wouldn’t call you curvy. Curvy girls can still run up a flight of stairs without having a massive MI…. If she lost about 30-40lbs her heart would thank her. I’m sure even her doctor would say she is obese. LOL.
    She feels bad about some girls not being able to fill out a pair of jeans? Well maybe they cant fill out your size XXXL jeans… which you are still exploding out of!!!! I’m sure most can fill any other size properly fitted. Thank god she is smart enough to wear black…. Come on Clarkson, you used to be curvy healthy… it was actually pretty good. Now she’s let herself go.

  • horny

    that ass is boner-rific i love big butts dont lose em ladies