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Kelly Clarkson on Her Weight: “I’ve Never Felt Uncomfortable”

photoshop-strikes-again-kelly-clarkson-on-self-magazines-cover1 - Kelly Clarkson on Her Weight: "I've Never Felt Uncomfortable"

You will NOT believe this, but Kelly actually talks about how confident she is (good for her!) and about how weight is not a problem for her in this MEGA PHOTOSHOPPED magazine. Why? Why, Self Magazine? If Kelly is happy the way she is (and she says so in YOUR magazine), why send the opposite “No, your weight IS a problem” message with your super retouched cover?

Kelly Clarkson admits her size fluctuates in the September issue of Self mag.

“My happy weight changes,” the American Idol champ says. “Sometimes I eat more; sometimes I play more. I’ll be different sizes all the time.”

Clarkson, 27, says she doesn’t care though. (In June, she admitted she was tired of hearing “the fat joke” because she’d accepted her curves.)

“When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I don’t,” she explains. “I’m fine! I’ve never felt uncomfortable on the red carpet or anything.”

The singer tells the mag she’s been working out with CrossFit, a strength training and cardio program used by police academies and military special operations, according to its Web site.

“I love it! It’s like boot camp,” she says. “You never work out more than 35 minutes, but it’s so intense. You do things like box jumps, then 50 sit-ups, then 50 squats and then running.

“Me, my backup singers and my hair-and-makeup girl do it together. They laugh at me, because most of the time they’re like, ‘Oh, my God, I don’t want to go,’ and I’m the one saying, ‘I’m ready!'” she goes on. “It makes me feel like GI Jane. It’s very empowering. I feel like I can whup a–! And in my shows, everybody has noticed. They’re like, ‘Dude, you have 100 percent more energy!'”

What do you think about all this?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • vkat

    So if she doesn’t have a problem with her weight, why did she allow so much airbrushing??? I understand airbrushing to remove skin flaws, etc., but in this case they also sucked out 30 pounds.

    • Ramie

      I agree. Plus, SELF is supposed to be a magazine promoting healthy bodies. Hers is not healthy.

    • MoonDoggie

      Um, Kellie is not the editor of the magazine. Kellie has no control over the final product, the editors are. So to blame her for this cover is like blaming a model for airbrushing herself for an advertisement.

  • Anonymous

    I still can’t get over how much they’ve changed her for their cover 🙁 But, the strength training does explain why, to me, she still looks shapely and firm(especially her butt) even though she also looks overweight.

  • Cheryl

    Even her face looks different in this picture. I think it’s funny that photoshop is supposed to make people look better, or just get rid of the little “imperfections,” when in reality it makes them look practically unrecognizable. I think she looks much prettier in candids, even if she is a bit larger. This just proves to me that beauty is not an exact science and cannot be quantifiable as they seem to think it is.

  • Jake

    Fat girls are hot! They are more eager to please anyone who pays attention to them. I have never been turned down by a bigger woman for sex. They always are trying to prove that they can get sex just like the skinny girls. Also, I find the smell of fat women to be a great turn on..provided that they throughly bathe themselves and remove all traces of “unexplained” body odor.

    • ohwowlovely

      what the f**k is wrong with you

      get a life man

    • Nkeon

      sick boy

  • Damiol

    50 squats!!! I think Kelly might be a little overweight but I also think she is strong as hell. Those thighs are huge but they are also very, very strong. Try to lift more weight than her in a leg press machine or in a leg extension machine. For example, I’m pretty sure that if Kelly gave all she got in a leg press and Gwen Stefani were to try the same weight, she wouldn’t even be able to budge it. There are not many singers (famale or male) who can beat Kelly when it comes to leg strength.

    • Nicole

      She’s not overweight at all!! jeeze…that’s what’s wrong with the world and the image women are portrayed as..

  • Sidra

    cross fit is effective but the ppl in it are super crazy! like i know a group of crossfit ppl and they are really proud that they barf after their workouts due to overexertion and ask each other “oh did you get a visit from Pukey?” and it’s not just an isolated group…if u go on their forums, all across ppl proudly show bloodied hands and barf….a lil too extreme for me.