Kelly Clarkson – Then and Now

kelly-clarkson-then-and-now - Kelly Clarkson - Then and Now

I’ve been asked to do a fast comparison between the Kelly Clarkson from a few years back and Kelly today, especially since she’s put on a visible amount of weight. I’m not a fan of reporting weight gain (unless it’s on Lindsay Lohan or Victoria Beckham), but take a look at the pics: on the left, Kelly at the lower end of her weight fluctuation range and on the left, Kelly a few days ago, while performing in a concert.

Here are 2 more pictures of Kelly when she was around her lowest weight:

kelly-clarkson-then-and-now-2 - Kelly Clarkson - Then and Now

Wow, she has an amazing figure in the black dress!

The only thing I’m gonna say is that this girl fluctuates a lot and that can’t be good for her. If I were her, I’d settle at a maintainable weight, even if a little higher than the ideal. Whatร‚ย  do you all say?

See more pics of Kelly at her current weight after the jump!

If you wanna see Kelly looking pretty good in a bikini a little over a year ago, click here!

kelly-clarkson-then-and-now-3 - Kelly Clarkson - Then and Now

kelly-clarkson-then-and-now-41 - Kelly Clarkson - Then and Now

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120 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson – Then and Now”

  1. I was just waiting for you to post these.

    Kelly gets so much grief for her body and she's clearly naturally a heavier weight but slims down from time to time. I don't think she looks good in the new photos but if she's happy and confident then who cares?

    However… those glitter inserts in her flared jeans are hideous.

  2. I do think she's a bit heavier than she should be. I hope that it's more to do with neglect/poor diet(because those are easily remedied) and not due to a health problem(like thyroid problems). She should start eating better and exercising more, but I don't think she should punish herself and try to go back to what she was at the start of her career, she's not a teen anymore and that body may be out of the realm of healthily obtained.

    And I don't think calling her a porker or insulting her is very constructive, what's the point?

  3. oh my, i never acknowledged how good she looked in that Stones shirt, until now.. wow, she's gained so much weight, it definitely isnt a little weight gain, its completely unhealthy to be looking like that. I wonder if she's going thru a rough time because u just dont let yourself go that way, especially in the music industry.

  4. I know this might be hard for her, but she should take care of her weight and her weight fluctuations 'cause it's really not good for her health.

    She should stop at a normal weight for her, a weight she could carry easily, like somewhere between the first two photos, even if I adore her look in the first one…

    I really like her, she's so sweet, has a nice face and great songs.

  5. Wow, I am quite shocked. I hadn't realized the amount of weight she had gained! I agree with everyone who said that she is probably naturally a bigger build. However, I do think that she would look amazing if she just toned up a bit. I don't think someone has to be stick thin to be beautiful, but I think she is starting to look on the unhealthy side. Just like I think LaLohan is on the unhealthy side.

    BTW Ela is right. Those glitter inserts are ew.

  6. I am so sick of everyone saying having a little weight on you is unhealthy, like they are the health police. i don't mean to pick a fight but it's in poor taste to assume someone is unhealthy just because they used to be thinner. it's also no reflection on their character – whether someone is self-disciplined, cares about their body, or can make good choices – all of those things manifest in many different ways.

    you can't let people tell you to stay thin "because it's healthy" when you know they are really insinuating something else. she is free to lose weight, she is free to gain weight, without anyone having to feel they need to comment on whether it's OK.

    • Sorry, but weight fluctuating IS unhealthy for you. Not only does it raise your risks of cancer, but also diabetes, gallstones and altimerzers.

      Sense would dictate, that if you gained a substantial amount of weight that it's due to a poor diet and exercise = unhealthy. Mind you, a skinny person can also be unhealthy.

      True, she is free to do as she pleases…but being a person in the public eye, that also leaves viewers free to comment on it.

      Good luck to her, I do like Kelly.

  7. wow, what a difference. She's always struggled with her weight…but it looks like she just gave up.

    I gain weight easily, as a result, I work hard to maintain. She needs to start caring. Forget what the media has to say, but more so for her health.

  8. Oy vey! Although Kelly has always been curvy, my only concern here is her health. She never proclaimed to be a bombshell and always showed a positive body image, but I am afraid that at this weight, she may eventually develop health problems.

  9. who cares what weight she is, as long as she is happy and its her singing that got her where she is. Its none of our business and some peoples comments are awful, i spect those who do comment like that are just doing it to make themselves feel better.

    • SHE should care, that's who. Even if it isnt about looks, I guarantee her BMI is in the overweight category. She has way too much excess body fat. You can see it plain as day.

      Kudos to her if she is comfortable with how she LOOKS, but it always should be about more than that.

      I dont want the whole 'who says she isnt healthy' replies. Look at her. how can someone say that is healthy

    • No offense but if its "none of our business", then why are you here in the first place? Surely if you believe that its "none of our business" you wouldn't be browsing through a website that discusses celebrities' bodies. And sorry, but I think its naive to say that "as long as she is happy" then thats all that matters. Her health matters, hon. At her height, she looks on the verge of becoming obese and thats not something people should be applauding her for.

  10. u need to realise that everyone is not built to be skinny. some people have underlying health issues that cause them to gain weight quicker than others so u need to keep that in mind. the fact that she has fluctuated shows that she is concious of her weight and does try to maintain it. the problem with that is when she has an upset in her personal life all the weight will catch up with her. so that's why they say u shouldn't judge a person until u walk a mile in their shoes.

    • You made it sound like slim people are just naturally blessed and that they don’t have any personal problems or health issues of their own. I have many friends who maintain their figure (even after childbirth, even though they’re already in their 30s, 40s, 50s) through exercise and diet. I also know friends who are overweight, don’t exercise nor diet but just blame it on their genes. So who’s really the one judging here? I’m not talking about being skinny… I’m talking about staying within healthy weight range.

  11. If it took her a year to add this extra weight, and she continues on this same path, by next year she will be very large.

    She better reign it in.

    • I agree, this kind of fluctuating is no good for your health and (in my experience) as you get older, the weight gets harder to lose, and I predict every time she gains weight she'll go that bit bigger.

  12. I agree that its better for her to stick to a maintainable weight even if it's slightly higher than your normal "pop star". But going from low to this high cannot be good.

  13. (That was to BlackEssence).

    I think at the end of the day I feel offended that people think she's too heavy. I imagine all these people walking around looking at me the same way. It feels unfair for people to be able to hide behind this veil of "that's not healthy" when they don't seem to realize that their entire definition of "fat" is completely out of whack in the first place.

    • I can say with all honesty that my entire definition of fat is not out of whack. I used to be a size 8. 3 kids, and a few years of depression later, I am now a size 18. I know I'm never going to be a size 8 again, but I also know that at my current size I am not healthy. Granted, I'm not exhibiting all of the health issues associated with my weight(joint problems, diabetes, etc…), but that doesn't mean I should dismiss any health concerns just because I'm not experiencing them right now. I'm not saying Kelly has to lose a lot of weight, but I think she should lose some if her weight gain is not associated with any health disorders(like thyroid). I'm not being offensive when I point out that Kelly may be heavier than she should be, I actually did my best to present that in the best way possible with out being offensive.

    • Well, you have to realize that, as much as it sucks, people (yes, me included) are judging her because she IS an entertainer and there IS a certain image you have to maintain. They are expected to look good. It might suck but it's the way it is, and when someone decides they want to be famous, they have to realize that they are opening the doors for people to judge them. You shouldn't personally feel offended because you are not an entertainer and therefore, people aren't judging you and you are not expected to fit in to the celebrity ideal.

      Having said that, my definition of "fat" is not "out of whack". I'm as much for healthy bodies in the media as much as the next girl but kelly does not look healthy, and I don't think it's offensive to point that out.

      • "there IS a certain image you have to maintain"

        "they are expected to look good"

        I'm having some trouble with your comments. No, she doesn't have to do anything. It is her life and you do not know what's going on in it. Period.

        I agree that she's gained weight, but come on, be realistic. Not every celebrity is going to be drop dead gorgeous. She's a singer, not a model. You may want to judge her by her merits, she has been quite successful. Dang…

      • "Well, you have to realize that, as much as it sucks, people (yes, me included) are judging her because she IS an entertainer and there IS a certain image you have to maintain. They are expected to look good."

        The fact that she's an entertainer is NOT the reason I am judging her change in weight. I don't think that entertainers should be held to a more strict(or almost impossible to obtain/maintain) ideal concerning their weight than us normal people would hold ourselves and other normal people to. If you don't expect your sister/friend/cousin to be insanely fit/toned/what have you, why do you expect a female performer to be such? My concern for her change in weight is based on the impact it MAY have on her weight(or caused by a health issue(thyroid, for example), not because I think that she needs to look a certain way because of her status as a celebrity.

      • Jesus, people, you're acting like I was the one who invented the media's expectation of women being thin. I acknowledged that it sucks and I'm not saying that it's RIGHT that's shes being judged but it's the truth. Look at all the comments here, for f**k's sake! You think people would be discussing the same things if it was a non-famous woman? No. Nobody would care.

        Kae: Thank you for generously informing me that she was a singer not a model. I have been living under a rock and I did not know this; I couldn't even tell by the microphone she's holding in the pictures. Please, allow me to let this colossal shock set in.

        FYI, I am a fan of her singing career. I am not saying she is any less "successful" or "talented" because she's gained weight, but I am saying she does not look good. How is it offensive to say that? And what are you talking about "be realistic" and "she doesn't have to do anything"? She's borderline obese looking in those pics!

    • @slitt & Sar

      I'm not trying to judge her, just being honest. Like I said, I know the struggle, trust me on that one. I was up there in my heaviest, but there is a time in our lives that we have to take responsibility for our choices. She has never been a skinny girl. In fact, she had all my support with all her lovely curves…I'm simply pointing out that she's slipped. Excuses are just that, excuses…it doesn't change the end result. She has always been open about her weight struggle with the media (willfully or not), so it's obvious, to me, that she has lost that struggle…if only for a little while.

      I hope she get's back on that horse. Not for other standards, but for her own. But one can't tell me she's happy at that size…ONLY because she has made it no secret that it's been a battle. If it was not an issue for her…then hey.

    • It was thin for her body type. She is an endomorph and they never get skinny like ectomorphs. Endomorphs gain both fat and mucle easily so they can get quite big with weight gain.

    • she's never been pin-thin, but i really like her thinner shape – sexy. well, she's actually got my body type so i guess i know now what will happen to my body if i stop doing sports and carry on eating crap.

    • I’m actually glad that she was never skinny. She looked healthy and toned back then. But now she’s too fleshy. If she’s happy with it, so be it, but if the qn is if I find her too big now? The answer is YES.

  14. While I agree that she has gained a substantial amount of weight, I won't assume that it's because of poor diet and lack of exercise. It could be that, or it could be a hypoactive thyroid, which makes it almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off. She is also a yo-yo dieter, which could also be causing her problems. Either way, I hope she's healthy and happy and finds a healthy solution to her weight. I have a few friends with this problem and they feel awful about themselves, even though they can't help it. That's why I have a hard time judging people by their weight.

    And it's nice to see that people are sensitive to her problem. Calling people "fat cows" because they don't fit into the cultural definition of thin is insensitive. Health and fitness is the overall issue here.

    • I agree with Gigi and….. I don't believe it but I also partially agree with Instant.

      Kelly is a very talented woman and it would be a shame if she has a medical problem. However, because she is an entertainer, she will be emulated by kids who look up to her and she should say if it is a medical problem. That would be educational and would also make her an exemplary role model, say like Michael J. Fox.

      If she is just letting herself go, then she is subject to the comments of anyone in the public arena and while she can do what she wants, she is not setting a good example for her fans.

      Instant, that was very brave of you to reveal so much. I hope you can find the time to get back to your original motivated self. Just admitting a problem exists is so much of the battle.

      • Well, we have a difference of opinion here. If she were to have a medical problem, she may not want to discuss with the rest of the world. Weight issues and metabolic disorders can be viewed as embarrassing for people to discuss. While I admire Michael J. Fox for his openness regarding his battle with Parkinson's, it's slightly different. Look at Kate Winslett, for example. She seems to talk about her battles with her weight and now people are accusing her of talking about it too much. I think Kelly wants to be known for her incredible voice, not her weight. I highly doubt that she really is happy with her shape, but she seems to fluctuate a lot, which may indicate a problem. Has anyone thought of the fact that her lowest weight could've been a result of unhealthy eating behaviors? This may be her normal weight and she's decided to be herself. I don't follow her career and I do listen to her interviews, so I don't know much about her. That's all I'm sayin…

        And Instant, I applaud you for your honestly regarding your own struggles with your weight. That's awesome.

  15. This is really surprising! Hopefully she will cut out the junk food! (If that's the cause…hopefully it's not thyroid related.) But – I had read in a health magazine that women with a lot of excess upper body weight are at higher risk for heart problems, and since it looks like Kelly has a bit of excess upper body weight, it is a cause for concern. She isn't obese, though, just overweight. Again, hopefully it isn't a thyroid condition because those are hell to deal with!

  16. That's really unfortunate. I still love her thin or not so thin. Her voice is amazing. Her weight will not diminish that.

  17. thats so true. i never thot she was thin. i always thot she was heavy. but compared to this pic.. yeahhh. shes was way thin back then. i guess thsi is what happens to all of us, if we dont keep up a diet, exercise and most importantly, use any surgery. i bet kim kardashian wud look like this withotu surgery and exericise

  18. She looks so beautiful in the pic of her in the stones shirt…Dude she needs to start focusing on her image or else her career is gone to the s—s..Im sorry but its true, unfortunatly its not enough to have a beautiful voice in the music biz u gotta look good above all!

  19. damn i didn't know she was that big. she's a pretty girl but she needs to toned up a bit. i don't think she's fat because she's not but i do think she needs to take care of her body.

  20. She's looking even bigger than the last time I saw her on SNL. First of all, that outfit is terribly unflattering. Secondly, she's always been curvy. I really liked the way she looked before. I think it's time that V-bert gave her a call and got her on Jenny Craig, JMO.

  21. Yes Kelly has gained weight, but she obviously isn't employing a stylist who can still make her look good. Just because one has gained weight doesn't mean one can't look their best when it is part of your job. She looks really gross in these pictures, but is is more the clothing and lack of hair styling than it is the weight gain.

  22. Bulls— to the people who are saying she must be happy.Look at her shes not healthy imagine how the poor girl feels. I Have a eating problem and im a boy i could never imagine looking like that. I Love kelly though i just feel she let herself go,im shocked.

  23. I´ve only seen TBL Australia but there have actually beem some girls who started out looking like Kelly (Fiona Falkiner for example). Not ALL the contestants are morbidly obese.

  24. I'm going to have to agree with DT on this one. (!!!! i know im shocked too!!!)

    I am usually all for ladies who are a bit curvier. Kelly Clarkson seems to be a yo yo dieter, and at her heaviest weight currently.

    i can't imagine she feels that she is at her top physical shape or fitness level at this weight. You simply can't be. Anyone who says she can be in shape this large is being very naive.

    I think she's a lovely young lady, and perhaps it was too much media exposure too soon, but i have no doubt that she has some issues with food and eating, and I do hope she overcomes them.

    Saying she "looks fine" and defending her is ignoring her problem of weight fluctuations and potential issues with food, which can be very physically, not to mention emotionally, harmful.

  25. No Gigi, I do not think that you invented the media expectation that female celebrities should be thin, but you are perpetuating it aren't you? You were stating that she needs to keep up her appearance because she's a celebrity right? My point was that maybe, just maybe, this person has other things going on in her life that might be causing her weight problem. I think that people should start thinking outside the box and stop jumping to conclusions about other people's weight. Maybe she's been working on it already, we really don't know. Maybe she's a couch potato, we don't know.

    This thread has taken a negative turn and that's too bad. You were stating your opinion and I was stating mine and we're both allowed to do that. I'm sorry if you thought I was disrespecting you, that was not my intention.

  26. I don't care what size she is or how she looks in her clothes, because everyone is shaped differently, but i would love to see her healthier. If she IS healthy but has a medical problem then that is different. If its from unhealthy choices than i hope she takes care of herself. But I love her voice, she is one damn good singer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I totally agree with you s. At this size she is not the fitest she's ever been, nowhere near I'd say. Women this large are typically not healthy.

    This is not her natural body size, few people are meant to be this big naturally, you can tell that she isn't supposed to be this big either because she looked so much healthier and more attractive when she was slim and curvy.

    She does not look fine, she looks like she has some serious psychological issues with herself or her life and she binge eats to cope with this. I find it just as saddening to look at photos of women who have gained as much weight as this as I do to view images of women who have lost large amounts of weight and are now noticeably underweight.

    The way I see it she is just as unnaturally large as underweight women are unnatrually thin. Overweight women have just as many health risks as underweight women and I can't understand why people are so horrible to underweight women in the media and so critial of they're eating habits when at the same time they are so polite and protective of women who have gone the other way.

    To be honest we should probably be kinder to both types of women, yes if you're going to use harsh words they are fat and skinny but overweight and underweight women probably (unless they have thyroid or other underlying health problems) have issues with food and they're not taking proper care of themselves. Hopefully at some point Kelly will feel strong enough to acknowledge and deal with her eating disorder before if affects her health.

  28. OMG!!!! are u kidding mee??????!! she is so fat i can't believe this :O!!

    woow i'm totally surprised, she is so big!!!!!!!

  29. I agree. I'm not usually one to get on celebs for being overweight, I mean it's their body afterall, but she looks pretty bad now. I think this is one of those times where you could say she let herself go. But oh well, she still has a great voice.

  30. Your over exaggeration is insulting. Is she overweigth? Yes. Is it enough to say "so fat" and "so big" with all the exclamation points and emoticons you used? No.

  31. actually she is more succesful now. all i ever wanted has been more succesful than any of the other 3 she has. her career is not gone to the s—s if she doesnt change because she still has the true fans who dont care about her weight and still love her for who she is. she a beautiful person and an amazing atist. thats wat is gonna keep her in the business. how bout people stop looking for the bad in kelly and look for the good. guaranteed you a gonna find wayyyyyyyyyyyy more good than bad!!!!

  32. people like you PISS me off. you are the problem with society today. all you care about is what people look like. how bout you try looking at the true person on the inside. thats wat really matters. she is not fat. im bigger than she is and you making stupid little comments is offensive to me. i WISH i looked like kelly!

    • But we have no idea what she is like on the inside, all we can do is judge her appearance, which surely is why you're on this site?

    • To Mel: Maybe you don't want to deal with the fact that you're probably overweight, too. It's not all about how people look, but they SHOULD take care of their bodies for health reasons.

    • Wow…I re-read my comment and I sounded mean, huh? Sorry about that. I just get irritated because it seems like people that are a bit overweight get really sensitive when a celebrity that gains weight gets criticized.

      She shouldn't be criticized just for appearance sake. But what eats me is that being overweight can cause different health problems and so because she is famous and has a fan following, she should take time to think about how her decisions are going to affect people that want to be like her. (I know it sucks, but that's how it is for celebrities. They need to take that into account.) That's why I also get irritated at celebs like LaLohan who starves herself into oblivion and leaves that as an example to the people that want to be like her.

      Get where I'm coming from? It's like certain celebs just don't care. They're going to do what *they* want to do and if people copy them and get unhealthy as a result it's no skin off their nose.

      • Please don't assume that those of us who have defended Kelly are overweight ourselves. I just think it's important for people to exercise some diplomacy when they make comments about other people's weight, that's all. It's so easy to make judgements just by looking at a picture. I just hope that Kelly finds a healthy solution to her weight fluctuations:)

  33. As much as some people would like to think that she isn't "fat" here, it's clear that she is overweight. If she wants to maintain her health, she really needs to start exercising and eating right. However, its safe to assume that Kelly knows this. You cannot gain that much weight and not realize what is happening to your body, and I'm sure that she is hurting emotionally from not only the changes her body is under, but from the scrutinization that she is receiving from the general public. I hope that Kelly decides on a weight that is good for her mind, body and spirit.

  34. This can't be healthy. I tend to prefer the curvy side but this is more than curvy. Before pictures=curvy. Now the poor girl is just getting fat.

  35. To Kae:

    Yeah, that's true. Some people go a little overboard when they see her picture. It's not like she's obese! She just packed a bit on! ;P Hopefully she will be able to get back to a weight that is healthy for her body.

  36. She had such a career going, it is so sad to see her waste it away. It is so difficult to get the spotlight on you, to throw it away is amazing. She will never be able to get her full potential of fans, commercial roles, potential movie roles, etc. looking like this. She could do so much more better for her career if she took care of herself, and it would also help her self esteem and health.

    People will always judge you by the way you look, keeping healthy and looking good is just the easy part. A successful singing career is a lot more work. If she looked the way she looks now on American Idol, her chances of winning the contest would have been much less. In addition, even if she did win looking like she looks now, her record sales would have been far less.

    • Wow, you make it sound like this is the worse thing in the world that she could have done. Oh noes, god forbid she doesn't look perfect all the time. geesh. I agree that it is a good idea to keep healthy, but it's not a major crime to slip up.

  37. It is considered obese a person with a BMI higher than 29.9 She must have 30-31 and that is obesity.

    I think that a person with an income as hers due to the sales of her cds and concerts has an obligation with her fans to look not skinny but healthy…. she is simply obese.

  38. You're right, I have seen a lot of obese people, which leads me to believe that she isn't obese. Overweight? Without a doubt, but not obese. Is she healthy? Probably not, or at least she's close to being unhealthy because of her weight(I don't know her eating and exercise habits, and I hesitate to chalk this up to being lazy and gluttonous, for all I know, she has a health problem that causes her to gain weight no matter what she does). I don't think she's repulsive though, she's still cute, but I will say she looked better when she was in a healthier weight range(IMO, the best she looked was in the bikini pictures).

    And how would you react if I said on a skinny woman's article:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!


    yuck, that girl needs to start eating.

  39. realistically, just going on statistics, it is unlikely to be a thryoid problem and more that she is just eating slightly too much. her weight has been creeping up very slowly for the last couple of years so im guessing that she is just living a pretty normal american lifestyle, instead of a hollywood one and there is nothing wrong with that. let's face it, if u eat out 3 times a week at a typical american restaurant and ate a full meal u would slowly gain weight like this, that is why americans have the hightest obesity rates in the world. However, kelly is not obese, she is a bit overweight! she is also short which makes it even harder. we are told that the average woman needs 2000 calories a day but actually a 5' to 5'3" woman only needs 1700 calories a day and that makes a difference over a period of time!

    • I'm 5ft2 and eat about 2000 calories a day. It depends on your activity level. I lose weight on 1,700 calories a day. So either she is eating a regular amount of calories but perhaps is not as active as she should be, or she is eating a lot more than 2000 calories.

  40. OH MY GOD !!

    Above was all that came to mind when I first saw these pictures of Kelly.

    She's gained a lot of weight in a small period of time, hasn't she? Wasn't her album just released, and the video – in which she looks rather thin – for her first single just taped?

    I seriously doubts that any woman in Hollywood can feel good being 'heavy', simply because it's not considered beautiful in the medias to be so. If you want to maintain a succesfull in Hollywood you simply just have to have a slender frame. You don't need to be skinny like Lindsay Lohan, but toned and womanly like Britney Spears or Blake Lively. Unless you're a supermodel ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I hope for Kelly that she gets control of her weight, because even though it shouldn't come down to it, I think her album will be a much bigger succes if she looks the part !


  41. Wow, she really has gotten big…

    And to all of you who keep saying that she's perfectly healthy and that it's okay "as long as she's happy" you're WRONG. She is NOT healthy at this size; ten or fifteen more pounds and she could be classified as obese. I'm not saying she has to be super thin to be healthy, but seriously, people… she's gained at least 40 pounds, and unless you're Nicole Richie you're going to be unhealthy and overweight if you gain that much weight.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a big fan of Kelly's. I'm just saying she's really let herself go and does not look healthy. She should really try to get her weight under control.

  42. I dont believe everyone should be size 0-6… however, when in the public eye, one should try to look as persentable as possible, she looks sloopy, nothing wrong with being a big girl, however you have to tone it and own it, sister!! get it together and hold it down for the big girls…..

    ps. lol im not fuller figure,

  43. If she cut out (refined) grains she'd immediately drop a ton of weight, and lose the bloat also. I'm 5'3 and a month ago weighed 120 lbs, but since quitting grains and vegetable oils in any form, replacing it with vegetables (mostly green), fruit, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, a TON of butter (2 lbs at least this month) and a TON of coconut oil, I'm down to 113 lbs. I don't have to try, I eat actual food whenever I want to, and I feel ten times better. It's frigging fantastic.

    When will people figure out that low fat diets DO NOT WORK?? Just start eating real food like your ancestors did and you'll be fine.

    • I lost like 50 lbs in 6 months cutting flour and sugar, I eat a low carb diet and I eat fat and protein and was never better than today

      • Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

        Everyone ought to check out Tom Naugthon's follow up documentary to "Super Size Me" called "Fat Head"… he completely demolishes that hack Spurlock.

        I mean seriously, they feed cows and pigs grains *to fatten them up*

        As one expert put it, "Take a hint!"

  44. ohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, thats why u were b—ing at me! ur one of those fat girls who are jealous of skinny girls! hahah! wow. i get it now. go on a diet and stop wishing u wernt a fat—. goddamn.

  45. she is fat. Its clear , if you had an arguement with Kelly Clarkson you would deffinatly call her a fat whatever behind her back. There is no denying it. However, she should be allowed to be fat if she wants because after all she's a singer not a model or actress, her talent does not require anything from her other than the ability to belt out a note. So back off her, shocking it may be but criminal it aint.

  46. LOL I didn't know she was that big either! Damn.

    Well as long as she's happy you know? But she needs to get a better friggin' top cause that sequin thing….wtf

  47. LOL, coming to this comment a bit late, but oh well(but not as late as the one you made to me ๐Ÿ˜› ):

    Camille, what is there to be jealous of skinny girls for?

  48. What are you? Her therapist? She looks horrible. No excuses. She gets paid enough to fix it, and in her industry.. she SHOULD. For Christ sakes.. *grabs kleenex*

    • Amen to that…stop feeling sorry for her. I am in much better shape and I don’t get paid for it (like celebrities do)

  49. I don’t get how someone can let themselves go like that! She looks amazing in that black dress, and she’s thrown it all away! I mean, it’s not like she’s put a few pounds on, it’s more like a few stone!

    She’s just as irresponsible as a body role model as the super skinny girls that she slags off. I just don’t get how somebody can do this to themselves.

  50. Stop criticizing her because of her weight. People gain weight, it happens. It doesn’t make her any less of a person or take away from her talent, she is a phenomenal singer.

  51. Some of you people make me sick. You people are what is wrong with society. Oh because she put on some weight she is hideous but if she is skinny as a twig that is “sexy”. And those who say she should keep her body skinny in that industry well idk if you know what she does for a living. She is a singer..not a model.

  52. The thing is she wasn’t exactly stick thin before, she was slim & curvy then, she’s gone beyond curvy now she’s just fat.

  53. With havin so much written content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation?
    My website has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my authorization. Do you know any ways to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d
    truly appreciate it.

  54. But we do judge and that is the reality of it. With that much money they can afford gym and a personal trainer. Fat people are disgusting vial human beings that need to loose the weight or die sooner then the heart attack that shoving there face will give them

  55. You are in the public, so you expect to be judged for everything. Excessive weight leads to diabetes, which Is not good.

  56. You don’t need to go to the gym to maintain a healthy weight. Just eat right. Physical activity makes you more fit. Eating more than neccessary makes you less fit

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