Kelly Clarkson – Then and Now

May 12, 2009 in Kelly Clarkson, Then and Now by Versus


I’ve been asked to do a fast comparison between the Kelly Clarkson from a few years back and Kelly today, especially since she’s put on a visible amount of weight. I’m not a fan of reporting weight gain (unless it’s on Lindsay Lohan or Victoria Beckham), but take a look at the pics: on the left, Kelly at the lower end of her weight fluctuation range and on the left, Kelly a few days ago, while performing in a concert.

Here are 2 more pictures of Kelly when she was around her lowest weight:


Wow, she has an amazing figure in the black dress!

The only thing I’m gonna say is that this girl fluctuates a lot and that can’t be good for her. If I were her, I’d settle at a maintainable weight, even if a little higher than the ideal. What  do you all say?

See more pics of Kelly at her current weight after the jump!

If you wanna see Kelly looking pretty good in a bikini a little over a year ago, click here!



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