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On what she says to the people who don’t like her hair:

I dyed my hair shades of gray because I like it, and it pissed a lot of people off. Now I get tweeted 20 pictures a day of girls coloring their hair like mine. So if you don’t like it, sorry—you have housewife hair.

… says Kelly in Glamour.


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  • guru

    well um ok but gray her sort of reminds me of someones grandma. so grandma > housewife, ok?

    • guru


      • Linda


    • ky

      At least she has the balls to do something unique, not “just a trim with a few natural, blended looking highlights” which is what I see EVERY FREAKING DAY at work!

      • حنان aka hanan

        that “unique” or even any hair dye is FREAKING hair killer !!
        thanx but i prefer my healthy natural hair color which suit me the best anyway .
        (i dyed my hair few years ago and it was mistake , other than no color look better than your real one , it horribly dried out my hair) .

      • Anastasia.

        unique? I see a lot of people dyeing their hair clownish colours. What’s so unique about having purple hair? It’s about as unique as having a tattoo or piercing.

    • Anastasia.

      lol agree

  • otilia

    What’s wrong with being a housewife? When she’ll be a bit older , she will love being married and taking care of husband and/or kids first and second of herself.
    Her hair looks pretty oldish, that lavender grey shade is oldish lookalike..

    • guru

      dont ya know? shes a rebel and a tough girl. she doesnt conform to the rest of society. *eye roll*

      • lee

        I think she meant real housewife of “insert tacky women in their 40’S with too much money ” at last that’s what I got from it. Since she works for e I just kind of expect her to use random pop culture references a lot.

    • Priscila

      I don’t like the tone of her comment, BUT
      “When she’ll be a bit older , she will love being married and taking care of husband and/or kids first and second of herself.”

      That’s not true for everyone. Many women do not get married or have kids and that’s a fine life choice too.

      • mar-sol

        put your self in second? pff sorry! but how are you going to take care of someone if you take care of your self in second? you have to be really Ok to take care of others!

        • otilia

          Yes, of course, but the conversation wasn’t about health, it was about hair :).

        • otilia

          She just said it like if it was bad to have natural hair, without having it dyed and styled all the time, cause that’s what represents housewives, she basically insulted women who may like their hair the way it is. Anyways, you don’t need to have styled hair all the time in order to take care of others.

    • xcheshirecat

      not everybody wants the same thing. I would die before being an housewife.

      • Paisley

        Yep. That is my personal hell. No way, no thank you.

  • N

    None of that made any logical sense. Perhaps my expectations are too high for these people.

  • Robin

    I think she’s pretty full of herself. Everybody has different preferences and she will just have to accept that. This quote was offensive and made no sense at all.

    • Sidney

      I agree. She’s really defensive about lots of things. Sure if she gets a lot of hatred it might not be nice but she always seems to address anyone who doesn’t agree with her like, F you! I don’t like you anyone and i’m way cooler and you are so lame. Not everyone who doesn’t like her hair is hating on her per se and her attitude just seems so juvenile (not honest or straight forward like she might think)

  • D

    She is very defensive and often comes across immature in my opinion. Btw, the whole lavender/grey hair thing has been popular among hipsters for quite some time now, so it isnt as though she is the only one or first to dye her hair grey.

    • Snip

      After Lady Gaga and the runway models SHE copied, of course.

  • Jacky Daniels

    she is such a chicken, but she really did wonders with her body!

  • Nat Shermans

    Kelly is really annoying but I do like her hair, The above picture is really nice

  • HB

    I like her hair. I prefer my natural color, but she looks good.

    I guess she’s trying to prove that her weightloss and snobby new job haven’t taken away her “rebel” attitude.

  • Snip

    If she didn’t mean “If your hair’s not 50 shades of grey like mine, you look like a housewife,” then she shouldn’t have phrased it that way.

  • Snip

    Oh, wait – it just occurred to me that she probably didn’t mean “housewife” in the literal sense, but in the “Real Housewives” sense. Every single female not only on that show, but in the media in general has that SAME EXACT hairstyle: super-long extensions with just the bottom half of it curled.

    Over and over and over again. That’s all I ever see. It’s the Coach handbag of hairstyles.

  • girl21

    Shock, horror! I actually have my natural hair colour (a dark chestnut) does that make me a house wife? I actually like her hair though, and think it suits her, but I hate this assumption that we all dye our hair because I know lots of people with natural hair colours.

  • Pixie

    I really don’t like this chic.

    • Snip

      Chic or chick? The former is an adjective.

  • Cranky

    I don’t like the hair; it looks like she died it with Manic Panic. That was cool at the ages of like, what, 12-15?

    I guess that means I have ‘housewife hair’, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Luckily, I don’t have a working man’s jaw.

  • serena

    I don’t care what color she dyes her hair, I can’t get this image of her out of my head: http://fattylane.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/kelly-osbourne.jpg

    • vivi

      GAHHHH!!!! a little warning next time! yikes!

    • Lucialucia

      Hahahahahahaha. That’s how I always think of her too. A little pork pie with bad makeup and hair

    • Lucialucia

      Haha That’s how I always think of her too. A little pork pie with bad makeup and hair

      • mar-sol

        uhmm thats so CRUEL! i’m sure you dont want to be remember as the 12 or 14 year old girl you were…because people change…people learn…and grow up…improve the image, realize the things you like, the way you want to be, the real you donesnt show when you are a teenager…the real you shows when you are a woman…so GET OVER IT…i’m sure you were fat girls with braces when you were that age…and you dont use that photo on your facebook profile..MADUREN.

        • serena

          LOL why does everyone on this blog act like they’re on a soap opera? That’s how Kelly
          looked for a good chunk of her teens and 20’s, she was a grown woman in that pic, not a child. Personally I still remember her like that so whenever I see this violet-haired photoshopped creature pop up online I’m always confused as to who it is…

          • natalia

            why do you act like you are on jerry springer?

            the point serena is making is that no one wants to be remembered for their worst and if you work hard to improve yourself, it is very cruel to deny any improvement because of who/what you were before. i highly doubt you would support such scrutiny on everything that is YOU without any drama.

  • Erica

    I do like this hair on her – but why she feels the need to put others down for not imitating her is beyond me. It suits her, it would not suit everyone – nor does everyone want to have hair the colour of dried lavender-ash!
    And there’s nothing wrong with housewives – isn’t it about time we stopped implying there is? It’s sort of like the whole ‘you throw like a girl’ thing – kinda sexist. And I thought she was so modern…..

  • Polly

    Perhaps she means the Real Housewives hair. The long curly identical looking hair, except brown or blonde. Who knows, I don’t particularly like that color on her, but if she’s happy…

  • Liana

    I think she looks amazing with that hair colour. Really.

    As for her comments, she was in an interview and answering the haters. Whatever. I won’t judge somebody based on a simple sentence.

    She looks great. Good for her!

    • natalia

      finally a comment that sounds mature.

  • Nika

    I don’t fancy her hair and I think she’s annoying. I don’t consider my hair to be ‘housewife hair’- whatever that is by her definition.
    Therefore, her statement is not credible and in my opinion, juvenile.

  • imj

    I like her hair and I think she was responding to all of the people that stated how much they hated her hair color when she first dyed it. I love to dye my hair and I think its a very creative form of expression. Its only an offensive comment if you interpret it that way. Its her hair and she can color it whatever way she wants to.

  • Stephanie

    She’s funny. Love Kelly O & her gray or purple hair!! I have housewife hair 🙁 In our (housewife) defense, most of us can’t pull it off!! LOL

  • Maria

    Its true though. At least she had the guts to do something different. Im so tired of seeing the same old hairstyles, house wife hair i guess, layered hair, with a few high lights and extensions.

  • Mel

    Now she thinks that shes the shit just because she isnt chubby anymore.

    Dear Kelly,
    Just be happy that people make pictures of you now and put them in their magazines. Stop talking trash about others. Just stop talking.
    Thanks, yours sincerely
    The rest of the World

  • Nobsnob


  • Kate

    Her hair isn’t abnormal and revolutionary -__- tho. She maybe in the spotlight, but I have seen this hairstyle on tumblr, facebook, youtube, and in real life for many years

    She sound like a teenager in the sense that she thinks that she is a special snowflake, other people are conformists, nobody is like me and nobody gets my style blah blah blah – basically the stereotypical teenage mindset . What makes it sad is that she’s almost 30. She should know by now that no one is trully original and no one really cares about your “uniqueness”

    BTW I don’t have the “housewife”, long Kim K hair that she is talking about.

    • Nobsnob

      Your description of the teenage mindset: haha spot on!! This is so true x)

    • serena

      I agree, she comes across as a bratty teen here. Though I’ve seen her in Fashion Police and she seemed a lot nicer on TV. I’m tired of undeserving people getting famous due to nepotism though.

  • Cristina

    From the above comments, it looks like people are really offended but I think she is referring to the Real Housewives looks…the blonde extensions with bad highlights, not housewives in general.

  • Mia-Ciara

    I actually like it on her

  • April

    See, comments like this are what makes her look lik a know-it-all b*tch who runs her mouth too much. No gray hair=housewife hair?…spoiled moron.

  • Anastasia.

    Rather have housewife hair then look like this purple haired troll.

  • em

    i thought her hair was purple, not gray. you know, ever since she started to lose weight, she has been really arrogant. i get that she’s confident now but she needs to learn how to humble and classy.

  • Beckers

    lol Kelly just stop talking.

  • Princessdi

    Kelly who? Haha!

  • Rachel

    She must have a low self-esteem to defend her hair that way. Like, the only reason why someone wouldn’t like it is if they had, what she’s implying, boring hair. Also, by calling it “housewife” hair, it’s rather insulting to housewives – as if there’s only one variety and they’re all boring.

    I honestly didn’t mind Kelly Osbourne until she lost weight. Now she’s annoying. It’s like the fat never left her body and just seeped into her brain.

  • Mew

    She’s had that color hair for a long time, how is this any news anymore? I haven’t seen nor heard anyone to even mention her hair for a looooong time, not other but her.

    I guess she realized that it’s not a good show to go on talking about her weightloss forever, since Hudson has got a lot of neg rep for it too so she had to come up with another topic to keep her revelant and seemingly “fighting victimhood”.

    Sorry Kelly, you’re just annoying and no, you’re no victim. Nobody could care less of your hair.

  • Uhm when did she dye her hair that color? Because I’ve been seeing girls with grayish blue/purple hair for at least 2 years now. they are all over tumblr, youtube, etc. Somehow I highly doubt she was the one who started the whole trend. Everything she wears is already trendy and not unique.