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Kelly Ripa Brings the Quote of the Day

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On looking young:

‘It’s the Botox. Every seven months or so my eyelid skin rests on my eyelashes. So I feel like [Botox] makes my makeup artist’s life easier, and it makes my eyes look a little more open on TV, which is where I happen to work right now.’

…  said 42-year-old Kelly in the February issue of Elle Magazine.

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  • linda

    Well, atleast she’s honest.

    • Catherin-o

      I like that she has a sense of humor about most things. I think that Elle did a great job photographing her.

      • linda

        I agree, she looks really great in the first pic!

    • AnnieD

      She seems like a pretty honest person overall. I remember reading quotes about her diet and exercise and she was never one to say “oh i just sit on the couch and eat cake and cheeseburgers all day!”

  • Eline

    Well.. I am not pro-botox, but I like theres finally a celebrity admitting she uses it.

    • alyssa

      I’m neither for or against it, its temporary and has been used for other applications prior to wrinkle control.

      I’m just sad its tested on animals. I wish there were an alternative for me…. It might be enough for me to stop using it, but it works so well… : S

  • guru

    I think she is def one of the prettier women of hollywood. She has a very proportionate face shape and features and I think her eyes and smile have this glow to them. She has an understated beauty, she does not wear gobs of makeup or hide under big hair. I just think she needs a little bit of weight because her face looks a bit haggard. If she had a few extra pounds, it would fill out her face and make it look more youthful and oval. And plus she has a thin body so it’s not like a few extra pounds will ruin her figure.

    • jenna

      i agree that she is really pretty and would look even better with a few pounds. she has a body like sarah jessica parker and madonna, which i don’t like at all.

  • guru

    And she needs to stop tanning. Her skin looks very leathery and cracked.

  • Debbs

    I appreciate her honest. She does not look heavily botoxed to me.

  • jamie

    she looks like a bobble head and is incredibly annoying on that morning show…talk about a no talent making it to the top…

  • sofia

    she looks like another fake hollywood-wife and way older than her age!

  • maggie

    She looks 10 years older than 42!But at least she is honest!

  • Mel

    I think its ok to use a little botox. I guess I’m pro botox 😀 If you have the money and feel better why not….

    • Clarence Beeks

      I too, am pro-Botox. When not overdone, it looks fantastic. Same with Juvederm/Restalyne. We just see so many women go over the top with it, and then it looks frightening.

    • Agree, im kind of pro-botox. When im out of college and start making my own money I will probably do it for preventive reasons. I don’t have any wrinkles on my face yet but when I scrunch my nose there are some “bunny lines” and I don’t want them to reach wrinkle status 🙂

  • It’s good that she’s honest about it. She’s always had a pretty face, but her body has always looked too sinewy to me. And I agree with several others that she actually looks older than 42 – it’s a combo of her skin and her very low body fat %. I would have said she was in her mid-fifties, in all honesty because I had no idea how old she was.

    • Observer

      Thing is Erica, she never looked like this before she started whatever crazy diet workout plan she does. She sped up her own aging process by overdoing the exercise, IMO. Look at her before she started her daytime talkshow routine. And she seemed to not get the clue that it was making her older and tired. She just kept at it, probably on the false assumption, like many women, that more exercise always is a good thing.

      • Mia

        It’s true. She used to be at least 15 – 20 pounds heavier, and her body looked completely different. I generally like her, and enjoy her humor, but she always jokes around about her “little boy” body even though it is self created and self imposed. Personally, I think her skinniness is alarming, but to each his own I suppose.

      • JaneParker

        I completely agree with you. And I think that unless you have a rounder face and really great cheekbones, it’s way better to be 5 pounds over your ideal (if you’re into the skinny look) and maintain a fresh face, than to look sunken and haggard while having a “great” body. This is particularly true for older women, the skinny minnies tend to have not so great faces. Look at Jennifer Aniston, for example. Although she’s slim, she’s not too skinny and her face still looks fresh. If she lost 10 pounds I think the story would be different.
        I like that Kelly’s honest and she doesn’t look like she went overboard with the botox, but a few pounds would make her look so much better!

        • Snip

          Kelly Ripa’s face shape is very round. Jennifer Aniston’s is not.

      • I don’t watch her show and have never really seen more than snippets of her over the years, so my knowledge of her is very limited – but from what you guys say, it certainly sounds like she used to look much better. I do not understand why some women seem to want the ‘little boy body’ if she calls it that herself, when they can be just as fit and healthy with a few more pounds. She seems like a fun person and as JaneParker said, she isn’t going overboard with botox, which is great, but it’s a shame she has aged herself by being too extreme about her fitness and diet – and tanning!

    • Aafje

      The sun damage to her skin is also probably a big contributor to how old she looks

  • John

    I honestly think she looks very old for 42. Probably from getting all that crap getting injected in her face & tanning.

  • Hazal

    Waste of money cause she looks way older than 42.

  • Minik

    Well .. this is a bit difficult for me because I did not know her and I thought she’s in her late 50’s.

    She has a stunning face, great proportions, she’s a lovely woman, But I definately don’t think that she looks young.
    It has to do with her skin, I guess she’s tanning a lot.

  • mira

    if her eyelids actually rest on her lashes, a better solution would imo be to get an actual upper eyelid lift once and for all rather than annual botox injections

  • vanessa

    I have no idea who this woman is but I don’t think she looks older than her age. At least she is being honest about the botox, unlike many others. The skin on her chest looks terrible though.

  • Ana

    Kinda sad that even botox isnt helping, she looks 52 to me lol. My mom’s 50 and looks 20 years younger than Kelly, and she doesnt tan, smoke, drink, or exercise regularly.

  • Anastasia.

    This woman has so much sun damage, her decolletage looks a mess. No amount of botox will fix that. And the outfits she wears just highlight how flat she is. She looks like she has pecs instead of breasts. So unattractive, she should cut down on the workouts.

  • Mirian

    Well, I think she looks older than 42 and her skin looks really unhealthy and it seems like she was sunbathing way too much.

    But she has a great toned body.

  • Nobsnob

    She always looks so skinny and…orange. And her skin looks dry and in need of some good moisture. Honestly she looks older than 42 because of her gauntness.
    She would be so much prettier with a healthier skin and more weight.

  • R

    She probably needs it so much and still looks older cause she works out SO MUCH. From what I have read it seems like she really overtrains. That low of bodyfat makes women age faster.

  • brazilian_girl

    I watched her show this morning and she was showing her workout, pretty crazy! 2 hours, burning 1200 calories! And additionally to that she spins and does ballet! I really like her and admire her commitment but I agree that a few pounds would make her to look much better!

  • swissmiss

    Agree with all of you! Her head looks too big for her body – always an alarming sign IMO.

  • Cecil

    I appreciate the honesty

  • Mew

    In one of the pictures her head is wider than her waist. That’s totally unnatural look!

  • Sofia

    I like that she’s honest about how much exercise she does, and her use of botox, I’m just not sure I like the result.

  • Raquel100

    Her honesty is refreshing, but Botox is SO dangerous!! My doctor said 1 of his patients became paraylized from it. Also, I bet she wouldn’t even have to do that if she gained some weight!