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Kendra Wilkinson on Holiday Weight Gain: “Don’t let it happen!”

156693444_10 - Kendra Wilkinson on Holiday Weight Gain: "Don't let it happen!"

27 year-old Kendra Wilkinson shares a few thoughts on how to maintain your figure during the Holiday season:

Between Christmas cookies and cocktail parties, plus all the heavy holiday meals in between, it can be easy to put on a few pounds during the holiday season. Don’t let it happen! Here’s how to make it to 2013 with a flat belly … Start every day with breakfast and a short workout. Eating breakfast will rev up your metabolism for the day and a short run or a 20-minute yoga session in the morning boosts your energy and keeps your appetite in check for the rest of the day. Never go to a party hungry. Eat a small meal before attending cocktail parties, dinner parties, or any events where food will be served. Holiday appetizers are usually fried, stuffed with cheese, or full of sugar. Taste what you want but never make a meal of party appetizers. You need to drink lots of water! Particularly if you’re drinking cocktails, pace yourself and drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. If you’re drinking cocktails, have a few sips of your favorite seasonal drink, like eggnog, or apple cider, then switch to something lower calorie like vodka soda with a lime wedge.’

… says Kendra.

See more of her in this little black dress next!


156693467_10 - Kendra Wilkinson on Holiday Weight Gain: "Don't let it happen!" 156688233_10 - Kendra Wilkinson on Holiday Weight Gain: "Don't let it happen!" 156692510_10 - Kendra Wilkinson on Holiday Weight Gain: "Don't let it happen!"

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  • silly monkey

    first!!! hahaha happy holidays sucka

    • G Girl

      This cracked me up. For once I liked the “first” comment. 🙂

      • 99

        Ditto! That made me giggle

  • Luka

    Or! You can just enjoy the holidays without obsessing about nonsense.

    • D

      I wouldnt say its obsessing, its good to not go overboard and eat in moderation during the holidays. Just because its the holidays, it isnt a free pass to stop living a healthylifestyle, just as when you are pregnant it isnt a free pass like many think to eat whatever you want.

      • Luka

        Indeed, maybe I haven’t made myself very clear. Taking care of yourself is one thing, but planning when exactly to eat, the exact amount… Having this on your mind all the time… It must be exhausting and annoying. That’s why I believe it’s not very “healthy” mentally. However, to each their own of course 🙂

      • Tally

        it should be a free pass to eat the christmas cookies during christmas once a year. Now if you eat cookies every day thats different-my aunt sends a beautiful box of cookies every christmas and i think about them all year lol there is nothing wrong with indulging (once in awhile)

  • Vic

    She make it sound so easy when in fact it’s not easy at all. Christmas, for example, is my favourite holiday (so I really REALLY want to enjoy all of it) and I’m from Argentina and we’re in the middle of summer at that time. Not only really yummy food, sweet or salty treats, etc etc etc… Alcohol, really cold and yummy drinks are in our hand always when we are in the pool at night, It’s super refreshing.
    I think I’m gonna try that… At least try, don’t promise anything lol.

    • Sabarasasa

      Another fellow Argentine here! 😉 (tho I’ve been living in Auckland, NZ for a long while..)
      I honestly loveeee the holidays season.. And I find it so hard to avoid the weight gain!! I always try to add an extra workout, but just to feel better when cheating on my regular diet! :p

      • Lola

        I’m from Argentina too and I think Kendra’s comments are stupid and more of the same stuff. It’s summer, eat fruit, drink water, have some drinks and some meat and keep happy and active.

        • Lala

          Well, it’s not summer everywhere. I’d say the food is heavier (esp on holidays) in the colder climates.
          I like her comment, it rings true. Have a little bit of everything, add in an extra work out, and don’t over booze. How can you go wrong? You don’t have to be obsessive about your diet, but can certainly be conscious about what goes into your body.

          • Vic

            Yeah, I agree. In summer it’s so hot that I eat less, everything I want but just less… That’s why I think I never really gain a lot of weight in the holidays. Again, alcohol is my weakness in this time of the year. Daikiris, a cold beer, fernet… It’s really difficult lol.

  • D

    Kendra was always my favorite on girls next door, I like her personality. She has an athletic shape/frame and looks cute.

  • I love christmas time and all the typical swedish christmas food, but this year I have an infected wisdome teeth which makes it super hard to chew and speak. So im involuntarily on a diet 🙁

    • Oh poor you – and at Christmas time too 🙁
      I have impacted (not yet infected, thank goodness) wisdom teeth and am facing surgery to get them all removed next year I’m dreading it!
      Feel better soon 🙂

    • serena

      Oh no Lovisa, infected wisdom teeth sound awful 🙁 had a jaw infection once and had to eat mushy foods for a week, it is terrible. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Thanks for the sympathy girls 😉 I had surgery on a wisdom tooth last summer which was insane. They had to break a part of my jaw and drill the tooth to small pieces just to get it out, It was awful! I looked like Quagmire for 3 weeks. This time I will have to do the same thing to my right upper and lower teeth. *Can’t wait*

    • lillaliket

      haha, I got that a few years back, also at christmas! I had a jaw bone infection to go with it as well.. I lost 10 pounds over the holidays because I couldn’t open my mouth, I wish I could get it again this year!

  • I’m not a fan of Kendra normally, but what she says here makes perfect sense to me. It’s moderate and I like that! She’s not trying to say you should forgo all the treats – just don’t let them make up the majority of your food intake. Nothing extreme about that. Christmas is too often about overindulgence for the sake of overindulgence in many people’s minds – and that’s not true enjoyment anyway.

  • Nat Shermans

    irrelevant woman, boring quote.

  • kay

    Your whole life should be about moderation. I have never been a fan of eating clean. My motto has always been eat 70 percent jealthy and eat in moderation with whatever I want. But gsining wright onve in a while is not a crime…don’t live like that. Just mae sure you can take it off when you need to

  • vivi

    for the last 2 weeks I’ve been on a 1400 calorie a day diet and I’m trying to be super strict over the holidays and not go over at all. its really hard because 1400cal of holiday sure doesnt get you very far and I like to have my big meal be lunch with under 300cal and of course all the christmas parties etc are in the evening. i may have to up it to 1600 until after new years and try a little of what kendras saying

    • Lala

      You can also have less than 1400 cals for few days (if you can, Shirtataki noodles are great for that). And then on Christmas you’ll have more leeway (sp?) to eat more calories. In a sense you should make sure you don’t go over (by much) your calories for the week, not a day. So cutting somewhere else and then overindulging, would even it out….If that makes sense. =)

  • serena

    For the holidays my roommates and I baked a ton of gingerbread cookies, snowflake cupcakes, and xmas tree cookies…then we add holiday themed candy (like red/green m&ms) and created goody bags to give out to people. Except we made too many so I have a bunch sitting in my apartment, it is tooo tempting haha. Maybe I should give them to the neighbors.

  • Melia

    Great advice! Kendra is in great shape and knows what to do to maintain her shape. I will eat a few extra treats myself, but in moderation. I work too hard the rest of the year to be healthy, to throw it all away during holidays! Feeling confident about my appearance is more important to me than the short term gratification of eating junk.

  • annabanana

    I just don’t get this… you can indulge and eat a bunch of treats for the holidays without gaining weight… just eat the same amount overall, like if you’re eating a bunch of treats, have a smaller dinner, or whatever… it’s not like eating treats has to make you eat more calories.

    • Casey

      But that’s exactly what she’s saying.

      She’s not saying abstain from treats like most celebrities would. She’s saying eat them in moderation, eat a snack before going out to dinners so you don’t overeat…etc.

  • Stephanie

    Always have loved her! She was my favorite out of the Girls Next Door. And she makes sense! Not too obsessive but taking care of herself.

  • Aafje

    Ha I wish I could have a Holiday weight gain…I seem to get the flu at christmas every year and cant eat >:(

    • hanan

      am glad we don’t have snow over here , i don’t know how you handle it !!!
      last year i traveled to another area @ my country and they had temp of ( 6 C ) i felt like iam gonna die !! my teeth was making that sound and i was shaking all the time and taking shower is extreme torture !!
      how could you handle -0 temp !! what heros 😀

      • Aafje

        Haha well it is cold here, but flu is a virus it happens even when its not as cold. Makes me puke a lot. I hope its over soon, I want to eat food!

        It is cold today though lots of snow

        • Robin

          I have the exact same thing right now, today I’ve only lyed on the couch with a tablet… I guess you’re from The Netherlands as well according to your name? The virus dominates all of us D:

          • Aafje

            Yes I’m from there but I have lived in the USA for the last 10 years. Flu all over the world!

  • Casey

    I think it’s important to note what the purpose of these tips is.

    “Kendra Wilkinson shares a few thoughts on how to maintain your figure during the Holiday season”

    She’s not saying you must do this, or bringing health into it. She’s saying IF your goal is to not gain holiday weight, try some of these things.

    And honestly, it’s all really moderate and good advice. Much better than the “DON’T EAT ANY SUGAR IT’S EVIL” diet advice that’s often thrown around by celebrities these days.

    Obviously if you are the kind that wants to indulge during the holidays, there is nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing morally superior about staying in shape during the Holidays, just like there is nothing morally superior about indulging.

    It’s just what you happen to prefer.

  • mary

    Yea ive been eating like an orca whale since thanksgiving…god bless that little place i like to frequent called the gym 😉

  • seijidan

    She looks older than 27 years old. She looks like a 40 year old housewife imo but she has a nice body

    • hanan

      I KNOW , i was like DAYM her face is aged !! tanning much / smoking ? i dk

      white people pleaseeeeeee stop tanning .

      • Aafje

        Wow she is only 2 years older than me but looks at least 10 years older.
        Glad I always put my sunblock on

      • Casey

        I don’t think it’s because of the sun that she looks older. I mean, her skin isn’t perfect but it doesn’t look that damaged.

        I think this is a case of she looks older because she is older.

        It’s not uncommon, especially for people in her industry, to stretch the truth about age.

        She looks like she’s in her 30’s because she is.

        • Aafje

          How does that work these days though? WIth legal documents and internets I think it would be easy to look up when someone was really born etc

          • Casey

            Well, I do believe birth certificates are private, not public. If she has been lying since the start of her career (which I believe she has, for Girls Next Door, to feed the whole “oh look Hef is with college-aged girls!”, I don’t think there would be too many conflicting reports.

            It’s especially common for the adult film/glamor model industries to do this because of the obsession with women who are in their teens and early 20’s.

            Don’t get me wrong, she probably does look older than she actually is. Her skin isn’t in the best shape and she doesn’t have the face suited for aging (no fat in cheeks combined with narrow bone structure). But I think she is stretching the truth about her age.

    • Jewel

      I noticed too. I am one year younger than her but she looks like she could be my mom.

  • hanan

    for me in holiday i don’t over eat , i just have few candies & sleep and coffee and then more coffee / candies /…etc

    which is horrible , but i usually don’t have time to eat .

  • Dani

    This annoys me. I don’t think the holidays are a time to throw your routine or normal eating habits completely out the window but I also think it’s time to relax, enjoy being with your family and maybe eat a few things you don’t normally eat. A little bit rich or a little more sweet. Who wants to be miserable? Yes if you gain fifteen pounds during the holidays from eating everything in sight maybe but one or two pounds, I am not going to obsess over it. Maybe if she cut out alcohol she could enjoy more candies 😉

    • nope

      Agreed. And apart from the eggnog (about 350 cal per cup), she is really quibbling over a very small difference. Hard cider is roughly 120-150 cal per bottle (12 or so ounces). Vodka and soda (different from vodka tonic) is 65-110 cal (8 ounce serving). How much alcohol is she consuming that ~50 cal per drink more or less is a consideration? I guess it adds up if you get into binge-drinking territory or are drinking every night. If alcohol is causing you noticeable weight gain, calories might not be the only thing you need to be moderate about 🙂

      But maybe I’m jaded- my job involves clients consuming alcohol (not food service or a bar environment) and

  • Vic

    My bf spent three months in NZ, I’ve heard is absolutely lovely! I’ll tell you, the hardest part for me it’s getting my butt back for work (I mean diet + work out)… This is something I should really work it out this time.
    Because it’s summer and the weather is hot, I automatically eat less because I can feel really heavy and I don’t want that, but still not the most healthy food, and getting back to the rutine it’s hard for me.

  • Jewel

    I like her advice. You can keep extra weight off during the holidays and still indulge but not OVER-indulge. Thankfully for me I never gain any weight during holidays.

    I’m from Greece and our traditional sweets are like 120cals a piece and they’re so small you can fit two in your palm(we use a lot of sugar and honey in making them so…). A lot of people who love them end up gaining as much as 5-7 kgs when the holidays are over. I don’t like them at all so I’m safe. And I always eat less at family dinners but I don’t know why. I usually love the food but I always eat half the amount all my family and relatives eat. And I hate alcohol so I in the end I end up slimming down. I am a paradox my friends say.

  • girl21

    she is only 27!!!!! what the heck, I thought she was way older?!

    • neutra

      I thought she was in her 40’s! Orange skin, tarty clothes and peroxide hair don’t do anyone any favours.

  • natalia

    well she’s not thin, but gives good advice, I admire that