Kendra Wilkinson: ‘My body is back, and I want to show it off’

kendra-weight-loss-bikini - Kendra Wilkinson: 'My body is back, and I want to show it off'

… and that’s exactly what 25 year old mom Kendra is doing in US Magazine, while wearing tiny pairs of bikinis.

Kendra (who loves talking about her weight and figure) mentions that she managed to drop 50 pounds in the past year, after giving birth in December 2009.

How do you like her current bikini figure?

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60 thoughts on “Kendra Wilkinson: ‘My body is back, and I want to show it off’”

  1. Damn. She looks good…however she is doing to much ab work. Her abs look really bulky and manly. If she did a little more cardio and a little less abs she could look even better

    • I can NOT believe my eyes every time I read comments on this website… It is so disheartening. All of you haters who are critiquing her body should take a good long look in the mirror, because I am sure that your bodies could never compare…

      Lalachica if you knew anything about fitness you would know that you can do all the ab exercises in the world, but they wouldn’t show unless she is hitting cardio hard… and really her abs look “Manly?” give me a f*cking break.

      You all seriously make me sick… It’s because of you that there are so many women out there with eating disorders. Women should be supporting one another instead of ripping eachother apart.

      • I don’t think many of us can compare to her anyway. She is a celebrity. She has more money and motivation (who wants to get bad press about being “fat” or “out of shape”?) It’s more easier for her to have the “perfect” body. Oh yes, all the normal women out here arent like her at all. Some women have children to look after, some don’t want to give that up for a work out..

  2. i agree about the abs and i won’t deny, SHE LOOKS GREAT after having hank jnr its just… Having a baby completely changes your body and i dont think she’ll ever be able to get back to her petite playboy bunny body that we’re used to. Even though shes real thin, i’m always gonna remember the old kendra in comparison to this one. Sucks to say

    • good point!!!!! me too….i’m aligning to it…….it’s obvious she works out hard and eats clean and i’m glad she does it, good for her, but that petite playboy bunny body is dead and gone…and it’s almost not her fault…though i am 100% sure that having baby Hank was completely worthwhile

  3. I really like her abs… but only if the waist was more defined. I’m glad she’s lost 50 pounds, way to go Kendra! She’ll be looking like her Playboy self again in no time!

  4. she has no waist. Was it always that wide? She was sooo much better looking when she did playboy. She was hot and now she’s just a mommy.

  5. I don’t think her abs would necessarily look better if she focused less on them, she has a straight waist and there isn’t that much she can do about it, and it might be she’d just look flabby without the abs (they’re not incredibly visible imo). And i’m a succer for abs anyways, on both men and women 😀 She’s clearly not back to her old body like she claims, and frankly i think not to her previous weight either even if her body has undergone permanent changes. Still, looking great. Thick comes to mind, but it’s not a bad thing to me, not on everyone.

  6. her figure still looks a little off to me (maybe its the way shes standing?) but its a HUGE improvement from how she looked a year ago.

  7. no.. im sorry but no. she lost her body like jessica simpson did when she gained weight. yes its good for a post baby body but its not the same as in her playboy days and probably will never be. i dont mean it in a mean way at all, just pointing out the obvious

  8. Does she have any other goals in life other than to prove to strangers that she has some sort of value because she’s “hot”? Its sad and pathetic.

  9. Wow she’s only 25? I thought she was in her 30’s. Her body looks good, albeit the massive implants distract from the rest of it that is naturally good.

  10. 25????? i tought she`s in her 30`s. Dunno but seems cos in my country people are short and petite and look lot younger then their real age so i guess that`s why i see some foreigners think they have that age and i`ll be totally wrong cos their be lot younger.Anyway i don`t like her body type to be onest but i can`t take my eyes off that cutie little boy of her,his so addorable!

  11. She definitely looks great post- baby, but nothing like she did when she was livin’ in the mansion. I thought she was pregnant again?? I must be thinking of someone else..

  12. I actually read this article and she took a supplement for abs and said she has no self esteem but early articles she claimed she LOVED her new curves- I don’t believe her- plus in article she says she not happy with her stomach

  13. I think it’s major photoshop…her body looks different in both pictures, I was trying to figure out the before and after til I realised it was the same shoot! On her show she doesn’t look like this (although I’m sure it was filmed prior back), she always claims on there too that she’s “skinny again” over and over. I wouldn’t say that….

  14. She is def not back to her old body. I remember on ‘Girls next Door’ she was always eating things like fried chicken and other junk. Pre-baby, her body was very efficient at burning calories so coupled with the exercise she did, she looked tiny and amazing. Post baby, her hormones and metabolism must be different. I think she is struggling with accepting that she can no longer eat whatever she wants. She can get back to her old size, but she has to eat very cleanly. Just my two cents

  15. Yeah, her body just isn’t the same as is used to be:
    1) Waist looks different. No curve to it. It’s like that baby repositioned her torso so she has a man torso now.
    2) She isn’t back to her original weight, either. She’s positioning her legs like that because they’re still too big. Much bigger than they used to be.
    3) Arms are also still way bigger than they used to be.
    Seriously, I hope having a baby doesn’t do that to my body….

  16. She looks okay. Her massive fake boobies make her look top heavy. She has a very wide waist, which isn’t her fault but it’s not usually a trait that people prefer in women. Not everyone can have a narrow waist. I don’t know, I’ve never really thought she was anything special but then again, I don’t think they typical Playboy bunny is anything special.

  17. I mean she’s in good shape, like she was before, but even before I didn’t think she had a slamming body..not for a woman anyway…she was very athletic and kinda boxy. She actually looks more feminine now because she has some hips and softer attributes. Either way, yes she does look good for having a child! Childbirth wrecks havoc on a woman’s body…she’s blessed (with a trainer, personal nutritionist, nannies, etc) haha.

  18. DOES SHE HAVE ANYTHING TO TALK ABOUT BESIDES GETTING BACK TO HER OLD BODY!!!? i know this is a celebrity weight gossip sight but im sick of reading/ seeing kendra and other reality stars all over the place!

  19. She was really tiny before baby. I remember her to be 5’5 and 110. I would say she is about 125-130 in this picture. She looks great but nowhere near what she used to look like.

  20. Love Kendra, but I agree with many of the comments on here in that in no way is her body “back” — at least the body from her Playboy days, that is. She looks good, though, for having had a baby!

  21. Obvious tummy tuck. It’s sad that her entire self-worth is based on how hot her body looks. She should go back to school or find something better to do with her life.

  22. I don’t understand why people like Kendra is famous and worthy to be publicated so much. Why she’s celebrity? Just because we all saw her t–s and pussy? So why we do not talk about every stripper weight and figure changes? It’s pathetic that such people like Kendra becomes rolemodels for young girls and teenagers.

  23. I actually feel so sad for her.

    It looks like she has loose skin and her breast implants look weird (picture 2). I don’t want to bash women who get plastic surgery, but I think Kendra’s body would have looked a lot better after pregnancy if she didn’t have surgery.

  24. She started doing Playboy when she was only 19 she had fake b❆❆bs and was still going through puberty so of course the she won’t look the same she’s a grown woman now.

  25. Just googled her, and I don’t find her to have had much more waist definition before having a baby. She seemed to be a few pounds lighter than she is now though, so maybe that’s the catch?

  26. Good on her for losing weight but she has no waist, its like a 10 year old boy. How is that womanly? Its not like its natural either, she controls how much she diets and exercises

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