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A few years ago I lost 30 pounds, and people still wanted to criticize. And honestly, I’m happy with myself if I’m a little heavier. ‘I realized: Why am I trying to conform to someone else’s idea of beauty? I think I’m beautiful either way.

… says 28 year-old Khloe.


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  • Mara


  • heathers

    She is adorable.

  • Candy

    She looks pretty slim in this picture. She’s not really fat she just has a larger bone structure.

  • I think she looks fab either way. Love her

    • Agreed!
      I love Khloe, she is beautiful and has a lovely heart!
      She suits it anyway, I can’t imagine her looking any other way

  • MissMarilyn

    I actually didn’t recognize her at first because she looks so much slimmer than I am used to seeing her. I think she looks good!

  • annemarie

    Did she also have her hairline lasered like Kim? It looks kind of weird when pulled back like that.

    • Powwow

      I think its her foundation making her hairline look weird.

    • JN1976

      Totally waxed/lasered hairline and I think it looks reallllly weird…like they`re wearing wigs, those Kardashians. Trust me I get it if you have a lot of baby hair to get rid of some of it but to fine/straight a hair-line looks like hair plugs or a wig to me…and thus unnatural
      Side-note: I think this is one of the best pics of Khloe that Ive ever seen. I feel badly for all the crap she gets about her body. She`s got amazing height yet I understand being a woman with a bigger/wider bone-structure can be tough. I think she`s got a great attitude and shldnt read comments sections etc.

      • Natalia

        @JNN1976 don’t know if my comment posted, so I did it again, forgive me if its repeat.

        I read and absorbed all you said, & responded accordingly. This time I’ll answer all of your points systematically so there is no confusion as to whose argument is valid and whose is not. I’m going to use spell check, but my English, writing, could still use the practice. Debate is fun. I received my degree in Philosophy, with an emphasis in logic, minor in Math). I love debate…though not so much lately.

        The link you add of Gemma was not her highest, that picture was from 2006, and she reached her highest weight in 2007 and after. She was too heavy to model, hence, why she didn’t model anymore. But that has nothing to do with me.

        Faulty assumption is when you assume something, that isn’t true, due to lack of sufficient evidence/knowledge.

        Your first faulty assumption was when you said ‘the lengths she (Gemma) went to get that skinny made her feel like shit’. You assumed she felt bad. You cannot know how she felt. None of us can.

        The second time you made a faulty assumption was when you assumed that I love to look at images of unhealthily skinny women & told me I should go to a pro ED anorexia website. I don’t like to look at unhealthily skinny women. None of the people I’ve repeatedly said I like to look at are unhealthily skinny, old Gemma, Bruce Lee, Natasha Poly, lean Hillary Rhoda (like she was in the VS show), are all examples of healthy looking, lean looking people. Anorexic models like Isabelle Caro and Ana Reston are examples of unhealthily thin.

        You are guilty of faulty assumption a third time. You assumed b/c I am as thin as I am and that b/c my aesthetic tastes run towards tall and ultra thin (look at the profession I’m in), that I have or may be developing an ED, and need counseling. I don’t have an ED, and I never will. I am a naturally thin person who eats like they have tape worm. Maybe this is where your mind went b/c you had eating disordered behaviors.

        The fourth time you are guilty of faulty assumption, is when you accuse me and the Amanda of possibly having narcissistic personality disorder. NPD, by definition, and you must always define something before you can say what it is or is not – is when people have an inflated sense of self inflated sense of self importance &/or self image, they exhibit selfish behavior, have tremendous egos. People say I’m the most generous giving person they know. I have also said many times here that I am not perfect, recently gained (and lost) 5 lbs, would love to be 3” taller, and don’t work as much as I would like b/c I am too short for high fashion, but do have a beautiful lean body. These statements give no indication of over inflated ego, or NPD, in fact, point to a healthy self assessment of what I am.

        What you are confusing NPD w/, is megalomaniacal thinking. This is where the person refuses to see other points of view. Saying that ‘of course every woman would choose to look like a supermodel if she had the choice, and if you don’t agree w/ me you must be lying’, is an example of megalomaniacal thinking. Did I really mean that? Yes. Do I still think that now? In most cases, yes. But I am open to the possibility that some women wouldn’t mind trading bodies w/ someone that has a better version of a body that is similar to THEIR OWN. Hell, if the main reason I love ultra thin tall weeds is b/c I look like one, well then, maybe I was wrong, maybe women really just want to look like better versions of themselves, or just themselves. Was my original statement megalomaniacal thinking? Yes. Was I guilty of faulty assumption? Yes. Was I feeling defensive when I said it b/c I was in the heat of an argument and didn’t want to budge? Somewhat. Do I think that tall ultra thin models are the only attractive women in the world? No. But I do think they are the most attractive. So does half the world, look at what is worshipped in the media, in fashion. But so what! Who cares! Word of advice, there is always going to be people that don’t find you perfect, and may say derogatory things about you (though I don’t condone name calling and have to catch myself not to do it sometimes) Can I just say, you might want to try not giving a hoot what other people think, I know I don’t.

        So while I may be guilty of megalomaniacal thinking and faulty assumption, at least I’m not a narcissist and I don’t have an eating disorder. I will say this, and I am being brutally honest, and am not feeling attacked or defensive now. Most of the time, when women pull the ‘you must have an eating disorder’ card, there is usually only one reason. Can I give you a word of advice? If you never want a thin woman to think you’re jealous of her, don’t pull the ‘eating disorder’ card – it’s a dead giveaway.

        Please no more, I’m tired, and frankly, this site is not that much fun anymore. No matter what a person says or does, they are still going to think the way they think.

      • Natalia

        I’d also like to say this site that I once trashed, helps me, not only w/ my writing of English, commas, fragments, etc., but also with reminding me to be a human being and have more concern for others feelings. I don’t get that at home or at work, it’s a nice balance.

  • seijidan

    No matter how much weight she loses, she’s still going to look gigantic next to her sister ’cause she’s way taller and bigger in build. It also doesn’t help that she’s, pardon my opinion, but I think she doesn’t look as pretty at all and always has this look like she smelled something bad

    • Polska Blondynka

      Yeah I agree. It’s honestly the height. Kim and Kourtney are below 5’3. They look like midgets compared to Khloe and Kendall, who is 5’10 as well.

    • CK

      “always has this look like she smelled something bad” thx god am not imagining it! i can’t figure out what’s up with her philtrum that makes her have this look!
      in general, in terms of weight she looks fine as she is (the clothes ‘re terrible though,remind me of a sort of school-girl uniform, seems kinda creepy-Ish…)also i think she’s a pretty girl but the tan and tons of unnecessary (and awful) make up make her look ugly-Ish…whenever i see any of the Karda$hian girls i get this urge that i also feel whenever i see Lil’wayne – i wanna drag ’em to the bathroom and give ’em a good wash and maybe scrub too!!!!

  • Polska Blondynka

    She looks stunning and she shouldn’t lose weight. If she is healthy and happy, then why? Don’t listen to others.

  • Jessica

    I love Khloe either way, I think she’s the smartest out of all the Kardashians and she seems really genuine. She does look slimmer in this picture and I bet it must be hard to be around such tiny people all the time since she is so tall and different from her sisters.

    • serena

      Kim is not that tiny. Yes she’s short, but she has very wide hips, a huge butt, and a curvy bodacious figure. I see a lot of women much tinier than her everywhere I go. Khloe is quite tall, not fat, but has a stout build. She has no grace. Many women are tall but much more graceful in appearance. But of course it’s nothing she can help so the constant criticism of her uncalled for imo.

    • guru

      the only difference is their height. kourtney has the smallest body frame but kim is not slim or svelte. she usually just wears clothes that give the illusion of being tiny. if you see her bikini shots she is quite large. you cant honestly tell me this is tiny. http://www.superphotospace.com/images/thumb/Kim-Kardashian-in-High-School_4b8cfa3f44789-t.jpg and this was her as a teen. she has grown so much since then. thats one of the pros of having WHR. you can look slim and small framed even if you are not

  • D

    Wow, terrible picture of her – she normally doesnt look so plastic surgery/cat-womanesque lol. As far as her quote goes – she isnt large or overweight but Kim and Kourtney are both very short so naturally considering the height difference and body structure difference… she is going to be compared to them both which is where the large comments come from.

  • AnnieC

    I still find it challenging to believe that she and her sisters were born from the same man. Their appearances are so different from hers. Every time I see a picture of the three of them together, I wonder how their momager has been able to keep Khloe’s true father’s name under wraps.

    • cfp

      If I showed you a picture of me standing next to my sister, you’d think we also had different parents. I am barely 5’5″ and brunette, very hourglassy…my sister is blonde, 5’9.5″ very slim…we don’t have any of the same facial features…different eye shapes, noses, I have much fuller lips. Our eyes are similar in color but not the same.

      But yes, we have the same parents. It happens. I hate people saying things like this. As if siblings can’t end up looking completely different.

      • serena

        Lol a 4.5″ difference is nothing – Kourtney is like 4’11 and Khloe is 5’10. That is nearly a 1 ft height difference, plus Khloe is a natural blonde and Kourtney looks very Middle Eastern. So while there is a chance they’re full sisters, I would guess half-sisters is more likely. Someone below even posted a photo of the man suspected to be Khloe’s real dad and there is a resemblance.

        • Winnie

          Khloe’s not 5’10”. she was on the Tyra show a few years ago. both women were in heels and Khloe was noticeably shorter. she’s also shorter than Kendall who is supposedly 5’9″ or 5’10”. the only time they look close in height is when Khloe is in heels and Kendall is in flats. my guess is that she’s around 5’7″ and 5’8″ at the most, and her larger frame makes her appear even taller next to Kim and Kourtney.

      • Aafje

        My mother has black hair, is tan, and brown eyes and her sister is blonde blue eyed and pale lol. One just looks exactly like the dad and the other like the mom.
        People always thought my mom was my nanny because we look so different.

    • Aafje

      Or Khloe just looks different because they look like the father and she looks like her mother…it happens frequently

    • Jen

      Her real father is Alex rodan … Kris jenners hairstylist of 30 years

      • guru

        do you believe in the phrase ugly pretty? does anyone else here believe it? kris jenner to me is the epitome of ugly pretty. She is not hideous and when she walks in a room, there is def something about her that stands out and she is magnetic. she has bold features. On the other hand, look at a head shot of her face and she looks like an alien who has been vacuumed. She has the strangest face shape and her nose is so odd looking. Mainly her face shape is just weird . How can someone be so ugly but yet still be good looking?

        • Jacky Daniels

          imo its self asteem and maybe brains. yeah i know, shes not einstein but she knows what she wants and she gets it. and she seems to have bubbly personality, people like that, nobody likes grumpy bitchy women just because shes pretty. well maybe some mazohists do.

          • Jacky Daniels


      • Catherin-o
    • Hannah

      I think it depends on who you look like in your family. If you saw me and my sister together you wouldn’t think we’re related but it’s because I look like my dad and she looks like my mum. You can tell Khloe and her sisters are related, I bet if she was as short as Kourtney and Kim then people would think they looked similar.

    • Polska Blondynka

      My boyfriend’s sister has blue eyes and both of their parents have brown eyes, including my boyfriend. But her mom’s sisters have blue eyes. Sometimes you may not end up having the same color of your eyes as your parents’, or the same shape of lips. That doesn’t mean you’re from a different father.

  • erin

    Who cares if you feel beautiful, you rich, privileged little twunt, when there are so many people in the world with real problems.

    • Jacky Daniels

      yep thats exactly what i think about them 🙂

  • guru

    the kardashian sisters have the MIDAS touch … everything they wear looks tacky. i dont know how they do it but there does exist some people in this world who will forever have bad taste and look tacky. on the other hand some people can make anything look classy. also, khloes makeup looks strange and the clothes just look like they are cheap asian store quality.

  • Michelle

    She looks a lot like kim here, love the shoes though.

  • Gabrielle

    Khloe is pretty, she just has the disadvantage of constantly being compared to her sisters. People shouldn’t rush to call someone ugly just because they are not as beautiful as Miranda or Angelina.
    Compared to the majority of girls out there, Khloe is pretty and she’s also rich, so she has plenty of reasons to be grateful for and not to worry about what others say.

  • Kate

    I don’t think she’s ‘fat’. I don’t think anybody is ‘fat’. Having ‘fat’ on your body doesn’t make you ‘fat’ just like having boobs on your body doesn’t make you a boob.

    • solaxia

      I LOVE this way of looking at things! I have gained a lot over the last year (due to bad life circumstances, and me not caring about myself one bit) and now I am so depressed because I am the fattest I have ever been…thanks to you I am going to rephrase that…’I have the most fat/ chunk/ chub’ I have ever had. It makes it sound easier to work off at the gym because it’s like I’m getting rid of something external to my body that’s not meant to be there.

      If you own being fat. Then it makes it more personal = more depression = harder to eat well and exercise. That’s for me anyway…off to the gym to work off some of my chunk ;o)

      • Natalia

        I am not trying to start anything, really, but…being fat is defined as ‘having excess fat or flesh’…so technically, it’s whether or not a person has ‘excess’ fat or not that makes them fat. I admit a lot of the comments I made about ‘she is fat, but just a little’, kind of express that, but, at the same time can be like inflammatory to some. My point, there is such thing as being a little fat, being very fat, being moderately fat…

      • Natalia

        That was in response to Kate’s comment, not yours, sorry.

  • Natalia

    Less average celebrities and more high fashion models, Please? I don’t know if owner of this site will care, take into consideration, but I would like to see more models, less of celebrities..

    • Sofia

      Have you checked out skinnygossip? They have tons of hf models.

      • Natalia

        I go there occasionally to look at the high fashion models, but I don’t condone a site, nor do I comment on a site, that promotes eating disorders.

      • Natalia

        But thankx for being predictably catty.

        • Sofia

          I wasn’t trying to be catty. I assumed you would like the website because it featured discussions on tons of skinny hf models.

          • Natalia

            Well if you weren’t being sarcastic I sincerely apologize, I’ve had a couple of people tell me I should go there b/c they are being nasty b/c my comments on fat bother them…but yeah, I do go there to look at some of the cool pictures, and to be honest, it is nice when some people agree w/ me, but like I said, I don’t comment I’d be a little uncomfortable doing so, knowing that some of them have ED’s and the last thing they need is me edging them on w/ my ‘views on fat’ …yeah, I look there, and comment here. Messed up really.

          • MissMarilyn

            @Natalia I didn’t understand why you reacted to SkinnyGossip with so much hatred… the girl who runs it claims to be pretty much exactly like you, a fan of thin physique who is not in any way trying to promote disordered eating. Isn’t that the same as you?

          • Natalia

            I didn’t react w/ so much hatred at that site, I just said in another comment that I look at the pictures of the hf models, but just choose not to comment b/c I think that a lot of them, have ED’S. I don’t know anything about the girl who runs it…

          • MissMarilyn

            I’ve talked to her. She’s extreme but can actually be kind of nice. Some of the girls on SG do have EDs but others do not and are just fans of slender figures

        • Sofia

          Thanks for apologizing. You get a lot of mean comments from others, so I can see why you would be defensive. I don’t believe in being rude to people who have a different opinion than I do.

      • Hannah

        I can’t even describe how much I hate that website. It’s purely there to encourage destructive habits. I know people slate their kind of websites but SvC is amazing. I don’t think people realise how much it has helped me, I now have come to love my body and I feel my best when I am in shape and strong as opposed to seeing my ribs. The forum users on there have serious issues and feed off each other’s obsessive behaviour. I love how SvC come from a neutral standpoint and destructive behaviour is discouraged.

        • Natalia

          I was actually a little offended, no, hurt, when a couple ppl told me to go there..I do go there, to look at pix of some of the hi fash models I don’t see here, and b/c sometimes I think some of the ppl therethey are right about some people, like Gemma Ward & Zoe Sladana? gaining weight, BUT, the majority of them have scewed views, like yes Adriana Lima and Barbara Palvin more fat on them than is typical in hi fash models, what I call a little to moderate excess fat, but they outright called them bloody fatties, fat cows, etc., which is just ridiculous. And the quotes near the names appear to exhibit eating restriction and other ED’s, so yes, I look occasionally, but I never comment b/c of how I am w/ fat, they don’t need encouraging.

  • Natalia

    Happy being heavier? Sure, what’s she going to say, ‘yeah it’s really a lot of work and self discipline to stay at a lower weight and I just don’t have it in me’? So tired of these average celebrities, not worth my time typing. But, she is not as bad looking as her sister w/ the butt

    • MissMarilyn

      I mean she already lost 30 pounds and seems to have kept it off nicely so clearly she has self discipline (or she would not have even been able to lose it in the first place).

      Also it’s not like she’s overweight or anything now; her weight could not be affecting her health negatively. So if she’s comfortable/happy with it, why not stay at this weight?

      • Natalia

        Well she said she lost it and then gained some back… could be either, maybe she didn’t have what it takes to stay at that weight, or maybe her set point was a lot higher and it pulled her back up no matter what she did. I think it was a little of both…….

        • MissMarilyn

          I don’t know where she said that she gained a little bit back but she very well could have and if she did it very well could have been because of one of those things or both, like you suggested.

    • Natalia

      I wonder if the butt implant in the other one makes it hard to sit……has anyone ever wondered this? Or is it like sitting on a pillow … all the time….

  • Sidney

    It would be easier to believe she feels pretty and confident either way if i didn’t have to read new quotes about it all the time. But weight and beauty is a huge part of their image i guess. I used to really like Khloe but now a little less since i’ve seen her on the X-Factor. Maybe it was because she was nervous and new at hosting things but i couldn’t stand that smug face with the puckered lips, all the time staring at herself in the screen that they have. She just overall seemed so vapid to me with her whole demeanor in the show, which i hadn’t thought before.

  • retrobanana

    i think she looks good here too i never found her fat or heavy more slim with a bigger build i always felt she dressed well too…i always thought to myself…hmm she always looks good in her outfits…when i was larger i would never feel confident or look as put together as her…of ocurse i have seen her make some mishaps…but for the most part always felt she did a good job of dressing herself…here she looks to have even lossed some..i still find all three sisters kind of annoying

  • lc

    Who cares about her weight, that’s one fug face. I think people are saying she is pretty because it would not be politically correct to call someone who looks like her “ugly”. No loss to her though, her sisters (Kim and Kourtney) are just as fug imo. NO difference.

    • MissMarilyn

      I think Khloe has the least attractive face out of all the sisters… but I also think people tend to like her more than the other sisters because her personality is funnier/seems less self absorbed. So I think people are generally nicer when critiquing Khloe than they are when critiquing Kim 🙂

      • lc

        I think Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney ALL have unfortunate faces. Like, they are not at ALL attractive to me. Not slightly.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I agree. I find her face to be extremely unfortunate. I hate looking at her face.

  • Natalia

    It may not be politically correct to call ppl who are facially unattractive, or who are overweight, fat or ugly, and it doesn’t make us look any better, that’s why I like to stick to medical terms. From a medical point of view, she is not underweight, or obese, she is tho approaching overweight is 25% body fat. While I don’t think she is that high, she is close.

    • MissMarilyn

      ….Actually 25% is not overweight for women. It is for men, but the body percentage for women ages 18-40 to be considered overweight is 33%.

      And Khloe looks nowhere near 33%. I’d say she’s around 25% but that’s not overweight for women.

      • Natalia

        According to the BMI which you were preaching about before, 25% is overweight. She looks about that.

        • MissMarilyn

          Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat are both very different things, and have absolutely nothing to do with each other. BMI has nothing to with body fat because it has no way of predicting body fat.

          Google “Body Fat Women” and click on the first link, it has charts for both men and women. You’re correct that 25% is overweight… but only for men. Women are supposed to have 10-31% body fat

          • Candy

            They do have something to do with each other with women. With a man he can be very muscular and have a high bmi with low body fat. Its hard for a woman to get to a high bmi without gaining a lot of fat as they can only gain 3-5 lbs of muscle with heavy training. If we are talking aesthetically over 25 percent body fat isn’t a good look and means you have zero definition and lots of jiggle,

          • Natalia

            True, I hate bmi, usually the dumb nurses say something to me when they weight me at the dr’s, mention bmi, then the dr comes in and sees I’m healthy and never mentions it… was created over 100 years ago, and really does a diservice to people under 18 that are healthy.

          • MissMarilyn

            No. That’s not true. I have many people who need help in weight loss who I assist and they tell me their body fat percentage. It really depends on how someone’s body is. Some people, for example, hold weight all mostly in one place; they have quite a lot of what you call “jiggle” but other women who have fat that is more evenly spread out don’t even look very fat.

            Also, the part about woman being unable to become muscular with low percentages of body fat is untrue. First of all, there is every single female body builder on the planet proving you wrong. Weird as they may look, they have VERY little body fat.

            And, as an athlete (water polo player), I have met many professional athletes. My coach is friends with many of the women on the USA Olympic water polo team and A LOT of them have BMIs that are much higher than 25, but they do not look fat at all. Some of them look bulky, but are obviously toned.

            For example, Serena Williams. Girl is massive but definitely not fat and definitely healthy. She has no “jiggle” except in her breasts, but I’m sure her BMI is far above 25.

          • MissMarilyn

            @Natalia well its an indicator, and is often but DEFINITELY not always accurate. If your doctor says you are healthy and doesn’t think you need to gain weight then I’m sure he’s correct. He would know much better than a BMI system would haha.

          • Natalia

            I tell you, you’re lucky to get a smart doctor in whatever specialty, the smart dr’s don’t say anything, they instantly see health, unhealthy ppl may often appear underweight and unhealthy, and one dr who was very smart, asked me what was the highest weight I’ve ever been in my life…as a way of seeing if my low weight was normal for me, or sudden and not normal, like poss. due to illness etc., that’s a smart dr.

          • janae

            I will put myself out there as an example of the difference between bmi and body fat. My bmi is 27- considered “overweight”, and my body fat % is 14- which is very low for women, in fact lower would cause increased health risks because contrary to popular belief, fat is actually healthy, normal, and desirable especially for women. In fact, being slightly over weight is almost always more healthy than being slightly under weight. That being said- bmi does not actually mean anything. Is is merely a height to weight ratio- so it can not actually tell you anything about your health or physical condition. Bmi is only useful to get an average for overall populations. Taller and naturally small framed people will always have a very low bmi- and this does not mean they are always unhealthy. And athletes and shoeter people will always have higher bmi’s- and this does not mean they are unhealthy either.

          • MissMarilyn

            @janae i hope this isn’t creepy but your body sounds amazing!!! You must be in awesome shape! That’s really really cool 😀

          • Candy

            Female bodybuilders almost all use steroids and work extremely hard. Serena is a world class athlete. I said it was HARD not impossible to gain a lot of mass for a woman. Obviously an olympic athlete isn’t your everyday person. Your average coach potato isn’t going to have a lot of muscle. I always hear overweight women complain about their ” muscular” thighs when they don’t have an ounce of muscle on them. And they are 200 lbs but they won’t lift anything over 5 lbs because they don’t want to “bulk up”.

          • MissMarilyn

            @Candy I really dislike stereotypes; they are one of my pet peeves. I’m sure there are plenty female body builders who use steroids but it is not most of them, so don’t degrade the entire group of women who work hard for super strong bodies by saying most of them use steroids, please.

            I don’t deal with lazy overweight people complaining about having big thighs. I’m an athlete, I deal with other athletes, some of whom have BMIs over 25. It’s not as uncommon as you make it. These are fit girls who don’t appear to be fat at all. Janae put herself as another example. It is not only world class athletes. Maybe where you live people don’t strive to be muscular but I know a lot of women who do and manage to have low body fat but have a lot of muscle. These are every day people, mostly students in college. Most of them aren’t competitive athletes. It’s not rare like you’re making it out to be.

            And people afraid to lift are stupid. Lifting heavy weights will not make you bulky. Most people I know who lift heavy are very lean but also obviously toned. They look good. These people can also have BMIs over 25 even though they are clearly not overweight and look fairly slim.

        • MissMarilyn

          oh god i see why you’re confused. A BMI of 25 is overweight. But your BMI is not your body fat percentage…..

          • Natalia

            You are absolutely right, they are different, and BMI 25 is overweight and not 25% body fat is overweight. Got confused b/c I never look up that high on those charts, b But I still don’t agree w/ what you said before about the BMI being able to tell if people are underweight, I mean, do you think it’s a good indicator of health? I’m under 18 and healthy, I think it is an indicator and nothing more…

          • MissMarilyn

            It’s an indicator and ultimately cannot tell if one is healthy or not because everyone is different.

            It’s usually less accurate on people who are “overweight” for example, many professional athletes have BMIs waaaayyy over 25 and are actually quite healthy, just a lot of muscle mass.

            With being underweight, it’s a little different and generally more accurate, however, every body is different and someone can have a BMI under 18 and still be healthy. It’s not likely, but not unheard of. Just know the farther you get under 18 the more likely it is that you are unhealthy. For example if you have a bmi of say, 14, you’re going to have a really difficult time convincing anyone that you’re healthy…

            It’s not the best indicator but it is a decent one and is often pretty reliable. Muscle weight is usually what messes it up but most every day people don’t have enough of that to really screw with it

          • MissMarilyn

            and to me Khloe looks like she has a BMI around 23 which is perfectly normal and perfectly healthy

  • Chelsea

    Personally, I think she’s thin. She probably gets bad rep because models are so, so thin.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I think she gets a bad rap because she is part of that disgusting family.

      Whoever “loves” her here, WHY? What is there to love about ANYONE in this family? They contribute NOTHING to society except making Americans look like selfish, spoiled jackasses.

      • lc

        You’re right Clarence. And to those not calling her “ugly” because she has a “good personality”, okay, fine…But having a (supposed) “better personality” does NOT make someone physically attractive. Surprised they are not saying, “She’s not attractive, but I like her better than the rest of them”. It is just not politically correct to call someone this fug “ugly”.

        • Clarence Beeks

          Which is a joke. This is a shallow, superficial site- we are not commenting on people’s personalities/likeability, but their bodies and faces. Anyone who thinks it isn’t “PC” to call someone ugly or fat, or too skinny, shouldn’t be on this site! We all have our opinions on beauty, and it is personal taste. Some people here find Kate Upton beautiful, I do not. I happen to think Jennifer Aniston is a very pretty woman, and some people do not. Whatever, it is taste. To each his/her own.

  • she’s such an inspiration!

  • vanessa

    she doesn’t look 28. she looks so much older. I mean jessica alba is 30?? I never thought she had a pretty face. too harsh looking. but good for her for losing weight.