Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s Bootylicious Look

Khloe-Kardashians-Bootylicious-Look - Khloe Kardashian's Bootylicious Look

The Kardashian sisters always love to show off their famous curves – so here is Khloe on her way to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” yesterday, doing just that.

How do you like her bootylicious + leggy look?

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Khloe-Kardashians-Bootylicious-Look-2 - Khloe Kardashian's Bootylicious Look

Khloe-Kardashians-Bootylicious-Look-3 - Khloe Kardashian's Bootylicious Look

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  • old

    anyone else totally tired of the “red” underside on heels these days? they are worn so often that the surprising appeal of them is gone…

    • Ana

      I know what you mean, not there yet myself. I love them too much, can’t just let them go like that 🙂

    • camille

      it’s the signature for shoes made by christian louboutin, so i don’t think it’s really a trend…

    • spankxx

      it’s because there all christian louboutin the red underside is his signature.

      • Lucy

        ..and louboutins will NEVER go out of style 🙂

      • Jj

        NNEEEVVVEERRRR….sorry couldn’t help it.

    • TJ

      I think its because its always the same style. Of every possible shoe Lou makes, these starlets can only ever find the nude or black ones.

  • miss polyglot

    Legs: good. Booty: good. Tummy: not so good, but only by Hollywood standards. On the other hand I commend her for not wearing some spanx monstrosity underneath.

  • Rachel

    Yeah Khloe, you’re definitely a size 2!

    • Rachel

      Totally meant to say size 4, not 2. I fail, whoops!

      • rachel

        omg there is noway she’s a size 4! i can’t believe she tried to convince people she was, i’m a size 4 US, 5’10 and weigh 59 kilos which would probably be about 11 kilos lighter then her. She’s definitely a size 8

        • Maria

          I’m about 5’7 and weigh 65 kilos. I’m a size 6, not kidding. People just have different bodies. I’d say she’s definitely not a 4, but she’s also not a size 6 or 8. She might be a 10, but rather a 12. And because she’s so tall, she surely weighs more than 70 kg.

          I do think that she looks good nevertheless and that all people do not all have to be size 2. That’s the point of having different bodies – if they come in different heights then they also come in different weights. And shapes. So to all of you haters.. how much do you weigh? Is your body 100% perfect so you can say bad things about other people’s? No sh*t that she says she’s a size 4. To be a size 12 in that world (that some of you obviously have no clue of) is really ungrateful.

          • rachel

            your comments are very true but what I dislike about her is the fact that she’s lying to girls who look up to her, if she is uncomfortable discussing her size, then don’t discuss it, no one is forcing her answer these questions and by lying about her true size she sends the message that it’s absolutely not ok to be anything larger then a 4 which is just ridiculous especially considering her height

  • Edan

    This is a bad look. Bad.

    • balthazar

      thank you. it’s like Shrek in a dress.

      • Aims

        NO its not! Shrek has a much more toned ass…

        • balthazar

          HAHAHA! You’re totally right – I shouldn’t have insulted Shrek like that…

      • Jade

        And U Look Like What???

  • Kodi

    Yeah and she is a size 4!!Hahaha, not saying that she is fat, but c’mon that ass cannot fit a size 4, not now, not ever….

    • exactly AND she’s tall. okej it she tried to convince us that she’s a size 4 if she was 4’10. but now… NJAAA

  • Nia

    So vulgar

  • lc


  • kate

    Well she might have her sister’s @ss but she also has a nice paunch to go with it…….

    • Leah

      that comment made me smile

    • artemis

      hahaha lol..

    • LOL

      The family of ass implants…

      • brooklyn girl

        Damn the whole family has ass implants! They had to make it look real, so i guess the mothers told them all to get it to help kim keep up with the lie!!!!

  • Yam

    Looks totally amazing to me. I love girls with actual curves. I’m a lesbian and if I wanted to date a girl with no ass and no breasts, well I would still be dating guys LOL.
    Seriously, she is really gorgeous ♥

    • TJ

      funniest comment ever!

    • angy

      grat comment 🙂 i love my curves and hers are great too

    • Silvya

      what a great and healthy body! im glad this girl is proud of her gorgeous curves

      • katie

        she’s not proud of her curves at all, she supports unhealthy methods of dieting (diet pills), is constantly talking about being on a restrictive diet and lies about her true size

    • gnat

      My husband just said exactly the same thing!

    • Jade

      HAHAHAHAA I Love Your Comment And I Totally Agree!! 😀

  • Princess

    Sexy legs,beautiful hair and nice shoes

  • sherapower

    she is gorgeous and not at all fat, just very curvaceous. However, her claims that she is a size 4, and something like 135lbs (i forget exactly what she claimed at one time) just set her up for criticism as those stats are obviously not realistic at her current size. BUT…Khloe is still my favorite Kardashian sister.

  • Anna

    she has really nice legs and shes not fat but she dosnt know how to dress for her body type this dress is more suited for a straight up and down ruler shape cause it adds curves!

  • size0??

    wow that is one gigantic booty!!!!!

  • gabby

    quicktrim works so well. psych.

  • Chelsea

    I personally don’t like her body type, lol. I mean… she looks healthy and everything but I don’t know, but she definitely could work on her tummy. She has gorgeous legs though, definitely her strong point.

  • lets be honest here…she is fat, the heels help her but she is still fat

  • guest

    I got to give it to Khloe she looks good, much better than Kim IMO cause Khloe’s body is real while Kim’s is fake and tries to make people believe she is all natural.

  • formerly Sam

    She’s very lucky to have no noticeable cellulite.
    All the Kardashian sisters should stop promoting Quick Trim, not because they aren’t thin enough to do so, but because it’s WRONG.

  • Lynds

    shes pregnant,a month ago her stomach was flat. she openly admits she doesnt use birth control so i think shes knocked up

    • izzy

      agree, i also think she’s pregnant…seems like Lamar is really stuck with her now 🙂

  • she is a bigger girl, no way near size 4… but I guess she was born with big bones and her body is well built and strong naturally. and she can rock what she got. she looks good. if I saw her on a street I would think she is a beautiful young woman.. so I admit she looks hot despite the fact im not fan of K sisters- at all and I hate how they are talkin and talkin constantly only about their weight and body and especially- about their special unique sizing 😛

  • snoops

    she looks ok but the dress just doesnt flatter her at all, the tighness and the crinkles in the material (i dont know the word for it) thats the kind of thing which adds curves, which she doesnt need.

  • safa

    my god!!!!!! so vulgar and cheap looking! those heels so unhealthy!!!!!!!!!!!!! tooooooo much

    • Minnie

      Those heels are so unhealthy?

      I come from a family of heel wearing women who have worn heels since they were old enough to wear shoes and none of them have developed any problems or been injured in any way because of their choices in shoes.

  • sozo

    How can she put something like that on… and isnt she the one whos always been talking about how ppl have been calling her fat her whole life … eh… dont put on a short see-through top that will show all ur cellulite then..

  • Niknikniken

    Well, at least she has really nice legs, but I think she is pregnant 🙂

  • Sidney

    I think she looks fabulous. She’s tall which is why i think she looks good even at her size, she looks curvy but also meaty in a delicious way (i’m not into women but i think she looks hot). I don’t mind the tummy she might have or anything, imo she knows how to dress herself well. Just boring and predictable, the clothes, if i were to say something negative.

  • bc

    what brand shoes are those??!?

  • k

    nice legs.

  • Aims

    Its worse than a hot poker in my eye! LOL. Please Khole if I wanted to see a giant dysmorphous blob I’d watch the movie Monsters vs. Aliens. lol

  • christina

    Uhh… I wouldn’t want her body. Kinda big??

  • Nay!

    DAAAAAMMMMNN!!! Kim who?
    ha i’m not a big butts lover but you gotta say: Daaaaaaammmn girl!

  • nannou

    yeah she’s fat, but what about her face?? YIKES!! 😮

  • Jenna118

    I love the butt, legs, height, but if I were her, I’d wear things that are tight or minimal at the bottom (to show off the butt/legs) but loose at the top (to hide tummy). But yeah I’m sure anyone who looks like her would get noticed in any street, bar etc.

  • Melania

    I think the average guy would think she looks pretty damn hot! I like her body.

  • I think shes pretty even though shes bigger than most girls

  • gen


  • Misa Misa

    Well I like her. I think it’s great that she feels confident enough to wear such a tight dress. I think she is totally beautiful.

  • Curlysiren

    She looks hot! She does NOT have a paunch, or anything of the sort. Her stomach sticks out a TINY bit, and it looks good.

  • daria

    so bad
    this dress is not for her!

  • Julia

    She’s NOT fat, c’mon people, god i hate this sick society.
    She’s ok, she’s not skinny or thin and all i can say is: thank god!
    She’s curvy, healthy, she’s probably happier than a Tori f*cking Spelling or Amanda wannabeskinny Seyfriend. She eats and she enjoys life, good for her.

  • Simona

    I think her legs looks good, not sure about her booty 🙂

  • jenny

    wow she has 0% cellulite!
    she’s the lucky one in the family haha

  • neutra

    It’s the makeup that’s a total turn-off. It’s clownlike.

  • Lara

    She’s put on weight – but her legs are gorgeous. Absolutely no cellulite!
    Lucky girl.
    I’m not jealous of her bum though. Yikes.

  • macy

    Looks amazing, those legs look great

  • Izzy

    I honestly don’t know why Khloe gets so much flack for her looks. I think she’s pretty. I also think she has the best personality out of the females in her family as well, from what I’ve seen on their show (who knows how much is scripted.) She kind of has that attitude that every shy girl wishes she did, she tells it how it is and isn’t afraid of what people think.

    She may not be a stick, but she has lovely curves and her butt is just as great as Kims! 😛

    She looks good. People can be so cruel.

  • amanda

    I don’t think she looks bad but I do think she needs to dress for her shape. Her sisters are tiny and can get away with wearing things like this, while they do not look the best on her.

  • K-bo

    I think she looks great! Her legs are slim and shapely, and her butt… bow-chicka-bow-wow!

  • Curlysiren

    I understand what some of you are saying regarding how she has lied about her weight. But instead of condemning her, shouldn’t we feel bad for how her environment makes her feel like she HAS to lie?

    I mean, look at some of the comments on here. If people kept saying how fat I looked, I’d get defensive, too. Her lying about her weight is her being defensive.

  • CK

    Thx God i don’t have her body type..just don’t like it…her face is …well… average make-up overloaded face…there’re lots of such nowadays unfortunately

  • If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all, you seem to always be negative nancy, get a life and stop HATING!

  • Crittle

    Love her legs and booty, not a fan of the dress, its a tad bit unflattering.

  • Esther

    wow khloe has booty. She has great legs!!!

  • Jj

    i think she looks great. not everyone is meant to be super skinny.

  • Jo

    Aw I think she looks great! Very bootylicious. She shouldn’t call herself fat!

  • Yasmin

    i love her, but she gained a lot of weight again .. what surprises me is that her legs are still so nicely shaped though, they have no fat at all !
    She looks great, but that dress doesnt fit her body shape and she should work out again, to loose those punds on her stomach
    thats the only thing really, all the other parts of her body are perfect

  • Vanessa T.

    That is one big butt!
    It looks like middle aged spread back there.

    Normally, I think she puts herself together nicely but she is a big girl, tall and wide. What the heck was she thinking when she put on that style and colour of dress?

    That kind of dress style/cut and mini length can only be worn by the slimmest of us (i.e. model thin).

  • Padme

    Yeah I’ve noticed you constantly insult everyone too. It’s getting old. You seem really immature.

    • Curlysiren

      Yeah, besides the fact that her joke was really, really bad.

  • Not a good look!!!! She needs to dress for her size. She looks like a sasquatch!!!

  • saby

    i think she looks great ! i bet she is a size 10

  • jennifer

    nice leg but that butt is totally outrages

  • kate

    She has a nice booty! Not everyone loves a pancake butt.This is just perfect.

  • christy

    DAMN KHLOE! Haha when I clicked on this lick all I saw was “Kardashian” and “Bootylicious” and the picture and I thought it was Kim until I saw the picture up close. Get it giiiiiiiiiiirl! (:

  • A.H

    I love her Big Ass.
    ready to give much more money just for kiss it.