Bikini Body Battle, Front and Back, Kim Kardashian

Bikini Body Battle! Kourtney Kardashian or Kim Kardashian?

bikini-body-battle-kourtney-kardashian-or-kim-kardashian - Bikini Body Battle! Kourtney Kardashian or Kim Kardashian?

I am definitely not convinced that these pictures are candids, but oh well, neither are Heidi’s.

bikini-body-battle-kourtney-kardashian-or-kim-kardashian22 - Bikini Body Battle! Kourtney Kardashian or Kim Kardashian?

Now I am not sure what Kim is trying to do in the second and third pictures, but I might have some guesses:

1. She is trying to convince the suspicious minds once and for all that she is definitely not wearing butt pads.

2. She is showing us that no matter what bikini size she opts for, her (please excuse me) butt crack is still going to show.

3. She is exhibiting the results of the cellulite treatment she has been using (of course not because of Paris’s “cottage cheese” remark).

bikini-body-battle-kourtney-kardashian-or-kim-kardashian3 - Bikini Body Battle! Kourtney Kardashian or Kim Kardashian?

Do you have any other ideas? Or is it just Kim being Kim? And by the way, who’s got the better bikini body? Kourtney Kardashian or Kim Kardashian?

 Photo source: Celebutopia

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  • Lizzie

    Kourtney for sure. I like her legs and hip bones

    • Beck

      Kourtney is so hot! she has the natural love handles a women of her size would have. Her legs are a little toned.

      Kim – looks like shes too lazy to workout so she sucked out her love handle fat and injected it in her butt( its called the Brazilian butt, can’t be seen under x-ray because its just fat transfer).

      I’ve never seen a women who’s sisters and mother have the similar genetics, but somehow her butt is lifted and toned while the rest is loose and soft. Yet she remains with a flat and defined waist that is not toned at all. Just so weird. Fake from head to toe.

      Kourtney has weird extensions and breast implants but she still looks natural in comparison.

      • Beck

        Not to be offensive, but sometimes when I look at her, I think of a man who had a sex change and had all the money to obtain the body of what he found ideal. Just looks soo planned out. I’ve seen transsexuals who had fat added to their hips and butt. Don’t get me wrong they look HOT but soo exaggerated at the same time.

  • David

    What? No way….take a look at Kim’s body….WOW!

  • Dave

    Kim’s got a fat, dumpy ass and a face from Jim Henson’s workshop. The other one is definately hotter!

  • great shots.


  • Mariah

    Kim looks as if she’s checking the clock, hoping that her fifteen minutes never run out.

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  • Lacy

    They are both overweight. If I had to pick, it would be Kourtney.

    • Lynn

      Are you kidding???? how the hell are either of them overweight? you should quit being so damn jealous; you’re probably a fat ass yourself, sitting at home eating a tub of ben and jerry’s.

      • realitycheck

        If Lacy was a fatass, she would probably be like you and claiming that Kim is BEAUTIFUL OMGZ!!! SHES CURVY!!!!1 rather than claiming the truth. Kourtney is okay, but Kim is fat. You can’t convince people to ignore what their eyes see just to deal with your own insecurities.

        • Mollie

          Agreed … the are both fat but it must be hard when you are really short isn’t kin 5’5 or so … it would be even more difficult for kourtney as she is even shorter!!!

          • Veronica

            kourtney weights 95lbs how much weight do u think she has to loose to be “skinny” ur out your damn mind ….how much do you weight?

        • Veronica

          kim is not fat boy you have a up perception of what skinny and fat is. she is 5’2 120lbs your out your mind ahahahahaha

  • JohnG

    oh my God hot hootttt they are!!! I would pick any of them in a second, ANY!!!

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  • Jen

    Kourtney has the better bikini body…hands down. Kim…I know she can’t help her large ass but it grosses me out!

  • Mallory

    Lacy- you seriously need your head checked. Neither are fat, both are curvy, but kourtney is def more petite.

    • realitycheck

      Mallory, you need your eyes checked. Kourney looks normal, not in great shape but healthy, but Kim is fat. Just because she has some waist-to-hip definition unlike a lot of fat people doesn’t make her any less fat. Most of her fat is in her ass/thighs, not her stomach, but she is still overweight.

  • bez

    Kims hotter, the other ones too skinny.

  • Freedom(yes my real name)

    kourtney just because she too has hips but she looks toned , where as Kim needs to be more toned and I don’t care to much for her legg shape

  • raj

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  • raj

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  • Speaker

    They both look so hot. Well, Kim lost a lot of weight now thou :/

  • Cave Man

    Kim! Her rear view is like a time machine, transporting males to cave times. Our blood boils at the mere sight of it. It’s a tragedy she will be changing it. Dude who said “dumpy”, look at that side view: You’re blind.

    However, Dancing With The Stars definitely improves celebrity bodies, and it puts them on display better than any other show ever. The results may well be just as curvy, but with less waist and more lift and bounce in the bottom.

    Expect an army of suddenly hairy males in the audience chanting like the apes in 2001 every time she shimmies. She’s a reincarnation of those curvy Venus statues.

    How can you prefer skinny girls? Feh.

  • Both bodies are pretty great but I prefer Kim x

  • Pauline

    None of them are fat, though Kim could use a little dieting, and Kourtney’s body is waaaay better.

  • jooleeo

    I will say… COURTNEY and KIM, ill go for the 2 of them.!!!

  • Emmy

    Notice how all the guys think they are totally hot, and the girls are dissing them? I think i smell jealousy!

  • observer

    No not jealousy – there are pears, heavier in thighs especially, Kim in particular. However, she is close to an hourglass ( breasts natural???) and dresses well for her shape. She is a stylist so it is to be expected.

    • gloria

      yes! jelaousy!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Cheap Kim definitely!

  • Mardi Graz

    Damn!…this is hard! And so is the decision between these two…..LMAO!!!! I I honestly don’t know this is a tough one….Both are GORGEOUS, both bodies are F*cking SICK!, Can’t decide……

  • secret admiror

    obviosly mi bby 4 life kourtney she jus 2 much 4 me yo lucy say she fat aagin see wat happens to u dnt like peop saYIN stuff 2 her

  • brittany

    there both beautiful and hot. tottaly annoying but hot. id rather have kourtneys body myself, but like i said. both tottaly amazing looking!

  • skittles69

    Most definitely Kim.

    She has that curvy, hourglass shape 😀

  • Didi

    well…i think kim is prettier. but her sister kourtney has a better body. and by the way- neither is fat. people who say that are crazy!

  • elle

    Kim definetely!!

  • Leyla

    In my opinion kourtney has the better body! She looks toned and healthy. Kim- well her a*s looks gross and for someone who hasn’t had kids she looks like she has popped out a few already. Kim has a post- pregnancy weight loss figure. I can’t see why anyone would want a butt that big anyways???? And then to show it off… Yuck!!!

    • gloria

      i think you got no but ,just jealousy

  • alice

    kourtney is so hot. i wish i had her body. kims body is nice too. Girls do get jealous. Kourtney is hot if you deny it you are just jealous, look at her. It is jealousy when a girl say she is fat. Girls always get jealous of other hot or pretty girls. Girls can’t admit when another girl is hot.

  • sarah

    actually it is jealously when you call kourtney fat but saying shes not hot is not because of jealousy.
    i think kim is so beautiful but i think kourtney is average.
    i mean i like the fact that she has the cute girls next door look to her but her face is way too plain to me. like a really average mexican girl type face.
    but i do like her tho.
    cause she is really cute cause shes so petite and short.
    and she also seems like a cool person on their show.
    but i honestly don’t see what people like about her face.
    and her body is a completely different story cause its hot!

  • jayjay

    both of them are very sexy. anyone saying they are fat really need help. i dont think you guys know what being overweight means. you really do just sound jealous. if you are is it because you dont have curves or your overweight yourself?if you like petite girls then go for kourtney but if you like curvy girls then go for kim. its not that big of a deal. besides alot of women have curves does that make all of them overweight? i dont think it does i think curves are sexy not fat. when they are in the right places.

  • josh201

    all of the kardashian sisters are pretty, curvy (very feminine waist-to-hip ratios) and have nice skin complexions due to their armenian heritage. i would happilly bang all three at the same time. kourtney has the prettiest face with kim a close second. kim has the sexiest body by far – i LOVE her wide hips, thick thighs and phat jiggly booty – would LOVE to bury my face (and other parts of my body) in it.

    i hate skinny women. yuck. they look ugly and usually act ugly as well – probably hungry. not that i like fat/round/square shaped women either. curvy voluptuous hourglass and pear shaped women are best and most feminine – sexy on a primal level.

    • Kourt!

      Kourtney has the sexiest body by far. (btw, I think she’s sucking in her tummy) Looking at her pregnant though, she is even sexier. A picture is an order of her preggo in a bikini!

  • jw_photography

    Kourtenay is the hottest, but Kim has the booty….mmmmmmmmmm, what a booty

  • Loriana Torres-Gomez

    Both are pretty but I say Kourtney has the better bikini body even though it looks like she hits the tanning bed too much. And well there r bikinis 4 big booties, cuz i got one too and itz possible. I mean look at black gurlz,who got way more then Kim.

  • lashanda

    i think both r pretty n have nice bodies, but i think kourtney has the better body!

  • Samantha

    Wth is wrong with the world, kim and kourtney are not fat. Nor are they anywhere near it. Im sorry if everyone can’t be a freaking size 0, but your just gonna have to live with that FACT!Im some what like kims shape, Its called curvy,thick, or which ever you prefer to call it. Small flat tummy nice waist, big booty and thick but NOT fat legs. Stop being soo JUDGEMENTAL and worry about your own body. Be a healthy size not a 0, most guys, not all, but most prefer curvy over stick.. im just saying! 🙂 (im only 16, and even i know this!)

    • michelle

      You are totally correct…… neither of these girls are “fat” and men do NOT like stick figures for women…… yuck! lol

  • Cynn

    LOL realitycheck i feel sorry for you and Lacey is it?! Neither one of them is overweight. Women are supposed to be curvy…hips, booty, breasts…that’s what seperates us from the boys. I would love to see pictures of all the people calling them fat! Haha you probably look like hideous anorexic men with no shape…have fun hating on them anonymously it’s your only protection from hating yourself!!

  • Daniel

    Oh please! How can you tell that Kim is fat??? She has one of the most perfect body of all times!!! She’s ridiculously hot!!!

  • hmm

    kourtney. kim’s ass is too big. it looks really wonky in clothes at times.

  • dozer

    They both need to gain a few pounds (in my opinion) only then will they have perfect bodies! For reasons unknown,Hollywood as a whole thinks that stick figures are attractive. They quietly promote anorexia and ill looking “skinny” women, again, for reasons unknown. Real men like meaty healthy, curvy,women!

    • Brit

      I completely agree! I will admit that I am on the skinny side and I do have a bigger butt than most girls but fuller, curvier, meatier looks awesome!

  • boogieman

    personally i dont think either are fat and if you think either one of them are you’re a f***ing idiot people are starting to like women that have a figure rather than skin and bone i would take either one honestly… shit like this is why people go and slit their wrists and end up with eating disorders you could be 5’6 and 105 lbs and still get called fat. if you really think about it though these things are stupid anyways its just a way to create drama but watever

  • Brit

    oh my. Anyone who says those two are fat are crazy. The average weight for some one that is 5’2″ is 25.. underweight is 107.. that means Kourtney is underweight and Kim is between underweight and perfect weight. Models are super skinny and extremely underweight so thinking that it is normal to weigh 100 pounds and be 5’11” is extremely stupid. They look good and weight is distributed very differently for everyone.. and big butts are hot soo.. get over it. Those girls are all gorgeous! and before anyone says anything.. yes.. I am short, 5’4″, I do have a big but, and I weigh 107.. my waist is 24″ I am not overweight at all. I am extremely underweight and my doctor tells me all the time to put on some weight. Those girls waists are tiiiny and people need to learn to not hate on people just because you are jealous of these gorgeous women.