Beyonce, Kim Kardashian

Curvy Girls in Tight Dresses: Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

FP_6129371_AAR_Beyonce_KimK_BlakeLively_112310 - Curvy Girls in Tight Dresses: Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

Fast post: 2 ladies, lots of curves.

Question: Who is curvier in your book: Beyonce or Kim?

Must check out the rest of the pictures!

FP_6129369_AAR_Beyonce_KimK_BlakeLively_112310 - Curvy Girls in Tight Dresses: Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

FP_6129373_AAR_Beyonce_KimK_BlakeLively_112310 - Curvy Girls in Tight Dresses: Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

FP_6131150_Kardashian_Charmin_NYC_112310 - Curvy Girls in Tight Dresses: Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

FP_6131340_Kardashian_Charmin_NYC_112310 - Curvy Girls in Tight Dresses: Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

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  • arabella

    Kim looks curvier here.. I think she has gained

    • yea she’s definitely wider than beyonce. they’re both curvy though.

  • Cass

    kims dress is terrible 😐

    • mia

      I agree. I usually like the way Kim looks and she may have gained weight, but being short and curvy like Kimmie is, I know how a bad hemline can completely change what your body looks like. That hemline cuts her off right above the ankles which makes her legs look shorter and thicker than they are. When your legs look shorter and thicker, it automatically makes you look wider everywhere else. Pretty face, bad dress (it’s not ugly, it’s just not flattering on Kim).

      • EllaLaLa

        This is more or less what I was going to say. As a petite (short) woman myself, I NEVER wear something that stops somewhere halfway between my knees and ankles because it hits one of the thickest parts of the lower legs, making them look larger and shorter.

  • Kara

    she hasn’t gained, her dress is just way too long… terrible dress! Save that to wear in 40 years!

  • Beyonce’s dress is gorgeous, I want it!

  • emma

    kim gained and beyonce’s hair gets blonde everyday, those are the facts.

    • emma

      *more blonde

      • and it doesn’t suit her

  • Kim looks bigger and that dress is ugly, way too long for her and the hem stops at the wrong place for kim. Beyonce is looking good these days and her dress is cute, but I don’t really like her hair this blond. A darker shade will suit her better.

  • organicnerd

    They are both quite curvy, but i think kim has a bigger bust than beyonce possibly making kim more curvy than beyonce. That being said, i would take beyonce’s body over kim’s anyday.

    • laurie

      i second that statement!

    • mel

      Agree with everything you said!

  • maria

    Beyonce s looking fine but that dress doesn t do Kardashian ANY favours.Don t do that.Looks only good on slim,tall women.

  • solaxia

    they both look very sexy. I think when women have figures like that they tend to add a bit of ‘ooompf’ to outfits and can be on the verge of looking a bit skanky. Not saying either of them do! just a random comment. I think Beyonce needs to dye her hair darker. They both have amazing bodies imo

    • Leah

      maybe not here, but usually kim would definitely fall into the “too short, too tight” category

      • solaxia

        yea i guess that is true with kim

  • luella

    I think Beyonce looks better imo, she has got enviable curves. Kim looks like shes gained a few, her belly looks bigger and so do her hips, i think she might be wearing some shapers to help keep everything smooth too? When i saw the first pic i thought she looked more like a pear and her ankles look really small compared to her calves.

    When i compare Beyonce to Kim, I think Beyonce looks more like a classic hourglass (like the 1960’s movies where the irresistable and elegant female lead walks into the room and all the men put down their glass of scotch so they can whistle at her), she has elegant curves, very proportioned.

    Kim has a great hourglass figure but her boobs and butt are so big, which isnt a bad thing. To me they distract me from her hourglass shape, i just think big boobs, big butt, doesnt matter what body shape she has. Shes just the boobs and the butt in my eyes.

    • mel

      Agree with you, it’s like they are so big they detract from her beauty. Beyonce also looks classier in general, which might be why you think she looks more “elegant.”

  • Nay

    Well If I had to choose I would totally go for Beyonce But I don´t envy any of their bodies, to much meat for my taste… There, I said it

    • Crystylle

      “… There, I said it”

      haha made me laugh

      agree with you on that. they look good but i wouldn’t want that much meat on myself

      • Lynn

        Totally agree!!!
        Also, Kim has definitely gained. No longer a self proclaimed size ‘2’

      • Mary

        Agree as well. 100%

  • mel

    Like I said above, I think Kim is curvier because she has a bigger chest and butt but I don’t think that’s a good thing. I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce’s figure either but I think it’s a lot better than Kim’s. Also, is it just me or is Beyonce’s makeup a little too white for her face?

  • Outfit wise Beyonce wins it for me.

    Call me bras but I don’t think the ‘who’s curvier’ question is a matter of opinion. It is clearly visible fact that Kim K is curvier, having the more voluptuous hourglass figure.

    Now as to which body is preferable is a matter of opinion. I agree with a previous poster that there is something more classic about Beyonce, though Kim K’s body does have something Betty Brosmer about it

  • *brass

  • @versus could you do a post on jennifer Love hewitt? I’ve seen recent pics of her looking very different from the last time here on the site.

  • arabella

    shes definitely had some more work done on her face. look at how different she looks here:

    • Hazal

      Oh my gosh! Her lips look so fake here!

  • Ughhh all the right curves in all the right places :/ luckyyyy!!!

  • D

    And they say wearing white makes you look bigger… Beyonce proved otherwise!!! She’s gorgeous!!! Kim on the other side is wearing a matronly dress that makes her look shorter!

    And she twittered a couple weeks ago that she missed the gym for a month or so, and that’s how a curvy body looks when you skipped exercise. Believe me, I know by experience! :/

    • solaxia

      god! me too! ha ha i have to get back into it but the problem is i feel like i have gained SO much and become so untoned that Im never going to get back to it! ha ha

  • Erica

    I think they both have amazing figures – but Kim’s dress is just totally wrong! I am short (got a couple of inches on Kim though) and very curvy and I know that dresses of that length are really no good on a short, curvy body. Beyonce has similar curves to Kim, but because she is quite a bit taller her waist is longer and she looks slimmer and more elegant.
    I would probably prefer Beyonce’s body too – I like being curvy, but I do wish I was taller sometimes! It’s hard to look elegant with a really curvy body – mostly you either look very va-va-voom or matronly! Beyonce manages to pull off the va-va-voom here (she always does, really), but Kim looks matronly!

    • GoGo2010

      That length of dress/skirt is in right now, but I agree, it’s not the most flattering. I have a dress this length but I only ever wear it with long boots for that very reason.

  • Kimberly

    I think they both look great. Kim looks to have gained a few pounds but she still looks okay. I really like both dresses.

  • natty

    im sorry but kim kardashian makes baby barf in my mouth

  • Polly

    Kim’s dress should of been cut off where the pleats started. She’s been dressing so tacky lately, she’s becoming trashy! B looks stunning and classy as always.

  • Emily

    Kim is curvier, but half of it is fake. I love her wide hips, though.

  • Kim looks soo cute here. Both of them look wonderful – my idea of curvy and classy

  • Katy

    Kim is curvier, but that dress is awful on her. Beyonce looks amazing here. Love that dress.

  • Anonymous

    I think both women are so gorgeous. What I further love about these two women is that both are confident and comfortable in their own skin. Obviously not everything they do is admirable, but in terms of loving your curvy beautiful body at a healthy weight, and in a shape that women were created to be, they are fabulous roll models IMO. The celebrate the type of womanly body that should be celebrated.

    Agreed that kim’s dress sucks here though. She is usually a hottie, I think. In contrast, Beyonce’s dress, hair, and make up are phenomenal in this.

  • mia

    Beyonce is looking great! She’s definitely trimmed down, without trimming off her curves.

  • Ida

    Beyoncè looks better her 🙂 She has curves, and the dress is perfect for her! Kim on the other hand .. It is one of the worst dresses I’ve seen in a very long time .. She looks good her, though. If you look away from the dress, ofc!

  • Stacey

    Hmm, I think all you ladies must have better fashion sense than me. I think they both look gorgeous. So womanly and sex-bomb burlesque sexy. AND I love both outfits.

    You’ve gotta do the best you can with what you’ve got, and if you feel like sexing it up in a tight 50s dress, than so be it!

  • Come on guys!
    Beyonce is a pear, and Kim is an hourglass, comparing to different shapes, just dosn’t work.
    Personally I think both of them look stunning!

    • solaxia

      agree…i like both their figures. I personally think they both have figures that look sexy in pretty much anything they wear because they are so curvaceous

  • Cristina

    Beyonce absolutely rock that dress. Pulling off a white dress is not an easy thing, but she so did it. This outfit is way better on her than the previous we saw her in on this site. Someone said she looks like she came from a 60s movie: i definitely agree, she certainly has that vibe going on.

  • its559mes

    they both look really nice!

  • gabrielle

    both of them are gorgeous. that’s one difficult choice to make…but if i were to choose my personal best, i think i’d go for KIM….KIM K is just stunning stunning stunning!

  • Karolina

    beyonce is looking good!

    kim, as usual looks facially like a clown, her extensions tend to look like lindsay lohan ratty, and she gained weight, and she deserves to gain weight with all the “uuh I am a size 2” bulls* she claims every time…back in the days she used to be sooo pretty…I really dislike her now because of all her fake bulls*

  • Burckybear

    without the aid of surgery – the pair of them would be mooses

  • The dress is not ugly, it just looks ugly on her because it not right for her body shape and it doesn’t fall right on her, shes too short. And i think maybe she gained a few pounds or maybe its the dress to blame again… beyonce looks good!! where as she been hiding?! don’t like the hair though…

  • Meko

    Queen B got her beat hands down…shes slim with natural curves. Kim looks like she must stop taking her QT and you dont know whats real on her anymore…fake hair, boobs, and butt. i dont know why she messed with her face!

  • katya_my

    my vote for B

  • Maya

    Is that Kim girl cutting a toilet paper ribbon at a bathroom? Hahaha!!! Is there anything she won’t do for $?
    Anyway- like Kim’s hair better, like Beyonce’s body and attitude better.

    • lc

      LMAO!!! Yes, she is! I see Kim trying to be “classy” and “sexy”, and then…a nice neat roll of toilet paper adorns the display behind her. And a toilet. Nice. There is NOTHING this girl won’t do to stay relevant. Pathetic.

    • Eve

      Good eye! I had to get a second look and…LOLed!

  • lc

    I think they both look terrible. NOT a fan of their bodies, waaay too much meat for my tastes. Give me Alessandra Ambrosio any day.

  • tabloidjunkie

    kim looks curvier, healthier and lot younger than beyonce

  • Joan

    I love both but in this photos I prefer Kim 🙂

  • I guess Kim couldn’t have her daily workouts while she was in NYC?
    I wonder if this is what her normal body weight would be if she didn’t exercise…

  • anabel

    Beyonce looks amazing here!! They both have really nice bodies, though. Kim may actually be even a bit curvier than Beyonce. Kim’s dress isn’t the best though, I don’t really like the bottom half of it, especially the length.

  • lp23

    I think they both look hot.

    I am biased though being a curvy Hispanic girl so identify with these girls body types.

    Beyonce has lost 10lb apparently and Kim looks like she has gained a little.

  • tara

    Both are beautiful curvy women. But I believe that Kim had a lot of surgery. I would not suprise me if she had breast and butt implants. I have seen pictures of her when she did not have such a big butt. And Beyonce has admitted (if I am not mistaken!!) that she has breastimplants. So naturally curvy????? Beyonce is definitely a pear and looks great in this dress. Very beautiful. Pulls it off well. Kim is an hourglass I believe, not sure. Her curves are just too big and unnatural. She should have done without the implants. Such a shame, but here she looks alright. Only her skirt could have done without the distracting bottom. She should have kept it simple and like the bottom of Beyonce’s dress. It would have looked nicer.

  • asdfkjh

    beyonce is 500 times more beautiful. kim’s body is a disaster. she also has zero talent. why is she famous?? being paris hilton’s friend and having a tushy the size of texas makes one famous these sad.

    • flossy

      HEHEH SO TRUE! Kim’s dress is awful for her shape and she has gained weight which on short curvy woman looks more than what it is 5 pounds looks like 20! Beyounce looks incredible in fact she looks slimmer than Kim, but then she knows how to work her curves and fully embraces them.

  • lola

    Will people just STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT KIM’S WEIGHT??? She is fine just the way she is… you ALL are just getting sucked into the stupid media hype.. with them saying “omg kim has gained 7kg from emotional eating…” etc. EVEN if she has, its no one’s business!
    Those people who get into celeb’s lives obviously have none of your own.

    I CANNOT believe you all say oh yeah she’s gained weight.. she should tone up.. etc.
    People that say that are probably big fat asses yourselvessitting around all day eating who knows what and doing shit all exercise, on the internet poking ruthless comments at those who are in better shape than you.
    Thank you very much, but kim is lovely just the way she is.

    • Lynn

      You opened a post with the question, ‘whose curvier figure do you like better?’ obviously, there will be comments about their figures. Some people will enjoy them, some won’t. Not enjoying them doesn’t equal having a fat a*s. I’m a fan of rail thin, which is why I am that myself. The super curvy meaty womanly figure just doesn’t do it for me….on a celebrity, OR myself.

    • lp23

      A bit harsh but you are probably right with a lot of people on here. It is easy to hide behind a computer and be nasty about peoples looks.

      Maybe they all look like Victoria secret models lol

      • Lynn

        We do actually…..

        • lc

          @ Lynn…Lol! I’m not a fat*ss either. Isn’t that the EASIEST attack people can make? “Oh, I think Kim’s fat so so am I…” LMAO. Um, no.

          I like thinner celebs, and YES, I am thin. Thinness in general I like, actually. The page is about commenting on Kim’s weight, so that’s why people do it. Maybe they’re bored…like me.

  • pixie

    Kim is definetely curvier. Beyonce looks great, luv that dress on her.

  • Kt

    I had forgotten how beautiful Beyonce is! she looks amazing, she win’s for me.

    I used to think Kim was a natural beauty, now while i think she’s definitely got sex appeal and is pretty, I don’t find her beautiful – so much tan, makeup, false lashes etc.
    I think her dress would have looked so much better also if she had it tailored to suit her shape – it looks strained across the hips, yet theres a like a roll of loose fabric just over the belt.

  • Kim has such a beautiful body, which is why I have no idea why she would massacre it in this dress :/

  • t

    They both look artificial.

  • Mike

    Not nice!! Did Beyonce Get Plastic Surgery? I think so!

  • Alison

    They are sexy,but look at vintage supermodel
    Betty Brosmer for the best perfect hourglass body