Kim Kardashian, Skinny Versus Curvy

This Dress Looks Better on… Olivia VS Kim!

This-Dress-Looks-Better-on...-Olivia-VS-Kim - This Dress Looks Better on... Olivia VS Kim!

1 dress, 2 reality tv stars, 2 very different body shapes and sizes! Does this little lacey number look better on a skinny figure and under layers, or is it meant to look sexy and cleavagey on a curvy body?

This Dress Looks Better on… Olivia Palermo VS Kim Kardashian!

Cast in your votes!

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  • aliss

    my vote goes to kim. i like this dress better on her.

    • thebestguest

      Kim looks a touch slutty, but still she looks way more beautiful. I don’t care for Olivia at all! Looks or her demeanor…

  • jay

    I love the way Olivia accesorized!
    she looks sooo street chic! (my kind of style)
    BUT Kim’s curves look better in the dress.

    I choose Olivia. She looks WAY cooler and definitely more comfortable. (unless its really hot in there)

    • Leah

      i agree, she actually put an outfit together, while kim just went with her usual short, tight, dress

      • Jade

        yeah think so 2

  • caroline

    Olivia, Kim makes the dress look cheap because of her ample assets.

    • lizzy


    • MNG

      yeah, that’s what I was thinking

  • Lisa

    Kim! This dress is made for curves and Kim has them

  • fiorella

    Olivia definetly rocks the outfit, she looks classy

    • sara

      exactly my thoughts on kim it looks like underwear

  • Olivia’s face and style is so classy and nice but she doesn’t have enough assets to fill out that outfit.Kim looks better with her beautiful curves(yeah I love her curves from front I hope she will never turn her back on us when in a bikini,I am still experiencing the shock lol)..
    I am with Kim!

  • LPC

    Kim by a country mile … just lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ and she knows it.

  • effy

    Olivia. 100%. kim looks trashy and greasy.

    • Chester

      I agree. The material doesn’t look thick enough to support her boobs to me =\
      Olivia just looks amazing

      • Amy

        … you wear a bra to support boobs, the material has nothing to do with it, are you aware of that?

    • Amy

      I agree! Olivia looks way better, I think.

  • Candy

    Olivia looks sweet but this dress looks better on Kim cause she`s curvy.


    I say Olivia. I am tired of seeing boobs everywhere show some fashion sense and creativity. There’s a cool factor with Olivia, so my vote is with her!

    • lc


  • Minik

    I think the dress looks better on Kim, Olivia combines it with a too long scarf and the upper of her shoes are also not a good choice in my opinion. Although I like it with the cardigan.
    Kim looks great as always, the shape of the dress flatters her body!

  • Ell

    Kim, hands down! She looks amazing and actually fills out the dress.

    • madeleine

      kims fat…

      • christina

        oh so being curvy makes her fat?

        • madeleine

          no being the fat that is drowning those curves make her fat

      • LaCandy

        That’s so not true!

        • effy

          yes it is. I don’t know why everyone thinks she’s so pretty. Shes so gross to me, and she looks like she should have a moustache.

          IDK, I hate when people think they’re way better looking than they are, and Kim is 100% one of them.

          Wait, isn’t she only famous cause she let a guy pee on her on camera? Right.

          • Kimberly

            Well, a lot of people think she’s attractive. So what’s your point?

          • lc

            Effy, I am completely with you!! I think she’s fat and ugly as well.

          • karla

            Yes I agree

            She may not be grossly fat but she is gross her body Im so sick of looking at it bad proportions,big legs hard boobs, short she is so ewww

  • Pie

    Kim’s body with Olivia’s accessorizing would be perfect.
    But if I can’t have that I’ll pick Olivia ๐Ÿ™‚

  • marge

    DEFINITELY Olivia!

  • MsKitty

    Kim! A real woman in a sexy dress.

    I’m tired of these skinny women trying to layer up so that no one can see how sickly they look! Olivia’s legs are waaay too skinny IMO, despite having a pretty face a few pounds would do her the world of good.

    • Janie

      you are so right!

    • ay0x

      And I’m tired of this “Real women” bs curvier girls keep chanting.

      • mello

        Yeah, the words “real” and “woman” together should be banned from this site.

        I love Olivia’s look, I think she definitely looks better.

        I don’t think it’s Kim’s boobs or ass that makes her look trashy, it’s the fact she always looks like she’s squeezing into clothes that are too small for her. She’s never not wearing ridiculously tight clothes, and a lot of the dresses she wears are not the right size for her.

        • mello

          * its, not it’s, sorry!

          • lizzy

            actually it’s was right..

        • mel

          Agree completely! She always wears the same thing – short and tight. It’s getting really predictable.

      • Deanna

        I am also sick of this ‘real woman’ bullshit that every chubby woman spouts. I’m not real because I don’t eat large quantities of unhealthy foods, exercise frequently, am genetically blessed thus stay slim? Alrighty then!

        • serena


        • ms kitty

          Haha I love that you people all think that just because someone says ‘real women’ they MUST be overweight. I’m 5’6 and a british size 8, with a waist ten inches smaller than my bust and hips. So not really in the bovine category, I would say. And I know A LOT of women (even the naturally ‘skinny’ ones) who are also tired of only ever seeing skinny flat-chested flat-bummed women. Fair enough if there are a few in the media because normal women also look like that… but at the moment they are VERY over represented.

          ‘Real women’ does not mean fat, it means someone who doesn’t have to be very skinny to look attractive. IMO a hot woman is one with curves, not one who resembles a little boy.

          • I too am tired of proclamations that real women are based on their size and shape (airbender puts it beautifully!) but I agree that it is not only ‘fat women’ that make that statement so they shouldn’t take all the blame. Slim women with curves also stand out from the status quo.

            People are tired of seeing slim curveless women not because they are so but because they are all we see. In a parallel universe with let’s say bigger top heay women were the s*** we would still be fed up with them always being in the media as well. It’s the repition I believe more than what is being repeated. The everyday woman looks no more like Christina Hendricks or Beyonce than they do Kate Moss or Giselle.

            I’m more partial to curves as well but I don’t see thin women as looking like ‘little boys’. I have slim slender friends and I see them as women for the simple reason that they ae women. Just like curvy women are always seen as being overtly sexy and bitchy; the ‘pubescent boy’ accusation is just as bad.

          • another “real woman have curves” statement. i hate it when people use that because not all woman have big boobs and butt like kim does. nothing wrong with it but if you were proud of yourself why feel the need to bash someone else that doesn’t look like you? i’ve seen plenty of thin women who don’t look like boys and are proud of themselves. if people don’t like what they see then change the channel. it’s that simple. just like not all women are size 2, the same can be said for women who don’t have curves.

      • CurvesRule

        IMO “Real Women have curves” is simply a reaction to what we see in the media all the time. Fashion magazines are notorious for telling us that Giselle Bunchen and the like are the standard bearers for beauty. The reality is that the average woman is way more curvaceous than that, hence the saying.

        To address the topic directly though, if Olivia and Kim walked into the same room in this dress, no one (man or woman) would notice Olivia. There is no “wow” factor with Olivia.

        And to those who say that Kim is always dressing in the tight small numbers (sensing the jealousy there), isn’t that the way women are taught to dress, that is accentuate the assets. Kim’s asset just happens to be her entire body.

        • well i wouldn’t be surprised if someone did fine olivia attractive and i think people need to stop blaming the media and magazines for beauty standards because it’s getting old.

    • Zoe

      Although in my opinion also, the dress looks better on Kim due to the fact she has more curves, I too like ay0x am tired of the whole ‘real women have curves’ thing. I know you weren’t directly saying this, but your comment implied it. The saying ‘real women have curves’ is the equivalent to saying ‘real men have muscles’. Exactly. Ridiculous. The word real means “Having actual physical existence” and the word woman means “An adult female human being (usually) with feminine qualities or feelings.” Since both Kim and Olivia can be described with those two words, that suggests what? They are both REAL WOMEN. Also, Olivia’s accessorising is great- have you perhaps thought that maybe she picked the outfit because she liked it, and not because she is a “skinny woman trying to layer up so no one can see how sickly [she] looks”?

      • run her doamazon

        ‘real woman’ is a cliche and i hate those, there is however nothing wrong with an ideal, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to achieve it yourself. you can just admire and be a little envious. I will never be an exotic beauty like cruz, or belluci, but I certainly admire it and think it is physically a very idealised image of womanhood. Personally I don’t fit anyones ideal :-), but i can still look good and i don’t see others beauty which draws so much admiration as an assult on my looks or womanhood.

      • Amy

        people on here are saying that just because kim has big boobs and a big butt she looks trashy. so who cares? half of people say she is what a “real woman” looks like, and half call her trashy looking. if the worst they say about olivia is she doesn’t look like a real woman, when clearly she is, then who cares cus it’s better than being called trashy or slutty for having certain body parts that are ample.

      • mello

        well said ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Casey

      “Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm tired of these skinny women trying to layer up so that no one can see how sickly they look! ”

      You’re absolutely right. All skinny girls should put on bikinis asap and prade around proudly with their gorgeous bodies.

      But then again, I’m willing to bet that would bother you just as much as the layering. When you hate a particular body type/frame/size, you hate it no matter what it’s wearing. So I think you should just come out and say you don’t like skinny girls rather than masking it.

      • Casey


      • nice answer

      • mel

        I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Aw, we skinny girls are unreal? ;_;

      I prefer: too good to be true.

      Don’t mind me, I’m just a little tired of this matter.

      • mel

        Haha that’s what I like to think! It’s not really an insult when you think about it …

    • airbender

      Real women have…. XX chromosomes.

      • hahahaha! The best explanation to the real women debate I’ve ever heard! I orginally had ‘real women have vaginas’ then I remembered that would be sensitive for women with ovarian cancer of for transgenders.

  • chloe

    Olivia,she looks better.

  • Spook

    Kim has a better body, but admittedly she does look trashy here. The other one is too waifish, though she has got style.

    Either or for me.

  • Eve

    Olivia looks classy. Def better than KK

  • Ninian

    Kim gets my vote! <3!

    Olivia looks so sick and fragile! Like she will faint any minute! That is not what I call stylish! =(

  • ^^

    4 sure olivia .. cute body ..

    but kim look’s trashy …

  • rose

    That dress looks like it was made for Kim. Olivia is way too skinny for it. It looks like a trashbag on her.

  • lc

    OLIVIA. PERIOD. Kim looks terrible.

  • molly

    Olivia hands down. She looks sophisticated in it, whereas Kim looks – I’m sorry to say – almost vulgar.

  • cus


  • Livvy. Kim looks weird, and yeah, trashy.

  • I think it looks good on both of them but Kim stands out a lot more

  • Amerie

    kim all the day! she looks so cute in that dress and she has the curves of a real woman. olivia looks weird, way too skinny.

    • mel

      Not all women have curves as dramatic as Kim’s (and a lot of us don’t want to, actually), and as far as I know, they’re real too. So skinny people are weird-looking? Thanks a lot.

  • Moi

    Def. Olivia.She is so fashionable and always looks great Kim just looks so cheap and vulgar. She has no fashion style what so ever. I love her curves, but she does not have to present them like this. You know pretty woman style.

  • Daniel

    Kim all te he way!!! Olivia looks like she’s had a surgery and is just coming out from hospital, but she has not completly recovered… And the messy hair… hate it, really. I like that women take care of themselves. I don’t know anything about fashion and the way to accessorize things and so on, but I know about sexiness and Kim IS sexiness alive.

  • Kris

    Olivia by far. Kim looks like a high class call girl, its so tight it’s pulling on her curves, she should have gone up a size. Olivia has also styled this dress beautifully, the girl has a good eye for fashion – hence why she has worked with DVF and Elle….while the Kardashians’ “fashion line” is being sold at BeBe.

    • lp23

      It wouldn’t work for Kim if she had the dress the same way as Olivia’s imo.
      Just like it wouldn’t work for Olivia if she had it the same way as Kim’s.

      Kim is a Glamour model and her body is her living.
      It would be daft if she started dressing like a hippy chick.

      Olivia has got great dress sense.

    • Emilie

      High class? Really?

  • Anonymous

    I think people need to be careful in deeming someone “fashionable” and “stylish”. Look carefully and think. Don’t be blinded by the onslaught of accessories. Just because someone accessorized and made an outfit look different and “edgy” doesn’t mean they actually got it right, in terms of fashion. I think Olivia has a fashion miss here. Pashmina, boyfriend-style sweater, tights, chunky watch, knee high boots – just pick one trend, honey! There is no central, unifying element. It’s an overload.

    Also when analyzing one’s style I think you have to take into account if they dressed appropriately for the event. First of all, Olivia has this elegantly disheveled preppy look to her – like a preppy fashionable college kid who was up all night writing a paper and then threw on some clothes to go to class and was a hot mess but kind of in a cute, absent minded intellectual way. Or like she’s a sexy Harvard professor or something. Kim looks like she dressed up for an actual event, as she should. Second, it’s August, not October! Olivia is dressed too bulky for August, causing her to look garish. Kim captured the fact that August is a sultry month, and played this up with her alluring curves and perfect skin.

    • Kris

      I could agree that Olivia may have gone a bit overboard w/the cold-weather accessories. She could have ditched the tights/boots. but the girl is skin & bones, so maybe she needs layers to keep warm. (just a speculation)

      However, Kim is all wrong. The dress does not FIT her, if she had gone up a size (and perhaps had the top either altered or re-designed) she would look fine. The pulling at the bottom of the skirt is pulling and even in the abdomen area, which is a huge turn off.

      At the end of the day, when it comes to fashion/style, I think Olivia takes a more creative fashion approach as opposed to Kim who thinks flaunting her curves = style.

      • Chillwaves

        hahah I pretty much just said exactly what you said, without even reading your comment first. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mia

      I agree, the dress is lost under all the layers and accessories. Both of the women are beautiful, but regardless of whether you think Kim’s curves are overkill, the dress looks better on her. Olivia couldve worn another dress/tunic and it wouldn’t look any different with her outfit.
      Kim looks better in the dress.

    • TorontoGirl

      I believe the event Olivia was photographed in happened in April-May, and i am pretty sure it was a fashion show for Haiti. So dont hate her sweater, since this picture is fairly old:)

    • Chillwaves

      dude I agree with the “don’t be blinded by the onslaught of accessories part” and I dont think olivia made this dress work as it should. However way to subtly plug your preference for Kim. Kim is NOT fashionable either. Cute girl though.

    • sylvialu

      Agree for the most part, but you have to keep in mind where in the world Olivia is. It might be colder than the norm for us. I mean here in the midwest it was about 55 degrees the other night, so you never know.

  • kate1st

    Kim looks seductive and voluptuous.

    Olivia looks sophisticated and elegant.

    Preference depends what look you are going for.

    • Ava

      100 % agreed

  • Olivia! Kims got amazing curves but I prefer Olivias take on the dress.

  • lp23

    I like Olivia’s dress style.

    Of course the guys at work went for Kim lol

    • gnat

      This is a great example of guy hot versus girl hot. i.e. what a lot of men find attractive versus what girls do. Often quite different.

      • Essence

        That is so true. For some reason, women wanna be like Olivia. But men prefer women like Kim. I’m one of the few rational women that wanna be like Kim (not exactly like her…. but you get the point)

        • aj

          I agree most guys would like Kim, but don’t discount all the insecure of the world who only go for a skinny model type because they think that gives them status or whatever. sorry to skinny people reading this, i know some guys genuinely just like the look of thin thats totally fine.. but some insecure loser guys go for skinny for weird reasons. kim looks better

          • Essence

            I’m sorry but “only goes for a skinny model type because they think that gives them status” ????
            I never heard something more absurd in my life. I see that as the excuse for bigger women on why men are actually attracted to smaller girls. But to each their own, maybe its like that where you live, but if you said that around my way, you’d see what a ridiculous statement it was. (&& there are as many big girls as there is small ones). I was never bashing skinny girls, but you just did.

            “insecure loser guys go for skinny for weird reasons” SMH

          • Casey

            You make it sound like guys liking skinny girls genuinely is a rarity. I would say the large majority of guys who go for skinny girls just prefer them. Very few are the insecure kind of men that you are talking about.

            But you forget to mention that insecure men go for larger women too. Also because of status (larger women often have larger…assets). And, sadly, there are men that seek out what they think are less attractive women so that the woman won’t dump them.

            Insecure men are insecure men. They don’t have a particular preference, there’s a huge range of what they like, just like with anybody else.

          • I get your point about the insecurity in men and attraction to slimmer women. It is true that somen men, even in this age, see women as chattle and believe that the type of woman they have on their arm reflects on them. I’ve read a few statements from men admitting that they prefer to have a slimmer woman on their arm because the media portrays them as being the ideal, thus they are seen as unattainable and a man having one gives him a good status. Nonsense but true.

            However, this is just an example of psychology. Most men go for slim women probably because they like them. Maybe they don’t even notice the body that much (as in they don’t pic their girlfriends on the sole basis that she has a particular type of body).

          • joe

            @aj. Totally agree. And this may not be something that most women understand, but if you think about it you will realize that there is a lot of truth to his statement. We are a very trend conscious society, and it is the “in-thing” in many sectors of our society for guys to date the skinny girl, even though he knows the fuller figured girl looks and feels better.

            Now I am not saying that there aren’t guys that genuinely prefer thin women, I just think that they are the minority.

            Guys are very visual, they think of sex a lot, and a bag of bones is not very comfortable in bed.

          • aj

            Woah K. I see I did not include enough disclaimers Essence… However, I did try.

            It’s why I added the phrase: –> ‘ i know some guys genuinely just like the look of thin thats totally fine.’

            Btw I’m a girl, and I’m speaking from experience with a few boyfriends who tried to get me back after I lost a lot of weight who were quite insecure guys who wanted me more when i was skinny. Another encouraged me to be happy with myself and eat when I like because I looked cuter curvier in his opinion. Yes, each to their own. I was making a point about some guys and I probably didn’t phrase it very clearly.

            So, Casey, its a good point you make that I didn’t refer to the OTHER insecure guys who go for fat women, okay sure, it just wasn’t the point I was making in this context.

            Essence, I wasn’t intending to bash skinny girls. I’m skinny myself? I just know there are a lot of guys out there who like skinny, because it is a status thing. But I repeat, some guys like skinny girls because they are pretty.. and big girls can be pretty… Enough disclaimers?

        • CurvesRule

          Why do women want to be like Olivia? Please help this guy to understand.

          • aj

            Also Essence… I might add that you’re the one that stated plainly ‘men prefer women like Kim’… Primarily monitor your own comments.

  • ali

    Kim!!! This is a sexy dress and Kim rocks it, Olivia..well, let just say she wouldnt sell me this dress


  • Citron

    Olivia looks kinda pathetic. She’s covered herself under too many layers. I’m tired of this “chic-look”.
    I don’t like Kim as a person but she looks more classy to me, more feminine and the dress suits her body. So my vote is for Kim.

  • I think Olivia looks better. She has great fashion sense.

  • Olivia looks elegant, Kim looks cheap but if we focus on the dress, then it’s been made for curves so Kim rocks it!!!

  • I think olivia hides the dress too much. So I have to say Kim.

  • kelli

    I :LOVE THEM BOTH! I like the sexiness of Kim in the dress and I like the stylish way that Olivia is wearing it so I can’t choose just one. If Olivia didn’t have all the accessories then I’d probably have to say Kim (maybe)

  • Amy

    I wouldn’t have even thought that this was the same dress if the pictures weren’t side by side. Both girls wear it so differently!

  • habibi

    how about burn the dress

    it looks like lingerie ffs…

    • TorontoGirl

      oh my god, exactly my thoughts! the dress is so ugly, it looks like a nightgown and should not be worn in public- just my opinion.

      • formerly Sam

        It reminds me of that episode of Friends where Rachel is at her boyfriend’s parents’ house, takes her dress off, the the parents come home and then has to pretend her lingerie is an actual dress lol

        • Kimberly

          I love that episode! When the dad says, “I like her, she seems smart!”

  • Cristina

    None; Olivia made a mess out of a perfectly sweet dress. She is too layered and that scarf thing is hideous. While kim really needs to understand her size and dress accordingly. Buying dress 2 sizes too small will not make you look skinnier, it only makes you look bulky and stupid.

  • Joey

    Olivia. Kim looks fat in it. Which might be because she is. Go cast your feminist “real-woman-Dove-commercial” stones at me and throw in some burning bras if you like. I prefer slim women who don’t threaten to make the seams of their dress burst.

    • Isa

      Besides the point of skinny or curvy being better, that was just mean. I mean, you have your preferences but you didn’t have to be such a jerk about it.

    • kate1st

      Kim ain’t fat. She’s just not your super slim model type.

    • Kimberly

      Maybe you should go back to your PUA site?

      • Minik

        Kudos Kimberly! ^^

      • Essence

        what PUA??? just curious.

        • Kimberly

          PUA refers to pick up artist. These guys spend their lives gaming women, only for the purpose screwing as many as possible. They judge women only based on their appearance and they tend to be quite misogynistic.

  • Mary

    *removed by admin*
    The dress suits Olivia best, but I think she’s the other extreme: skinny with absolutely no shape!
    Anyway, if I had to choose, I’d go for Olivia!

  • Matthew

    Skinny vs. Curvy lives up to its name. Kudos to the editors! I don’t mind all the celebrity gossip and image-collecting, but what I really like is when you guys put up posts that encourage commentary and discussion about serious body issues and dress. I first found your website when looking for information about pear body shapes and this post came up:

    In this discussion, I love the back and forth about two women who look good for very different reasons. And everybody keeps it so clean and above-board. Nice!

    BTW, I’m in the Kim camp, for very prurient reasons.

    • Versus

      Thank you, Matthew! I’m glad you enjoy our site! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Matthew

        You’re welcome. I didn’t know whether you guys still took the time to read all the comments since your readership and commentship spiked.

  • justme

    kim, for sure

  • carrie

    Wow! I can’t believe that is the same dress! Instead of saying how trashy Kim looks, or how skinny Olivia looks, I wanna say how great they both look! They both really work this dress in totally different ways. Kim is totally bombshell and Olivia looks so fashionable!

  • womp womp

    Kim looks sloppy and like she’s about to bust out of the poor thing, and the other one looks scrawny. You can’t even really see the dress under all her hobo chic. Both stink.

    • alana


  • Barbarax


  • mikaela

    this isn’t really answering the question, i know, but i would prefer this specific dress on someone with a body shape lying somewhere between olivia’s and kim’s.
    olivia is a little to petite for this, while i find kim is a little too curvy, making it look a little trashy :/

    • joe

      So being too curvy means that you are trashy? Please explain because trashy sounds more like a personality trait than anything else.

  • Casey

    Normally I would say Kim because I like how her body looks in dresses, but I don’t think this particular dress was made to be tight and Herve Leger-looking. I think Oliva looks much better in this particular dress.

  • Dej

    Olivia just a testament that she has great taste, Kim looks like a porn star while Olivia as usual looks effortlessly chic

  • Kimberly

    Stop calling curvy women trashy. It’s just as bad as calling a skinny woman anorexic. Get over yourselves!

    In terms of the dress, Olivia is so layered that you can’t really see much of it. I personally think the dress looks better on a curvy girl. However, it looks a little to small for Kim’s lower half. So in this case, I prefer neither.

    • Gigi

      I think she looks trashy but not because she’s curvy. It’s plainly too tight; it almost looks like lingerie.

      • Kimberly

        Then you must think Olivia looks trashy in it too. Must be the dress then huh?

        • mikaela

          i don’t think this has anything to do with curvy girls in general, it’s just that the combination of style of dress with kim’s extremely curvy figure (which i like, and have myself!) isn’t the best fit.
          you gotta know how to dress your body, is all!

          • Kimberly

            I think this style of dress suits a curvy girl better than a straight up and down girl.

  • bst

    I wouldn t say one of them looks amazing in it but I would go for Olivia .IMO it looks like Kim tries to hard and its a tiny bit too small for her.But it works better with kim s hair and skin.

  • Gigi

    I’m gonna have to go with Kim. There is just too much going on with Olivia’s outfit; thigh highs, tights, dress, cardigan, AND a scarf? Trend overload.

  • Paula

    Does anybody else feel that Kim always looks the same nowadays? Think about it – she always wears figure hugging dresses that are short and have her boobs showing. There’s never any variety. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear a looser dress like maybe an empire waist, for example. And she always wears her hair wavy with a crapload of makeup. Anybody agree?

  • run her doamazon

    the scarf is toomuch, without it Olivia could have looked pretty good. I don’t normally like her style, i think she tries too hard to be different and eclectic and only the fact that she is tall thin and pretty lets her get away with it (sometimes!) but then i guess all fashion is like that.
    the two are so different i don’t like to compare, but without the scarf it would be something I would wear.

  • Priscila

    Olivia <3

  • alana

    Ok Olivia has a better sense of style BUT she’s the size of a science class skeleton model and clothes look bad on her. She’s way too short to model, so her being that thin is just kind of excessive and unnecessary. If Kim wore leggings or something to make herself look like less of a stipper she would win by a landslide. But I’m definitely picking Kim because she isn’t as much of a bi**h as Olivia and she eats.

  • I see chic on one side and ‘cheap’ on the other.

  • kaila :)

    i deff say kim , her body fills out the dress more ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andrea

    KIM!!!!!!!!! real woman’s body

  • nope

    Firstly, they’re both “real women.” I don’t know if people have been watching too much Tyra, or what the issue is, but it’s time to stop labeling a certain physique as “real” because you’re dismissing ALL OTHER BODY SHAPES as fake and artificial, which is ridiculous and, frankly, offensive.

    While I prefer Olivia’s style — a little more chic (in my opinion) and conservative, I think that Kim’s dress is tailored for her body and suits her better — the seeming especially hits her in all the right places (by which I mean the places that the seems are intended to hit). The seems around Kim’s breasts are perfect, which they look a bit awkward on Olivia, because their not filled out as much.

    But, both women are beautiful (obviously) and both are REAL!!!

    • nope

      Good lord, I obviously mean SEAMS and SEAMING. Sorry, I’ve been up for way too long ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erin

    Kim, even though she has major alien-face.

  • Isa

    Kim. Olivia drenched it with all of the extras. And Kim’s curves look great.

    I was JUST looking at this dress in pink in an earlier Cosmo magazine today.

  • Dr. Truth

    ha! That’s like asking if the dress looks better on a hanger vs. a human body..
    You know, I hate the overused cliche about a thin woman looking like “a 12 year old boy) but damnit does Olivia fit that saying to a tee…

  • Jemima


  • nannou

    neither. Olivia is wearing too much stuff. Kim just looks the same no matter what she wears, everything sticking out everywhere ew

  • One is too much; the other, too little.

    At least, Olivia has made use of some creativity, so, I guess, I vote for her.

  • Trisia

    i think they both look amazing
    stunning, stunning girls

  • Chey

    am i the only person who thinks that Olivia over accessorized?
    Kim, because of that and her curves look better in the dress imo

  • Crittle

    Well since I think the dress is ugly as sin, I say it would probably look best in the garbage

  • Nana

    My vote goes to Kim on this one. Olivia over accessorized it looks terrible

  • Carla Ramone

    of course it looks better in olivia!!!
    Kim is so FAT!!!

  • Essence

    How come every post with Kim Kardashian has so many comments?? People are obsessed with her…….

  • mel

    Kim looks good objectively, but she doesn’t come off as very classy. Olivia, in my opinion, rocks that dress as well as Kim, just in a different way. She has a fantastic sense of style and she always looks so elegant and sophisticated.

  • Princess

    None of them!Kim got lots of curves and showed to much cleavege in this dress while the other is to thin that it looks like a garbage bag on her

  • Lavender

    Olivia usually has great styling, but I am going to say this particular outfit is an unfortunate case of sensory overload. I love the idea of layering, but the scarf coupled with everything else is just to much. It is not aesthetically pleasing. But even if you were to compare these two ladies with JUST the dress and nothing else, Kim would win by a landslide. You can tell by the seaming and the tailoring design of the dress that it was made to flaunt a woman’s curves. Olivia lacks the necessary kind of curves this dress demands.

    As for saying the dress is 2 sizes to small, I think the wrinkling is from sitting and her pose, because it is not puckering anywhere else.

  • serena

    Olivia! That skinny bitch…

  • alx

    I think they both have nice bodies. yes one is rly thin and one is curvy and very sexy. But i think it looks too much like lingerie on Kim. And Olivia makes it more high fashion. I rly love how that girl dresses.

  • Hannah

    I love how olivia has put it together, so deffinately choose her! However I think kims body is to die for! Olivia seems even more skinny than usual. :/ Which In my opinion is NOT a good thing… A dress which is designed to be tight fitting, should’nt be hanging of her….

  • Mirabela

    C’mon Versus! It’s a retoric question?!
    LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€ Are you kiding? Of course it is look better on Kim. It’s obvious!
    And it is not just about the dress. It is about the posture, the attitude to.

  • Lindsay

    hmmm I am going to go with they both look good for different reasons…

    Olivia looks cute all wrapped up and feminine, i really think the layed look was pulled off well!

    Kim looks like…well, Kim! Hate her or love her, she knows who she is and is damned well proud of it. She will never pretend to be something she is not (other than surgically enhancing her ASSests, of course ๐Ÿ˜› )

    as for the whole ‘real women’ blah blah debate…my definition of REAL is someone who is REAL HAPPY and HEALTHY…screw how they look…a real women is someone who wakes up, looks in the mirror, and smiles. real women are girls who eat what makes them content, and doens’t do anything drastic to make them something they are not. hell, i dont exercise every day because i am a lazy student, but i do not resent people who do! (if anything I am jealous…i would love to run a marathon…)

    skinny girls are just as beautiful as ‘chubby’ girls…morbidly obese and deathly skinny are two extremes that pass the world of ‘beautiful’ and go into the actual realm of health, and threatening your welbeing.

    how about instead of skinny girls hating chubby girls, and vise versa, we just accept each other as we are? it amazes me that people argue about this kind of stuff…

    both of these girls look GREAT and for entirely different reasons…if they were unhealthy (or half naked) I would disagree, but look at how HAPPY they look…is that not more important than their clothing size or weight on a scale?

    • sparkle

      “Why can’t we accept each other as we are?”

      I think most of us do, deep down, away from the internet.
      Although our society trains us (women) to find so much issue with our own bodies, slender or curvy, that this sort of weird ‘entertainment’ is a kind of catharsis. It takes our minds of our own sh*t ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As for the comparison: Olivia opts for fashion, Kim opts for sex. Depends which floats your boat.

  • tj

    I am so sick of the term “real women” and not only that but how is KIm a “real woman” she’s made out of plastic.
    Olivia looks best in the dress, she looks edgy. Kim looks fake and trashy and cheap. And her “curves” are not even real she went under the knife to get them.
    And she wears way too much make up.

    • I completely agree with you!!!!!!!

  • Essence

    To the people that are saying it looks like underwear on kim:

    How can you say it looks like underwear on her but not on Olivia??? Just because she has a cardigan doesnt make any less lingerie like. Your just being kim haters, it looks like underwear on both, the dress is ugly regardless.

    • Kimberly

      I agree with you. Why does the dress look like lingerie on Kim but not on Olivia?

  • Oliva looks like a homeless person sleeping on the subway. The dress is hands down better on Kim.

  • O

    anybody looks better than kim. olivia wins definitely

    • AIms

      Agreed. lol. Kim tries way too hard. She looks like she is trying to look hawt all the time… fail.

  • AIms

    Olivia is my vote. She looks natural and real – especially in the face.

  • Tito Ortiz Fan

    Kim Kardashian. Olivia’s homely and boring looking. I think most people are not into the pro ana looking chicks.

  • jjj

    Certainly this would have to go to Olivia. Without a doubt..

    I’m not sure why you are calling Olivia pro ana looking. Keeping your self fit, in shape, and eating right certainly does something good for you..

  • Im not a fan of Kim, or Olivia to be perfectly honest. Olivia is far more beautiful in my opinion, but I think shes overdoing it a tad, like “I’m so NY cutting edge ” just throws me off a bit.. Im sorry.. but I do NOT in any way find Kim Kardashian attractive. I am not jealous, like most girls will comment back, I just dont get it. . .

  • chicken

    KIM IS SEXY IN THIS and olivia looks awkward.. kim is so sexy!

  • Jade

    still thinking it’s one of the most awful dresses I’ve seen

  • Jane

    Kim is so sexy! All of the women saying she’s fat are just jealous cause she’s got SUCH ROCKIN’ BOOBS!! Don’t deny it. She’s hot. I do like Olivia’s look, and I admit that Kim looks a bit slutty in the dress, but her body is just so much better than Olivia’s that it makes up for it. Olivia is pretty. Kim is HOT. They’re both attractive. Just depends on your taste, I guess.

  • Nameless

    I think Kim pulls off the dress better I love her body type Curvy but NOT fat Olivia tough looks like the dressing store mannequin a beautiful mannequin but one none the less Kim on the other Pops in the picture while keeping it simple which a nice touch added with the nails and contrary to what some say a sensible length nice breast exposure with out going over the top (No pun intended) My vote goes for Kim All the way!

  • bananarama

    Why are we fighting about “what’s better”? What’s prettier, what’s more desirable…it all depends on the individual person. There are beautiful curvy girls, beautiful skinny girls, beautiful girls in between. And what I view as beautiful, one of you may not, and vice versa. For you guys to claim one body type is better than the other is ridiculous not to mention prejudiced. Skinny women are real women. Curvy women are real women. To think that the shape of your body determines whether you’re worthy of the title “woman” is outrageous. SO over this skinny vs curvy bs. This is the last time I ever go to this site.

    PS Not a fan of either. I’m personally more attracted to Kim’s body TYPE (it’s just my opinion, calm down, skinny girls are pretty too…) but Kim looks cheap and Olivia looks homeless. Kim = not enough accessories Olivia = way too many accessories. This is a lose on the part of both parties, sorry, guys.

  • pookabear

    I think that dress is god-awful on both of them. I mean look at it; it would be ugly and unflattering all on its own… Anyways, I think this kind of thing stirs up really strong feelings for everyone because, either way you look at it, it’s frustrating to think that either one of these women is thought of as representing an “ideal.” I mean, the media only ever gives us these chosen few to represent their (and therefore our) “ideals.” That can be upsetting (to say the least), but at least this gives evidence to the fact that the spectrum of beauty (even the media’s) is varied.

  • Lilyth

    Kim, without any doubt. Seeing the same dress on Olivia makes me laugh: if I were her, I would think ‘I would give everything to have Kim’s curves’…
    See how much better the dress looks on Kim: she fills it, and she’s stunning!

  • Nameless

    I’m tired of hearing women who have the bodies of 12 year old boys look so hot I mean damn they look pretty but I’m a straight male who doesn’t like little kids.

  • Nameless

    and by the by I’d rather be with a women who has bigger boobs than me.

  • I think olivia looks better. I would have said Kim, but the dress looks way too stretched out.

  • alexandra

    KIM ddddaaaaaaa she loos more sexy and like a woman olivia looks like she was sick with a cold and she had to attend a red carpet show and just wore everything i mean how can you wear jeans with something that was ment to be a short and sexy drees what you are taking the dress to be is called a DRESS TOP!

  • Amelia

    Kim looks like she is wearing lingerie Olivia looks like she is wearing an outfit

  • Anonymoose

    Ok – just to clarify: Kim Kardashian is NOT fat.
    If you are seriously twisted enough to truly believe this, then I suggest you never post anything on this website for fear of provoking eating disorders within members of the wider community.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS: It’s actually ok to have some fat on your body – coming from a recovered anorexic, it HURTS to sit down when at Olivia’s weight: not something to aspire to, in my opinion.