Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Crop Top Look

FFN_g_50968742 - Kim Kardashian's Crop Top Look

Midriff-baring tops are totally IN these days, according to celebrities – a while ago, we saw Miley sporting one of these pieces and last week, Kim Kardashian was photographed wearing one as well, paired with a high-waist skirt.

How do you all like her look?

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  • lmfao

    she’s fat.

    • Ali

      She’s not fat. Obviously she has big boobs, butt and thighs, but when I look at her I don’t see a fat person, just a curvy woman with a bad fashion sense.

      • حنان aka hanan

        she doesn’t has bad fashion sense , it’s just her outfit is too tight here .

        • Deli

          Of course is bad fashion sense! Who with 2 months pregnant and that body type will wear an outfit like that?! The skirt I get it, but what was with the top?!

    • BBphat

      I like her, She looks like a woman. I mean you can never mistake her with a men, no matter how she s dressed or even in complete darkness. The sad thing is that u can’t say this about the majority of the other celebs. And, Ladies, she is dressing for men, not to please women…
      Boobs, checked
      Waist, checked
      Hips, cheched
      Bonus: Slim ankles, checked!

      • guru

        yeh but she has really fat thighs and she has a lot of stomach fat. i dont see a slender woman. i see someone with a very large frame with heavy fat deposits. as for the way she dresses, i dont think it is for men, most of the time she has her hair tied in that super tight bun with freakish looking nude makeup that makes her look like an alien. the best way to kill a mans erection is to pull your hair in a tight bun with your hair wrapped at the top like a nest

        • sofia

          She is not fat, she is just dressing bad for her body. I like that she does not try to hide her curves.

          • guru

            ok shes slim and thin and has low body fat and no flabby bits.

          • guru

            the whole ‘dressing bad for your body type’ is really overplayed. clothing can give illusions to the body but if your a thin person, it cant make you look fat. it can be unflattering but it cant make a thin person look fat.

          • lc

            She “doesn’t try to hide her curves”?? LOL! She is simply in denial and believes she is Kate Bosworth’s size. She did try to (pathetically) get us all to believe she was a size 2.

      • Lala

        That sounds so weird. “You can never mistake her for a man”. Ok, and? That’s not an accomplishment ( esp since it looks like she’s had cosmetic work done on her body). You can dress feminine and sexy, and still not bust out of your clothes. And really, I don’t know, I think her face has a transvestite quality. She used to have a really attractive face.
        She looks like a sex bomb, yes, but not in a good way. Everyone knows she has assets, there’s no reason to wear clothes that don’t fit well.
        That being said, she doesn’t really bug me. She’s overdone tho, its not attractive.

        • lc

          I agree Lala! So you can’t mistake her for a man. Well, *thank goodness*, I’m always worried about mistaking women for men. Phew, at least I can tell Kim here is indeed female.

          • Lala

            Hah, made me chuckle.

          • sia

            She wears clothes creating fat lol…. shes normalskinny.. the little fat she got needs to breathe.. that top and leather skirt looks uncomfy..

      • Mara

        She does look kind of overweight to me. She’s lucky though, because she has a nice shape, if you disregard the enormous butt, so she still looks desireable to many people (at least, I get the impression that she does – I’m not a fan).
        It’s funny though, that she’s always talking about diet and keeping in shape, when she’s quite obviously gaining weight.
        And about the outfit – well, it’s a disaster. Doesn’t she have someone semi-reasonable around her, to restrain her from those horrible style choices?

      • Anastasia.

        It is possible to not have a gigantic ass and boobs and still manage to not get mistaken for a man.

      • mary

        her cut up face looks like a tranny.

      • palina

        you can be look like a “real” woman, without looking like trash.
        Monica Bellucci, Sofia Vergara are good examples.
        Because a real woman has some grace.
        Sorry for my english.

    • girl21

      I agree! She should drop about 5 kgs at least.

      • *

        This is a horrible thing to say. It is completely unnecessary to make such a rude, judgmental comment about a person and I don’t understand what compels you to do so. Kim looks fine. Whether or not she looks skinny, curvy, etc, does not matter, because to me it looks like she is confident in her body. If you need to degrade other women’s bodies then you are obviously not happy in yours, and I don’t comprehend how our society is supposed to move forward when both men AND women are now constantly judging other women for the way that they look. This pressure to be perfect has been instilled by the desire to impress men, but also to impress other women who are constantly being insulting for no reason.

        • Anastasia.

          Why on earth are you on this site? There is always one annoying person on each post who comes and preaches about acceptance and loving each other, and how we shouldn’t dare criticise anyone, and blah blah blah. Too bad, you don’t like it go away, preaching to people about what they can and cannot say is stupid. No one is going to pay attention to you. And oh ya, kim looks like a hog as usual.

    • guru

      I think the girl driving the SUV with the sunnies looks so much effortlessly hotter than kim.

      • M

        How can you tell that? You only see her head? And she’s wearing sunglasses, everybody looks hot in sunglasses.

        • guru

          not really.

    • Andreea

      She is fat…she is famous and because of that everyone thinks that she is sexy, beautiful, etc ,etc …but still she is fat 😀

      • kateuk

        No, it’s because she’s famous and is held to higher standard that some people say she’s ‘fat’. She’s not fat in the real world. She’s also very much disliked by a lot of people, which only brings out more criticism.

        • 1210293891

          I think you mean she’s not fat compared to most people in America. Compared to most people in other countries, she is fat.

          • serena

            Well I have traveled all over Europe and parts of Asia, Middle East, Australia, and Ghana and she wouldn’t appear fat in any of those places either. Her top is too small creating a fat bulge, but look at her arms and legs – she is hardly overweight. She does have a huge butt and hips though.

          • Anastasia.

            totally agree.

      • Lala

        She’s not fat. She can loose a few lbs, but she’s not fat. She dresses to accentuate her curves I suppose. However, the tight fitting clothes also accentuate her bulges.

    • Stfu

      Totes. Crop tops//skinny bitches only. K thx.

    • Stef

      What the**** is wrong with you when you think she is fat? She looks like a real very attractive woman and not like a starving kid, that’s great!! I really wished people finally recognize that size zero is just not the way women are meant to be!!!

      • jenna

        I agree with you Stef. She’s not fat at all. BUT, she looks horrible in just about everything she wears. It’s a shame. She does have a nice body, and if she dressed better, she probably wouldn’t look “fat”. Anyway, I’d go nuts in the outfit she has on. It’s so high maintenance looking, and it doesn’t even look like she’s truly comfortable or confident in it at all.

      • Anastasia.

        What the f is wrong with you? Who is saying women have to be a size 0? Just because people find kim fat doesn’t mean that they worship size 0 either. It is possible to be smaller then kim and still not be a size 0. I know, shocker!!

        • lc

          Lol you crack me up Anastasia! XD Good one.

      • mary

        ummm maybe not fat but overweight, absolutely. and just because someone is thin doesnt mean they are starving…there is such thing as self control…something kim kartrashian clearly lacks with her fat rolls hangin out above.

      • judith

        I agree with Steff! she is definitely NOT fat. Anastasia said it is possible not to be a size 0 and still be smaller than Kim and thin, but Kim is about a size 6 (American) and that is still NOT fat. Thin is not only when you are completely fit and only have muscles and no body fat, you can be thin even if you have good proportions and are a size 4-6-8! I am a size 6, I work out and I have flat abs and consider myself thin. thin, not skinny! Fat is not when you have 5-8 extra kilograms on, it is when you have 20 on!!!

        • lc

          Kim is not a size 6!!!!! LOLOL!!! That’s hilarious! My sister is a size 6 and about half Kim’s size. Kim is more like a 10.

          • MissMarilyn

            take in mind that she’s like five feet tall or something. Someone who was 5’0 and a size ten would probably be morbidly obese.

            I can see a size 6, seeing as she’s so short.

          • serena

            Marilyn a lot of women in my family are short and wear medium sizes (6, 8, 10) and they’re not even close to obese. In fact I know short women like my mom who wear size 8 and still look smaller than Kim. I’m not calling Kim fat at all, it’s just that her hip/butt area is massive. There is no way her huge butt or wide hips could wear size 2 pants like she claims; I would guess she was a 6 at her slimmer size and currently like a 10.

        • Anastasia.

          Kim is not a size 6, unless vanity sizing is so out of control in the states, that someone with a butt that big can be a size 6. And keep in mind that a size 4-6-8 looks different on a person of average height, compared to someone who is only 5 ft tall. You say you’re a size 6, if you are at least average height, you will look no where near the size of kim.Yes you can be thin at a size 4,6,8, but that depends on your height and proportions, kim doesn’t have either, so she looks fat, plain and simple. BTW, where did this size 6 thing come from? kim claims to be a size 2 all the time, I’ve never heard her saying she’s a size 6.

      • loos

        I agree with you Stef. I can’t stand Kim Kardashian and everything she stands for but I do not think she is fat by any stretch of the imagination. She’s curvy. If she was fat her stomach would be big and it’s not. She has a tiny waist which makes her boobs and bum look bigger. I think she has an amazing body and it’s refreshing to see someone with a different body shape to the usual celebrities who are just stick thin and straight up and down. Can’t stand this outfit though.

      • Miming

        i strongly agree! 🙂

    • JaneParker

      If you think she’s fat then you obviously have a very distorted view of what “fat” is. Is she skinny? No. She has big(ish) boobs and thighs, and a narrow mid-section. Her waist is small. She’s right about making it the center of attention, but this is the wrong outfit. I just hope I don’t see any posts saying she’s “obese” or “unhealthy”. She’s obviously not. I bet she would love to lose 10 pounds, but she still looks good at this weight.

      • Carraway9

        NO, she is fat. Not “average” or “healthy”–FAT.

        • chanelNN

          She’s not fat!
          Please people get your brains checked.
          I live in EU, been to USA, Asia and she’s not fat anywhere n the world.
          She doesn’t have a slim body, but curves aren’t equal to fat.
          She has wide hips, boobs and small waist.
          I have similar body type as her + thick thighs and I know how it’s like to have this body: it’s so hard to lose weight, yet you gain so easy.
          Please poeple don’t judge hourglass, pear shaped women who don’t have rolls of fat on them… if you have slimmer body type good for you, I’m happy for you.

    • MissMarilyn

      she’s not fat, but she does dress terribly and make her body look worse than it is. WHY ARE YOU WEARING A SKIRT THAT’S CLEARLY TOO SMALL AND OF A VERY AWKWARD LENGTH.

      and she also needs to stop wearing peplum because she has enough curves already.

  • nina

    HAHA, haha, that looks so stupid.

    • HB

      Right? It’s already bad, but it’d be 10x better if she had bought a size that FIT HER BODY!

    • Emmy

      your comment made me lol

  • guru

    She needs to give up and stop dressing in all black. She is not a strong, powerful, elegant woman and dressing in all black wont make her one. When she walks, you can see it in her stride,as well as the way she looks down at her outfit that she is self conscious about her look. Fashion is about looking effortless, nothing she ever has or ever will master. Her boobs look ridiculous and they are not sexy. They are saggy and floppy and its just a turn off. She doesnt have a slender frame nor does she have a pretty face. The whole family needs to disappear. None of the jenners or kardashians are breathtakingly beautiful. They are only attractive at best.

    • walla

      I don’t think her boobs are saggy and floppy – actually, I think it’s really hard to have über perky boobs when they are that big

      • guru

        ud think since she isnt against being fake she would get some kind of breast lift or at least suck out her natural fat and put in silicones

        • Winnie

          pretty sure her tatas are fake. i don’t think she went the silicone route though. seems to me she used to take whatever fat she gained in her midsection and graft it to her tits and her ass. and then we’d see countless candids of her on the beach the week after. after a while she probably just got lypo. point is, her boobs are not natural, i don’t believe that for a second.

    • Rosa


  • otilia

    One word : AWFUL!

  • ACC

    Dear celebrities,

    Do not wear crop tops. They weren’t flattering or sexy in the 90’s and they sure aren’t now. If you absolutely must cut your shirt in half, buy a skirt in the right size to avoid oozing over.

    Your truly,

    A concerned citizen

    • drag0nf7y

      Haha, your comment made me laugh! And I completely agree with you!

  • Annie

    OK I’ll admit it – she’s the one celeb whose body I’m rather jealous of. Since I’ve got a runway model type figure she’s my version of the never gotta have it, carrot-on-a-stick, unobtainable beauty ideal, cause even if I gain weight I look absolutely nothing like this (I’m a belly/lower back gainer). The grass is always greener effect really is very strong!

    • Rosie

      Jealous for what? The only God given thing on her that is nice is her waist. Her breast are fake, her butt is fake (and for some reason chicks with fake butts always get this weird thing going with her hips which will also make the waist look more drastic). Her face has also been surgically altered. Now if you’re talking about a pre operation Kim I understand. But for the life of me I don’t understand why women get envious of women like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox when there plastic surgery, tidious makeup routines (which can and do take place not just on the face) are more well known than there actual work, not to mention they get photoshopped to death.

      • Polly

        I really don’t think her boob or butt is fake. She does a lot of lazer and shit to keep looking slim & cellulite free but I think thats it. And how hilarious, is she pulling her “shirt” down in the second picture? She looks like she can’t breathe at all. This is desperation for attention.

        • Rosie

          Look at her butt, it’s obvious fat drafting or whatever you call it. If it’s real then more than likely it’s going to look real and not stick straight out like a shelf. But in total compare her body now to when she was with Paris Hilton and when she was married to that dude or even before. it’s completely different.

        • Winnie

          look at before pictures of Kim. and then search Brazilian butt lift. then look at the after pics. then tell me that’s not what her huge ass looks like. it’s fake, love.

      • lc

        She doesn’t even have a small waist, people. Just really, really wide hips.

        • Anastasia.

          Agree. She could have a 32 inch waist, and it would still look tiny next to those gigantic hips.

        • Emilie

          Agreed. It is easy to “have” a small waist when your hips are that wide

  • Sidney

    I actually love the crop tops, they’re one of the few things i miss from the 90s 🙂 But they’re not for everyone. And sure aren’t for Kim. Terrible. At the very least she should try a bigger skirt so her tummy wouldn’t be bulging out. Even then i think cropped tops look better on people with a thinner waist, so i probably wouldn’t like it either way.

  • Ines

    hahaha made my day!!!

  • ary

    awful awful skirt. And she looks miserable.

  • Mel

    The top looks like a sportsbra and her boobs look enormous and no I am not jealous I have a D cup myself although I’m rather slim so I always tend to look like Pamela Anderson, which I dont like…. Anyways, first of all I can see her nipples which I dont want to… second of all this outfit doesnt even match, the top is too sporty, like i said loooks like a sportsbra. The only thing I can say is that her extensions look pretty and her operated face…

    • guru

      I doubt they are extensions. It looks natural. Plus her hair looks thin here, with extensions it looks much thicker.

    • Rosie

      For some reason this comment made me laugh so hard that the drink I was drinking cam through my nose…I’m not even lying. DAMN YOU!!!

      • Rosie


      • guru

        lol wait i dont see humor in either of the comments, what was so funny? curious

        • Rosie

          I can see Kim saying…”Okay I don’t have a shirt that fits, lemme put on this sports bra. That way I can get even more attention!”

    • Zoe

      Agree. The whole outfit, apart from just being plain awful is just totally mismatched. The bottom part looks like a half-hearted attempt to look sophisticated and classy, while the top part looks like something one would wear to the gym. All in all, it’s not very flattering. At all. :/

  • ingie


  • Dee

    And to think, she’s probably actually sucking her stomach in on these pics….and the result is still the overlapping belly that we see. Kim get it together. You get paid for looking a certain way.

    • guru

      with all the money and free time she has there is no excuse to have fat rolls. she is too lazy to go the gym. her career is as lazy as her. too lazy to make a perfume so she just slaps her name on something made by someone else. the kardashian sisters are too lazy to come up with original designs so they just copy and paste other ppls crap and put their name on it. the funny thing is they take their work so seriously when nobody but their fans take them seriously.

  • randy

    Busted can of biscuits, anyone?

    • lc

      Omg!!! LMFAO!!!!!!! That was GOLD.

    • killerqueen

      lol serisouly

      • killerqueen


  • walla

    The skirt is totally like: “omg, so tight… cannot… contain… the curves… I’m going to explode… POOWbbfjskbfeoufBOFJLBEGOU!!”

  • Robin

    I think the outfit isn’t THAT bad, but it’s too small. The skirt is too small and therefore she looks bigger than she is. I think she will have those nasty red marks around her waist at the end of the day 😛

    Also, I don’t like seeing her nipples.

  • Stace

    I know this may be kinda mean, but this made me laugh…a lot. Honey, look in the mirror before you leave the house please.

  • Annabella H.

    Haha, in the 4th pic she looks like “Grr, me and my boobs are coming to get you”! Oh, those evil looking boobs of hers…

  • ri

    I personally think crop tops look better on women with small boobs, her figure is great though 🙂

  • D

    Wow, not flattering at all… it just makes her waist look chunky, like the waist version of a muffin top lol. Miley and kim – stop being trendwhores and dress for your body not for a trend.

    • drag0nf7y

      LOL, waist version of a muffin top… This thread is just too funny today!

  • Nat Shermans

    Was she going for too small and uncomfortable looking? Did she get a boob job?

  • Jacky Daniels

    she is sexy.she shouldnt wear this but she is deamn sexy. i dont like her face tho, she looks stupid.

  • vivi

    is it really mean of me that I love to see her look like a steaming pile ’cause I freakin’ hate her?
    nah, didn’t think so 😛

  • clara

    trashy but I’m not surprised

  • La la la la

    She smashes herself into these clothes that are not her size and way over the top. She looks totally ridiculous walking down the street, with all those ppl in jeans. Giant tootsie roll in leather.

    • La la la la

      I don’t even think she’s fat. Just terribly dressed. In literally every pic but one she is adjusting her hair or outfit. The lack of confidence makes this terrible outfit the worst!

  • Reva

    God, her upper waist looks so squeezed by that skirt. Poor kim.

  • Duh

    God, her upper waist looks so squeezed by that skirt

  • belomi

    God, her upper waist looks so squeezed by that skirt.

    • Tally

      You can say that again! ; ) no for real she looks baaaad. And this is the first time ive looked at her boobs and thought- no thanks rather have my own! People have to be accidently grazing her boob everytime they point at smthing around her!

  • Puppe

    These tops look stupid and silly on anyone, not to mention on someone with Kim K’s proportions. Ahhh there are so many pretty cloths out there and they choose to weare this…

  • Pixie

    NO ONE should wear crop tops, idc how skinny they are, crop tops are just fugly!!! And Kim really needs to start dressing like she use to, and get clothes that actually fit her.

  • livelife

    I don’t like her but I think other women spend ridiculous’ amounts insulting her. I mean yes it is not the most flattering outfit. But i think it is good that she refuses or at least doesn’t lose weight to become a twig. You can’t wear high fashion if you don’t have the body of victoria beckham? What is that bs? I don’t like her style because i find it a little to gaudy but to say she is ugly is a lie. She has an above average looking face and looks amazing for her age.

    • Rosie

      This is proof that a person’s aura and what’s on the inside affects how people percieve them (and it doesn’t help that the main reason Kim and family are famous is because of a sextape). If Kim was a nice, sweet, upfront person it wouldn’t matter what she wore because she’d have a good aura about her and she’d look stunning. Her entire family except Khloe has that thing going on with them. Marilyn Monroe for example has a wonderful aura about her and I saw some of the costumes she wore for movies on display and they were hideous on that lifeless mannequin with manufactured curves but they look stunning on her. If Marilyn Monroe was an evil, calculating, freaky person on the inside like Kim we’d more than likely call her ugly and those hideous costumes would remain hideous.

    • lol

      “She has an above average looking face and looks amazing for her age.”

      Her face is full of plastic surgery. She also looks all her 30 years and some. There are women in their 40’s who look younger than her and hey haven’t had the work she has had done. She isn’t even the best looking person in her family, just the most over-exposed one.

    • Jasmine

      Of course you can wear high fashion if you are not a twig. But, clothes don’t look good on anyone when they DO NOT FIT! KK looks uncomfortable and awkward when she wears ill fitting clothes.

  • lovely

    she’s not fat but she squeesed herself into this tiny little outfit and it looks funny

  • Faith

    I think this woman is a complete waste of space and pointless. But shes obviously not fat shes just short I find it depressing that people our shouting about how fat she is. Also the outfit is just wrong the reason she looks so big is the skirt is two small in the waist… Wow I never thought I would defend anyone from the Kardashian family online.

  • heathers

    She is stunning as usual but it was a bad choice of clothing imo. I would love to see her more casual for a change….

  • Katie

    There is no way that she left the house with her flabby skin hanging over this skirt thinking that she looks good– I refuse to believe that she’s blind as well as stupid. And, FYI, a peplum doesn’t hid the fat Kim, it just doesn’t.

  • Nika

    She’s not fat but the skirt is too tight for her. Overall the outfit is trashy. Also, nipples.

  • mEEE

    And here I thought Kanye gave her a fashion makeover…..she has been looking alot worse since the “makeover” took place!!

  • lc

    Omg….my EYES….thanks Kim. I didn’t want to sleep tonight, anyway.

    • Stephanie

      Ahahaha I echo your nightmarish feelings towards this set of pictures. She’s gained so much… Looks so heavy, omg.

  • Vic

    Ouch. Don’t tell me she can breath… It looks painful.
    I do think she’s completely in denial of her actual body. She gained weight lately, that is out of discussion… Why she put that awful thing on for the first time since she’s famous when she’s at her heaviest??

  • Mara

    She looks like a breastfeeding mom who stole her toddler’s shirt.

    She should donate some of her confidence to Hollywood’s starving artists, looks like she has more than enough of it.

  • she looks like she is going to explode….. i hope that she can breathe in those things which she is wearing.
    she knows her body and her curves then how on earth can she wear something so unappealing like this?!?

  • binks

    She is not fat but looks stuffed to death! She needs to get her old style back because her latest fashions isn’t working for her or her body type. But hate her or love her nobody can’t deny her body is usually on point when she is on her game.

  • Annie

    Ohhh Myyy Godddd…. Wtf is wrong with celebs these days? and yes i spent my time reading all these comments (most of which i loved lol) but first of all shes OBVIOUSLY not a size 2….im a thin curvy girl if that makes sense….i have the “curse” of the wide hips and i cant even wear a size 2!! Im a 4.. and still theres no way in hell kims a 4…. to be honest i cant stand this girl… her face? surgicly altered, boobs? fake ass? not fake BUT was enhanced…. ALOT… i thought pre-op kim was so much prettier….i find it funny how she claims to be losing weight when shes gaining… the most she lose on quicktrim was 10 pounds hence why the company almost fired her… personally i think her career is a joke but if i was paid millions to stuff my face, model, shop, and make sex tapes, and lay around… id do it!! (well except for the sex tape thing)… she would have looked better if she got a bigger size… smaller sizes make her look alot bigger. i think her curvy figure is great but she does need to lose weight… thats what shes paid for.. to look good… and here she CLEARLY is not… as for the outfit… horrible.. i like the drop top on miley better.. for her its figure friendly mind u i cant stand miley either >.< … sorry for the rant 🙂

  • Sarah

    she is terrible, ugly face, ugly body…

  • laila

    ok what is that stuff on her legs ? are they blemishes or scars or some sort of rash ? seriously it looks horrid and i kind of feel like shes trying to cover it up with the fake tan , could it be a skin infection ? looks icky

    • blair

      She has psoriasis.

  • Nobsnob

    Ouch, looks highly unconfortable…..And the nipples showing are trashy.
    It’s not that she shouldn’t wear crop top, should just wear it with a less tight skirt and top!!
    Also she could use a minimiser bra to balance the silhouette.

  • Eliza

    She suffers from psoriasis. There’s not much you can do about that. I agree that this outfit isn’t flattering, but I think most people would look worse than Kim if they were photographed like this (I know I would!:p) When I read all these comments Im so glad Im not a celebrity, cause most people are really rude. Part of ‘the job’ I guess, but I wonder if people think the same nasty things when they see an average person walking by. Do they go ‘OMG what a fat whale!’ or are these kinds of thoughts selected for not-skinny celebs only?

  • Kenya

    She’s bustin’ out pretty badly..

  • Layla Bach

    When I saw what it looks like from the side I thought, OUCH!
    She needs to stop wearing clothes that are a size too small. I don’t like her much but she’s got great hair.

  • Candy

    mooo Kim. Time to hit the gym miss hungry hungry hippo. On the dailymail everyone is calling her fat. Face it she’s not curvy, she’s a pig.

  • Marisa

    This outfit would suit someone a bit slimmer, I think Kim’s problem is she just doesn’t wear clothes that flatter her.

  • Mia-Ciara

    Oops..! Bad taste, i’d say… And the clothes are too tight

  • M

    she looks like a sausage

  • Jo

    Oh my god, that must be the most sordid outfit I have ever seen, worn in the most terrible way possible on exactly the wrong person. I can’t begin to explain how awfully unflattering this looks on her. It’s just ridiculous.

  • Mariah

    For a second there, I thought she was wearing a classy peplum dress with a tan belt… I was wrong.

  • Anastasia.

    Is that skirt leather? I wonder how many cows had to die to make enough leather to clothe this pig.

    • mary

      at least 1,500

      • Anastasia.


  • Anastasia.

    What is it with lardassian and peplum skirts? peplum skirt and a giant sports-bra….lol idiot.

  • mary

    she just looks so wide….

  • Winnie

    Kim did this to herself. if she hadn’t gone and altered her body, she wouldn’t look so bad when she gains. the fat grafts to her hips, butt and boobs…now she’s seeing what happens when she gains weight on top of all that. she already had a decent figure to begin with, but she had to go change it (she can deny it as much as she wants, no one’s blind). dressing like an overstuffed sausage link isn’t helping her case either

  • Carraway9

    . . . Umm, she’s fat.

    • misha


  • sherie


    • Hazal

      Because posts about her get the most comments. People on this site always complain about her being featured on here but they still comment. So, the solution is: when no one shows interest, Versus would stop posting about Kim K.

  • Kayla

    Wow, I get that celebrities are going to be scrutinized here, but there are a lot of unnecessarily vicious comments…

  • KC

    That outfit makes me feel claustrophobic. Her boobs are as big as my thighs. I have ginormous thighs. That’s not a compliment.

  • brianna

    Looks like she got new implants, those things are massive!

    • lizzy

      i was wondering… i know she has big boobs but they are looking much bigger than usual, implants or a bombshell bra. god i cant stand this loser

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  • Hazal

    I can “understand” that people call her fat because she looks like a stuffed sausage in this outfit. But actually she isn’t fat at all and calling her a pig is very mean imo. Besides, I don’t get why people on this site are so anti-big-boobs? People should calm down!
    Btw: what’s wrong with her face? It looks even more surgically altered.

  • Kerry

    I see an unflattering outfit thats too tight maybe if she had gone up a size it would of looked better.

  • snugglepup

    Yeeaah… she ain’t fat. That oversized sportsbra and peplum leatherskirt are just very poor clothing choises. She has maybe higher bodyfat percentage than “average”, as if there is healthy average… her bmi might say “slightly overweight” or not, but bmi’s suck and hardly tell anything about someones fatness or prettyness 😀 well, I would boink her so to say. She has very appealing shape, her face is too oval and narrow for my liking but her body is def hot.

  • felicia

    is anybody else noticing that she is squinting sort of like the sun is in her eyes but there is no wrinkles in the forehead im sorry but im 19 and i even have wrinkles in my forehead when i squint and im not talking about wrinkles from age im talking about actual facial expressions that she doesnt have

  • Beckers

    She could look amazing, but instead she chooses to always look the same and bland.

  • Kayla

    I feel bad for saying this but when I first saw this photo, I thought she was wearing a belt. As I’m looking through I finally realize it’s her stomach lol.

    • lc

      That’s one spongy, sloppy belt lol..

  • kat

    what an idiot. those types of skirts are only for girls who don’t have curves, so it gives the illusion they do. i hate kk anyway but sometimes she looks pretty. this is not one of those times

  • Minik

    She’s lovely but that outfit was a bad choice.

    And why are there so many people upset about her nipples showing?

  • Tonyia

    ….Poor choice.
    -_-‘ In so many ways.

  • natalia

    I just don’t even know what to think about her, i mean, what IS IT?

  • The first poster’s comment was somewhat right, yes she is a bit overweight. She does have a nice shape though – a true Cello or Horglass bodytype which in my opinion is higly desirable in proportions and very womanly. Unfortunately, despite her great shape she’s still gotten a little too chubby all the way round and could definitely stand to lose at least ten pounds.

    It’s not just the unforgiving outfit either (as many people are saying) she just got a little too heavy for her frame to carrry in a flattering way. I think she’s probably in the the high 150’s to be honest (even though she’s 5’2) and probably as size 10-11 American in reality.

  • Jane

    Ever since she has been dating Kanye, she doesn’t dress for her body. She used to dress so that it fit her curvy body but now it’s just disgusting.

  • Setareh

    Kim Kardashian is gorgeous. You are all jealous if you call her fat. Sure the skirt is a little too small but, she is still the hottest woman in entertainment. If you want to start playing the comparison game…the VS models are ugly and photoshopped. I have seen Alessandra in person and she looks old and manly.

    • JJ

      If you think the VS models are ugly, then you are jealous. They are the hottest women.

      Now do you understand how ridiculous your comment was? No, you probably don’t.

  • Tina

    What gets me isn’t what she wears, if she’s heavy or thin, looks like a man or not!! But the fact that “adults” sit around making fun of or putting others down.. It’s such a sad world where people can’t just live THEIR life!! It’s sad that others feel they are so perfect that they make fun of and joke about others.. At the end of the day what SHE or anyone else does with THEIR life isn’t any concern of OURS.. we are all individuals and what matters is who we are and what we say and do and act is what matters in life.. How we treat each other.. Ridiculous that women can be so jealous of others that they would say things to hurt others.. Ridiculous that anyone would consider her fat… I’m not a fan of Kim or any of them but I just for the life of me don’t know how anyone thinks it’s ok to put others down and act as if they are better then others.. Maybe in high school or younger but not adults…

    • Jasmine

      @ Tina,

      Well, bully for YOU, Miss holier-than-thou. Kim Kardashian is a PUBLIC FIGURE. As such she is subject to scrutiny. Live with it. Why are YOU here?

  • cm

    these comments are ridiculous
    she is not a fat woman by any measure, she is very curvy, and this outfit is very unflattering
    i think people are forgetting she is pregnant aswell, so to the people saying she needs to ‘lose atleast 5lbs’ your heads are screwed on loose.

  • Jasmine

    The only time I think her shape looks good is when she does those staged, supposedly candid beach bikini shots. I believe those staged shots are photoshopped, because when I see her in candid paparazzi shots her waist always looks much thicker.

  • proofofendcoming

    The truth is that people really,really do not like her in a very personal sense. The whole narrative of the Kardashian family is blood money,deceit,plastic surgery creepiness,empty values,lots of money for nothing that any neighborhood girl could do if they had no moral core,shocking degree of absolutely no apparent talent in anything on any level,opportunities that talented,hard working artists break their backs for…It’s the rage against the nothingness that has become our souless,uber vulgar,crude culture. She represents decay. The staleness of her family and the endless bs is insulting and soul killing. People are stunned by the death of America!

  • Naomi

    This is disgusting – she’s trashy, chock -full of plastic surgery and you can see her flab spilling over the unnecessarily tight skirt! Ugh.

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