Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde – Makeover or Makeunder?

FFN_er_51219966 - Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde - Makeover or Makeunder?

Long-time-no-see Kim Kardashian and her new blonde hair were spotted in Paris yesterday, rocking a long beige coat paired with leggings and boots. How do you like the new color on Kim?

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde – Makeover or Makeunder?

FFN_er_51219957 - Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde - Makeover or Makeunder?

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FFN_er_51219961 - Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde - Makeover or Makeunder? FFN_er_51219963 - Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde - Makeover or Makeunder?  FFN_er_51220020 - Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde - Makeover or Makeunder? FFN_er_51220023 - Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde - Makeover or Makeunder?


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74 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde – Makeover or Makeunder?”

  1. she actually looks pretty happy, she’s been really low key since giving birth. i’ve always thought her face was amazing even if her body type is a bit extreme and maybe her personality is slightly lacking… anyway the low key style looks nice on her. although she has somewhat crazy eyes in the 1st pic

  2. Terrible! Looks so wrong and fake. She should stick to dark brown or black. Medium to dark skin tone, stay away from blonde and red hair.

    • i agree that this looks terrible. what i dont get is why people call her hair ‘blonde’. Blonde is more like the shade that britney, charlize theron, and american p— stars have. kim’s shade is caramel, and although it is lighter than her dark hair, overall it does not have a light ethereal quality to it that true blonde has.

      • Dear Guru, as a hairstylist, I’m going to give you a quick lesson in hair color. There are 12 levels of hair color. 1 being black, 12 being white. Everything between 8 and 11 is considered blonde (dark blonde all the way to platinum). Kim’s hair is technically blonde, I’m guessing it’s about a 9 or 10N or a 9 or 10G. The letters stand for the tone. N being neutral, G standing for gold. Platinum hair would be considered an 11V. The V standing for violet.

        Taylor Swift’s blonde is on the ashy side. I’d guess 8A with lighter highlights.

        You call it caramel because you’re seeing warmth instead of something cool. If she put a toner on her hair that had a violet base, it would actually be that “p— star blonde” you’re referring too, give or take a level or two. It’s the tone you’re confusing but according to science, that’s blonde. Mariah Carey (currently) is more one the caramel side and also blonde. She’s most likely an 8G. Hope this helps!

        • maybe technically she is a blonde but in the real world when people look at that they dont see an all american blonde like kate upton. it just looks like jlo or beyonce who are women of color with lighter hair.

        • what i meant by my post was that blonde is more than just a hair color. a dark skinned Somalian girl does not become blonde just by lightening her hair. it is typically associated with fair skin+ light eyes

    • the funny thing is though she probably paid in the thousands for the dye job. she is one of those women who think that paying more= better job. she doesnt seem to have a good eye for finding someone who can do a good job. i dont know how she would cope if she were living in the real world without her millions. like she cant even do her own makeup yet. you would think having professionals do it for you all the time you’d eventually learn how to do it really well.

    • She looks like an Egyptian princess with the black hair and with the blonde hair more like a Latino almost replica of Jlo. While both look gorgeous, she has a stunning face lets be honest, the black hair makes her stand out more and appear different.

  3. with carine roitfeld, the woman who was resposbible for that magazine shoot with the jam and the veil. Don’t think she, or anybody in fashion, likes her. She’s not good looking.

    Btw, the video- skip to 50 minutes

    Her next to Hilary Rhoda- no comparison. In the same video, sort of unrelated, she interviews jennifer lawrence who acts pretty nasty towards her for no apparent reason at about 1 hour 4 minutes in.

    • Haha the JLaw part was so awkward…so on one hand you have the out-of-touch fashion elites who cater to the top 1% of society; then there’s clueless Jen with her modest Kentucky upbringing, dressed in Dior, counting the minutes til she can go home, wear sweatpants, and snack in front of the TV.

      On a side note, Hilary looked beautiful and regal.

      • fashion elites have every right to dislike the kardashians. they have talent, and they work hard to get to where they are,it is something you get credit for later in life. its kind of annoying for them to see people get a tv show at 20 yrs old, then attach their name to anything that moves. also the greatest people in fashion can spot tryhards from a mile away. the kardashians have bad taste and that isnt something that changes with money, access to fashion shows etc. u are born with it.

  4. It looks unnatural. Certain brunettes can switch from brown to blonde (vice versa) without the awkward fake appearance, examples of which include Leighton Meester, Keira Knightley (who are both natural blonde), Charlize Theron (who was brunette as a child, possibly blonde as a toddler, darkening roots as she grew), to name a few. It depends on your skin tone. Blonde is a caucasian trait, definitely suits women with a fairer rosier skin tone (cool to warm tones. Blonde tends to dull dark olive complexions, just as black tends to give a gothic appearance to fair skin tones.

  5. I love love love it even though I thought she was so obliviously copying Beyoncé…. Probably Kanye dream girl… Sad that’ she’s so unoriginal but I still love it

  6. I almost screamed when I saw this woman in what appears to be a Max Mara camel hairrr coat. I have two of these coats and they are gorgeous, and to see them all wrinkled and stretched out in a desperate attempt to coover Kim KARDASHIANS GIGANTIC Goretex implantted bbehind, makes me want to cringe. Only thing bigger than her fake a– is her ego. Im sure even that has left her now. Also, face looks like a wooden vantriloquist dummy. Just…freak. and no mean comments to me pls. She did this to herself and deserves the flame.

  7. My coats are in my closet crying bc one of their cousins iis cloaking Kim and gettiing pawed by Kanye. I feel their pain. Also, hair doesnt matter.

  8. Looks awful but I always think she looks bad. Never found her attractive; don’t see the big deal about her face or body. Actually I have always found her very unattractive.

    • Cmpletely agree, will never understand the hype about these Kardashian girls. I don’t find them pretty, nor do they have talent or charm. I think Americans just want mindless entertainment to laugh at – e.g Miley, LiLo, Kardashians, etc…

    • Completely agree with both of you. I don’t see her as an icon as much as I see her as an entertainment virus. I don’t think she is attractive and I hate how fake she is with the shilling of diet pills and plastic surgery. Maybe I’m mean but her body is also my version of a nightmare. She is so exaggerated in proportion because of her… various implants that it’s ridiculous.

  9. I dont think it suits her very well, the shade of blonde washes her out because it doesnt go with her complexiob. Maybe a warmer honey blonde ala Jessica Alba-style would work better.

    But her makeunder began way before this hair,she ruined her once lovely face with her unflattering nose job and whatever botox/fillers/surgery she did to her face. When Kim K first came out she was GORGEOUS. Then she destroyed her face. The nose job is the worst, they narrowed her nose which messed up the harmony of her face; her face and nose looks longer now. Her nose looks like a hotdog with nostrils. Something in the eye area was tweaked too, idk what. And the lasered hairline is creepy. Damn it Kim, why?!

    • Her hair looks off as sin, but dont you think Jessica looks better with honey blonde than trashy Kim would? Albas light olive, but paler sometimes, esp without the makeup, cos of her mom being white and all. Kims darker than Jessica, and she loves to layer on the makeup like plaster of paris (BWAHAA!) She just looks off in so many ways with a dark on top barbie wig. Albas way hotter naturally.

    • the hair color looks horrible, and it certainly is not ‘blonde’. I cant tell if some people actually like it or if they just like the fact that she looks bad now. I feel sorry for her. She had so much time and money in her 20s, yet she has never looked iconic or timeless. It was always too much makeup, fashion fail outfits and just being a try hard in general. Fashion wise i think she rarely got it right. She had the potential to look so much better, but i guess good taste is something that is passed down, and her mother is sorely lacking.

      • Looks blonde to me, definitely isnt any shade of black, red, or brunette.

        The Kardashian kids had the money and privilege to get any kind of education they wanted, but they chose to ride the coattails of the silicone stuffed sister and her p*rn tape so that they could be on reality tv. They have zero class and dignity.

        • blue hair isnt red brunette or black, is that blonde as well? my point is blondes are commonly associated with fair skin+light eyes. Kate upton and marilyn mnroe are thought of as blondes. Darker skinned women lightening their hair is still not blonde. Kim’s hair looks like a shade you would get if you bleach dark hair once or twice. It’s not really all the way blonde.

          • I believe the hair stylist Amanda has already corrected you, her hair IS blonde.

            Regardless of her skin tone she is blonde now. Blonde refers to simply the hair color; they probably chose this mixed shade of blonde in order for it to be more flattering with her skin tone (fail). I’m sure they could take her hair to platinum if she wanted.

            Blonde is a hair color, after all Paris Hilton’s blonde hair and blue eyes are fake but we wouldn’t call her hair anything else but blonde. Regardless of the person’s features skin tone/eye color/features hair can be blonde, naturally or unnaturally. I’ve seen blonde Australian aboriginies.

            And no, blue isn’t blonde. But I don’t know anyone who has sprouted a true shade of blue from their head thus listing it is pointless, nice try though.

  10. I don’t mind the hair too much, what I really don’t like though is the constant botox. It makes her face look off. I think the hair would actually look better if she was wearing no makeup. I prefer her with no makeup in general anyway. She puts way too much on and it makes her face just look plain and boring to me. When she has no makeup, she does seem to have dark circles around her eyes, but I think it looks attractive. I know I may be weird, but she carries it off better than I do with her darker skin. It makes her look more mysterious and exotic imo. I just look like a ghost with dark circles, but she looks kinda sexy.

    Anyway, never thought her face was her best feature. Her body is looking a lot better lately.

  11. dyed her hair blond to keep people talking about thw “makeover” instead of her weight. not a fan though, she looks best with almost-black hair

  12. I keep thinkin George Lopez; dont let me switch the lights off to find you!!!!! silly girl. Hahahaha. Any shade of blonde on brown skin looks like a joke. She should stay with her natural hair. blonde, big no no

  13. It’s sooo bad 🙁 She looked best with her natural hair color, this just adds to the things of fake on her. And I wish we could see her body under that big ol’ coat of hers.

  14. dont like it. natural brown was the best on her. on the other hand, it seems like she acts more normal since she is with kanye.. no more vulgar duck faces, hair extensions and kilos of make up. now its like a half of a kilo 🙂 also she looks more relaxed, confident and happy. good for her.

  15. I like it! My colors are much like hers (my father is dark, but my mother is scandinavian), and I got af very light ombre a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll go all the way like her next time! She also looks happy and good in general 🙂

  16. you get good trash and bad trash. kim k, still trash, but good to watch on tv. blue, pink, green, blonde, black, brown hair, I could care little. her family is too funny and extroverted, thats why I like it. trash tv at its best. go kim!!!!

  17. Given her height and body type, she always looks squat an frumpy in loose clothing. Would not want to have her body type. Does not look good in clothes, maybe just bikinis.

  18. Most people do NOT look good with a hair tone that’s too different from their natural one. It’s rare a person to which blonde hair suits, Kim is no exception.

    • I totally agree. There’s a reason why someone like Kim was born with dark hair….it compliments her skin tone.
      Just like there’s a reason someone like me was born with light blonde hair…because I’m half German, half Irish and have very pale skin and pale features. Would I go & dye my hair dark brown or black? No, because Mother Nature already gave me what compliments my features!

  19. i dont think them not being married is the real issue. if people are truly in love, they already feel like they are married long before the ring slips on the finger. i think the issue is she doesnt love him. she is just getting old and its hard for her to find someone who will worship her. i think shes isnecure and she needs to feel like a trophy gf, and kanye does that for her. but i dont think she sees him as a soulmate.

    • I agree with Guru, it’s outdated thinking to feel you have to be married to have a child. My sister (who did end up marrying this guy at a later date) had two PLANNED children before getting married.

      On a second note. Kim is a lot of things but obese isn’t one of them. I’ve actually seen her in person a few times, she’s surprisingly very itty bitty. A lot smaller than photographs portray. Yes she’s curvy…but she is really tiny and petite.

  20. Makeunder! I think she looks better with either dark or light brown or black.
    I’m not sure if she is trying to go for the ombre look or what, but it just looks like she has bad regrowth and her hair looks dirty. Maybe it would look better if the regrowth was gone.

  21. i think this hair color isn’t flattering to Kim and it seems like her face looks different every time we have a post here, she need to lay off make up, try using less…also that woman in pics with her kinda looks like an aged version of Cara Delevinge

  22. i kind of like it……but her face is looking horrid it looked bad the last few pics I have seen of her…hair is cute I like it better then that other time she went blonde in 2010

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