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Kim Kardashian Brings the Quote of the Day

kim-boobs - Kim Kardashian Brings the Quote of the Day

“There’s a lot of plastic surgery rumors that swirl and I’m the first one to be super honest. And so everyone was talking about that, saying that they must be, you know, fake. They are real, They are completely 100 percent real.”

… says Kim in a video interview.

Do you guys believe her or do you have some doubts?

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  • Rita

    sometimes i feel they r real & sometimes not.. i mean there were pix 4 her when she was around 13 & they were huge 4 a 13-year-old girl
    but n this pic.. they don’t look real.. i dont know…

  • Rita

    & she looks like a wax figure n this pic!

  • Jamie

    Breasts are real. Nose, lips = fake. Among other things, too, most likely. Botox.

    • KatoAto

      Yeah, I agree. I loves how she says she is the “first one to be super honest,” but ONLY when commenting in relation to her boobs.

      I think her boobs are real but that’s about it. I mean look at this before an after pic? I hate liars.


  • emme

    is she talking about her breasts? i think they are real but i don’t think the rest of her body is completely unaltered by plastic surgery. doesn’t she know that people have eyes? maybe she should be “super honest” about the rest of her body. again, why is she famous?

  • peach

    I think her breast are real, that’s not something she should confront and be honest about.
    I don’t know how much plastic surgery she’s had, but she does look different from when KUWTK first started. She should me “100% honest” about that.

  • Hazal

    My conclusion is: breast and butt are 100% real. parts of her face: not so much.

    • Hazal

      I meant breasts

      • Kim Ks Booty

        aww you’re really cute for believing kim kardashian’s butt was real! you believe in the good in man, don’t you?

        • Isabel

          I don’t get why people think her ass is fake. It’s MASSIVE. Who would pay for an ass that size? I think even she is a little embarrassed about it, hence why she always wears cover-ups at the beach. And she’s always struggling to loose weight so I think she knows it’s digustingly large.

    • i think her face has changed SO much even in the last six months…she’s starting to look much more like her mother, especially in the nose and chin area…maybe surgery there?

      • I agree Jessica. Her face has changed. The tip of her nose is much more refined now and not as rounded. She looks like a younger version of her mother.

  • carlie

    i believe they are real but i also think she has had some work done on them. i’m thinking a breast lift for sure.

    • carlie

      and those nails are hideous!

      • niele

        wooww didnt notice them, those are some ugly tacky nails…

  • Lux

    The thing about celebrity is that the definition has been skewed with the development of the internet and reality television. People don’t realize there is a difference between fame and infamy. Being infamous is NOT the same as being famous. Leaking your own sex tape, being a mistress of a celebrity who is cheating on their wife, participating in questionable recreation with Charlie Sheen, getting drunk and making a fool of yourself on reality television… none of these things make you famous. Kim Kardashian is not famous. She is infamous. Infamous for being a… well, you know.

    • Evelina

      I totally have your side on this, especially about Kim K.

    • Anne

      ya like julia roberts shes FAMOUS shell be remembered because of her talent but people like kim and all the other socialites wont be remembered at all

  • Alexa

    I love Kim and I think her boobs are real, but her face-not so much.

  • neonilla

    Ewwww she officially disgusts me! how many ounces of makeup did she put on her face?! And she looks unbelievably tacky all the time, it hurts my eyes
    Anyway, maybe it’s true they are “real” because she might have no implants but she had them lifted for sure, there’s no way they looks that perky considering their size and after the weight fluctuations she’s been through. That’s why she feels like she’s not lying so much.

    “Super honest” was quite a funny joke though.

    • Yazmin

      AGREE SO MUCH. I think her nose,lips,boobs and ass are all fake. Definite botox and fillers have happened too,I’d say. And if the public can note these changes,there’s probably a hell of a lot more she’s had done. I have NEVER seen real breasts that big look that shape and and stand out that much. That is not the natural shape of a real breast. It’s sad that some people can’t tell a real from a fake anymore…Her ass is defo not really either,if you see before and after pics. It looks RIDICULOUS,like a baked loaf of bread hanging off her or something. Ridiculous.
      I’m not denying she can look good at times. But in this picture,her make up is disgusting. I just wanna scrape it off,it looks really caked and glazed on. Gross. It often looks like this though…She really needs an image overhaul. The nails are atrocious too!! This woman reminds me of Snooki or something here…OVERDONE :L

    • Zaza

      Real or not, she looks cheap and always completely made up, its just not that attractive. I speak for most people (I think) when I say we’re all completely ODing on Kim Kardashian at this point. Enough is enough. It’s so refreshing to see pretty girls like Camilla Belle, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis etc who don’t pile on the makeup and just look natural and pretty. Just the antidote to seeing pictures of vile/vain Kim K. Ugh.

  • hays

    I have never once heard her speak about something other than her body. We get it, you’re curvy.

    • J

      Exactly! I don’t think she has much else to talk about since she is useless. I’m so tired of the “famous because my parents are rich and I party” people.

  • R

    toooo much make-up! it looks skimpy and the outfit, is kinda more for a hot steamy night with your husband,I don;t want to see that outfit on public miss Kardashian! She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful tummy, but she could dress herself waayy more sophisticated,

  • Inanna

    Nothing on her looks real.

  • lil-r

    I would believe that her breasts are real…I don’t think that’s what most people are talking about with the plastic surgery rumours. I mean, she obviously had work on her face…to deny that just makes her look more ridiculous

  • Ophelie

    In this photo I would bet they were taped up but having seen the nude W shoot I think they are real. It makes me laugh that she cares so much whether the public thinks her boobs are real or not, especially since she wasn’t born with a face like the cat lady. I used to really like her but now I am tired of her. I also find it so hypocritical that in one magazine she blabs about not finding her body as sexy as everyone else does and then a couple of days later posting the above pic on Twitter saying is this too sexy to tweet?

    • hays

      totally agree.

  • ruby

    I think they’re real, i mean why should we even have the right to know anyways??

    Yes she is famous, and it’s “a part of her job”, but it is a bit rude. I mean you wouldn’t pick apart a ‘normal’ person’s body, deciding/ making judgements on if they’ve have plastic surgery or not.

    i will always support Kim 😉

    • Mia

      what is her job? her job is look a certain way, there is nothing else to it. So yes, given that her job is to look a certain way, we have the “right” to criticize her body. I let me co-workers/superiors criticize things I do at work that are related to my job performance, and the same should be true for Kim K.

  • snoops

    Um yeah stop trying to deflect attention from your obviously fake face to your boobs Kim. Its not your boobs people are talking about and you know it.

  • ginger

    Right now I’m LMFAO!!

    I have to say I really don’t care about this woman… I like this site and I was curious about the quote… I think it’s just pointless and silly to worry about what people say of her.. her breasts or anything.. However, since she cares that much..



    …here’s something that might help you guys decide wether they’re fake or not… Plus.. her facial features..

    Kim, really.. don’t try to fool people like this!!


    • rami

      good call Ginger.

    • I don’t think that’s very accurate…I mean she’s about 15 in the black and white pic and wearing a bikini top in comparison to being in her 20’s in the other pics and wearing tight dresses that, most likely, have built in support and what not. There’s a pretty significant difference between my breasts in a bikini top and in a bra (especially when in a tight dress).
      Having said that, I think her breasts are one of the few things that are real haha and she will probably modify them as she ages.
      On another note, I wonder what her body fat percentage is with T&A like that.

      • ginger

        well, let me tell you from personal experience that boobs don’t grow THAT much from 15 to 20’s… I’m in my 20’s and my boobs are even smaller than in my teen years due to some weight loss..

        So, I truly believe they’re as FAKE as Lindsay Lohan saying she’s sober.. And so is her face…

        All this said.. it is really sad that there are people like this and they become more famous with every stupid thing they do…

        And, something I need to say… She looks like a whore in this and many other pictures I’ve seen of her..

        • I have a fair few friends in their early 20’s that are still experiencing breast development and not due to weight gain or anything else. I do think it is possible that she’s had one because she’s very body obsessed but those photos just didn’t best represent it. I think it’s more likely, though, that she’s had a breast lift because they should have a little more of a sag due to their size and her age. Either way, I agree with you about her looking atrocious in this photo. She reminds me of a 16 year old girl going to a halloween dress up party hahaha.

        • Cristina

          I now weigh less than what i weighed at 14 (and to make things clear, i was a thin child/teenager to begin with); my breasts however are much bigger. Your personal experience applies to you, others have different personal experiences. I haven’t grown in height since 14 or so, yet my body shape changed until almost 20 and my boobs grew until over 20.

  • i believe it for sure. i mean both of her sisters have big boobs and butts as well as her mom… small boobs on such a curvy figure would be much more odd than big ones… and armenians tend to be curvier.

    • Well yeah, I would think that too, except that Kourtney admitted to having fake breasts.

      • Carlie

        My point exactly! Now after seeing before and afters of her in that blue dress, she’s totally had a boob job! Not a drastic change since they were already on the larger side but something to just lift them and give them a better more full shape. She’s so dumb. She craves this attention.

  • mel

    Wow, what is the purpose of posting a picture like that on Twitter? This woman has no class.

    • I know, it’s so… cheap. She looks like a porn star. Maybe she’s planning on doing another “special” movie, just incase she’s losing popularity.

      • Anne

        1) she is a pornstar
        2) i know right? its like hey people im working! in a bikini omg!

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  • missy

    I… don’t care. She looks like a really pretty drag queen to me… super pretty, looks all woman, so perfectly made up to compensate for that extra piece.

  • WM

    I think her breasts might be real. But who knows with her?
    Butt is definitely injection filled, and that nose is not real either so she better start owning up

  • Are those her nipples way at the bottom or is that just the bikini?

  • jenna

    ugh will someone do the world a favor and put a MUZZLE on her and her whole family. theyre all a bunch of media whores and need to get over themselves

  • Mariah

    I don’t really care much about Kim Kardashian or whether she lies or not. But it was one thing to lie and say she has had nothing done ever, or just never admit to anything. But now it is just funny how she tries to play it off. She knows it is blatantly obvious she has had work done on her face so she thinks she can just say “oh I’m so open about it hello I have had botox on my show so obviously I’m telling the truth” and so on. But she has clearly had much more than just botox, I just think it is stupid for her to even mention it or talk about it at this point when she is just making up lie on top of lie trying to play the public for fools. I don’t know, who cares I guess but she just gets annoying after a while, I am honestly shocked she is still around at this point I never thought her fame would last this long. Here I am saying this as I am commenting on a post only making her more relevant. I’ll stop. 🙂

    • Anne

      i think her fame lasts long because she has such a large family thats in the tabloids too, its not like were dealing with 1 person like paris hilton, she has a whole army of people who are in the news theyre all connected, so you cant mention one without the others

  • Rebecca

    if she’s the first to be ‘super honest’ when is she going to be honest about her nose job?

    • Anne

      i know! her nose looks SO thin right now, it just looks like this long and thin line in the middle of her face doesnt match at all, she should of kept it thicker

  • Kimberly

    How narcissistic can a person be?! Regardless of whether or not her boobs are real, this picture of her is nothing short of atrocious. Does she have nothing better to do than wear 4 inches of makeup and a ridiculously trashy outfit to get attention? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer.

  • HAHA

    i’m never coming back to this site again. all you guys do is talk sh*t about people. get a life. i came here just to look at celebrities not hate on them. seriously, all of you need day jobs.

    • Ellie

      You clearly haven’t read very many posts here. Kim K. posts often stir up negative comments because a lot of people find her annoying and narcissistic, that’s eveywhere, not just here. Of course there are some more brazen commenters than others, but as a general rule I find most people on this site are fair and reasoned, unlike a lot of others. Go and look at some other posts before claiming that all we do it here is “talk sh*t”.

      • Anne

        agreed, i havent heard a positive thing about kim unless its some guy going oh i like her ass or whatever

    • Anne

      ok then dont come back nobody cares 😛

  • Ellie

    Ahh. She looks horrible. 😐

  • Mirabela

    This picture… I saw it on a site. I think she posted on her twiter or something. And put a photo of her sister to. And asking for people who is looking better: she or her sister? And 70-80% percent of people was voting for her sister.

    • Anne

      wow she acually did that? does this woman just sit around thinking about how to put her makeup on and what to wear? wow what a life.

  • lc

    Maybe they are real. But her face? Hell no.

  • Anne

    see? she takes pics from the top to make her look thinner i guess

  • Totally trashy outfit but what lipcolor is she wearing? I love it!

  • booobahh

    wow she looks like an idiot here. Using way too much m.a.c. foundation/concealer/cement. Does she ever talk about anything BESIDES herself???

  • That swimsuit looks gross on her.

    She has such a pretty face, its a shame that she acts so trashy and wears so much makeup.

    I wish that for a change she’d try wearing less makeup and dosomething different with her hair. For as long as I’ve known of her its always been super long and black. Why not change it up a bit a dye it a deep chocolate brown and cut it to a few inches past the shoulder blades?

    On the bright side, she is looking smaller in this photo. Which was probably the main reason for posting this highly revealing photo. She needs an excuse to show off her weight loss.

  • pierre

    she sometimes makes me feel bad for young women( not that im old or anything) who look up to her i really think that she could be a better role model and as many people that try to emulate her she should keep some things like that underwraps and only at the beach and not twittered to a million people. her hair is gorgeous in this pic tho. too much makeup..you dont need to hide..

  • I do think her body is real because she did have big boobs at a young age. But come on Kim you had botox so you’re not all real. And that picture is straight up trashy. To think I used to like her at one point.

  • Aims

    I cant believe she thinks she looks good with that much makeup? She is so fake – no amount of plastic surgery could help her face, sorry but she has extremely undesirable features! Eat a piece of humble pie sweetheart…anyone else notice her face is several shades lighter than her body???

  • WhoSays

    2 Words: PLAIN GROSS

  • This woman is unbelievably fake! I don’t mean her boobs – I think they are real, but lifted (they are just too high and perky for their size and her age) – but her attitude to me just screams try hard and fake. I don’t like the way she says “I’m the first one to be super honest about plastic surgery” – that’s so arrogant and untrue! And when you see older pics of her you can tell she has had some surgery on her face – age doesn’t change a person that much and it certainly doesn’t make your nose smaller, the opposite is true!

    She looks so cheap in this pic too – I know it’s for a photo shoot, but she’s such a one-trick pony with all these super sexy images. I just don’t respect her much at all.
    I love the fact that she’s curvy and she’s been one of the celebs who has made curvy sexy again and not ‘fat’ like it was 10 years ago – but her personality is just so flat and cliche to me.
    The way she keeps fluctuating so much in weight is also not a good example to set – it’s never healthy to repeatedly lose and gain so much. And her quotes are always either dumb or untruthful (like this one) or cliche – like she read it in a cheap self-help book! Hopefully she’ll grow her own personality as she gets older and not continue to come off like an airhead pornstar!

    • Anne

      true, i noticed that everytime she cried or got upset it was because of her, or something that happened to her, i think her sisters are acually real, idk whats up with kim tho

  • gabrielle

    i think she’s gorgeous, so amazingly beautiful…my opinion!

    • Ashes

      I agree. I know she gets a lot of negative shtick for being a fame whore but I think her body’s banging.

  • Anna

    I am torn. Her sister Kourtney has big boobs but she admitted that they are fake. Her other sister Khloe has rather small and real breasts though, so maybe Kims tits are indeed fake?

  • Jalene

    EEEWWWW at her in every way, body, face, attentionwhore self.

  • Cristina

    To quote myself, “Woman, get over yourself already!!”. Or go have a coffee with Sofia Vergara and discuss your boobs and assess away from us.

  • Sherida

    I honestly don´t give $”#&

  • Sienna

    The Length, dimensions of her face and piled with makeup that thick make her look like a real TRANNY.

    • Aims

      I have to agree that she does look like a tranny – even without all that makeup. She’s in the same group as Tori Spelling in my books.

  • There are Real…real breasts don’t have the same shape size like fake boobs,if you watch closely you will see that the right one is smaller than the left one.I have big boobs too and mine aren’t the same.Maybe she has done a breast lift.
    Ps Why so much make up????

  • Melissa.Marissa

    They were real in season 1 of Kardashians, and they have always been large, but she had implants lift etc at the same time as her 2nd nose jobs, botox, lip injections etc. Her Mum has implants and Kourtney ( admittedly) had implants as well. Who cares though really. She’s gorgeous and has an amazing body. Just hope she doesn’t alter her face anymore, looks a little plastic nowadays.

  • I know it’s not nice to say this about a person but she looks… well disgusting.
    I mean Kim you have big boobs ad ass, an overall curvy figure, full lips, catlike eyes and long dark hair so you really don’t need to try THIS hard to be sexy. She could just wear a white t-shirt, jeans, little make up and look sexy as hell so Why? Why do you do this to yourself??

    • jane

      I totally agree with you. I know that many of us go through an experimental phase where we pile on the makeup and think it makes us hotter, but most of us outgrow that phase — why hasn’t she?

  • vanessa

    She must think we are all stupid of course she’s had work done lips,breasts,nose,botox she is fake either tell the truth or don’t say anything!

  • Kelly

    she wears way too much makeup. she looks straight up tranny

  • jay

    she needs to cover up.
    leave something for the imagination please.

  • Kim Ks Booty

    really i can’t see why people are still discussing the realness of her body parts.don’t you have eyes??? so for all the people who still don’t get it:

    1. kim kardashian had a nose job
    2. chin reduction
    3. facial liposuction
    4.liposuction on her waist and abdominal area aswell as on her thighs. look at her waist. it’s an unnatural curve.
    5.she has butt implants. she used to have a flat butt (check out the before pics)which is just common for middle eastern chicks and now she has a ridiculous, cartoonish behind. butt injections do not exist. fat gets absorbed within three weeks after surgery and other substances like pmma/ hydrogel/ liquid silicone are very harmful to your body. they build lumps and reach into your lungs and system and a lot of the people who get it die within the next few years.

    i believe her lips are real. but i’m not sure about her breasts…sometimes they look a bit droopy and at other times they look fake.

  • Sims

    She’s attractive but honestly the boobs popping out are a bit much. I think since she’s naturally beautiful she doesn’t need to wear all that makeup. I’ve seen her on the show at the gym w/o makeup and she looks her best there. For her since she has great skin she just needs some mascara and a light pink lipstick to look bomb.

  • Issa

    Seriously, could she look more like a dirty cheap stripper in this picture? Not well done Kim!

  • Ashley Nicole

    She used to be such a beauty. What went wrong?

  • I think her boobs are fake. I also believe she has been going to the same plastic surgeon her mother goes to.. starting to look creepily similar .. I really dont find Kim all too appealling.. plus fake lips, fake nose, weird juvederm/botox injections to give her higher cheekbones etc.. “facial structure”, plus those spiderweb eyelashes and that huge gross ass.. sorry, but no.

  • N_S

    OMG!! i hate this picture of her!! straight up tranny!

  • I don’t know whether her boobs or butt are real but this swimsuit is absolutely hideous on her, it makes her look like a prostitute and does not flatter her figure.

    As for the shape of real breasts vs fake breasts, some can look pretty real and there’s sometimes a difference of size between the two but some bras can make real breasts look fake so we’ll never know.

  • jbcbg

    one of the reasons i hate this woman so much is i saw this video of her and her sisters talking about when they lost their virginities, and her sisters answered honestly, but kim was like “i’m a really private person, i don’t like to talk about that kind of stuff”, and i swear – if i’d been the interviewer, i would’ve smacked her across the face and slid a copy of her sex tape across the table. she is one of the biggest hypocrites in hollywood, imo, and that’s saying something.

    anyway, i think she’s fake all over. fake tan, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake nose, fake lips (the flu? um, no), fake boobs, DEFINITELY fake butt. fake fake fake. the end.

  • Crissy

    I have fake boobs and baby those are fake as the come…….I dont know why these girls have to lie about weight and Plastic surgery who cares if you got fake boobs who gives a %$^#! I mean really who is she trying to fool?

  • h

    i love kim but her nails are disgusting

  • Rach

    She is a very attractive lady and would look better with less makeup!

  • Marie

    boobs are real, face is ultra fake

  • Steph

    Doesn’t matter if she hasn’t had plastic surgery. she’s still a TERRIBLE role model. I’d rather look up to someone who had plastic surgery than someone who got famous for a sex tape. Some things should be private.

  • Lil

    boobs : FAKE! Wake up girls!

  • Sarah

    Definitely fake. Has she forgotten she has divorce splattered onlime about her divorce with first husband Damon Thomas or something who states in them clear as day he bought her boobs??? No buenos Kim didn’t hear her clarify that. Fake boobs and everything else

  • PC

    Her tits are 100% fake, just like Kourtney’s (who’s actually admitted to having hers done btw) and Khloe’s and Kris’s. They have all have boob jobs (and more.) If you don’t believe me, there are plenty of pictures of her topless on google that show that her boobs defy gravity and look basically like a porn star’s. Also, her ass is not natural either. While she doesn’t have butt implants, she has had the fat liposuctioned from her thighs, stomach, upper arms and injected into her butt. And don’t even get me started on the nose job, lip injections, and botox. Her hair isn’t even 100% real, she uses lots of extensions.This is a joke, anyone with a background in cosmetic surgery can spot all the things she’s had done a mile away given her “before” pictures. (FYI, she had her boob job really early on in her teens so of course her boobs look big back then.)