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Kim Kardashian, Curvy from the Back

kim-kardashian-curvy-from-the-back - Kim Kardashian, Curvy from the Back

I don’t know if you noticed, but Kim hasn’t been showing off her curvy curves lately – and I especially mean the back curves – she herself declared that it gets pretty lame to keep turning with the booty to the camera on the red carpet, at the photographers’ requests.

Well, this isn’t the red carpet, it’s just Kim running errands in her tight pants – good enough!

How do you like it?

P.S. She doesn’t look bad, but this isn’t the most flattering outfit Kim could wear. I’d go for longer and looser pants (because they will make her look taller and leaner), and for tops that show off her small waist.


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  • missy

    I’m not a “rail thin is the only way” type gal… but Kim looks flubby & out of shape here. No thanks.

  • runner_girl

    I agree with Missy. WIDE LOAD

  • stella

    She doesn’t look flubby or out of shape, and the only reason she looks like a “wide load” is because she is wearing a highly unflattering outfit. Jeans and fitted tee would have been a better choice than this 🙁

  • red

    yeah, i agree with all of you. she cant look perfect all the time though…

  • the outfit is not the best but i can understand why she’s hiding it.

  • nin

    Her leggings are too tight around her bottom – on purpose perhaps?


    shes cute nice shape but she too wide


    omg guyts, she look fine. whats so bad about the outfit, the fact that you can see that she has a booty ? oh my shocking…

    • kayla

      i agree. I think she looks gorgeous. Some people are jealous of a girl that has an ass and still looks better than these commenters on here

  • Amy

    are you kidding?
    seriously she always manages to look hot

  • hhh

    she is curvy from the front side as well(see her mouthlicking boobs).

    • Milly

      hhh! time for dinner! hhhhhhhh! mouthlicking dinner!