Kim Kardashian – Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big? Part 4

July 22, 2008 in Front and Back, Kim Kardashian by Versus

When it comes to Kim, it is vital that we get to see her from multiple perspectives – because in her case, we all know that the back and the side value more than the front.

So, here she is walking around in her tight, tight pants just after a workout. Yes, she works out – probably because her boyfriend Reggie Bush expressed her desire for… a smaller butt (according to New York Post). Now I agree that Kim’s butt is gigantic, but on the other hand, so many males out there would love to charish it, admire it and sleep next to it every night – such a pity that Kim’s boyfriend isn’t as thrilled to do so.  

On another note, Kim’s booty from the side is sporting some unusual and debatable bump on the left cheek. Ideas?

Photo source: A Class Celebs

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