Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian: “I Will Definitely Get Plastic Surgery”

kim-kardashian-i-will-definitely-get-plastic-surgery - Kim Kardashian: "I Will Definitely Get Plastic Surgery"

“I am down for it,” she told at Maxim’s 10th Annual Hot 100 bash in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday. “One day I will definitely get it.”

“I would probably get my boobs done after I have kids,” she told Us. “I think every woman needs a good lift after they have kids, so I would start with that. You never know what I would need — it depends on what I would look like when I get older. But I would definitely do something.”

Source: US Magazine

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  • toobz

    I used to love her. But now every time she opens her mouth she pisses me off >:(.

    • Kellie

      Same here . . . except that I still kind of love her. Guilty pleasure. I just hate that such a beautiful woman could bring down her appeal so much by the words that come from her mouth . . . blog . . . etc. I feel like an idiot for liking her so much. I wish that she could be a woman of desirable intellect AND beauty.

  • Kristy

    Gosh, she is so pretty! I’m all for a boob lift in a few years time!

    • Kae

      I agree, she really is pretty. Whoever is doing her makeup really knows how to bring out her features.

    • Apple

      I’m not gonna lie, after I have kids I’ll probably get a boob job too. But only if I get tube boobs. Lol.

  • Instant

    I guess breast lifts are fine, there really are women out there that do need them(and not just because they had kids, they may have had a lot of change in their weight, or just the natural process of aging), but to say that women need them after having kids is a bit ignorant. I’ve had 3 kids, and my breasts are fine and in no need of any kind of cosmetic surgery at all(and I’ve had a major change in size, from A cup to larger than a D cup).

  • mjb352

    i guess if money was no object i would definitely consider it. but at the same time, i’d be really scared, because it is surgery after all! I think people in hollywood forget sometimes that plastic surgery is a pretty serious medical procedure that can have a lot of complications…why undergo surgery unless it is absolutely vital to your health?

  • Kae

    Elective surgery can be a slippery slope. I have a lot of friends who’ve had work done and you know what? They never seem completely happy with what they’ve got. It can be quite addicting, especially in Hollywood where people are constantly feeling the pressure to stay young and thin.

    But I am for freedom of choice and if someone wants to do it and they have the money, they should, but only for themselves, not to please others. If it improves an individual’s self esteem and allows them to lead a more productive life, go for it. I’ve had a baby and my boobs aren’t the same, but I wear a great bra and my man still loves them:) It’s up to the individual.

  • wink

    I hope that woman never breeds.

  • KJ

    and all this coming from the woman that is “so” against photoshop… hmmm…

  • Blissful

    blah blah blah….

  • Michelle

    I am not against people who have plastic surgery but to say that most woman need breast lifts after having kids is crazy.

  • Vera

    She’s beautiful. I wish she would just age gracefully, but it’s her decision.

  • slitt

    that’s terrible. ageing is a natural process and the thing with plastic surgery is most celebs never know where to stop, they get addicted and end up looking completely different eg lil kim, micheal jackson but then she will probrably need it to keep a hunk like reggie because people with darker shkin don’t age as quickly

  • Lillian

    I read this and I kind of didn’t care at first.

    But that’s crazy.

    It’s just the way our society is that makes a boob job seem like it has the importance of a bikini wax!

  • Suzy

    Her makeup almost looks TOO good. It’s kind of clownish if you think about it.

    About her pro-plastic surgery comment, I don’t agree. Plastic surgery is for those who want to look plastic. Don’t count me in on that one. I’d be happier with saggy natural boobs then extremely perky fakes.

  • tulona

    getting plastic surgery is an indivual’s choice but i personally don’t like it. i would never do that to myself and i simply can’t understand women who want to get plastic surgery. aging is a natural process and so is giving birth, and people should love themselves, whatever they look like.

    • toobz

      exactly. I thought only in high school people cared that much about their flaws or whatever they think their flaws are. I guess some people just don’t get over it. and giving birth is natural just like breast feeding so I Don’t Know why girls think that breasts are for some kind of fashion and sexual area, they’re for your babies. Shit like this makes me hate men and society for putting a label on what is beautiful.

      • anonymous

        Don’t hate on men in this respect, most men I know like the way natural breasts look(and some like them even more after the affects of pregnancies, sagginess, stretchmarks and all), regardless of size or if they are not 100% perky/”perfect” because of the natural processes women go through.

  • anabel

    She is so gorgeous. Such a shame she is so much of an airhead that she will end up ruining her natural beauty through plastic surgery one day.

  • fionamclaughlin

    well, she’s already full of botox and fillers… it’s the next logical step for a woman whose career is dependant on her appearence…

  • sarah jane

    Does it really surprise anyone that she would get plastic surgery? It’s pretty obvious that her looks are everything to her.

    But her comment that most women “need” a lift after kids is very ignorant. Not every woman has the means to get plastic surgery and can’t afford to make their appearance their number one priority!

  • sammy

    ARE U PPL SERIOUS…??/ FIRST OF LL I LOVE KIM I REALLY DO…….BUT SHE ALLREADY HAS IMPLANTS…… for her to say shell get implants is sooo sick…kourtney has admited to gettin the implants and kim boobs are also fake u cna tell by lookin at the shape..and not only that

    but if u look at older pictures of her from before…..she doesnt have those boobs…

    for her to say shell liek to get it…jus a plain simple liar…no kim….

  • xo

    Kims saggy boobs are real.. so is her dumpy ass. true story.

  • Boom

    Um, hasn’t she already?

    That is so superficial. I guess it’s all part of the game.

  • Dr. Skinner

    Kim has always been and will always be naturally beautiful.
    Shame that she cannot be satisfied with that and needs to enhance some of her body parts.
    She is vain and superficial, not satisfied with what she has – obsessively pursuing a better “her” and now with botox – on a young lady – give me a break.

    Would love to see her enhance any talent she might have – beauty is only skin deep.