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Kim Kardashian: “I’m definitely to my goal weight”

FFN_vcv_52130957 - Kim Kardashian: "I’m definitely to my goal weight"

On losing 70 lbs and reaching her goal weight of 120 pounds:

“I’m definitely to my goal weight… definitely down way more than I expected. The Atkins diet is so easy to me, because there are so many sweets and treats and stuff to keep you satisfied along the way.”

… says Kim, who gave birth to her second child in December.

Pictured: Kim at the Hakkasan Night Club in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 22, 2016.

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FFN_vcv_52130959 - Kim Kardashian: "I’m definitely to my goal weight" FFN_vcv_52130960 - Kim Kardashian: "I’m definitely to my goal weight" FFN_vcv_52130963 - Kim Kardashian: "I’m definitely to my goal weight" FFN_vcv_52130964 - Kim Kardashian: "I’m definitely to my goal weight" FFN_vcv_52130967 - Kim Kardashian: "I’m definitely to my goal weight"


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  • Ellie

    I really don’t like her but I give her that – she looks great!

    I don’t think Atkins is healthy in the long run though.. like most special diets. Just eat healthy and work out!

  • Mel

    Kim is looking much better & the dress isn’t as hideous as a lot of the stuff she wears. The dark side panels are slimming and the structured tailoring is flattering too, but she’s obviously lost some weight.

  • HB

    So can she stop talkin about it now?

  • lc

    Lol, it’s all going to come back just like Kelly Brook, too bad.

  • Leighton

    She looks awful here: the orange tan, the wet hair, the caked on make up….

    I saw some recent candids though, and her body does look good!

  • Jason Downs

    She totally looks like Naya Riveria here.

    • Calia

      How dare you? Kim bought that face first!

  • ar

    Looks like Kim K is doing much better on Atkins than Kelly Brook.

  • SexxyManatee

    She looks great! glad she managed to reach her goal.

  • Rita_7

    She’s looking good.. but I was a bit skeptical.. lol.. nowadays they contour the check bones, collar bones, cleavage.. everything! even toes! so these could be her bones.. or just makeup lol.. either way.. she’s looking really good lately

  • niobe

    She looks great, but I expect if she turned round her ass would still be alarming

  • liss

    This woman will never be satisfied.

  • sharlane

    She looks great, though if I were her I’d get my diaper-looking BBL fixed.

  • Diana

    I give up. I keep hoping she will stop the plastic surgery because its going too far but she seems to crossed the line into bad plastic surgery