Kim Kardashian, Photoshop Job

Kim Kardashian Gets Photoshopped for Fatice Magazine



She loves to show off her curves in the tiniest outfits and lingerie for the cameras – and this spread is no exception!

Here’s extra pouty, plastic-doll-like Kim Kardashian in an ultra photoshopped shoot for Fatice magazine.


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kim-kardashian-factice-2-530x755 kim-kardashian-factice-3-530x749  kim-kardashian-factice-5-530x769 kim-kardashian-factice-6-530x782 kim-kardashian-factice-7-530x754  kim-kardashian-factice-10-530x374


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  • anna

    hate the hair 🙁

    • MissMarilyn

      can I just point out how fake her hair looks in the last picture? It’s REALLY weird.

      • Alyssa

        Her hair isn’t the only think that looks fake in this.

        What is going on in the first pic?

        really, your waist is smaller than your head?

        Jeez, photoshop DISASTER!

        • MissMarilyn

          yeah the entire thing is a mess I just can’t get over that hair. it literally looks like it’s been painted onto that platform but then the painting connects to her head. whaaatttt.

          staring at it too long makes it feel like I’m tripping. fdhuhag come on this is horrible and so obvious!

          • Elle

            How annoying to see her on here again and again. I’d kill for hair like that though. It may be fake or seem terribly so, but damn it looks lush 🙂

  • Linda

    So many words comes to mind, but no one seem quite appropriate to share. So I’ll just lay off.

    • lisa

      same here. i cant even find words to express my disgust and disrespect for this person

      shes she epitome of nasty

  • misscheeks

    Yeah…her body doesn’t look like that irl.

    P.S. I’ve missed this site you guys! 🙂

    • MissMarilyn

      I’VE MISSED IT TOO!!! 😀

  • girl21


    • girl21

      Damn haha
      Anyways I wonder if she looks at these pics and thinks
      “I wish I looked like that”
      Cause she don’t!!

      • Diya

        I was going to say the same – Kim wishes she looked like this

      • guru

        my first thoughts exactly. her face looks good in the last pic. PROBABLY COS ITS NOTHING LIKE ER ACTUAL FACE. theyve given her cat like sultry eyes when for real she has upturned bug eyes. the lingerie is disgusting. i get a real grandma vibe from it, especially coupled with her flabby pear shaped body

  • La la la la

    these are rather embarrassing. not just the plastic aspect but she doesn’t look great IMO. the styling… yikes

  • elida

    I dont care what anyone says, I think Kim is gorgeous and stands out to me among other stars in Hollywood. Im also really jealous of her hair, even in candids, its always so thick and shiny.

    • Aafje

      I think she is pretty as well, and like her body (wish she would dress it better) but I dislike her personality so much it always overshadows how nice her face is.

    • Anastasia.

      Just get extensions like her, and then you’d have no need to be jealous.

    • guru

      idk ive always thought her hair was thin. it is abit shiny but it is not very thick. i also find all of the kardashians have dry looking hair as opposed to silky wet looking hair.

  • YOLO

    why is nobody acknowledging her giant lips?

    am i the only one who sees them?

    this is creepy.

    • Cristina

      No. First thing I noticed. She looks like a monkey here:|

      • jenna

        lol, yes, the giant lips make her look like a monkey! I cant stop looking at the 2nd pic where she’s sitting down with the fur (grrr). Her face is so plastic and fake, she looks so ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heather

    Gah. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous regardless of what size or shape she is. I don’t know much about her but I love looking at her lol

    • guru

      so do you like her old face or her new one? do you like her with the makeup or without. ive noticed that the only time people compliment kim is when she has undergone tonnes of photoshop or is wearing heaps of makeup.

  • Tea

    I’m not one of those people who normally thinks Kim is ugly but here…she just looks awful! She looks like an evil clown- the overly pale makeup and the bloated lips. And they made her waist smaller than Candice’s in the first picture.

    • Aafje

      No, the sides of her waist are just covered by the fur jacket. She is just pretending her waist is that small.

      • heathers

        Who cares if it’s not though? Still gorgeous imo 🙂

        • Aafje

          I don’t care that its not it would look weird if it was naturally that small compared to her hips. I was just saying it wasn’t photoshop

  • wonderwoman21

    Eesh she looks like a plastic drag queen in some of these; or like a dead soulless plastic doll. But I suppose dead soulless plastic doll is pretty much what she is.

    • lisa

      drag queen sums it up quite nice

      • nicole

        hey hey let’s not insult drag queens :p

  • Neri

    I don’t think I will ever appreciate this woman’s personailty or appeal in any way at all.

  • Katerine

    Holy Photoshop, Batman!

  • Pandora

    that unnatural cleavage is freakin’ me out! And the tiny nose juxtaposed against those enormous lips….ay yai yai yaaaiii! This cartoonish kinda crap is getting so outta control. Jessica Rabbit seems more real than this,.

  • Hazal

    She looks terrible here! And normally I find her pretty.

  • Gabriela

    Am I the only personf that thinks that cow is hideous? Photoshopped or not? I also think she has an ugly body too. Photoshopped or not.

  • Gabriela

    Am I the only personf that thinks she is hideous? Photoshopped or not? I also think she has an ugly body too. Photoshopped or not.

    • Anastasia.

      No you’re definitely not the only one, I think she’s a dog also.

      • lisa

        please dont insult dogs. shes more like garbage or so but no animal..

    • lc

      Yep you’re not. I don’t find her REMOTELY attractive, photoshop or not.

  • Gabriela

    Am I the only person that thinks she is super ugly? Photoshopped or not. I also think she has an ugly body too. Photoshopped or not.

  • Anastasia.

    Those lips look nothing like her lips do in real life, especially in pictures 1,3, and 4. And wow you can tell how wide this midget’s hips are, you’d think they’d photoshop her hips and make them smaller, instead of blowing up her lips the way they did. Sorry kim, no amount of photoshopping will make you look like Brigitte Bardot in any way shape or form (At least I think that’s the look she’s going for).

    • mustang

      Midget? Really?……

      • Anastasia.

        Ya really.

      • MissMarilyn

        haha 5’2 is pretty short but I would not call her a midget! There are much shorter grown adults.

        agree that the photoshopping job is HORRIBLE

        • Em

          Agree – 5’2″ isn’t a midget. My aunt is about 4’11” and even she’s not a midget.

        • serena

          Stop taking Anastasia so literally; she tends to be melodramatic so fat midget = woman who doesn’t have model proportions 😀 And yes Kim isn’t that short, just below avg height. These pictures aren’t Kim anyway – it’s all photoshop here! Ridiculous.

          • Anastasia.

            Kim is not 5’2, if she was I wouldn’t call her a midget. She’s 5 ft. at the most, I know because I’ve seen her in person, and she’s short as hell.

          • lc

            I agree with Anastasia.

            5’2″ my A$S. She’s more like 5′ and that’s if she’s lucky.

          • guru

            is she unattractive in real life or prettier than her pics?

  • C

    this is what the social media wants us to believe is attractive? She is beautiful without photoshop, seriously.

  • Em

    Eww, her lips look like two slices of tangerine put together, and her hair looks like an awful wig. She’s such a tranny it’s uncanny.

    • Rose Weed

      You’re a poet & you didn’t even know it! 😛

    • Rose Weed

      You’re a poet & you didn’t even know it!

  • Laura

    I loved the last photo, and i dont think the pictures are so photoshopped.

  • happygolucky

    Looks just like the gals and she-males I see at the back of my city’s weekly.

  • jay-lisa

    I’m feeling quite sad for those poor little creatures that had to die so that b**** would have something more than lingerie to wear… unfair 🙁

  • KC


  • Emilie

    Ehh she looks like a drag queen to me

  • Pixie

    LOL!!!! What an idiot!!

  • Chloe Barrymore

    Yeah coz we all know she’s really WAY fatter

  • Winnie

    she looks like Pete Burns in these pictures…

  • lc

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She’s merely an animated cartoon in these pics. She should go audition for Cartoon Network.

  • Dani

    I think Kim can be a beautiful girl. I cannot stand the way she acts or the whole reality show publicity whoredom. She could be very attractive with minimal makeup and better styling and still be pretty without looking cheap.

  • Stephanie

    I’d looooooooove to see the unphotoshopped pictures hahaha

    • vicki

      I saw some behind the scene pics and she still looked beautiful.

  • serena

    She’s a pretty lady, i like this vintage shoot.

    • lc

      Lol, she’s pretty, or the photoshop is pretty?

  • clara


  • Raquel

    Disgusting with all the animal fur this awful girl wears all the time! Maybe ONE day she will think of another being’s life rather than herself. Underneath the animals that were killed for people like her to wear, lies one very ugly narcissist.

  • Raquel

    Disgusting with all the animal fur this awful girl wears all the time! Maybe ONE day she will think of another being’s life rather than herself. Underneath the animals that were killed for people like her to wear, lies one very ugly, desperate narcissist.

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