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Kim Kardashian Is Princess Jasmine & Snow White

Kim-Kardashian-Is-Princess-Jasmine-Snow-White - Kim Kardashian Is Princess Jasmine & Snow White

At special request, here’s Kim Kardashian and her 2 Halloween costumes, as in a very busty Princess Jasmine and Snow White (pictured with her sister Kendall).

Kim-Kardashian-Is-Princess-Jasmine-Snow-White1 - Kim Kardashian Is Princess Jasmine & Snow White

So how do you guys like Kim K’s Halloween looks?

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gallery_main-Kim-Kardashian-Snow-White-Kendall-Birthday-110209-2 - Kim Kardashian Is Princess Jasmine & Snow White

Kim-Kardashian-Is-Princess-Jasmine-Snow-White7 - Kim Kardashian Is Princess Jasmine & Snow White

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  • Juliette

    The weird bit is she actually looks like Jasmine…except Jasmine was likable.

    • agreed ! actually I would like to see her playing Yasmine in a movie 🙂

      • Ramie

        perhaps you didn’t notice she said Jasmine was likable…unlike KIM.

        • well I believe kim is likable too 🙂

          • harlow

            not really. i kinda like her at first but after all the contradicting comments she had said, most people just find her annoying and self-absorbed. her lil sisters, kylie nd kendall on the other hand is actually really cute. they’re gonna grow up and rival kim for sure.

  • ohwowlovely

    I like the snow white outfit better. Her boobs look ridic in the jasmine one.

  • Sidney

    She looks so tiny as a Snow White, cute. Her sister isn’t looking too hawt (the one pregnant, don’t remember the name), the outfit is odd and i think the lipstick and shirt are the wrong red for her.

  • Me

    Neither of her sister’s names are Kendall. It’s Kourtney and Khloe. Also, that girl with Kim doesn’t look anything like either of her sisters. It can’t be Kourtney because she is pregnant and the girl in the picture is NOT pregnant, also it can’t be Khloe because Khloe is definitely heavier than the girl above.

    • Juliette

      Actually she does have a little sister named Kendall and she is pictured…

    • britterz

      the little one is her half sister kendall from her mom and bruce

    • Versus

      As the other posters said, Kendall is her half sister and she is 14 years old. She has yet another half sister, Kylie (12).

      • Me

        Sorry. My mistake.

      • Julie

        Honestly, I am more concerned that Kendall is already following in big sis’s footsteps regarding halloween-wear

        • Juliette

          That’s true. I remember in one of the episodes, Kendall (or was it Kylie?) put on a ridiculous amount of makeup and was dressed in a pretty revealing outfit for someone her age. Bruce was understandably upset, but everyone else seemed to encourage her.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if she followed Kim and Kourtney.

      • Alexandra

        OMG….Just stop naming your kids with something that starts with “K”.
        They are just like the Scavo kids in Desperate Housewives: Porter, Preston, Parker and Penny. It`s just ridiculous 😛

    • nik

      nice, smart one.

      i love it when people give attitude and are proven wrong. haha.

      kim looks gorgeous. definitely looks as though her workouts are paying off.

      • Me

        Excuse me? As if you’ve never been wrong.

  • Karina

    way too much boobage in the jasmine costume. so slutty.

    • Juliette

      I think (one of) the problems is she tried to squeeze herself into a size or two too small.

      • Eve

        LOL. so true!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • xo

      OH GOD.. here we go again…

  • Meko

    the gym has definately helped tone her up but i wish she would focus on her relationship and take a break from the media and did she borrow kourts costume and implants cuz it looks 2 small and she must purchased bigger ones for halloween. u cant go a week without hearing about one of them

  • rei

    Wow kim looks sooo freaken hot!! Her body is amazing!! I love the jazmine costume…well she looks good in anything…

  • xo

    SHE DOES have a little sis 2 actually who are not Khloe or Kourtney..

    never thought Id say this.. but Kim looks HOT! she looks like she lost a ton of weight in princess Jasmine.. Her body looks fantastic.. loving her stomach and her HOT cleav!! unless she photoshopped it.. Love both outfits, although Im NOT a Kim K. fan overall..

  • doris

    Kim Kardashian looks amazing in this look, better than usual.

  • Polly

    I like Kim’s costumes but…what is Kourtney? A knocked-up catholic school girl? I mean…odd. Kim looks great, a little self obsessed but great.

  • Vera

    Kim makes a great Jasmine, except that her boobs look MASSIVE, I always thought they were real but I don’t know…the Snow White costume is fine too except that she’s way too tan but she looks good anyway.

  • Amy

    Personally, I would hate to have Kim’s body. But that’s just me.
    What is she from, by the way? I have heard of her family’s reality television show, but is she a part of something else?

    • she made a sex tape with singer ray-j. she got famous that way, pretty much like paris hilton

      • Natt

        Who is Ray-j? Im latin

        • Juliette

          He’s the nobody brother of a former somebody sister who is now also a nobody.
          And you know he’s really a nobody when he was a given a dating show on VH1.
          Basically, he’s a nobody. He’s the brother of Brandy who used to be famous back in the 90s, then she ran around killing people with her car and giving birth to…unattractive children while pretending to be married, and fell from grace. Ray J was never in grace. He’s a dirty man who thinks too highly of himself.

          If you google “VH1 For the Love of Ray J” you’ll find him.

          • Ashe

            WOW…. its one thing to call an adult unattractive… but a little kid… thats hilarious and evil all at once! Youre mean lol

      • ANA

        sooo…nowadays you just get famous because of a sex tape????that reaaly sucks…so….she`s just a slut!my oppinon…sorry 4 being that honest…but i`m tired of this slutty girls who are getting attention for free!

    • april

      I’ve heard that her father was the lawyer of O.J. Simpson, that’s how his family got famous.

      • jenna

        haha this has nothing to do with the post but i cant help noticing the pic on ur icon is the jessica simpson “kambodia” which is like the sexiest shoe ever! do you work at Bakers?

        • april

          ha ha! you caught me! 🙂
          yes it’s kambodia but I don’t own it, unfortunately 🙁
          have seen it at bcbg-max azria shop here in my country but my size was sold out already..
          so I don’t work at bakers, why would you ask that??

    • belle

      Pretty much. I’ve watched some of the episodes and I would like to see Kourtney and Kim start acting their age. I would have never guessed they were both approaching 30 by the way they act. Kim literally talks and acts like a fourteen year old would and Kourtney acts lost and confused all the time.
      The only relatively mature one with a somewhat decent head on her shoulders is Khloe.

      • ann

        They have money and they are pretty. America doesn’t expect much from it’s celebrities really.

      • Ramie

        Khloe HAS to have a decent head on her shoulders…when someone isn’t pretty they usually have to make up for it with brains and personality. Harsh, but it’s life.

        • ann

          I had to look her up since I don’t watch TV. I don’t really think she’s ugly. I see a lot worse in everyday life. She’s rich though, still doesn’t have to be bright.

          Your advice doesn’t jive well though. I meet a lot of stupid people of varying levels of beauty in daily life. As an ugly person I’ve found it’s more advantageous to develop a thick skin. A pleasing personality doesn’t mean anything on this planet in the mating game.

  • Casey

    She looks just like Jasmine in the first picture, minus the giant boobs. 😛 I like both of her costume choices. I just wish the Jasmine costume wasn’t a push up bra, and I kind of want to pull up her bottoms a bit higher on her waist, but that’s just me being picky. Now I’m starting to see why everyone is saying that Kim is the perfect hourglass figure.

    • Mnemosyne

      I feel the same about the pants, they don’t sit right with me (ha!). You can see the line from the pair of pants she was wearing before. I think the top looks alright though, I might keep Jasmine in mind for my next dress up costume..

    • Elizabeth

      I totally agree about the pants, I mean.. imagine how they look in back, what with her.. generous assets.

      • nabile

        yeahh i have the same problems with the bottom part, is way too low, i just have this mental image about her sitting on that costume ans its gross me out! :S .. ans her boobs are so exposed, I know that in halloween you can be a total hoo but please this is way to much..
        but her figure looks amazing now you can start believing her about being small size because she lost so much weight, she wasnt like this at the begining of the year

        • Casey

          Yeah I agree with you nabile. Before, I never liked Kim’s figure and I didn’t understand why everybody thought she was so sexy. To me she looked kind of lumpy. But now that she lost a little bit of weight and toned up, she looks great. 🙂

  • Niva

    I was Jasmine this year too 🙂
    Her costume is cute, I was hoping it looked more like Jasmine’s actual outfit.
    I like her Snow White costume too; it’s cute.

    • Juliette

      I also like the Snow White costume.
      The Jasmine one…I don’t get the pants. It’s like she put them on before the tailor was finished.

      • Niva

        Lol. I completely agree.

  • Rose

    love her body but those big fake tits not

    • Kayla

      Really? See I thought her boobs were real… maybe not though.

  • flora

    wow she really outdid herself in the whorawheen dept. on another note i am jealous coz she does look hot. her pants (or tiny undies with long see through material) do look lower in the first pic than the last.

  • angela

    Can we stop talking about how Jessica L is slutty now that we’ve seen this?

  • CoffeeGirl

    Snow White costume is great 🙂

  • Georgiana

    Oh my, how many KK sisters are there? Oh, sorry, this Kendall girl is not a KK, since her surname can’t be Kardashian.

  • april

    I never believed that kk’s legs were really that thin (as she said= chicken legs!) but I see now, she was right.
    look at her legs on the 2. photo, almost the same size as kendall! that’s weird! 😮

    • liza

      photoshop. until i see candids, ill believe thats what they are,since she is notorious for it.

  • cassie

    Kim´s face looks different with “chin implants”, her face seems longer. It doesnt suit her. She looked better before.

  • prettygirl

    i think kim is definately not all natural. i think people would respect her more if she was honest about surgery she’s had since it’s obvious she has had some work done, anyway i love the way kim is so dedicated to her workouts and it’s really paying off. she even dresses better since the weight loss.

    • Juliette

      I think people would respect her more if she were an intelligent asset to society.
      Her father was one of the greatest lawyers is U.S. history and she’s…a walking facepalm.

      • liza

        cosign. he must be extremely embarrassed of his kids to see how they turned out. an unmarried kourtney getting pregnant by “forgetting” to take her BC pills, kim getting famous for having a sex tape and dressing slutty, and khloe getting married after knowing a guy for a month. SMH. i would be turning in m grave.

        • ann

          Shows you what his priorities were doesn’t it?

  • pppccc

    Thanks Versus!I hadn’t seen all the pics,only the 1st one!
    I think she looks very good!Her belly is very toned,very nice(this doesnt mean that an untoned bellly doesnt look nice too!).She has probably lost some weight,or she just toned up!

  • candyshop

    i LOVE the jasmine costume i think she looks amazing
    and the snow white one is really cute

  • Kelli

    The Snow White costume is sooooo f’in adorable. I love it.

    The Jasmine costume is slutty as hell…yes XO, I said it. Not saying that Kim IS a slut (not saying she isn’t either) but when you barely cover yourself it gives the impression that you are looking for some sexual attention from men.

    • Juliette

      Haha, I got a huge laugh from the last part of your comment. “Yes, I said it.”

      • Kelli

        LOL! 🙂 Thanks!

    • xo

      or that you’re proud of your fit body.. I mean, it looks pretty good! So refreshing to see a beautiful body when this world is filled with BLAH.

      • Kelli

        True, but aren’t there more tasteful ways of showing you are proud of your body with ACTUALLY SHOWING NEARLY ALL OF IT???

  • This girl is kinda big..she needs to cut back on the food and start shaping up her belly. She has good hair though 🙂

    • Ramie

      agreed…nice hair…but I think she needs to tone the ass before the belly. hideous gelatinous butt.

  • Mnemosyne

    I’d love to see a Disney costume that is made to actually look like real clothes, instead of the weird shiny material they use for ones like the Snow White costume.

    • ann

      That’s polyester and it’s a real fabric. I think you mean a natural fabric.

  • terri

    she looks soo good from the front

  • natasha

    she looks good in both

  • burntflowersfall

    I’m not the biggest fan of Kim…I think her face is kinda tranny cause she wears sooo much makeup…plus I don’t really respect people who are famous for sex tapes or reality shows…that said…her body looks amazing in that Jasmine costume…it has never looked better

  • Salma

    she is gorgeous, amazing waist hips ratio, the jazmine costum is awesome and she looks so alike it’s kinda scary!!!