Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian + Red Animal Print

FP_3846215_Kardashian_Family_VAH_102109 - Kim Kardashian + Red Animal Print

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 29th birthday at Phillippe Chow restaurant yesterday… and she chose a super tight, short and shiny red animal print dress.

How do you guys like this outfit on Kim’s curvy figure?

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FP_3846212_Kardashian_Family_VAH_102109 - Kim Kardashian + Red Animal Print

FP_3846219_Kardashian_Family_VAH_102109 - Kim Kardashian + Red Animal Print

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Kristy

    I LOVE that dress. She looks super sexy and gorgeous.

    • federica

      super sexy????I think that she’s really trashy..

  • neutra

    I don’t like her as a person, nor do I think she is attractive, but i will admit she is totally rocking that outfit!

  • Sidney

    I don’t like velour in anything, gives me the shivers. Also, reminds me a bit of my grandma’s couch. The cut of the dress is nice although not that original now that celebs have been using a lot of p.ex. Balmains’s similar ones. I don’t like animal print either but it doesn’t hurt my eyes now that i’ve gotten used to seeing it everywhere. Her body looks great and the color of the dress is nice.

  • Casey

    I am never going to accept shoulder pads although the rest of her outfit is great. Seems like she discovered the proper use of tights.

  • Bella

    Well i think she looks fine.
    I like the design of the dress i am not sure about the material though -and maybe the color-.
    And she obviously didn’t have to wear -also- black shoes-and black purse etc..-.
    ps.I like her make up and hair 🙂

  • awau

    KK is so stunning but that one shoulder pad is horrible!

  • She look cute and hot too!
    It works really nice with her skin colour:)

  • C.MO

    loose the tights!

  • xo

    I think its god awful. kim looks fat.

    • Alias

      Agree, she is chunky

      • suzushii

        Ladies, ladies, that’s not fat.

        It’s called boobs and ass. The stuff that actually attracts men, and is universally considered attractive.

        • Alias

          Oh really that is what they are called? I think another thing that attracts men is Victoria’s Secret models….Yes yes, and they have GASP boobs and asses!

          • Julie

            Umm, you are agreeing with suzushii that guys like T&A because that’s what VS models have.

            What’s your point?

          • suzushii

            LOL, their point is the models are the Council of skinniness aproved bodies, while Kim has those disgusting muscles, and healthy body fat%. Disgusting right?

            The only beautiful women are highly photoshopped models, where they photoshop boobs and ass ON.

          • Kae

            I wouldn’t classify Vs models as having T&A, except for maybe Marisa Miller. The rest are photoshopped.

          • scarlett

            So i guess i look fat for you? Im the girl on the picture

          • dinah

            if you’ve ever seen kim in a bikini, you would know how tiny she is. she has skinny arms and a small waist. she just looks bigger than she is because she’s short, with big boobs and a big butt. her skin is tight, she doesn’t have rolls or jiggly skin, so i don’t see why she would be considered fat. she is gorgeous, her body is amazing, and her face is flawless…and i bet she looks better than most of the people who criticize her

        • Kae

          Yes, yes yes…boobs and butt are good!

          Except for the should pad and tights, I think she looks awesome.

          • Kae

            I meant *shoulder!

          • scarlett

            dinah is right =)

        • xo

          thats not just boos and ass.. trust me, nothing is better than T and A.. but when its surrounded by chunk.. its NOT hot

          • Kae

            Maybe in YOUR mind. You may not like her figure but that doesn’t mean that’s she overweight in any way. There is a difference between the two.

          • suzushii

            Ok seriously, WHAT chunk?

            I see – thin arms, and legs, visible collarbone, defined waist, no over-knee flab, nice skinny ankles….

            where is this mythical chunk?

      • anabel

        People like you are making me sick.

    • Mike

      There are people like you in every website. Provocateur, that’s what you are.

      I also don’t think that you know the definition of the word “Fat”. Let me help you:

      1. Animal tissue containing such substances.
      2. A solidified animal or vegetable oil.
      3. Obesity; corpulence.
      4. The best or richest part

    • Natt

      Agree.But is her body type.Cant be smaller than this.She have big hips and implants.I prefer a slean body type.Looks big and fatty to me and I dont care if guys like this..And her face looks awfullly photoshopped with all the surgeries!

  • scarlett

    Kim looks amazing!!! her body is at her best. Also her makeup and i adore her natural hair color on her =).

    Im really amazed of some people standards of fat, how can this be fat??? I just don´t get it, really Im speechless…

  • jess

    Hate the dress but I’m sooo glad she knows how to dress her body! She always looks sexy! Can’t believe she’s nearly 30!

  • dinah

    i’d also like to add that my husband and every other guy i know loves victoria secret models AND kim! they have all told me that they like victoria’s secret models because they have pretty faces and a nice shape, but they are a bit too thin. they also all have said that kim have an “amazing” body. guys like boobs and a flat stomach. they prefer an hourglass shape. and for the record, these are all athletic, attractive in shape men..just in case someone wants to say “oh, they’re probably fat guys who like fat girls”. NO.

    • Kae


      • scarlett

        I agree with Dinah.
        And for the girls who are going to make comments like: “men are superficial” or “is not good to say men only like hourglassshapes girls, or even girls with very nice bodies”. Is just as a sense of beauty, of course men can fall in love with girls no matter their size or shape and find this girls absolutely gorgeous but is the same way as women… May be our boyfriends, husbands aren´t the owners of a six pack but we can´t say david beckham body is not attractive.

        • neutra

          I think David Beckham is hideous! Just as every girl doesn’t have to find a beefcake attractive, a guy doesn’t have to find a particular shape of women attractive.

        • Mike

          Visiting this site made me realize that women are more superficial than men. It’s really hard to believe that women can debate on Kim’s body more than men do 🙂
          As a guy who doesn’t have six packs (yet :P) but slim, I like Kim’s figure a lot. Hourglass figures ring bell for most of the guys but we also like other body shapes. We just don’t know what to call them.

          When you fall in love, it’s a different thing. It’s not the meat you are in love with it’s the heart.

          I know that question wasn’t for me, but you don’t look fat, you actually look great 🙂

          • scarlett

            Yes i know Mike =) i doesnt have an hourglass figure either i´m more of a pear shape and im not saying i prefer siz packs on men i actually don´t haha, but that was my point, exactly the way you put it, that men and women can like a lot of body shapes in a lot of sizes but we can´t deny when someone looks good even if its not our type. Like its ridiculous to say that a person with a healthy body and symetrical facial features is ugly (david was just an example) even if it doesnt appeal to us, we can´t say they are ugly. We can say “i don´t like him (her) or “he (she) is not my type”. But the truth is beauty is a very subjective concept and it is bizarre (brave but in a vulgar way) to think we are able to define or stablish what is beautiful or not.

            (oh and i´ll take your last lines as a compliment, thanks =)

  • scarlett

    Oh and also, i´ve read a lot of comments saying they are tired of hearing kim kardashian saying she loves her body and always speaking about that even defending jessica simpson. People say they are tired of hearing this kind of declarations from her assuming she just do this to get attention.
    Well i think she gets enough attention but even if she is doing it because of that I totally support this attitude of stating how much she loves her body whenever she has a chance, cause there are so much girls (celebrities or not) hating their bodies out there.

    I really hope kims kardashian ilovemybody attitude becomes a trend among girls of all sizes and shapes!!

    • liza

      just begging for attention. i finally gave u what u were looking 4. happy?

      • Scarlett just not signed in

        yes you´ve made my day =)

      • scarlett

        i can´t see why my comment could be offensive or just not plain self expressive in anyway.

        bitchy is not an ability…if much the lack of one
        but i´m sure you have plenty of good physical and personality features
        probably you just had a bad day

  • Miranda

    she looks good

  • 7Nyne

    I think the dress is ugly. Really, can’t find anything positive to say about it.

    But her body is gorge. She’s a gorgeous girl !

  • yoosahasah

    She’s almost 30…don’t you think it’s time to stop dressing like a hussy?

    • ohwowlovely

      no. the time to stop dressing like a hussy is when you’re 50.

      30 is still young bb. and she has a hot body, so why not flaunt it?

  • ohwowlovely

    wow, that outfit is HOT! I love her.

  • Mnemosyne

    Everything about this outfit is horrible – the material, the one long sleeve, the shoulder pad – and yet she still manages to look good in it. She also kind of reminds me of an outfit that would have been worn in “The Nanny”

  • Nay!

    It made my eyes bleed just by seeing the title… until i saw the fabric, shoulder pad and black tights, shoes & purse combo U.U But her body does look grate that would be my role model if i had her body type. Such a gorgeus woman!

  • love the dress………but hate the shoulder pads.

  • Jordan

    wow she is very thing. baddddd outfit, pretty girl

  • Melanie

    She’s brave for wearing that sort of fabric, but she does pull it off

  • Boom

    Not really feeling the asymmetrical sleeves for some reason, but the dress is very flattering on her. I like Kim’s curvy figure, not always how she dresses it, though.

  • prettygirl

    i think the dress looks cheap and tacky BUT kim looks great, she has worked really hard on her body and it shows. some hollyword stars are underweight which make their head look 2 big for their bodies, kim is at a perfect size for her, (not everyone looks good skinny). she is so much more confident in her body i say good on her

  • rosie

    i just really don’t like this outfit at all. does anyone know why kim always has white rings around her eyes?

    • neutra

      Because her makeup is an inch thick! A lot of girls i know with dark circles wear concealer around their eye area, and because the concealer is often a lighter base than the foundation, it creates a “white circle”.

  • terri

    she looks fat maybe its how shes been photoed cause i know she aint fat but that outfit is unflattering

  • Eve

    Oh my God! 20 inches long dress…see through fabric…animal print…red. Horrible combination without mentioning this shoulder pad! But I cannot stop admiring her body with these amazing curves without mentioning her personality, of course.