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Kim Kardashian Responds to “Nose Job” Rumors

Kim-Kardashian-Resonds-to-Nose-Job-Rumors - Kim Kardashian Responds to "Nose Job" Rumors

Let’s hear what she had to say (on her blog):

Star Magazine is saying I had plastic surgery to make my nose and lips smaller! Why would someone want smaller lips?! LOL

In the first photo I am about 15 lbs heavier than the second photo! Your face always looks different when you lose weight, plus with the contouring on my nose it gives the illusion of a thinner nose. I actually think my nose looks smaller in the first pic than it does in the second. It’s ridiculous… it’s all about the makeup and the angle from which the photo was taken! See the pics below:

Kims-Nose - Kim Kardashian Responds to "Nose Job" Rumors

It’s no secret I contour my nose now to make the bump go away! I guess it’s a compliment to my makeup artist that he does such a good job contouring my nose that it appears smaller. But hey, Star mag thinks it looks smaller… yay! My dream come true, hahaha!

Stories like this are so funny! I love that there’s a Dr who I’ve never even met giving his ‘professional’ opinion on my face!

It’s true that she looks different, but it’s also true that she has lost some weight and changed her make-up – but what do you guys think? Do you think Kim has gone under the knife… and if so, what did she retouch?

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  • aida

    I defnitly think she have had a nose job. I’ve looked at many of her old pictures and it’s clearly a diffrence.

  • Polly

    I’m sure she had surgery, they all do at some point. Just some people’s surgerys are made a bigger deal of then others…think Megan Fox, no one mentioned anything about her oh so obvious nose job. However, then there’s Ashlee Simpson, we all know the story…

    Kim K. didn’t even deny it, just the lips part.

  • lala

    She has the exact same nose! She lost 15 pounds and totally changed her makeup and skin tone, its more of a makeover and not plastic surgery.

    • sheener

      yeah, she’s definitely the same… just a better makeup now.

  • jenni

    i don’t htink she got a nose job, but kim looks like she got cheek implants. she’s a lot thinner now, but her cheekbones look wider than they’ve ever looked. i get its possible for her cheeks to look more pronounce after weight loss, but her cheeks seriously look wider than before…aka cheek implants.

  • jenni

    also, anyone else notice her cheeks never move anymore?!

  • Juliette

    it looks the same to me. And she did say she uses makeup to contour the shape of her nose…

  • yoosahasah

    She has had surgery……it’s obvious….in more places than one!

  • sara

    I don’t really think she had work done. Losing weight off the face can cause the cheekbone appearance changes, and as she says, makeup can effect the look of the nose. The lip thing is pretty funny– the difference could be because of weight, but probably because in the before pics she was using the classy “lipliner outside the lipline” trick with lots of gloss and maybe a plumping lipstick.

    One interesting lip plumpness change I’ve noticed is Jessica Alba, though. Does anyone else think that her lips seem less full than, say, five to ten years ago? I wonder if it’s a weight loss or even an aging thing.

  • KG

    It’s clearly contour makeup and highlighting. When will people leave this gorgeous girl alone? I wish she would go back to her old look, though. She uses more concealer now. That’s pretty much a face lift by itself. People who are less familiar with makeup application are automatically going to assume that she has had work done because that is simply how it appears.

  • gabby

    did she get her hairline raised too? 🙂

  • Casey

    Her nose looks more hooked now than it did before, so I don’t buy the nose job rumor. I believe her, it’s just weight loss and make up. With the right tricks, you can make eyes look bigger, eyebrows look shapely, decrease undereye bags, and plump up lips. So of course you can change the appearance of the nose as well.

  • afluffybunny

    I believe Kim…
    It is obvious that people just want to believe that she had a nose job and had her lips done…and it is also obvious why…Not at all…it is just make-up and weight-loss…
    I think the reason why most people do not like Kim,is that she is gorgeous and that she knows it…she knows it pretty well and she shows it off…so that is why she annoys people…
    some people even say that she had her butt and her boobs done :)hilarious! I think Kim should take this as a compliment…it is like..her body is too good to be true.. lol
    I would love to have her body…I am quite slim and curvy myself…but my butt is not that round and my boobs are not that big…

    • deborah

      I tottaly agree with u!!!
      I wish i looked like her, she is so pretty and people are so jealous and envy!!!
      People say that she lost weight but her boobs and her butt are still the same size, but that happens!!!!
      Even with me, i never lose weight on my butt and hips!!! I lose on other parts of my body but my jeans are always the same size, even when i lost 10 pounds!!!!
      Im not saying she has a good personality, but she is gorgeous and have a great style, yeah that´s true!!!

  • suzushii

    Anyone here ever lose weight WHILE having a healthy BMI? Your face changes. A lot.

    My nose is big, but when I lost 20 pounds (illness, not willingly) it changed completely. It looked like I had a nosejob, it was so narrow and delicate. I gained 15 back, it got a bit bigger, but it’s still narrower then before.

  • prettygirl

    kim is definately not 100% natural, bruce has had surgery and kourtney had a boob job so it’s not like her family is against plastic surgery. i just can’t put my fingure on what she has had done but notice that even though she has lost weight her boobs and butt has stayed to same size, i know it can happen but kim is suspect to me

  • prettygirl


  • Meko

    i agree! her whole family has had plastic surgery. and i think dont think that Kourtney was alone when she had her implants done. all of them probably made it a family thing. lol! but her face looks completely diff and if you look at the pics from when she first started working out she doesnt even look like the same person now. and for someone to be working out as much as her women lose their boobs and butt yet hers is doing the opposite.

  • jj

    clearly no nose job. in the second set of photos you can tell there was photoshopping. I’m not sure if for a magazine or tabloid, but that nose is not hers. lol


    I don’t think she’s had a nose job, just a lot of fillers in her forehead – she looked better before!

  • She has clearly had work done.

    Strangely, now that she has, she looks a lot like her mum, Kris Jenner. And we all know she’s had mini-facelifts.

    Kim looked better before!

  • cj

    she has put in some cheek implants
    the nose may be contured, but i think in both photos the nose has been done…

    in the first pic she looks more like kourtny

  • Freedom

    Nope , I agree with the statements Kim Kardisan makes. Although, I find it annoying she takes such lengthas to prove her authenicity of her physical appearance ( like when the time she was squeezing herself into jeans to prove she was a size *rolls eyes* like who cares?). Nobody really beilives those type of stories in tabloids anyways.

    The biggest celebrties get slight, barely noticable nose jobs to “enhance” their looks and it barely get noticed or called out. Rihanna, Beyonce, and Scarlet Johanson, for example, all got nose jobs. Yet people, don’t mention it or disregardiit wehn judging their beauty.

  • deborah

    She looks the same but she had lost manyyyy pounds!!!
    Your face changes, when i lose weight i can notice that on my nose,neck, cheeks!!!
    Ohhh btw many of u said “she had cheek implants”
    I have seen many pictures and she looks THE SAME, u wanna know what´s the secret????? BLUSHHHH, HIGHLITHER!!!
    MAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!She wears a lot, i sell make up and i know now u can totally change your face with make up (specially in photos)!
    She is usually glammed by Mario, but she also has others make up artists that create her looks.
    And really, u can make a diference with blush,highliter, it brights up your cheekbones, and so on… there´s a lot to talk about when it cmes to make up, we can do anything we want!
    I definetely think that she have never done any plastic, specially in her face – she thinks she is too pretty to get something done LOL. But i agree. She doesnt need it!
    All these changes in those pictures are due to: weight loss, make up…

  • kathryn

    OK, honestly I don’t know why people aren’t noticing this as much — BUT SHE’S AGING! She’s almost 30, and I get that that’s not “old” but she’s definitely not as pretty as she was back in 2005. Go look at photos from back then or vids on youtube. Duh she’s still completely gorgeous today, and if you saw her walking down the street not as a celebrity, you’d probably all be stunned, but still, she’s not staying young forever. I don’t think she had any kind of plastic surgery, I believe what she’s saying. When you lose weight, it does make a difference, but she’s getting older and you can even see that in her eyes and the way her figure fills out – it’s just not as naturally youthful as it was 5 years ago.

    I also get the whole body parts stay the same thing when you lose weight – I lost 20 pounds one summer and my pants size barely dropped one size, like barely. I definitely retain it in the hips as well…

  • hmm

    those before pics are actually after pics. she def had a nose job and lipo and implants but those pics don’t illustrate it. she should just hush up b/c then the real before pics may come out and she’ll look stupid.

  • Yea, she looks like…ahmm…
    I don´t even know how to describe her looking. Something is changed. Oh!I know!
    HER EYES, their smaller!
    And her face is filled with bottox…

  • Armenia

    so, she ends by saying that in order for a doctor’s professional opinion to be valid to her, she has to have met him. hmmm…yeah maybe better learn how to balance on a ball like that effing bear, coz yeah HE has talent, not YOU 😉

  • Lady Bird Knows all

    She has had a nose job, a forehead lift, an eybrow lift and plenty of Botox. So if anyone thinks that the after picture is “natural beauty” you must be blind or just plain stupid. And that’s just what she’s had done to her face, that doesn’t even include the lipo, the boob reconstruction/lift or implants and her ass implants. Yeah real natural. Keep fooling yourself! lol