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Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Unphotoshopped Bikini Body, Part 2

kim-kardashian-reveals-her-unphotoshopped-bikini-body-part-2-2 - Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Unphotoshopped Bikini Body, Part 2

Of course, the cover picture wasn’t revealing / accurate / complete enough, so we needed more flesh / legs / unphotoshopped parts from Kim from Life & Style Magazine.

Well here she is, in all her curvy glory!

2 more pictures of Kim, her impressive cleavage and unphotoshopped beach figure on the next page!

kim-kardashian-reveals-her-unphotoshopped-bikini-body-part-2 - Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Unphotoshopped Bikini Body, Part 2

kim-kardashian-reveals-her-unphotoshopped-bikini-body-part-2-31 - Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Unphotoshopped Bikini Body, Part 2

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  • Nel

    Aw she looks lovely. How awful to look this great and still be deemed ‘unperfect’ to have yourself photoshopped regularly. Must be awful to be honest.

    But she looks great! I would love to not only look like this in a bikin but also feel as great about myself as she does. She look so much better than than skinny whippet Lohan

    • jess

      WHIPPET!? That’s so catty, yet so incredibly hilarious! 😀

    • Brittany

      LOL! Lindsay DOES look like a whippet!! Hilarious!

      and you’re right Kim looks great anyone who would criticize that body is crazy.

  • mjb352

    wow, not many celebs look this good without photoshop! her body is rocking. and I think she looks like a size 2 in these photos!

  • Wow. She looks beautiful and with an amazing figure! Kim is just, wow. She looks pretty perfect to me.

  • ckmj787

    gorgeous! that face and confidence makes up for any minor imperfections she may have….looooove her!

  • Fabulous

    She is amazing!!! I love KIM!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

  • beccasaurus

    she looks really good.

    bodacious booty not included, she’s VERY well proportioned (from the front).

    her butt is great too though.

  • peachess

    she looks AMAZING.

    however, i’m sure the 6+ inch heels are working to her advantage..

    • Leanna

      Gosh, those things are insane!

  • mkay643

    gorgeous girl, still dont think she’s a size 2 tho. no problem with that, nobody needs to be a size 2, but I hate when people feel the need to lie. she’s beautiful and should feel comfortable in her body and just say “i feel great about myself” not “i feel great about myself AND this is my size..”

    • caroline

      you might no beleive it but i do…i’m 5’2 and about 106 lbs , my body looks like hers and i wear a size 2 too so you can be curvy and be small size 🙂

  • Mrs.L.

    She looks awesome! I think people can’t really tell from pictures about a person sometimes though…people forget that she is very short and petite…she just happens to have a very curvy lower half on a tiny frame. Don’t really care what size she wears…she is still a very small woman; she is lovely and has a wonderful looking face!
    She also looks good without piling on the makeup.

    • Mirabela

      i agree! 😉

  • what a natural beauty … she look awesome, she don’t need to be photoshopped :p

  • kb

    she probably should have gone with the photoshopping.

    • Instant


  • Kristy

    I think she looks great. It’s refreshing to see someone look curvy but normal. This might sound like an insult, but she looks so soft! I bet most men would love to cuddle up to that!

  • anya

    I’m sorry but if these pictures are brand new and after she got home from Mexico than its deff. photoshopped. I just saw her pictures in a bikini from Mexico and yes she is gorgeous and has the perfect body, but she does not look like that in the bikini shots. And it is possible to look unphotoshopped with photoshop.

    • mEEE

      And it is possible to look unphotoshopped with photoshop.


      I agree; there are different levels of it and for all we know, she could be wearing body make-up.

    • may

      maybe they picked the most flattering angles….paparazzi usually aren’t concerned about flattering angles. A lot of how you look has to do with the way you stand or position yourself.

  • londonchicka

    I think Kim is a perfect role model but she contradicts herself when she claims too love her womanly curves yet claim to wear a dress size 2, here in Britain thats a size 6?????? why decieve yourself let alon your fans??? theres no way she could have 4 in hips and still be the same size as Kate Mose???? how is that possible someone please explain

    • kick1

      if you have skinny legs like she does then its possible all you then need is some stretch around the butt

      its having big thighs that stops you from getting in to small sizes her thighs are no way near big and her waist is a 25” as well which is a size uk 6 in jeans

      jeans go by waist size not butt size

  • Susan

    I’m a photographer and these pictures may not have been photoshopped but the first two photos have been purposely overexposed. Not trying to hate, but overexposure will produce a very flattering light that will wash out any ripple or imperfection. Notice how you can barely make any out detail on her feet in the second image.

    She’s beautiful. I’m just saying these photos are not raw or completely truthful.

  • Cyn

    LONDONCHICKA–I don’t know what your definition of “curvy” is but according to me (personal experience) you can be curvy and a size 2. It’s the overall silhouette of the body that defines someone as being curvy or not. Curvy doesn’t refer to near obese individuals. You can be skinny yet curvy–just like KIM KARDASHIAN. My measurements are 34-25-36 and sometimes a size 2 is TOO big and sometimes it’s TOO small. It’s all about “Vanity Sizing”. If you look at her bone frame, she’s a small gal–but because of her boobs and butt it makes her look bigger than what she really is. Camera’s do add LBS. to a person.

    • may

      Kim claims her measurements are 34 26 39 so a size 2 is probably always too small for her if it’s sometimes too small for you and you have 3 less inches on your hips. Except or course an A-line cut dress size 2 prob fits her.

      • T.D.P

        I wonder if it’s just designer jeans she wears smaller sizes in… I shop at AE and according to thier size chart she would be like a size 10 there… a size 2 there is a 23-24 inch waist and 33-34 inch hips, while a size 10 is a 27-29 inch waist and 37-38 inch hips….hmmm…. I feel like designer brands tend to run more lenient….hence her claiming to be a size 2.

    • Kristy

      I think the point is that in the UK a size 6 (US 2) is really very tiny, like 28 inch hips/23 inch waist kind of thing. From a glance, she looks more like a UK 10. I’ve heard that US sizing tends to be lenient though.

      • london chicka

        gosh thank you someone speaking sense i like Kim but theres no why shes a size 2(here in Britain thats a size 6) im sorry, iam 34-26-38 and wear size UK 10.

        • kick1

          lol @ her being a size 10!!! im 5’7 have a 25 inch waist my hips are 40” however my butt is 44”

          I wear a 26” jean in serfointaine and siwy my legs are not big

          • kevin

            wow. i simply cannot magine walking behind you! you are the absolute of perfection don’t ever think otherwise. here in USA we have in my opinion a lack of hip roundness/fullness. wow..sorry jut no other word comes to mind after reading your post. wow!

  • sara

    good for her! she’s awesome for doing this

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  • mari

    Hahaha, this is not a size two!!!

  • Rose

    she has an amazing body. without a doubt. but deff not size 2 xD

  • MELA

    A man’s body…

    • Instant

      Erm, I don’t know a single man that has a body like that.

      Unless you mean hers is the type of body that men prefer, than yea, I agree with you there 😛

      • MELA

        LMFAO… hum no I said she got some broad shoulders, her breasts look like pectoral muscles and she aint got that much hips… I prefer slim hourglass body… That is my opinion. She is no glory for women, according to me…

        • Leanna

          Hmmm what you been smokin’?

          Also you just contradicted yourself saying, ‘she ain’t got much hips….I prefer slim hourglass body’….well slim hourglass body have less hips than she does so make up your bloody mind!

          Me thinks you just have it in for her you hater lol.

  • she’s ok at best

  • ms_benes

    she has lost weight, you can tell by her face. I love her face but I don’t like her body except for the nice definition between her waist and her hips.

  • Ida

    She’s slim yet curvy! and I really believe that she’s a size 27 in jeans, because she’s veeeeery short 🙂

    • Leanna

      Yes she’s veeeeery short (not that short actually) but 39/40 inch hips are not a size 4 jeans. I’m short as well and my 38 inch hips are a size 6 jeans….you do the math. I’m sure we both have a nightmare with the gaping waist band but unless you have 36 inch hips to go with that 26 inch waist then it won’t be a size 4 (or at least it shouldn’t be).

      But what really annoys me is when people assume short people look big in anything above a size 4. So if someone is short and look average in size, they can’t possible be a size 8 because that would just be like huuuuge….*eye roll* lol

  • Raluca

    I’m not quite sure how well-proportioned she is, but I bet that with a figure like this it must be pretty comfy sitting on hard surfaces: you’ve got an inbuilt cushion 🙂 (I’m talking about the second pic)

  • Juliette

    She has a fantastic body, but that smile on her face…she always looks lost and confused, like “How did I get here?”

  • rainy_daze

    She’s got an awesome body…this may not be photo-shopped but she still is a plastic-surgery-who**, and what she’s got is not natural…lipo, lots of work done on her face, boob job. Not that I blame her though, if I had as much $$ as she does, I’d probably get abit of my waist and thighs lipo-d off.

  • rainy_daze

    And there’s no way she’s a US size 2, even size 4 is kinda small…size 6 is more like it, maybe even a size 8…she’s a good Medium with boobs and ass, regardless of her ‘petite’ height or build.

  • Wow, she is so fabolous. The media should be rasing this as the perfect women.

    I luv her look!

  • free

    her face is wonderful…her body…horrible

  • Sara

    Hey what are those heels called that shes wearing??