Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Unphotoshopped Bikini Body

kim-kardashian-reveals-her-unphotoshopped-bikini-body - Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Unphotoshopped Bikini Body

Here’s an almost naked, real, curvy and NOT airbrushed Kim Kardashian on the cover of Life&Style magazine.

Wait, what?

“Unphotoshopped” and “magazine cover” in the same context? That’s right!

I love my body the way it is,’ the 28-year-old tells Life & Style magazine. I’m not perfect. I have cellulite, so what.

Good for you, Kim! Keep up THIS attitude!

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  • Suzy

    She looks great! The perfect definition of healthy-curvy. Look at her tiny and toned waist! This pic proves that you don’t need photoshop to look perfectly beautiful.

    Too bad such a beautiful person needs to justify their cellulite (this is what society does to you!) And I’m sure she doesn’t even have much of it.

  • Mia

    I think she looks beautiful. In fact, I would LOVE to look like her, with the body she has today and all! she is slim and curvy, and has one of the most gorgeous faces I have ever seen. I don’t understand why she has to keep defending herself to the media! I don’t know a single guy who would turn her down, if you know what i mean!

    • Samantha

      I agree, she is always defending her size and weight. She doesn’t need to!

    • slitt

      totally agree

  • Mrs.L

    She has an awesome face! She has great curves on a small frame and awesome Shakira like hips.
    As for cellulite…thin women, curvy women, tall and short women…nobody is immune from it! just a bit more lucky if you don’t wind up with it 🙂 And really, it is not that serious.

  • Instant

    Oooo, very nice 😀

  • go kim. at least she’s not complaining like she’s been doing. even without the airbrush she still looks good. that’s how women whether they’re skinny or curvy should look without all that airbrushing because it makes them look fake.

  • Mary

    from the looks of the magazine cover, she looks like she gained weight.
    she should have also admitted she’s NOT a SIZE 2!

    • mEEE

      She didn’t gain weight, they just didn’t remove about 20 pounds through photoshop!

  • Emme

    I think she’s beautiful! And Mary, how do you know she’s not a size 2? She’s really short, so she looks curvier than she probably is in real life.

    • Ella

      I’m about the same height as Kim and I am a size 2, yet I look MUCH slimmer than Kim does. Even my limbs are much skinnier. So for people like me, it is hard to believe. There is no way of knowing of course, but I can understand why so many doubt her statements when they have the same height, measurements, weight and yet look nothing like Kim!

      • anya

        I don’t believe myself she’s a size 2, but you can’t really say what size or how much a person weighs just by looking at them. We are all build differently and carry our weight very differently as well. So just because someone has wide hips, broad shoulders, bigger thighs and so on, doesn’t mean that they are much larger in sizes or weight for that mattter.

        • Ella

          Yes, that is why I said there is no way of knowing. Unless someone wants to go meet Kim, measure her, weigh her on multiple sets of scales (just to be sure) and to take her to several stores to see if she fits in a size 2 across the board… and I really don’t think that is going to happen any time soon!

          • Leanna

            She did give her measurements recently as 35-26-40 and also in the past as 34-26-39. I think we all know that 39/40 inch hips are not a size 2. Even if you have a small waist how would you get the pants over your butt.

            I know because I’m 38 inches around my butt and certainly can’t get in anything less than a size 6 despite also having a 26 inch waist (and yes I get annoying gapes that I have to get fixed). But if I tried to fit int a size 2 or 4 pants, my hips and butt would be bursting at the seams lol.

            I think she probably does wear a size 2 in some expensive designer brands. Maybe if I go shopping where she does I’ll be a size 2 as well lol, but if you are a true size 6 but fit into a size 2 what is your real size? I think it’s all getting very confusing, time to scrap clothes sizes perhaps…..

          • Crystal

            Im a size 6 39 hips 27 waist and the only way I could get into a size 2 would be size 2 leggings!

    • Carolyn

      she’s never a 2. never! but she looks good.

  • Trisha

    Good for her for speaking the truth about her body. She has said before that she works out and eats healthy and that this is her natural shape, so good for her for accepting her body the way it is.

  • anya

    I love Kim but I am so sick of the fact that yes she can’t stop talking about how confident, happy and content she is with herself but at the same time appearing on magazine covers to tell us the exact same thing and show us pictures of her unphotoshopped bikini body. Come on Kim, I think its so amazing that you love your body and don’t feel the need to follow the skinny trend but have some pride and stop defending yourself or justify yourself to the world.
    You telling us that you loved your body the first time around is enough.

    • if you look at her she is skinny but not over the top. it is annoying but i like the fact that she let people know that she’s comfortable with her body and doesn’t give a damn with what they say about her. you can skinny and still be a curvy woman. so she wants to brag how much she loves her body then i say keep going.

      • anya

        I think its wonderfull and so amazing that she loves her body because she should. She’s insanely gorgeous and sexy. But my point is that instead of comming off as secure and confident she actually comes of as insecure and not confident because she keeps defending herself and she shouldn’t do that. Its below her pride, and she should just ignore those who talks bad about her and just accept the fact that she is gorgeous and has a body alot of people would love to have.

  • babi steph

    Great body! This is the body men love, not those skinny!

    • please kim is skinny so shut up with that b.s.

  • Angie

    she looks amazing.
    she def. doesn’t need photoshop.

  • rachael

    That’s exactly the bottom line: since she has cellulite she should cover it up when posing in magazines.

  • kim’sucks

    wtf? why should anyone read this entry or any other of this fat grose magazine slut. put a banana into that fat ASS

  • BlackEssence

    One day she’s pissed, telling us all she’s a 2
    Now she’s saying love me I’m curvy.

    Kim, stop defining yourself. You have a beautiful body, let the rest of it go.

  • Leanna

    I think the issue is Kim Kardashian totally admits she has 39/40 inch hips and most would agree that is not a size 2! Size 2 is like a 35 inch hip, so you’d wonder how she squeezes her butt into such a small size when technically she should probably be a size 8 for the hips.

    Actually it makes me question vanity sizing more than anything. I get the impression that the designer brands are VERY generous with their sizing.

  • Meko

    i was thinking the same thing why one day shes so stuck on the size 2 and then she claims shes comfortable with being curvey. and this girl is so desperate for attention especially with the wig incident and who in the heck is going to take her workout seriously wearing all that makeup, them tight clothes, a corset, and wearing your hair out. you have to be kidding

  • Tina

    good for her!

  • I am a big fan of Kim she looks great in fact we have the same body type and I don’t care maybe cus I live in a place where curvy girls are considred as sexier and prettier than the others GOD BLESS CASA BLANCA lol

  • Liz

    kim has a very pretty face, my boyfriend thinks shes hideous.. love the different opinions of everyone in this world.. beautiful, not beautiful.. fine! BOTTOM LINE. BITCH AINT A 2. be one with it.

  • ms_benes

    pretty face but I don’t like her body at all, too fat.

    • Instant

      She’s not fat. The only thing “fat” on her is her ass, and if you think that’s too big, that’s fine, but the rest of her isn’t fat at all.

      • free

        No,she’s not fat…she’s VERY FAT!She has huge ass,huge hips…huge legs,I mean short and fat legs!So ms_benes is right

        • Instant

          No, ms_benes(and yourself) are wrong. She’s not fat, not anywhere near it.

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  • Hey everyone!

    I admire Kim for her no-frills approach to fame. She has happily exposed her beautiful curvy body, sometimes been critised for it – but look at her. She has a smile from here to Omaha and curves like a coke bottle.

    I know for a fact she does work out, but also enjoys healthy cuisine BUT most importantly she enjoys her life (as you can see by that killer smile she flashes).

    I think girls should hold kim as a role model for honest beauty and body image, then find their own meal plan/exercise regime to follow according to their lifestyles!

    Good on you Kim!

    Eliza Kelly – Nutritionist @ Ten Diets That Work