Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Says She Gained Weight

kim-weight-gain - Kim Kardashian Says She Gained Weight

And the reason is…

“The hardest thing about moving from California to New York is the food – it’s everywhere. I have got to know the pizza there really well. I have probably gained 10lbs living in New York. I can’t find a gym I just see pizza and hotdogs everywhere.”

… says Kim.

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  • Karolina

    Finally! Here’s an honest celebrity! And she’s lucky to put those extra pounds on in the right places ;-D

    • kiki

      Agreed! 😀

    • Jackie

      Yes she is very lucky for having an elephant butt! I would kill for that.

      • Beans


      • solaxia

        LOL! I agree with the first poster…but i do think Jackie’s comment was funny!
        I personally love kims body though i wouldnt want my butt quite that big…tho she suits it!

  • Lalachica

    Definately has gained some weight and I’m pretty sure we all know where most of it went….

  • neutra

    She really needs a new undereye concealer.

    • Marvel

      I think so, too. It’s much too light under her eyes!

  • bronzedbela

    lol the butt…anyway, she is cute telling the truth, fact is women like to eat, its pleasurable.

    • I would say everyone finds eating pleasurable, regardless of gender!

  • federica

    I don’t know why, but I don’t like this girl at all. Everything she says seems to me something stupid.

    • Anne

      yes its because shes a fame whore -_-

    • Leah

      i don’t like her either. this comment in particular bugs me. yeah new york has food. every city has food, i wish she’d stop making excuses. and she and her sisters make such a big deal out of everything

  • Callie

    I like that she’s telling the truth but… she can’t find a gym? In New York City? Really?! I think she’s just going through a phase where she can’t be bothered to workout, and I don’t judge her for that at all! I’m going through it too!

    • lp23

      I don’t think this she means it in that way.
      I think she is saying she is more interested in the food and cannot be arsed going to a GYM. That is what i gathered from it. I cannot read her mind though lol!

      • lp23


        I don’t think she means it in that way.
        I think she is saying she is more interested in the food and cannot be arsed going to a GYM. That is what i gathered from it. I cannot read her mind though lol!

    • b


      There are gyms everywhere here. And besides that, unless you’re being shuttled around in a black car, there’s the walking! Maybe she should take a walk instead of drive somewhere…

    • Alex

      I’m going to agree with IP23. Her comment seems to be made in humor. “I can’t find a gym I just see pizza and hotdogs everywhere.”

      Anyone who lives in New York knows that it really is one of the healthiest cities to live in. Fitness and looks are valued, but not in an obsessive way like they tend to in LA. (I don’t know that for a fact about LA, but a friend who lives there tells me that that is how it is.)

      Besides that, it is a walking city, but like a comment below said, she’s not getting that benefit if she’s being driven around in the little black car. Ugh, I hate driving in the city.

      That said, and as much as I don’t really like KimK, I can understand how first being in NY is an exciting time for your tastebuds. The multitude of food is crazy, and the pizza is the best in the country. Give her some time to get back on the excercise (or Quick Trim) bandwagon.

  • Polly

    That was a while ago, she doesn’t live in NYC anymore. I still think she looks great regardless of her supposed weight gain.

  • blondie

    i could tell she gained a little weight, but she still looks great!!

  • New York City? Home of tons of raw, vegan, ethnic, etc. restaurants with healthier and lighter foods to choose from? The same city that, when I google search “gyms in NYC,” returns 330,000 results?

    I’m hearing some weak excuses. No surprise coming from such a worthless individual.

    • gigi

      wow it is SO not that serious. you need a life.

      who cares what her body looks like with that gorgeous face, honestly.

    • Kate1st

      “No surprise coming from such a worthless individual.”

      Bit harsh don’t you think? I know she’s bloody annoying, but that was a little uncalled for.

    • Jackie

      I agree with you ,she is pure trash.

    • Ramie

      I agree that Kim is worthless…and full of herself. I don’t think that comment is harsh at all.

      • Kate1st

        Sorry but calling anyone worthless is pretty harsh IMO. Celebrity or not, who are any of us to gauge another person’s worth?

    • Shal

      Calling someone worthless is a worthless comment. I’ve noticed on other posts you’re very harsh also. Lighten up lady.

    • jane

      I totally agree. Everyone I know who moved to NYC lost weight, from all the walking and from the plethora of healthy options everywhere. I also used to live in NYC and there are a million random healthy places — it’s not all pizza like Kim claims it is. She’s just making excuses. Well, the only person she’s lying to is herself.

      • Alex

        She’s not claiming that there is only pizza and hot dogs. She’s just saying that’s all she sees everywhere, and I think she meant it not literally.

        And I don’t think she’s making excuses, she’s just telling the straight out truth. She’s not trying to play off that she’s stressed or any other BS excuse. She is fully aware that her eating and non-excercising habits are the cause of her weight gain, so how is that an excuse.

    • Alex

      Why are you such a hateful person? It’s one thing to be critical of someone, but you’re just being unreasonable. I’ve seen some other posts by you on this site also.

      I don’t know if anyone has ever told you, but you catch more flies with honey.

      And she’s not using an excuse. At any point during that quote did she sound like she was making an excuse? She simply is stating the reason for her weight gain.

    • padme

      I don’t like her at all, but it is pretty harsh to call another human being worthless. You don’t know her, I’m sure her family and friends love her and wouldn’t consider her to be worthless.

  • I think that’s a very unflattering dress on her figure – it makes her look bulky. 10lbs isn’t a big deal – she yo-yo’s quite often anyway – I’m sure she’ll be dieting and exercising herself 15lbs thinner soon!

    • flossy

      Just in time to release a fitness DVD, brag about the weight loss on the cover of US magazine and have Ryan Seacrest interview her about it on his radio show yaaaaawwwwnn.

    • amazon

      ten lbs not that much?? maybe if you have nothing to do but get paid for losing it, but I hate losing weight- not being able to fit into your clothes, feeling like exercise is a chore you HAVE to do, resisting the daily treat I usually have (or two!). and thats nearly two dress sizes if it is all fat and not just water weight.
      definetly rather her than me.
      although judging by the photo she looks the same as ever.

      • Yes, I meant that on her 10lbs is not that much. On some people it’s extremely hard to get rid of – but she seems to go up and down quite a bit and she’s got plenty of people to help her move it! So, I’m not going to feel bad for her!

        • elle

          10lbs on a 5’3″ frame is actually pretty significant. but like you said, she’s got people to help her move it, so…

          for the record, i cant stand this no-talent woman.

  • Pamela Picone

    “Com On” People we are just as bad as the press even looking at the picture is to say wowo she is a person too we all go up and down and for the girl her called her stupid!!! HHHHMMM Lets see make 10 mill a year for the curves who is the stupid one she works real hard and has made a future for herself. I bet she does not have time to post on someone elses gaining 10 pounds she loose it she is to beautiful not to care and if she doesn’t the world will love her anyway I would love to look like that just for one day!!!! Jealous women on here DAMMMM

  • Nicole

    I’m just here to represent that ‘what! what! ny pizza is the best!’ haha it is true that there is yummy tasty food on every corner and you can get every type of food at every hour of the day so it can be tough, but honey, please, don’t pretend like you don’t care about gaining, attention whore

  • Princess

    Her face is so beautiful especially her eyes.
    I like pizza alot and i understand what she`s saying,when i see pizza or pasta or something deep fried my God i forget about my weight

  • Ida

    Haha, me too. When I’m suppost to eat healthy, I se candy, pizza, soda and all the other good things everywhere!

  • Anne

    well she gains it mostly around her hips and stomach and thighs (just like me) except her hips are like way bigger, well watch in 2 months shell be on a magazine like oh look i lost 10 lbs

  • Kate1st

    Looks like it all went to her boobs and butt, lucky!

    • Anne

      thats cuz she got lipo, ive noticed everytime she gains it goes to her curves and not to her tummy. It can still be as flat as a pancake

  • Issa

    I’m sure she gained more, eather way, that’s life, enjoy it once in a while!
    Anyhow I heard from friends who went on vacations in the US that it’s dificult keeping you weight there. Alot of fat food and not even that good…

    • loveblogs

      yea, she probably did gain more. if she says 10….make that at least 15 lol. she yo yo diets A LOT . i wonder if she has stretch marks bc of that.

    • amazon

      in new york loads of healthy food too. but why the distinction? I eat a total mix, just don’t eat the whole blooming pizza every day!

  • Mia

    I’m shocked by the number of people who are taking her quote literally. For once in her life she was actually witty and it goes over everybody’s head. sheesh. i thought it was a really funny quote…I don’t get what makes Kim famous, but she clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously which is good.

  • Valezka
  • woopidoo

    she really looks kie a chicken haha

  • loveblogs

    she is pretty. but it’s obvious she is insanely preoccupied with her looks. she is always compelled to show off her beauty. i would love to see her go out in public like megan fos does FOR ONCE. i really don’t appreciate the fact that she doesn’t own up to the things she has done to her face. does she really think in 10 yrs she will be able to sell the “i’m all natural bs”?????

    • loveblogs


    • amazon

      joan collins still is..:-)

  • Meghan

    I guess she didn’t look too hard for a gym.

  • molly

    Gosh, all that woman ever talks about is how she either loses weight or gains weight. Honey, is that really all you have to say?! Is your finite beauty the only thing that goes on in your head when you’re using it? And if so how can you not even get the shade of your concealer right?? God, give me a break.

    • loveblogs

      100% agree with this.

    • Nicole

      Yes, that is really the only thing she can talk about because she doesn’t do anything else that we would care about or that makes her relevant…with the exception of that sex tape with Ray J, her love life with a famous football player

  • pixie

    Ya so, she’s gained some weight, everyone slacks sometimes. She is still a beautiful woman and carries the extra weight well.

  • I’m less concerned about her being a “beautiful woman” and more about her being famous for having sex with somebody who’s hardly famous himself. Couldn’t we pay attention to people who are less obnoxious and worthless?

  • Rachel

    Nice concealer!

  • Ana

    Well that’s not an explanation for this albino raccoon make up

  • Essence

    Lol so many Kim haters

    • lucy

      Man i would hate to be so bitter and angry about people we don’t know.. I don’t understand haters. She is not a criminal. Seems nice enough. She was asked a direct question if she was pregnant and she answered it by saying she has just gained weight. She is damned by haters no matter what.

      • Casey

        I feel like that way too. I feel if this was said by any other celebrity, the people on here claiming what a stupid thing she is saying would be praising the other celebrity for saying it.

        I don’t think Kim is amazing, I’m hardly a fan, and I do get annoyed with her sometimes, and we probably wouldn’t be friends if we knew each other…but at some point, the hate towards Kim gets a little personal and too intense. I can’t believe people don’t realize that their hate towards her borders on irrational.

        • Okay Moving On!

          true statement Casey! I really do not get how people can be convinced they hate someone they don’t even know. Never got it. I am not a kim fan either.

          • Kate1st

            I don’t get it either. Hate is such a strong emotion, save it for those who truly deserve it, i.e. child molesters, rapists, murderers and terrorists. Kim’s only crime is being somewhat vain and a bit shallow.

  • Casey

    I think people already covered what I was about to say…she has the figure where even a little extra weight will still look good. I prefer her leaner, more toned figure but my preference shouldn’t dictate her life.

    I also believe her about the restaurants and gyms. I’ve visited NYC, and it’s just a whole different mentality than certain parts of LA. Not to mention that when you move to a new place in general, it takes a while to build and get used to a new routine. It seemed to take her a long while to start going to a gym in the first place, so once things got mixed up, I’m sure she’s finding it difficult to get started again..because it’s not HER gym, or HER trainer, at her USUAL appointments.

  • Kate

    It’s funny cuz if she would just do what many New Yorkers do — walk everywhere — she might not have gained any weight lol. She still looks completely fine, though, so she needs to zip her lip.

  • Sy

    That’s a lame excuse. Yes, we do live in a world with food stores on every corner of the street, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat it! Welcome to the Western civilization. And as for the gym, i find it hard to believe that she cannot find one, and even if it should be the case, go for a run out in the open or use some of those hard earned money on some exercise machines to put in your own place…
    I do however agree that it’s nice finally to have a celeb admitting that she’s gained weight… But enough with the bad excuses

  • Elvis

    It would be good to see a heavier Kim Kardashian
    I hope she gains a few more pounds!

    She would look so cute with a fuller face!

  • lc

    IT. SHOWS. Then again, she always looks big to me so I can’t really tell that well.

  • Aims

    NO shit you gained weight – of course you have always been larger. 112lbs my ass! LMAO … or your ass that is….

  • Kimberly

    What a bunch of bitter girls on here. I can think of a lot of celebrities that annoy me more than Kim Kardashian (Paris Hilton anyone?) but I guess everyone is different. I really don’t understand the hate.

    • Kimberly

      I do “hate” her concealer though. Nice raccoon eyes!

  • Ophelie

    @Jane I agree, I lost 15 lbs when I moved to NYC.
    Kim was totally joking around in this quote. I don’t know why some people are taking it so seriously.

  • gabrielle

    i adore her….so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maddy

    i agree so many bitter girls on this website. We dont need to bash other ladys for their wheight gain. We all have something we are insecure about and trolling on this webiste isnt going to get rid of thoes. She carries it well and has a true figure of a women. i respect that. So lets respect one another. Each woman is different.