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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump

kim-khloe-020113-1 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian finally revealed her baby bump in an image she posted on Instagram. Meantime, her mother , Kris Jenner, has been talking to the media about her famous daughter’s pregnancy cravings:

“She’s craving Pizookies…It’s a giant cookie and I think it’s at BJs and I think it has ice cream on top, but right now it’s all about the Pizookies. Last night, she was craving artichokes, Chinese chicken salad—no onion and French fries.”

… says Kris.

See more recent pictures of Kim after the jump!


FFN_g_51002146 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51002666 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51003577 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51003587 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51003710 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51003864 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51003865 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51003939 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump FFN_g_51004060 - Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Baby Bump

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  • Eline

    Wow! Especially in the first pic, you can actually see a little baby bump.
    Btw, did she gain some weight? I think she looks somewhat fuller than a half year ago (maybe its the pregnancy weight, but i thought she was only three months)

    She looks good though! (Except for her fashionstyle lately haha)

    • kc123

      I think it’s more of a PIZZA BUMP. she probably can finally throw away the spanx and eat whatever she wants because of her ‘pregnancy’.

      • HAHAHA so true!

      • Megan

        Jessica Simpson 2.0?

    • Hanan

      yes , she look like she gain
      her arms look bigger in 1st pic

  • ok

    She is blowing up like a hot air balloon

    • Powwow

      She’s gonna get SOOO fat lmao

      • Emeline

        Lol maybe. She’s not slim to begin with…

    • Jennifer

      I know! And I love it!

    • Polly

      I KNOW!! And how many months is she like 4 or 5, oh my she might become the new Jessica Simpson. But she’s just going to milk it out after baby. As if we don’t hear enough about her…

      • G Girl

        I know, please tell me she won’t become the new Weight Watchers spokes person after baby! I couldn’t handle that.

  • linda

    Wow, it looks like she has gained alot already.

  • serena

    I barely noticed the baby bump because it was overshadowed by her bulbous backside bump. In just a few months time, the two plump protrusions will be competing for center stage! And I’m sure we’ll be treated to countless instagrammed pictures of the process.

    • Powwow

      Unfortunately, you’re probably right.

    • artemis

      hehe, i thought the same :)) only her bump will rival her giant butt

  • Magda

    She is going to be enormous with her furure big belly and big butt lol. Congrats anyways.

  • blaire

    playing just like the Simpson that went before her…”omygosh I was like so addicted to cheese puffs and deep fat fried cheese and I gained like all this weight and now I have pressured by friends to join jenny craig…and it wasn’t for the money at all i’m doing this so I can be a better mom…” (for 5 million) bet me on this one…

    • Emilie

      I agree, but I think that whatever appeal JS has, or they thought she had, Kim doesn’t have it. I don’t think anyone would pay her millions for that, b/c ppl don’t even like her!

  • Ree

    I think the whole Kardashian Klan was made for pushing, their hips are perfect for that. I do agree with all of the comments that she will gain a lot more weight and probably will struggle shifting it.

  • HH

    Only good thoughts when it comes to the pregnancy. But honestly, I hate to say it and come off mean but…she does not look good at allllllllll. She was gaining weight long before she got pregnant. Her figure is so unfortunate to begin with. Can’t imagine after birth!

  • HH

    I just don’t understand why it’s like “all
    Face” for her all the time. BODY matters just as much!

    • HB

      Agreed– but her makeup artist can give her the illusion of a perfect face. There’s not much she can do about the body.

    • lux

      I think shed have a nice body if she could just get ride of the giant ass.

  • Pixie

    . She has gained a lot, even before she was pregnant. I think she will get quite big. Kourtney did gain quite a bit, but she is a lot smaller than Kim, and seems to be able to shed lbs a lot easier. Good luck to her.

    • artemis

      she doesn’t need good look when there’s lipo available for kinda all body parts.

  • wonderwoman21

    That picture looks gross (because Kim Kardashian is in it)

  • violet

    YUK 🙁 Her body revolts me!

    • lc

      Agreed, violet.

  • retrobanana

    i think she is going to look similar to how kourtney looks maybe a bit bigger..kourtney got pretty big the second time around to me it really doesnt matter you are pregnant you get big…if you dont you long as you eventually take the weight off..

  • Heather

    I could careless about the Kardashians but Khloe is looking slim. I must give credit where credit is due, girl is looking good.

    • lulu

      Khloe is looking slim because she is standing next to Kim!!!!

      • Heather

        Haha I forgot to take that into consideration.

  • Loxy

    When I see these pictures of Kim it further solidifies (for me) that Beyonce’s pregnancy was a hoax. I know ppl will say I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist but most thick girls do not simply gain tiny bellies and bounce back like Victoria Beckham. Beyonce has thicker legs than Kim and at 9 months she had barely gained in her thighs. I know diet & exercise play a major role but Beyonce has said many times that she loves eating junk so I highly doubt she wouldn’t indulge during pregnancy…okay I’ll stop now BC I’m sure people think I’m crazy….

    • Tea

      It’s an interesting comparison…you could be right.

      • Mrsbee

        I’m a curvy girl and while everyone expected me to blow up during pregnancy, I didnt. I was all belly. People couldn’t tell I was pregnant until I was 7 months pregnant because my belly was still relatively flat. I lost my pregnancy weight and more. Body shape has little to do with it, I think genetics play a bigger role. If your mother bounced back its more than likely you will too. Not always but usually.

    • Raquel100

      I totally agree!! Good observations! Um, did you see the video (if it wasn’t altered in any way and was 100% real), her stomach collapsed right into her lap when she sat down like a hot air balloon!

    • snoops

      When I saw these photos I instantly thoughy of how strange and robotic beyonces pregnancy (?) was in comparison. Look at Kims face, boobs, skin all of these things are tell tale signs if pregnancy, being pregnant does mean a loy of changes for thr body, some temporary, and some level of permanant change too, although that varies. Anywat do not like Kim but wish her like any mother a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    • loos

      I actually disagree. I find women who carry their weight on the bums and thighs are more likely to lose the weight after pregnancy. I think it’s because they have naturally thinner waists and that’s where you put on the most weight during pregnancy. Look at JLo, Salma Hayek, Beyonce etc. I think Kim K will lose the weight after pregnancy. While I’m not a fan of Kim I think the comments on this site are ridiculously harsh. She’s 4 months pregnant – she’s meant to gain weight! I don’t think she’s gained much at all yet. Plus, you guys don’t know what it’s like when those cravings kick in for greasy, salty food and vegetables make you nauseous.

      • Loxy

        First of all, I did not make one negative comment about Kim. Second of all, many of us have been pregnant. Thirdly, jlo may have dropped the weight (and is now fitter than ever) after training for and completing a triathlon but she did gain noticeable weight while pregnant (and that’s perfectly normal/healthy)…my point is that Beyonce did not…her body maintained its shape and size except for her belly which is unusual for someone who is thick and who enjoys eating unhealthy foods. Its absolutely fine that you disagree with me and I know there are exceptions ( as gracefully pointed out by MrsBee above) but please do not say that I insulted Kim because I make a point to never post cruel or hurtful comments…and my history proves this.

  • em

    her lips look different. but she’s using her pregnancy as a sad excuse to eat whatever she wants. because once she gives birth, she’s going to milk her weight loss for all its worth. she’s going to do all the advertisements. but she’s going to look horrible while pregnant. she’s barely halfway through and she looks like someone who should be at their 6 months. she’s gaining so much weight already. it’s insane. she does not look good at all. i feel bad for the unborn child. it’s going to be brought into her messed up world.

    • kc123

      Weight watchers has already made a statement that they don’t want her… lol.

  • Chelsea

    Pregnancy isn’t suiting her very well. Some moms-to-be just glow, but she’s just blah.

  • Natalia

    I am trying to find something good to say about everyone lately, tho I am pressed here. Kim’s face her face can look attractive w/ makeup, but not w/out…lip implant now? She looks like one of those hairy women that has hairy eyebrows, hair on the upper lip, arm, back…and her body…well, she’s short, and just plain overweight…adn the butt, whether real or fake doesn’t matter, it is just not attractive and she shouldn’t dress in a manner that accents it. I think she knows that she is both attractive in some ways, but mostly unattractive. That’s the tamest I can be about her.

    • Cecil

      I think she looks better with less makeup… maybe some foundation but that’s it
      she looks like a drag queen with the amount of contouring she does… but her personality makes her too ugly to evr be pretty to me

      hope she has a wonderful baby though

  • La la la la

    calling a pregnant girl fat and gross is so mean. jessica simpson got hate bc she was treating her body like a trashcan and i don’t think was exercising very much. for all we know, kim is eating wonderfully and working out all the time. i never liked kim kardashian but pregnancy really makes someone more relatable IMO. it’s scary and exciting and no one really knows what they’re doing even if they think they do. it’s very humanizing for someone who has made herself into such a caricature. i think pregnant women are beautiful, her included

    • Pixie

      You’re right. I feel bad now for the comment I made. I guess some of it is how she comes across on her show, she seems like a c***. And she’s really rude to Kourtney. I have seen lots of pics with her coming and going to the gym, so she must be taking care of herself. Hopefully being a mom will make her a kinder person.

      • Pixie

        Was kind of hypocritical of me, I gained a bit more than I should have when I was pregnant. And I honestly could care less if someone has a ‘curvier’ figure or not. It’s really just her stank attitude that makes me want to ‘attack’ her. Anyway, that’s all. Lol.

      • Indigo Lace

        I agree Pixie. Kim Kardashian is just not a good person imo. I believe she is a jealous narcissistic s.l.u.t that is miserable on the inside. I thought maybe I was being way harsh and decided to tune into the newest season of Kim & Kourtney. She was way worse than I could’ve imagined. She was being so ugly and hateful to Kourtney when she thought she wouldn’t get pregnant. Kim also thought nothing of stealing her breast milk for her skin condition when she could’ve just asked. She will do anything to get what she wants. God help her poor child .

  • Adele

    Uh-oh, not looking good.. It sounds and looks like she is using her pregnancy as an excuse to pig out. Yuck.

  • ary

    Didn’t know she was pregnant! Good news. IF that belly gets as protruding as her ass, her center of mass will finally meet an equilibrium state 🙂

  • Hazal

    Could she please go away?

  • Sassy

    what’s up with all the black? Did someone die?

  • Ajla R

    You guys are talking like she weighs 300 lbs.. Chill. Women usually put on weight during the pregnancy, and so effing what? I don’t understand the urge to hate on somebody because their ass is bigger than their tummy. I’m happy for everyone who gets pregnant – it’s a wonderful thing. Get over yourselves.

  • Lauren

    Her calves look MASSIVE

  • vanessa

    still don’t know why people like them? very annoying and they aren’t really celebrities.

  • heathers

    Awww gorgeous. Not a huge Kardashian fan but pregnant women are so beautiful. She is glowing and beautiful.

  • Anastasia.

    Her ass has been looking 9 months pregnant for years.

  • Anastasia.

    I heard they are going to name the baby Khlamydia West.

    • Heather

      Bahaha 🙂

    • lc

      Hahaha!!! Good one!

  • Lucy

    She’s ugly?! have you guys not seen ugly before? If Kim K. is the new ugly we are all screwed

    • lc

      LOL yes she is ugly. Very.

    • anonymous

      I personally don’t think Kim is ugly (ugly is a nasty word to use anyway so I wouldnt call people that)… However I don’t think she is attractive either. She’s just average looking to me. In my opinion she is generic.. Hair extensions, tons of makeup, plastic surgery… She’s no natural beauty (at least not now). I accept that some people will find her attractive and that’s fine since everyone has a different opinion… But in my eyes Kim is not beautiful, nor does she deserve this level of fame. Ive never managed to find her pretty or anything like that, I guess I have different taste and a different opinion.

  • Natalia

    This woman is just gonna get bigger and bigger, I cannot stop looking at her, her lips, wtf??? just WHY? why would anyone want a bigger ass, bigger lips??? her legs are enormous, I don’t crack on ppl in general, but there is nothing more annoying than someone who thinks they are hot shyt and are actually not, so I don’t feel bad about. On the other hand, she has to know on some level, maybe subconsciousally, that she is unattractive. I just can’t, look away, it’s terrible.

  • Yvette

    She looks cute, she in no way looks fat..she’s pregnant! I wish her the best.

  • Is the baby developing in her ass? lol

  • lc

    She just needs to go away. I don’t give a damn about her pregnancy.

  • snugglepup

    Hahaa she’s gonna be like three balls piled over eachother. First her boobs – those are gonna explode or something… L.A:s gonna be one milkyway. Then her baby bump, hopefully she has twins or something. She looks quite big already, only three or so months in 😀 wow. And then her huge as usual booty. Man… I still think she’s hot. I’m afraid of what kind of daddy kanye turns out to be.

  • snugglepup

    Hahaa she’s gonna be like three balls piled over eachother. First her breasts – those are gonna explode or something… L.A:s gonna be one milkyway. Then her baby bump, hopefully she has twins or something. She looks quite big already, only three or so months in 😀 wow. And then her huge as usual booty. Man… I still think she’s hot. I’m afraid of what kind of daddy kanye turns out to be.

    First of all she’s promoting such an unhealthy lifestyle. Ever since that cookie diet I just cringe when I see her. Staying in shape takes a lot of hard and honest effort. And I feel like she just continues to go on a crash diet and fail.. And I feel like she’s one of those people who think they can eat whatever just because of the pregnancy. just have a problem that everything they do gets shoved down peoples throats. And I always wonder if she really works out all the time (because if so her metabolism probably is f*ed up by all the crash dieting) Though, on a more positive note, because of her build she still looks rather good with a couple more pounds.. Even if it looks more like she’s carrying a food baby right now.

  • Snip

    What a pretty pregnant lady. She looks great.

  • Megan

    People say she isn’t glowing or she doesn’t look good being pregnant. But being pregnant is a state of constant growth and change. I know when I was pregnant, I had a phase where I looked… not so well… right in the beginning, 1st trimester. My Mom told me just because I was pregnant, I didn’t have to let myself go. Ha. But by the 2nd and 3rd trimester, people commented on the glow and that I “must be having a girl.” My point is that everybody is different and 1 stage of pregnancy won’t predict the rest. But clearly there are a ton of people on here who get their jollies from putting people down. Kinda sad.

  • moomuhmuh

    Wow people are being mean. Yes she’s gained weight, she’s pregnant. She’s obviously not a naturally tiny, thin person. She’s already got to be a few months pregnant.
    Also, is that Khloe in the first pic? That might be the most unflattering picture of her ever.

    • Natalia

      I think ppl are being mean b/c she acts like she is hot stuff…there is nothing more annoying than woman who thinks she is very beautiful and is not, it is like a clown show. And she had surgery to make parts bigger? of course she is going to be ridiculed b/c who would want to make their behind bigger, and who would wear the tasteless clothes she wears. It is part of the culture here in the US, but small section of the public is not low class and does realize she is comical.

      • ary

        honestly, a woman (or man) who thinks she knows all the truth, and knows not, is far more annoying :/ I’m not trying to start a fight here, but some of your comments are really disappointing.

        • Natalia

          compared to some of the other comments here, mine are tame. no reason – to argue.

      • MissMarilyn

        I agree with your comment Natalia; people dislike her more because her personality than for anything else. but none of that is part of US culture!!! Kim has fans here…. But she has many more people who ridicule her in the US than she has fans. And no one is a fan of her ridiculous outfits.

  • Heather

    Ooh, we may see Jessica Simpson part 2 during this pregnancy. 3 months is a little pooch of a belly, barely anything. I’ve had two children, so I know this from my own experience. She was obviously gaining weight pre baby so she just looks bigger now than 3 months and that face? Her lips? I know some people like her but I find her simply repulsive. Famous for a sex tape and then reality tv and so on….famous for being classless….

  • Natalia

    Yeah, just looked at those pix again, don’t care what anyone says, she is just awful, she has the worst figure, even more so now, short obscenely ridiculous legs, comical square large behind, just comical looking, yet she takes pictures of herself in bikinis, jeans, thinks she’s good looking? i swear i am baffled by this woman, this part of American culture. I don’t think that is being inappropriate or disappointing, it’s being honest. Hate/can’t wait to see her in 3 months, can’t help it .

  • Junior

    I feel like when women don’t like other women, no matter what the reason is, they seem to love when the woman they don’t like get pregnant because they’ll “get fat.” Am I the only one who feels this way? I’ve just noticed this a lot lately.

    It just seems really unfortunate to me that a person would feel joy because someone else will gain weight, just because they don’t like said person. Is gaining weight really that horrible that it can count as deserved punishment? I mean, it’s just weight gain. Or maybe that’s just me that feels that way…

    • Natalia

      I was actlly. sad when Gemma Ward gained weight…the destruction of something so beautiful. I wasn’t happpy

    • Ajla R

      This! I think it’s awful that weight gain = bad. No wonder so many girls suffer from eating disorders. Anyway.. I think it’s sad that Kardashian haters are probably happy about Kim’s pregnancy because she’ll get fat and they can criticize even more. Sad sad sad.

      • Anastasia.

        Im curious as to what there is to love about her…

    • Kimberly

      I totally agree with you, but at the same time, Kim kinda brings it upon herself. She exemplifies everything that is wrong with our culture. She loves attention and so she will get it, positive or negative.

  • Allie

    i think she looks beautiful, just as a pregnant woman should!

  • nope

    Disgusting? Repulsive? Revolting? I don’t care who you are talking about, that’s incredibly cruel. I hope no one ever speaks about any of you like that. If i were the owner of this site, I’d block all comments just based on many of the responses to this post. The level of hate here is shameful. I’m going to give you all the benefit of doubt and pretend you’re young teens- you can’t really be held accountable for the stupid crap you say because your brain isnt fully developed; as an adult, you’ll know better. After visiting this site on and off for a number of years (and finding it, for the most part, an interesting diversion), I sure as hell won’t be back. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Polska Blondynka

      I agree with you. Yes — opinions matter. What is ridiculous though is the amount of hate for woman who is pregnant. Kim is very short and people come out bigger/wider in pictures depending on the lens. But she is short and 10lbs or 20lbs will look like A LOT on her.

      I am not just defending Kim. I was never fond of her. I am defending women who decide to become/are pregnant. It’s natural to gain weight. Totally. Although we can ALL agree on Jessica’s Simpson’s unhealthy choices in pregnancy — too much of a something is bad.

    • lc

      Oh for crying out loud. People can say what they want, no one likes Kim and with good reason. Get the f over it.

      • amber

        You dont get an entire franchise based off of your name because no one likes you. Plenty of people like her style, her family, and her public persona. You and a lot of others might not like her, but she has plenty of fans.

        I personally dont like her, but i have to agree that I think people are being mean. I think the above commentor was right on the money- most women are bitches who love when other women get fat, especially when they dont like them.

  • binks

    Something about her face looks off, I can’t put my finger on it…but other than that she is progressing along in her pregnancy nicely.

    • Natalia

      lip job, the same stuff she got stuffed in her ass, she got in her lips…cookie monster ……..

      • binks

        LOL wow…what will it be chocolate chip, oatmeal, black and white, coconut, fortune cookie or what?

        • Natalia

          hahaha…..choc chip and oatmeal are my faves.

  • Soph

    She’s pregnant. Give if a rest. She wasn’t tiny before but it’s not as though she’s 20st!

  • Jacky Daniels

    people chil.. i know she is annoying but cmon.. there is a lot more evel in this world than kardashians, relax. btw, it could be a lot of water on her, i doubt she will be so out of shape like j.s. imo she is too vain for that.

  • Amerie

    it’s unbelivable how much hate kim gets just cause she is pregnant. i see nothing wrong in these pictures, maybe she ain’t looking at her best but i don’t find her fat or ugly. let’s just be serious..

    • Anastasia.

      Kim gets hate regardless. I think it has something to do with the fact thats shes famous for nothing, except her huge square ass.

  • anonymous

    Not a fan of her and not a fan of how she looks, but good luck to her with the pregnancy…. Hope she doesn’t use the kid for more publicity…. And I hope the kid is healthy.

  • Nikki

    Completely and utterly bored of the Kardashian clan.