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Kim Kardashian, This Is So Not the Dress for You

kim-kardashian-this-is-so-not-the-dress-for-you - Kim Kardashian, This Is So Not the Dress for You

When you’ve already got a very curvy body that also happens to respect the proportion of an hourglass, then the last thing you want is to add some extra puffiness and roundness to it, especially in your middle section. It wouldn’t be a pity if Kim didn’t have a slim and nicely contoured waist – but she does and she should definitely accentuate it with the cut of the dresses. Because if she doesn’t…

Big and balloonish booty + big and balloonish boobs + balloonish dress = a really balloonish result.

Photo source: Celebutopia

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • mariahcareyfan.seth

    it looks like maternity wear but I’m sure theres some sort of fetish for that, but it that the kind of guy you want to attract kim? just look at the guy to your right I bet he’s one of them eeeeep.

  • Michelle_DD

    we all have our “fat days”. ok, hers seem to be worst than mine actually.

  • Crys

    Bad BAAAD choice! Get her a belt ASAP!