Kim Kardashian Versus Kourtney Kardashian

June 12, 2008 in Kim Kardashian, Who Is Hotter? by Versus

In case you missed Kim Kardashian (even though some will say “oh no, not again!”), here she is with her sister Kourtney and with their mom doing some shopping, what else? Now Kim is partially sporting her trademark look, which follows the formula: “squeeze, tighten and lift the boobs up, wear a low cut top in order to expose the squeezing result, tighten the waist as much as possible to create the 8 effect and well, the butt works for itself”. This time though, she is also wearing a pair of shorts and we rarely get to see her naked legs till that high – so, what are your thoughts?

We’ve got many competitions on, but this one wouldn’t exactly qualify in our Skinny Vs Curvy battle, since Kourtney isn’t exactly skinny, but more like slim with not exactly natural curves. But, you can decide Who’s Hotter? So, which one is your favorite? The uber-curvy Kim or the slimmer Kourtney? Feel free to include their mom in the game!

Photo source: Celebutopia

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