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Kim Kardashian, with Less Curves in a Bikini – UPDATE

Kim-in-a-bikini - Kim Kardashian, with Less Curves in a Bikini - UPDATE

Because “Kim Kardashian bikini pictures” are never enough and because she’s looking thinner / less curvier in this one, check out what picture Kim herself posted on her Twitter. And the quote that accompanied it:

Quick Trim photo shoot today in Miami! I finally feel I’ve reached my goal!

Yes, the angle makes Kim look less curvier than she is, but she is also slimmer – check out her middle area.

And how about that super dark tan?

UPDATE: OK guys, so I am including a side-by-side comparison between Kim in a bikini 2 months ago (a pic she posted on her blog) and the new Kim in a bikini. You can decide where she looks curvy or less curvy now.

Kim-K-bikini-comparison - Kim Kardashian, with Less Curves in a Bikini - UPDATE

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  • Juliette

    Does she really just sit around all day taking photos of herself?

    • Angela

      Of course she does!! Oh my God.. She is trying sooo hard to convince us how pretty she is, but this thing has gone too far.. I’m pretty sure that is not only me who’s been tired of her! She looks ridiculous with that awful colour of her skin! And she is surely not that thin! Photoshop Kim??????!!

      • Jade

        is it just me, which i dont think it is.. but this girl doesnt even look like she is BREATHING in this pix.. she is trying toooooo damn hard to convince us that she is finally NOT the size of a minivan.. i mean come on… give ME a break, you lost weight! you didnt eat as much, whats the BIG WHOOP… your a millionaire…. i would be motivated to lose any amount of weight if i was being paid by some weight loss product… gosh, she makes me vomit.

        • xo

          AMEN! hate her. she looks weird in the “skinny” pic. looks like she stretched her body and face out. Terrible curvy and god awful thin.
          KIM, PLEASE get over yourself, youre the laughing stalk of America!

        • MMelley

          What’s funny is that all you DAMN haters are sure following what the women is doing!! Maybe you should find something else to do with your time than to be envious and jealous…you look great KIM!

          • lc

            No one is jealous ROFLMFAO. Haha this pic is so fake she looks like a cardboard cutout put in a room.

      • steph

        One: that is not what this post about, stop bashing people for no reason, because it looks like plain ole jealousy to the outside eye.
        Two: Why is it impossible for Kim K not to be that thin? Again, it looks bitchy and unnecessary.
        Three: Considering no celebrity that I know of has not underwent Photoshop surgery, why so shocked?

        No offense intended. Peace out.

        • lc

          I agree with jade. She’s obnoxious, all she does is try to convince everyone that she’s not fat or something. Well, I’m not convinced. This second pic looks 100% fake to me.

        • i agree i dont understand why everyone is in such a huge denial that kim k is actually thin now. yes she has a big butt and boobs. but she is thin now. get over it guys its not impossible.

          • lc

            I find it shocking because this could not look more fake.

        • Sharen

          I don’t find it impossible for her to be thinner. I do find it weird that her hips have gotten so much smaller in 2 months. And the picture has obviously been stretched.

          I guess this pic is a little shocking cause it’s not the usual magazine picture that we are used to seeing photoshopped.

        • Anya

          hahaha.. jealousy? no, I really don’t think so! I’m certainly not jealous, even in her “thin” pic she looks fat and ugly to me. Kim really is trying too hard to convince us that she’s pretty.. before I could not understand how anyone could actually see her as pretty, she looks like a dog, but now I see that it’s just all the propaganda she’s using. Kim, stop telling yourself (and broadcasting it to the world) that you’re pretty because you’re not.. money just can’t buy beauty — sorry.

          • lc

            Hahaha I’m with you 110%! That was quote worthy.

          • ccameron

            well i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder bc i think kim k is GORGEOUS! even without all the propaganda. but think about it like this, kim has to try and stay relevant. if she didn’t she wouldn’t be on mag covers, blogs, style sites etc. but she doesn’t do anything for that relevance. like she’s not an actress, singer, journalist, writer, tv persona etc. so she has to do something to keep herself in the news. so this is what she does. talk about weight loss, send mixed messages to about loving/hating her curves, weight gain etc. kim has banked on people’s obsession with the weight issue all around and is doing a pretty good job of it. annoying or not kim is successful (to some extent).

    • Juliette

      All this from my one little comment?

      • liza

        Yes, *gasp* some people actually have opinions .

        • Megan

          Wow. Way to be a bitch. And that’s my *gasp* opinion

          • liza

            straight from the trailer park, now are we? and thats a *gasp* fact

          • name

            “As a matter of fact I am. I am christian, as Im sure there are others on this site who are and it is offensive to use his name in vain. And or the record that comment wasnt addressing you, you jumped into a convo that had nothing to do with you and is none of your business.”

            And calling someone “trailer park” and being unnecessarily nasty to other posters is so very Christian like, Liza. Jesus would be proud.

          • liza

            @ name (how ironic)

            I might be mistaken, but is there a comment where I addressed you?I cant quite seem to remember it. Well, I have a life to get back to now. Toodles!

          • Juliette

            Funny, I don’t recall my comment being addressed to you and you felt compelled to jump in.

  • emily

    one word – wow!!

  • skirmute

    She’s ridiculous 😀 How can she post photos like this?? I mean, lingerie lying around – total mess!
    And what happened to her face? It looks like it’s made of wax.
    She’s so proud of her body; what a superficial person she is.

    • Alex

      superficial like a person who would comment AND have their own picture up on a skinnyvscurvy blog ?

      • Versus

        I resent that you insinuate that my visitors are superficial. All you know about them is the fact that they visit an entertainment site and well, we all need a dosage of fun in our lives – besides fun (which does not even equal “superficial”), my site actually has ideas behind it and it is in not just “gossip for the fun of it”.
        The assumption that Kim Kardashian and my visitors are equally superficial is completely lacunary.

  • Dani

    To me the whole photo looks like it has been stretched vertically to make her look thinner – she looks the same weight-wise.
    And that tan is terrbile.

    • gigit

      That’s what I thought. And the way her face looks longer too made me think that’s definitely what happened.

      • b

        I completely agree!! It’s not just that her face is thinner, it’s stretched. What a weirdo. Get over yourself.

    • biatch

      i def see the vertical stretch of the pic especially in her face, but i think she had lost some weight as well.

      • chechebelle

        it’s the lense of the camera, also. the fake tan, while awful, accentuates the musculature on her stomach and creates an overall slimming effect. she knows the tricks of the trade. she also lost a little weight. she’s also totally obsessed with herself but it seems to be her only claim to fame so.. hmm.

  • Mel

    Suck it in!!

    What the hell happened to her face? Is she from the wax museum?

  • Valentine

    Definitely looks like that photo has been stretched to make Kim look slimmer, look at her face! It is not supposed to look like that. As for the tan, yuk. It’s such a shame even Kim K is now bending under this whole ‘skinny’ pressure. She looks amazing the way she is, no need to go round with an awful, fake-looking tan and a stretched-out photo to make herself look slimmer…oh Kim 🙁

  • Sharen

    This picture obviously doesn’t represent reality.

  • Kaiser

    The picture is obviously photoshopped. The arms and legs seem to blur with the background, the whole lighting is strange, as if she had been copied & pasted in the room.

    But beside this she is just annoying. After the VS-Show she had to post some news that she is still alive.

    Attention-craver. With a bad tan.

    BTW: Tummy tuck?

    • ann

      Maybe, but you can tell she’s pretty much just sucking it in and standing very tall. I wouldn’t put it past her though. She’s never going to have a completely flat stomach though. I come in at 38-26-28 (5’7) and the very bottom of my stomach sticks out just a little underneath the belly button. I worked on it for ages but there’s nothing for it, still there. I have to question if she did work to these photos. They just seem so unreal.

      I’ve never seen the fuss about the girl though. She’s pretty but she’s also hopelessly stupid. There’s nothing interesting about stupid people.

      • liza

        so because you cant achieve a flat stomach, that means she cant ever achieve a flat stomach either?

        • ann

          No, the point is women with similar body types tend to have the same problems. Go look up Marylin Monroe, same body. She had roundness in the stomach area. Certianly if one lose enough fat then the stomach would reduce substantially but so would everything else which is why I call BS on KK most of the time.

          • ccameron

            i kinda disagree. i have a body similar to kim’s too and have a flat stomach. i say similar bc i don’t have that booty nor are my boobs as big as hers but overall i have that hourglass figure no matter what i do. but in spite of that i have a flat stomach and the very bottom of my stomach (as you pointed out) is flat. but i dunno really, all i have is my body as a marker.

          • ann

            If you don’t have the booty then I can’t really see you having a figure similar to hers. If you are very young then you might have one but Kim isn’t young and she’s pumped full of plastic.

          • liza

            @ Ann
            I can say I have a body similar to Kim K’s, except with more backside,hips, thighs, a slimmer waist. And my stomach is completely flat.

          • ann

            Then you are a pear, different body.

          • liza

            @ ann

            no, my top and bottom measure exactly the same. isnt a pear supposed to have a smaller top than bottom? exactly. so that theory is wrong.

  • neutra

    My god, she looks radioactive.

    There is absolutely nothing I find appealing about this woman, inside or out. She is a joke.

    • Ana

      radioactive lol!!!

    • Sharen


  • suzushii

    Ok first of all, I’m not a fan of her at all….but

    She is NOT LESS curvy.

    If anything her waist is more pronounced.

    • Danny

      hahaha, really? I mean, look at her hips here:
      How is she not less curvy in this picture above?

      • suzushii

        Because curvy does not mean less weight.

        There is still a clear CURVE – boobs, then tiny cinched in waist, then wham, hips outta nowhere. This is curvy.

        Is she skinnier? Yes.

        Less curvy? NO.

        • steph

          What you’re trying to say is that she is skinnier, but still curvy…
          KK just achieved the perfect body.

          • Michele

            I think her body is gorgeous in this picture. Like you said – Skinny yet curvy – Perfection!

  • Kaiser


    Seems to me, that you equal less meat with less curvy. To me, this lies in your type of body, not in the amount of fat or muscles.

    Doutzen Kroes is a typical example. She is very toned and slim, but even with a few more pounds, she will never get a real waist line or a great waist/hip ratio like Shakira.

    • Versus

      I do not equal “less meat” with “less curvy”. In this picture, Kim does look less curvy to me, because her body seems elongated and, therefore, her waist-hip ratio seems less “hourglassy” than usually. Doesn’t she look more like a “cone” (and we know she isn’t one) than in her typical bikini candids? Because that is what I meant.
      To me, the typical “curvy” is the combination of a body type and a body size, not just one or the other. Standardly, a waist-hip (and bust) ratio of 0.7 or less, but also some roundness / meat, no visible bones / extreme muscles.
      Of course, there are many skinny women with curves, but I would not call them “the poster image of curvy” – I would call someone like Kim K. (not in this pic), Christina Hendricks, Marilyn Monroe and yes, also Shakira (sometimes) true curvy women.

      • Sam

        I completely agree with your definition, curvy is a combination between body shape and size. Many say that chubby = curvy, but of course not. Some say that women like Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria are curvy, but NO again. They just have some curves, both not the softness that curvy women do.

        • suzushii

          I don’t understand people who redefine words as it pleases them.

          Curvy – with curves.

          Like Stripey – with stripes.

          Are some people more curvy then others? Sure. Some with more dramatic curves then others? Sure.

          Girl is annoying as heck, but is she still curvy? Yes.

          Unless she becomes a plank, with no waist, and straight up and down legs, then she is still curvy.

          What you’re trying to shove into the definition of curvy is something else – call it a soft, meaty, pleasantly plump. built like a shit brickhouse, rubenesque – plenty of words that describe that already just fine.

          But you can be curvy without being plump.

          And you can be plump without being curvy.

          • Versus

            1. Did I redefine words as it pleased me? If you think so, it must be because I refuse to define a woman as a basic geometrical element – women’s bodies are much more complex than the “curvy- with curves, like stripey – with stripes” definition that you give and they can not be reduced to that.

            2. Dictionary def of curvy:
            curvy – (of a woman’s body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves; bosomy, busty, buxom, curvaceous, full-bosomed, sonsie, sonsy, well-endowed, stacked, voluptuous.
            You see, I agree with that – because all these synonyms include, at both a connotative and a denotative level, that “plumpness” you were talking about, the same “plumpness” that “I shoved into the definition”. I somehow shoved it into the definition from the dictionary.

            And since you are on my site and my site is called Skinny VS Curvy, I think I can choose the definition of curvy that describes best what I am doing here. And that definition happens to be 1. not from the geometry book and 2. from the dictionary.

      • Kaiser

        Thanks for your explanation. I agree. Especially in this picture KK is less curvier becaus of the photoshop job.

        My impression was a bit confused because in the Doutzen/Miranda post, you pointed out, that Doutzen is the more curvier girl but in my mind she is not.

        • gigit

          I think vs meant that doutzen has more curves than miranda?…it’s an interesting point, tho, bc I look at miranda, and because of her low weight for her height, I see a “skinny” girl, but, would she gain more waist/hip definition if she put on more weight? Doutzen looks like she carries more weight in her hips, but she has less difference between her hips and waist (and her chest is not that big) so is she less curvy? I think it can just be difficult to tell sometimes from pictures based on what people weigh at that moment who is curvier than someone else.

          • Kaiser

            I’d say that Doutzen is an apple. A very fit and slim apple. She has great thighs and a flat stomach with nearly no visible waist. Miranda may be skinny but I see a bit more waist/hip ratio in her figure.
            Every woman deserves her own figure without judging if it’s good or bad. As a man it is the same. I have strong thighs with slim hips, so finding a good jeans is nearly impossible. And my shirts need to be tailored because of my long arms.

          • ccameron

            just curious what dictionary did u get that from? side note: i totally thought that was your definition and was all like why the hell are there subjective terms like “pleasing” and then i was all like oh, that’s not what you actually said yourself. lool. now i get it.

          • Versus
    • Sharen

      I don’t know about the dictionary but I identify curvy just with someone with curves.

      To me Kim is curvy, she has boobs, a waist and hips.
      But I also find Marisa Miller curvy, she’s skinny, but she also has boobs, a small waist and hips.
      And I even find Doutzen curvy (though a little less than the previous), her boobs are small, true, and her waist isn’t that small, true, but she still has curvy hips, it’s not like she’s a rectangle.

  • Kasia

    I am compelled to comment on just how gross I think she looks… the tan, the pose, the hair – she looks plastic and it is not attractive. Superficial indeed!

  • Hannah

    I’ve never liked her stomach, it seems like not matter how much she works out, it never looks toned.

  • angelica100

    First things first…..that tango orange tan looks hideous…..Im fainting from the digestive biscuit smell from here lol…..she’s obviously lost body fat and hence why we can see muscle now around her middle. She’s very lucky to keep her chest and lower curves and just lose fat from her waist mainly, I wish I had those genetics…sigh…..The angle of the camera makes her bottom half seem smaller…but its not……its just angle and perspective.

  • liza

    she is craving attention. the ratings for her show are dropping, she knows people are getting tired of her

  • Caroline

    Hmm, I’m thinking that maybe she got her abs painted on, like Mariah did some time ago. She does basically take pictures of herself all the time doing whatever. And I agree that’s it’s the angle of the picture, she isn’t that slim!

    • gigit

      I thought that, too. The shading of the tan does not look even to me.

  • Meko

    she needs to get married or get pregnant like her other sisters. shes looks like a diff person from last year and the tan looks terrible. she is really going over board with the surgery. it looks like shes sucking in her stomach and i watched about 10m of the wedding episode and the sound like kids to me.. omg…omg…omg…lol!

  • samba

    if this is a real photo then i think she has lost too much weight and looks manly but with big boobs. i prefer her with more hip-age and less abs. she had a fab figure before. plus her face looks gaunt here

  • Michelle DD

    it wont last. shes not a natural skinny girl and she wont be able to follow that regimen for years.

  • I love sugar

    too attention grabbing she’s already overexposed and boring

  • Michelle DD

    lucky her ! she seems to have lost weight on her nose too.

  • Uma

    If anyone thinks that all of a sudden her hips got smaller than her shoulders without any photoshop or editing involved, i’m sorry about their mental integrity. This picture is about as real as Santa Clause.

    • Just me

      I was thinking the same thing. She would have to shave off some of her hipbone to decrease her hips that much.

    • lc

      “This picture is about as real as Santa Claus” LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • liza

    it looks like 2 different people face

  • Love the abs in her pictures, but the one on the right looks photoshopped!

  • cristina

    I can’t understand why she is still posting pictures like this on Twiter. Is she trying to get our attention on her body, like “HEEEEY, I’M SO GORGEOUS LOOK AT ME, PLEEAAASE, LOOK AT MY PICTURES, IS THE ONLY THING I CAN DO”. We know she has a great body but I think she is so snob and stupid.

  • Casey

    The picture is clearly a combination of the angle the photo was taken and maybe some doctoring.

    I really hope she doesn’t aspire to look like that though. She looks much better in the first picture. I thought after she toned up she looked great. Why go slimmer?

  • lola

    Her face looks like it was copied and pasted on another body. She needs to get over her ‘I’m a pretty princess’ attitude.

  • Miss_S

    It looks like she combined two different pictures….like she copied and pasted her head on a different body!

  • Monika20

    GET A LIFE KIM!!! DO SOME MORE PORNO, if you want attention that badly, that’s all you can do and the reason why you are famous: big butt, and a ****lol That’s really pathetic

  • b

    holy alien face.

    • Jemima


      I think she looks a little less curvy but I think it’s the angle.

    • elysie

      Alien face is right! LOL!

  • Polly

    She looks like those people in the cheap before and after pictures with the really bad tans that you find in magazines. All she does is work out and take photos of herself. Get a life Kim…it’s kind of ridiculous now.

  • steph

    I think she lost weight. I think she ate less, excersized more and did what most women do when they desire better figures. I think she’s at a photoshoot and thats why her tan and make-up is heavy. I think she’s a normal girl with an irritating voice.

    I think people seem to be making up reasons as to why she looks thinner rather than taking a step back and ACCEPTING it. You’d think it was a much bigger deal than a reality star’s weight loss. Why is it so hard to believe?

    • Casey

      I don’t think it’s hard to believe that she’s lost weight. I think we can all agree that she is definetly much thinner than she was in January. But when your hip bones magically disappear and your face looks magically longer, people think the picture is fake. The length of your face and the width of your hip bones should not change no matter how much weight you lose. So I don’t think people are in denial about KK’s weight loss, they are just calling out the fake picture.

      Besides, it is really shocking to believe the picture was edited? Most celebrity photos are. And this is from a QuikTrim photoshoot. QuikTrim, the product that is being targeted at people who want to become thin. It’s not like science has actually proven that it works, so they take the next best route in marketing and make their spokespeople look as thin as possible. If someone was trying to lose 30 pounds, would they buy the product looking at the first pic of KK or second pic? I think the answer is the second pic, because the “weight loss” looks more dramatic.

      Just my thoughts on this.

  • Mirabela

    I have a question about the photo in the right: It is photoshoped??? 😮

  • Jessie

    Regarding the NEW pic….it’s been stretched vertically. Her head even looks longer in that one….

  • lc

    OMG where do I start…This picture is SOO fake. Kim K. is ridiculous, it really just looks like someone copied and pasted her face onto another person’s body. She so does not look like this. This is supposed to be believable?? Lol what a joke. She’s so desperate to be super-skinny but it won’t happen.

  • Brittany

    why her face look like that???

  • c3

    I used to think that her body was nice! she had very voluptous hips and bootie with a slender waist and, without makeup, she still looked great. Now, I think she looks kinda bobblehead, and the head being WAX! I think her “old” figure was much more appealing (to me anyways) Her lovely hips are gone!

  • Me

    God is that tan horrible. I think pale woman tend to look a lot more classy and I give them credit for not conforming and fake baking. Gross. I am also fed up with Kim and her body. She’s incredibly irritating and she always looks so fake. She truly isn’t even beautiful because all of her supposed ‘beauty’ is painted on or photoshopped. It’s pathetic.

    • liza

      I would appreciate if you kept God out of this thanks

      • Jen

        U r God’s spokesperson now?

        • liza

          As a matter of fact I am. I am christian, as Im sure there are others on this site who are and it is offensive to use his name in vain. And or the record that comment wasnt addressing you, you jumped into a convo that had nothing to do with you and is none of your business.

  • caley

    Oh she looks so beautiful in the first picture, her face is so so pretty, but in the 2nd one she looks a little horse-like in the face. Shame really, coz she had a great body in the first pic too…….its not better in the 2nd one, theres just less of it. A body is not about how much meat you have on you, its about where the meat is and the figure it gives you. Shes a pretty girl, but she’ll go the wrong way if she gets too thin,

  • Eve

    Why it is not possible to enlarge brain with surgery?! Just, God, why????????!!!!!!
    She is amazingly stupid.
    I do think she is very pretty and gorgeous feminine in both pics, but without a hint of intellect it does not help at all.

  • joell

    personaly, it does look a little photoshopped, but who cares? everybody does it. Maybe she takes pictures to prove shes not fat because of shitty people like you with bad attitides towards her figure. I think she has an amazing figure,im 7 and a half stone and i wish i had her figure, she has curvesin all the right places. oh godd cant believe im actualy commenting on this shit. youse are pathetic.

    • lc

      Why is there a need to prove herself to us if she is so sure of herself?

    • Valentine

      I think a lot of us were actually saying that she looks better when she’s curvier than she looks in that picture. Just a little word to the wise, you might want to read through the posts properly before you go shouting your mouth off at us. Of course there are some people with ‘shitty attitudes’ about weight and size who post on here, that will happen on websites devoted to body size and shape, but to me it looks like there are very few of those people commenting on this picture. Just my humble little opinion…

  • jime

    its photoshop job without a doubt, her hands look really small, haha its actually funny XD

  • Nomi

    like everyone else has mentioned, not only is the picture stretched to make her look smaller, but it’s also taken from a high angle and that always makes you look smaller. she knows the tricks of the trade! but i do admit she has lost a lot of weight, and even if the picture wasn’t stretched vertically i still think she would look great. also want to add that yes, i agree, i think she is extraordinarily conceited.

  • kaya

    she looks like a freakin corpse now eww

  • Kristin

    although i think the 2nd pic is stretched out — she looks much sexier in the old picture!!

  • Nkeon

    I’ve never been an admirer of ‘It girls. They’re like the most gossipped about girl in school, except they have a hungry media keen to put every bit of their news out there; and now she’s doing it herself.

    I have a feeling that right photo has been edited as a joke, or more likely as others have said, a bid for attention to herself. She knows that people will swarm to read/see anything new about her so she may have just put this edited photo up just to gather a crowd. And it worked; 80 something comments on this post (so far)

  • Katie

    It looks like someone edited the hell out of it! I mean the other looks like she took a photo but this one is really off looking…her face looks about half the size it was, it looks manipulated in a bad way. Also her boobs are the same exact size. Phoney. But she looks good.

  • Marie

    I work with Photoshop on a daily basis, and that picture looks SO photoshop. I personally do not think she is that thin and toned. If so, then her boobs and butt have to be fake. You can’t lose that much weight and your boobs and butt stay the same. Doesn’t work.

    • Marie

      Also I work for a PR company and I’ve seen Kim in person. She isn’t that curvy, yes she has a small waist but her hips are normal. Her butt isn’t even big it just looks big because she is petite.

  • Sara

    This picture has to have been photo shopped. In clips from the family’s reality show, Kim looks more like the photo on the left.

  • sweetness

    This has been hella photoshopped, it’s for Quick Trim which is a diet supplement so what do you think?

    It’s not even a good retouching, her face doesn’t even look real anymore.

  • Lex

    That has to be photoshopped…Even if the body isn’t, do you see her face? It looks like something straight off the Sims. It’s surreal…

  • lp23

    That picture she posted is fake.
    Look at her body at P diddy’s party.
    This was picture was took a couple of days ago.

    She wants to be LA thin but with her body shape it is not going to happen.
    I think she has got a great body. I don’t know why she wants to be so skinny.

  • Amanda

    I think her hips look thinner because of the angle and the fact that she’s more tanned.

    Also, if anyone says that Kim isn’t beautiful, they must be blind! I know she slathers on the makeup, but shes got great bone structure and great hair!

    Lastly, I think Kim looks bes here:×0.450×640.jpeg

    I don’t know when the linked picture was taken, but I think she looks the most normal. Her stomach doesn’t look like shes sucking in, and she just looks like a curvy girl in great shape.

    • Amanda

      oops, *best

  • Aims

    Okay, photoshop is used to enhance photos… not to completely change ones body. Somehow I doubt her head is bigger than her stomach… 😐 Her sisters are beasts… and big beastly girls runs in the fam! LOL. She doesn’t have the genetics to be that thin…

  • Susan

    Something is wrong with her new picture. She seems that she has shrunken, WTF? Like her face, is sucked in. I dont know??

  • terri

    she looks like shes had a nose job on the right picture it just doesnt look real the whole thing looks fake she looks like a wax work model but i think this girl has issues anyone that always posts pictures of theirselfs to prove they are not fat seems like they have trouble accepting their figure and they are not happy with how they look she has a nice face and hair dont like her body type

  • kathrynn

    um its stretched peeps.

    how did her face magically grow longer? id love to know.

  • Anoymous

    First of all, everyone is just jealous

    I’m curvy but have a super flat stomach.

    its possible.

    so all you haters shut the hell up – if you had the oppurtunity to have this body, you would in five seconds.

    and you KNOW thats true.

    • Juliette

      Well this is going to end well.

      • name

        No, no, she’s right.
        Every morning I look in the mirror and think:

        “Damn, why can’t I look like Kim Kardashian? Why can’t I have a sex tape, an ass the size of Jupiter and the mental capacity of a 10 year old? Why can’t I be dumber than fifth grader?

        I wish I were Kim. Yes, I really do. I wish I had were so egocentric that I take pictures of myself all day long, I wish I bragged incessantly about my barely noticeable weight loss.

        I wish I could afford to buy the state’s supply of sun tanner so that I too could look like an Oompa Loompa with a horse face. ”

        Maybe one day, if I see a shooting star and wish hard enough, I will wake up as Kim Kardashian and my life will be complete.

        Oh how I envy you, Kim. You have the life I want.
        I will go slit my wrists now.

        • ann

          ROFL, Vanity and Vexation of spirit friend.

        • Juliette

          LOL @ “dumber than a fifth grader”

        • Sharen


          Sorry Anonymous, but I would not change my body for hers. And not my face either. Her hair is the one thing I would take, and it’s not like I would go kill anyone for it either.

    • Uma

      poor poor creature…

    • lc

      Hahaha right. I’d take a toned, tall, slim gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angel’s body over this lumpy, unattractive, fat girl.

      • steph

        I’m sure you would take a toned, tall, slim gorgeous body over a lumpy, unattractive, fat body.
        However, Kim K is neither lumpy, unattractive, or fat.
        I think she’s beautiful, and despite her seeming lack of braincells, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

        • lc

          Actually, to ME, yes she is extremely lumpy, unattractive, and fat. At least, compared to the aforementioned VS Angels, that’s for sure. Anyway, I’d rather have their bodies over hers, but I’d even take my own before hers any day.

    • Jen

      Actually no dumb dumb, I have a different figure from her and I LOVE my body to death

  • machmalow

    hum, that’s quite strange actually. If you pay attention to her boobs they surprisingly don’t reduce in volume (that’s what boobs normally do if you lose weight), so I guess there was a boob job somewhere …
    anyway, she looks really really good here, hyper tanned skin, hyper 6 packs, and her face got pretty thin compared to the other pic.

    • flora

      i think her boobs do look smaller than before.
      judging from her recent photos she is slimmer and looks real good but the second orange photo looks like her body is made out of cardbord and someone stuck it in the room. it does look a little strange.

  • brit

    what the hell is up with her face? her body looked better before. to much tone for me.

  • Abel

    KIM STEP AWAY FROM THE PHOTOSHOP. I REPEAT STEP AWAY FROM THE PHOTOSHOP. For real, look at her face first of all. It’s longer than in the other one, and it looks kind of like those cartoon faces you see in the ads that say “turn yourself into a cartoon!” y’know what i mean?

  • pppccc

    I think that these pics are TOO photoshoped.They are so photoshopped that she looks funny,like a cartoon!
    And if these pics weren’t photoshopped and she had really gotten so much skinnier,her boobs would be fake or really unique,because she didnt lost an inch of her bust!

  • Magic

    Disgusting edited (stretched) photo of a disgusting and overrated girl. What a combo!

  • gabrielle

    i know beauty is a subjective issue. you can say everything about kim, that she’s fat, thin, too curvy, etc. but that she’s ugly….i think it’s a little bit too much. she’s not ugly at all, look at her face..if every woman would look like that we’d have a much happier population:)) seriously..having boobs and a fat sexy toned ass is definitely is an advantage. i’m a curvy girl and i used to harass myself with killing diets, till i lost so much weight that i didn’t have boobs at all…i went to a psychiatrist to cure my fear of eating…now i’m curvy again, i exercise more and i’m so proud of how i look…yes my ass is fat, but damn sexy and toned!!! go kim!!!you rock!

  • kristina

    I think that one, the picture does looked elongated in the head area, but it may just be the angle the pic was taken at; two, the fake tan was because she was doing a photoshoot for quiktrim and the dark is suppose to enhanse the body; three, she has lost some weight. You can clearly see a difference in her bust, they have gotten somewhat smaller, and although the pic doesn’t show her butt it too has gone down some. In pics from the past couple months there is a considerable difference in the size of her butt. While the photo looks elongated if you compare her abs in both pictures they look the same size, but her waist looks smaller, so I would not doubt that her waist has slimmed down too.

  • clauz

    well i have nothing against you kim but that picture is photoshoped for real.i mean look at her face,her tits,her entire body for gods sake i mean comon why pretend to be nothing you are defenatly not.she looks as she looks she should accept it

  • Susan

    In the second picture she looks half the size of the other picture. Literally, which shows the first was taken at a normal angle and the second from above.

  • kate

    Man, hadn’t see this pics till today and thinking just wow, he looks smokin’. Slim, cruvy, fit and toned with abs….I would just recommend she works out her upper and lower body aswell just to keep everyhing proporatioinately but this girl is looking hot as ever.

  • vanessa

    everyone that has something negative to say bout kim just needs to SHUT THE HELL UP!! you sound like a buch of jelous people who probably got some major insecurities!!..there’z no denying that she is definately BEUTIFUL !