Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Booty in Leggings

Kim-Kardashians-Booty-in-Leggings - Kim Kardashian's Booty in Leggings

We’ve been seeing Kim’s famous booty in tight dresses recently, so in case you missed it’s plump shape in leggings, this one is for you! You’re welcome!

How do you all like Kim’s look on this occasion?

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  • rosie

    it gets me everytime. wow.

    the rest of her is so slim though!

  • Eva

    It has to be fake. I don’t understand how she lost weight and her boobs and butt stayed the same. Normally, they both shrink a bit. Plus, an oversized butt is RARE on a small figure.

    • Polly

      Go look at some beach bikini pictures from last summer (2008) and then some from this year, YES her boobs have gotten smaller and her butt is a little bit smaller but overall it just got more toned. She looks good, but she seems a tad obsessed with the whole diet/exercise thing.

      • jade

        things do get slimmer, my ass, unfortunately is this size, and when i was 115 pounds it was HUGE… and now at, 155 its STILL the same!!!!

    • Casey

      The question is not whether her butt is fake or not, but whether it looks fake or not, and it does. If you Google butt implants, she has that shape. The shape where the butt sticks out a lot but then there’s no continuity into the legs….it’s like BUTT -> LEGS! It can be her real butt, but it doesn’t look natural, which immediatly makes me go “eh” about it. I’ve seen smaller butts look better.

      The rest of her is looking better. But her style and personality still need some work.

      • Ella

        I agree. Normally the bottom of the bum curves smoothly into the back of the thigh. It does not suddenly jut out of nowhere. My sis-in-law has a bigger butt than Kim and is thinner than Kim. Yes, her butt sticks out a lot from her back, but it blends into her thighs quite smoothly.

      • Kae

        I have to admit, I googled some old pics of her and her butt is way rounder now. I never thought I’d say this but, I think she’s had implants. I always thought she had breast implants but I’m thinking that she’s had her butt done too.

        It doesn’t make a difference to me, what annoys me is her personality! She’s a beautiful woman but damn, she’s so annoying!

  • vienna

    ridiculously fake.

  • Juliette

    I think my general distaste for her makes it difficult to find anything nice to say about her, even her shape.

    But I’ll try.

    …nice straw.

    • Sanzida

      your comment made my day!

    • Dr. Truth

      lol. awesome.

    • april

      totaly agree! LOL

    • Jake

      Haha crease 😉

  • Ms. C

    She has really skinny legs, so her butt looks weirdly out of proportion. She has a very pretty face though.

  • rei

    Love her body!!
    And its not fake all her sister have a bootie!!

    • kim

      i agree wit u all her sisters have a butt even her mom n her half sisters it looks rounder now cuz she works out on it n she looks better now shes got a good body but a not so nice face it kinda looks like a horse sorry but shes alright i’d give her a 8 to me a nice butt is the one that jessica biel or britney spears has.

  • sammy

    i love kim….but yes it is fake…they all had the same surgery…..come on lets not be gullible…i have sen pics on the net where her but is flat..i love her but i hate that she lies so much…

    • scarlett

      Her butt is not fake at all, thats the way her body is, i also have a big ass and the rest of my body is slimmer, is just my body shape why is it soooo hard to believe thatody there are different body shapes and something that would be impossible in our own shape is completely possible in somebody elses.
      Is like I have small boobs and whenever i see a small framed girl with big boobs m like: whoaaa! But i know is totally possible.
      thats me and my “fat” ass, which is not fake

      kim kardashian is gorgeous!!
      I dont know if she is annoying because i´ve never seen any tv show with her or even an interview but she is very pretty

      • Big T


  • Cris


  • Laurindis

    Now that’s a creepy butt! Her legs are thin and with that swollen ass it looks like she’s carrying a balloon in her pants. She looks great, but she’s got a freaky backside. And what’s going on with the fug boots ?? They look like crab claws.

  • her butt is not fake. you guys are ridiculous. it’s genetics, i know girls like that. i’m a little jealous..her butt is perfectly round and then it goes straight to her leg. i have that little lump of fat between my butt and legs

    • chechebelle

      ME TOO!! I started doing crazy hot yoga 3X weekly and everything’s toning up.. except for what i call my “other butt.” lol.

  • Anna

    It’s not fake. I have a very similar figure. My measurements are actually similar to Kim’s (34D/25.5/39..I wear a size 6 though, Kim claims she wears a 2 lol).

    Anyway, even if I lose weight, my boobs stay the same. My butt may shrink an inch or so, but you can’t really tell unless you measure it.

    So it is possible. But she’s definitely not a 2. Her legs might be, but her butt definitely is not.

  • rei

    That’s funny tho because I as well have a similar body type to kims, my measurements are 34-27-40 and I fit in a size 2 but I’m only 116…and I know how annoying it can get when people come up to me asking me if my butt its real because I’m so petite…so leave her alone girls its real and its beautiful, you might not like it but men love it =]

    • Julia

      I agree with u! She’s most definitely toned that butt like crazy haha thats why it looks perky, but regardless of what people think- it looks great in my opinion.

      • yeaitsme

        i agree too! take it as a compliment when peopl ask if your curves are fake!

  • jess

    Yeah one of my friends have a very similar body, she lost a lot of weight but her butt and boobs pretty much stayed the same size so its not really that uncommon for hourglasses

    • Kae

      Agreed, the same thing happens to me. Some women are just genetically hardwired to keep their shape in those spots.

  • thnxxxxxxxxxx

  • pipi

    her butt is definitely not fake…who would get a fake butt? we all want small ones. Plus I know people who have the same structure….small frame except for butt and boobs. Lucky I guess

    • yeaitsme

      lol we dont all want fake butts! i wish mine was bigger sometimes! i hate it when i lose too much weight cuz mu butt goes down too much! and there are a few ppl that get butt implants…also, brazilian women are known for their curves (usually big butts) and people in hollywood (aka megan fox) wears padded panties to make hers look more juicy!

  • Amy

    If it’s real or if it’s fake, she still needs to put actual pants on.

  • Kt_nz

    gosh when i first saw her face i thought it was liv tyler! lol!
    She looks good, her butt is huge for her frame but its hardly a big fat ass, its nice and shapely

  • cat

    the way the paps took the pic makes her face look tranny-like. and i hate the boots. body wise, she does look a lil odd. slim body with those booty. wow. but i’m not gonna say it’s fake cos like her i’m an hourglass with boobs n ass that just don’t go along with my short stature. if anyone ask me if it’s fake i would be really offended too. so even though my butt isnt as big as hers, i can believe it’s real.

    • yeaitsme

      lol if anyone asked me if my curves were fake id be flattered! people just dont think that unreal curves on slim girls exist…unless they are purchased

  • MichelleDD

    when are they gonna ban leggins ?

  • kila

    Her boobs are fake but her butt is real.
    You can tell her boobs are fake because after she lost weight you could see that telltale round silicone shape bust, but before when she was bigger there was more fat covering it up.

    And she naturally has a big bum, so doing excersises will stop it sagging and make it perky like that

  • Elle

    When will people realise…

    • Sanzida

      I absolutely hate that look too. It makes no sense

  • skirmute

    Huge butt in leggings. What could be worse?

  • Mel

    Will like to say this ,her butt is not fake,there s a lot of women who are shaped like her and I think it’s beautiful.Men loves it,Your man might be crazy about it but will never say it in front of you,Men don’t like pancake asses.Not every women like small but,I don’t.The truth is,that girl is damn sexy.

    • Casey

      Wow, you’ve talked to all men in the world???

  • jess

    Leggings are not pants.

  • Maria

    I think her body shape is very feminine and overall she’s gorgeous.

  • yeaitsme

    i think she looks hot as! you can tell she has worked out cuz it is actually smaller (tho still big) and more ‘bubbly’ looking! it looks firm yet soft and HOT! it actually makes me jealous in this photo! usually i love all her bod but think her bum is just a tad too big…but here…it looks PERFECT!

  • alice

    i lovethe boots she’s wearing!

  • Amy

    Personally, I’d cry if my butt looked like that.

    • MyMedialuna

      LOL…..well, some people cry and some people make millions and a carreer out of it.

      • Amy

        Haha, very true!!

    • hulk

      Ur dream of that ass ur just jealous. Every girl dream to be like her stupid thats an ass she has everything n shes beautiful im sure u have no ass lollll!!!!

  • machmalow

    that’s some booty ^^

  • xo

    MY MAN thinks shes gross.. and is not lying about it.. has gone into extreme detail about how sexy he finds Bar Rafaeli and a few others.. but finds Kims huge ass to be dumpy and repulsive… he aslo thinks she looks like a man.. fyi. I THINK SHES HOT but annoying. just pointing out that def> NOT “all guys” find her or her ass to be attractive.

    • leslie

      I didn’t realize this site was about what men think….

  • Grey

    I’m so sick of this girl and her ass. She needs to get over herself.

    • xo

      AMEN TO THAT. I do not believe ANY one individual deserves that much recognition, considering the billion ppl on this planet.. but this girl has got to go.. A. shes nothing special.. not ugly, just blehhh , NO talent, shes dumber than a box of rocks.. my 7 yr old nephew could seriously out smart her. Serious Ghetto booty became a “celebrity” from her homemade porno. sometimes, America sucks. this nation is so celebrity obsessed.. hence the fact that Im wasting a perfectly beautiful Sunday commenting on this garbage.. total waste.. :/ sigh . . .

  • rei


  • My goodness! Too bad she’s claiming she had to use diet pills to get that body. Check out for more on Kim & all the whole Kardashian clan.

  • ankuu

    damn put at least a longer blouse or something on!!! leggings are for sport, i can understand if u wanna wear them at gym or somethin but like that on the street?! u are almost naked!

  • burntflowersfall

    Does anyone know who makes her boots?

  • likereallybtch

    I have to disagree. I’m of Italian decent & have a lil more butt then regular girls. & it does do that weird stick out thing rather than flow evenly into the back of my thighs.

    Now, that’s not saying that hers is real but just how everyone’s body is shaped differently, whose to say what’s real and whats not.

    Fake or not she’s still a gorgeous girl. If her ass is fake. . . well, poor girl coz if you can’t be happy in your own skin then your personality is probably just ask fake as your butt !

  • Lola

    Kim k is using these butt enlargement pills and they work

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