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  • Carolyn

    Don’t like. Not a fan of her.. butt. but i like her hair 😉

    • jaisah

      You probably can go buy some that looks just like it. 🙂

  • don’t care for the dress but her body looks good in it. i know there are some people who be negative and calling her fat for whatever reason. her butt maybe fat but her figure isn’t. and she needs to stop wearing so much makeup because it takes away from her beauty, although her beauty was destroyed by botox. she didn’t need at all.

    • Mariah

      I actually like the dress a lot but don’t like her body in it! Her butt looks lumpy and weird in the skirt. Although she did not need botox at all I don’t think it destroyed her beauty ,she is still extremely beautiful in my opinion and her hair is to die for! I think she looks stunning here aside from her butt.

      • yeah but before she had the botox she was a lot prettier and looked better without all that makeup because it makes her look older. i think she shouldn’t wear tight dresses that makes her butt look weird. i will give her credit that she has one beautiful figure.

  • Vic

    her didnt make it to 30. R.I.P. nice ass, you were taking way to soon

  • Jen

    This girl is in dire need of a make-under!

    • Leah

      haha too true

  • Kimberly

    I hate the orange tan. Disgusting…Kim doesn’t even need a tan. She has gorgeous skin.

    As for her butt, not flattering in this outfit. Sometimes it looks so great and other times it looks lumpy. It’s looking a little lumpy here!

    Her hair look amazing here!

    • jenP

      I think she wears butt padding and that’s why her butt looks lumpy. At least I’m hoping so.

  • lc

    Oh, I did not need to see that…

  • her butt looks…rectangular???

    • EllaLaLa

      I thought the same. It really doesn’t look natural, having a shape like that.

    • Yeah! 0_0

  • Marcus

    Well.. I think the guy opening the door likes her skirt.

  • Eliza B

    Is she wearing butt pads? And her WHR is not very evident here, maybe she gained a tad?..

  • Polly

    Why the orange tan? Does she fear she’ll turn into a ghost because she’s in NYC? Her butt looks like Spongebob’s. And she has claimed to have “not worked in two months”…

  • patricia

    her butt is too much for me these days, I’m sorry I just cant accept that it’s real..

    • Erica

      I agree – it sort of defies nature, doesn’t it, to have a butt that big on quite a small woman!? Still, some women have naturally very large breasts on a small frame – so it’s not impossible.

  • t

    Jennifer Lopez’s ass looks real, so does Beyonce’s but for some reason Kim’s just looks fake. It’s almost square in these pictures.

  • kat

    YUK! this girl needs to stop with the skin tight clothes.

  • MaryBeth

    It makes me think she had butt implants. There’s too much on the top half of the buttock and the shape of it looks unnatural.

  • Katy

    her tan is like oompa loompa style. Yuck! her butt looks the same as ever…large. Which is a good thing on her.

  • flossy

    The skirt isnt flattering at all and with the lace top it just looks mismatched. She should know better than to wear a tight skirt with a revealing top it’s one or the other otherwise you end up looking like a street walker or an expensive call girl. Sadly Kim looks like the latter espicially with all that orange skin and high heels.

  • shes not fat. her stylist does a great job with the clothes selections, but the fit of ALL of her clothes I think are a little too fitting for her body type (I’m pretty sure it’s Kim’s choice to get the clothes tailored that tight).

    Her youthful look I think has been washed away with whatever she has chosen to do to her face. Kim is far from ugly, but maybe needs a new look, something a little “less sexed”.

  • hot in that super tight skirt. nice see through top too.

  • maddie

    i used to think she was gorgeous….when she had noticeably lost weight and didn’t wear as much makeup….
    not she looks fat/lumpy/orange/caked on….
    i dont know why she does this to herself on the show when she was wearing no makeup she looked amazing

  • pixie

    I don’t think she’s fat, by any means. But, this skirt is very unflattering…her butt looks oddly lumpy.

  • solaxi

    nice hair. slim body. sexy shape…butt a tad too big for my liking but it stands up so its all good wiyth me! legs look better than they used to! she looks hot

  • Em

    curves? more like dimples. size doesn’t matter so much as shape and that bummy of hers is not shaped like a human rear end. i have no idea what the hell is under there but it is not appealing. ew.

  • Eve

    I like curvy girls, and I used to like her in a while ago. But here she looks really not good, the tan is horrible and so her cloths and make up are. And this butt is just soo fake. I don’t understand why she is doing it to herself.

  • Princess

    I really like curvy body`s like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce and i also like Kim`s but sometimes her butt looks like a cushions and with circles of cellulite.
    The orange tan needs to go or at least need to be applied good cos her legs are orange and her foot aren`t

  • Lina

    she need new butt silicon..this look like cube 😀 and that is not good..she need round one :))

  • Mika

    wake up! nobody is built that way…she had a lot of surgeries, botox, lipos… and butt implants too. look at her butt, that doesnt look real, it has a very strange curve. She had a problem with celullite and I guess her butt was falling, so she lifted it up. there is nothing wrong with that, but this is fake and looks ugly. i dont know how people fall for this…

  • Mika

    ps. despite the butt, she looks good, but i agree she needs a little makeunder

  • ellentjie

    She is so beautiful without all that makeup!:(

  • jenna

    no no no im sorry. i don’t mind this girl and i think she’s pretty but unless her butt has measles… she stuffs her panties.

  • delilah

    sooooo orange…. to much makeup… she looks like a well maintained 40+y/o housewife rather than a 30y/o =(

    So also looks like she’s wearing a diaper/padding in the first pic… well at least she’s got the confidence to go short and tight every night she’s out…

  • Laura

    This is not a butt, it’s a …thing! LOL

  • Sidney

    I like the lace top, not the dress nor the clutch. The dress looks too tight but i’m not a really a fan of it in general anyway, no matter who’d be wearing it. Those shoes look just like a pair from the 50s i have, only hers propably 10 X more expensive.

  • go2like

    There she goes again: Kim Kardashian ditched her clothes to pose for the cover of November’s W magazine.

  • blondie

    i love kim usually.. but i agree with everyone that the makeup is just wayy overboard. i’m hesitant to believe that she had butt implants because her sisters also have similar curvy bodies.. and there’s no way the whole family went to get butt implants. I think she def gained a little recently though

  • gabrielle

    i simply love kim….she is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a truly beautiful woman in my opinion…

  • Dominique

    I’m not quite as petite as kim…I’m 5 8″ and wear a size 6 dress, but i do have a large butt. I work out a lot and I used to be a competitive track athlete. Anyway, when I flex my butt (I was a sprinter so it’s got a lot of muscle!) it does take on this square look (I know, weird), but never just walking around. Having a big butt can suck for some reasons, but overall the positives outweigh the negatives 🙂 . As long as you work ou,t like everyone should do anyway, it actually makes you look better in jeans and fitted dresses.

  • skirmute

    Her butt looks ridiculous. She has naturally big behind, why does she wear butt padding? It’s evident that’s not her natural shape, this tight skirt gives her secret away! Bad choice… Anyway, I really like her legs, very nice shape.
    And… this fake tan is hideous!

    • padme

      She definitely either wears padded underwear or she had some plastic surgery gone wrong. Whatever that thing is, it is not a human’s ass.

  • I think shes so unfortunate looking !! her butt looks gross and lumpy!

  • Diana

    Eww for her outfit!
    The shoes are amazing, and her hair is outstanding

  • woopidoo


  • mel

    I don’t think this outfit is the best for her body type. Her hair looks awesome, but that’s about it – and what’s up with her legs?

  • Rebecca B

    I’ve always liked her legs, but her butt looks… awkward.

  • I know many people love her body but I just don’t even like it!!Her butt looks so unproportionate…if I had that body with that butt I would probably get a lipo…but that’s just my opinion!

  • Mirabela

    Nice to see the man behind her … drooling. 😀
    She knows that the bandage dress it’s fit her, so in this days she wearing just that kind of dresses/skirts. And i think it is not a very good combination with that lacy leotard. But … what i know…

  • Marie

    her style’s so tacky, she looks like a jersey shore cast member.

  • O

    what the heck is wrong with her butt? and she wears too much makeup.

  • Sheridan

    I’m usually a fan of Kim and love her body and her butt, which is real! It IS possible to be small and have a bum. But this skirt just doesn’t look good on her frame. Maybe it’s the shiny material and because it’s tight. But it wasn’t a good choice

  • lexi

    she looks so large in that skirt.

  • lexi

    she looks so large in that skirt.

  • nazim

    I totally think that butt is so fake.

  • sabi

    Delicious carrot!