Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Curves in Leggings

FP_4577462_Kardashian_Kim_AKO_0223101 - Kim Kardashian's Curves in Leggings

Kim Kardashian lunched at Toast with a friend in West Hollywood yesterday… and she wore one of her favorite clothing items, black leggings.

How is Kim looking on this occasion?

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FP_4577468_Kardashian_Kim_AKO_022310 - Kim Kardashian's Curves in Leggings

FP_4577463_Kardashian_Kim_AKO_022310 - Kim Kardashian's Curves in Leggings

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  • Natasha O

    Messy. In Kim Kardashian terms she always looks on point but she’s entitled to take a day off. Shes so ……not 108.5 pounds…..And just like jay z said death to autotune death to people wearing leggings like there some damn jeans or sweatpants ughhhh.

  • lp23

    She looks casual. Very hourglass.

    She is certainly not the same size she was a couple of months.

    Kim is probably one of these girls that struggles with her weight. She looks better with curves imo. She is never going look like a victoria’s secret’s model. She is too short and curvy. She still looks great.

    • Melanie

      Could be angles, that photo is looking downward. I do think she may have gained a little but not as much as that seems to show.

      Nice curvy figure as per norm.

  • gen

    there is no way she is a size 2 with those hips, legs and butt. if she is a size 2 then i am a zero. i am much slimmer than kim i wear a size 6. she keeps saying she is proud of curves but she always acknowleging her size.

  • lp23

    Also she should wear less makeup like in these pictures.
    She looks a whole lot better. Less is more.

  • Valentine

    Her figure looks good. I did see a close-up shot of her butt on another site though and those leggings show her cellulite. Nothing wrong with having cellulite, but she probably could do without wearing leggings that show it off. She still has a great figure though, I think her curves are stunning!

  • 0???

    I would say she is around 125 in these pics. She is not a size 2 around a size 6 or 8. Nothing wrong with that just dont lie about your size. That makes you look stupid.

    • kate

      I agree that is the weight and size she looks, but obviously people all carry their weight differently plus then you got vanity sizing!

  • liza

    thought it was khloe on the left haha. thought those bug eyed glasses went out of style…anyhoo the leggings arent working for her at all. her and her friend are such a contrast suit and heels, to kims leggings, sandals and wifebeater. and im pretty sure she was paid to show up at that restaurant

    • lp23

      and im pretty sure she was paid to show up at that restaurant

      Can you tell next weeks lotto results please.
      How could you possible know this? People do go out to eat you know lol! She probably knows the paps are are there. Getting paid to go out for dinner. I have heard it all now lol!

      • liza

        . Her ex friend, Shanna Moakler, wrote a blog on how when they used to go out her and Kim called the paps and were sometimes paid to show up at places for publicity. shocker! NOT

        Now about the lotto results, I would love if you would tell me the numbers.That is, if you know them.LOL!

  • shaun

    i cant stand this girl, and of course she would gain her weight back, when u loose it in a unhealthy way…she annoys me! and the thing is she is pretty, and looks amazing the way she is..well minus those tights….if u are not working out, or wearing a long enough shirt to cover up..dont wear tights

  • Casey

    Not her best look but she’s usually overdressed so it’s nice to see her looking normal for once.

    She looks like she’s gained some weight back, although it could just be the clothes and lighting. I prefer her when she looks a bit slimmer than this. She was never “skinny” but I think I have seen her more fit than this.

  • Kelli

    I agree Casey! I like seeing her casual once in awhile. She also looked more fit a few months ago when she was on Leno…but she still looks good. I don’t think she’s gained all that much.

  • Ayu

    The absence of killer heels and the frontal view make her look bigger. Her thighs are quite slim above her knees, but she has a wide pelvis and some saddlebags.

  • Pistola

    I’d say she’s 115, MAYBE 120… I don’t think people realize how short/petite she is. They just see her curves on her frame and assume she’s bigger than she actually is. Kim is a TINY person. I don’t doubt that she wears a size 4, probably not a size 2 though.

  • Kae

    I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s probably a size 6/8. If her hip measurements are correct, she’s not a size 2. I’m also short and curvy but my hips are smaller than hers and I’m a 6. Not that this matters but if she would stop bringing up her weight, people would let it go. I don’t particularly like her in these leggings but she seems intent on wearing them, perhaps so people will keep talking about her figure?!

  • Uma

    Hideous. How can you wear ugly leggings – as if leggings was not enough – and flip flopes to the restaurant? And of course, match them with a fancy bag and fancy sunglasses. Classy.

  • aliss

    i don’t know why but i like her more at this weight. i think she so much natural and prettier.

  • Sienna

    She’s still the sme size she was, that photo someone posted above was from the side, of course she’ll look skinnier from the side. And didnt she make a video where she tried on some size 26 jeans and proved she is the size she says she is?

    • Uma

      Well, those were actually small on her, jeans should not burst on you. And then there is vanity sizing. I usually wear 25 regular size, but sometimes, a 25 is so large that it seems more like a regular 27-28. So, you just can’t prove anything with the jeans size and so on. And this happens even in the same brand, there is absolutely no logic left in sizing.

  • Mariah

    She looks good and her face is more beautiful like this with little to no makeup, I don’t like her overdone look most of the time. She looks fine here but I like her better when she is just a little thinner, like those pics u posted up above lp23 I like her body there, she is still very, very curvy but just a little more toned and fit.

  • Hydrangea

    ^_^ Curve-city and gorgeous.

  • Aims

    If the recent post for Kelly osborne said 118lbs at 5’3 there is no way that Kim at 5’2 is 109lbs. Kelly lost a shitload of weight and she’s super slim. She doesn’t have thighs like Kim does, or a disgusting cheese ass or giant fake hooters. Sorry Kim I never believed ya before and I most defently dont now.
    Best guess: 127-130lbs.

    • Mariah

      Wait did anything in the post say anything at all about Kim being 109 pounds or her saying that she is? No! So why are you and so many others commenting on this when this has absolutely nothing to do with that wasn’t that a really long time ago why are so many ppl dwelling on it who cares?

    • jan

      She is worth ten of you darling!
      At least she is not vile with a nasty tongue.
      I don’t see her being horrible about people’s looks. I hope for her sake she never runs into you. You seem to hate her. Which is worrying. Have you ever met her?

      • Uma

        Aims hates everyone who is not a size zero and has breasts bigger than a small b. Don’t bother.

  • Alice

    I’m supposing that person who made that comment about her fake boobs never met a real hourglass figure…?
    Or–more likely–has intense jealousy for it; oh, you should be jealous. It’s wonderful to this body, especially when you can get absolutely everyone’s attention!
    Yes, i’m being a bit mean, but come off it! Kim is entitled to be a slob once and a while; we can’t expect her to look red carpet ready 8 days a week!

  • ankuu

    leggings are NOT NOT NOT PANTS! i saw a girl the other day on a bike. she had some bad leggings with like those panties built-on and she didn’t have anything else (like a skirt or pants). looked horrid!

  • Alexandra

    If she claims shes 108 pounds, I’m about 75 pounds. She looks good, but why does she lie?

  • Becky

    She has such a lovely figure, you have to be mad to not to find that attractive. Would be way nicer to cuddle up to that than a bag of bones 😛

  • hhh

    i saw her breasts and her ass.she is very sexy.

  • Inx

    Kimmie is the sexiest woman alive! she is my rolemodel, I also have curves, and I am proud of it! Love u Kimmie! PS. VICTRIA SECRET MODELS DON’T LOOK GOOD @ ALL, WAY TO SKINNY!!!!!