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Kim Kardashian’s Curves in Skinny Jeans

kim-kardashians-curves-in-skinny-jeans - Kim Kardashian's Curves in Skinny Jeans

We haven’t seen Kim’s overly famous curves in a while (read “one week”), so here’s a treat for all of you who missed them: Kim Kardashian looking plump in a pair of tight jeans… and from the most relevant perspective of all.

And if you’re wondering what she’s doing on this occasion, she’s promoting her new fitness DVD “Fit in Your Jeans by Friday”.

How do you all like Kim in this pair of jeans?

For 2 more photos, check out the second page!


kim-kardashians-curves-in-skinny-jeans-2 - Kim Kardashian's Curves in Skinny Jeans

kim-kardashians-curves-in-skinny-jeans-3 - Kim Kardashian's Curves in Skinny Jeans

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  • Mia

    im sure a lot of people will disagree, but i think she looks good! she has curves in all the right places, and even though she is curvy she does not have any bulges.
    on a side note, she’s so freaking pretty! it’s not fair!

    • slitt

      i agree. she looks amazing, great fashion sense , no bulges or bumps in the wrong places and unbelieveably beautiful face but she could have gone a size bigger in the jeans because they look like to much of a squeeze which makes her look bigger.

      • Tina

        Actually, I think she should have picked up some other model for those jeans. I think those make her ass lokk bigger than it is. And that’s too bad, ’cause she really has a nice bottom.

  • Marina

    i don’t like it…

  • Annie

    skinny jeans are not her friend!

    • VG

      who says?
      thats bullsh*t she looks awesome.
      better than seeing a damn gap between her thighs where there should be meat.

      • Mirabela

        true: she looks awesome 😉 whe don’t say that
        … whe just saying: not in that jeans

        • i’m with you Mirabela
          she looks awesome but not in jeans …

  • anya

    Well skinny jeans would deff. not be first option if I had her bodytype but she actually looks quite good compared to Lauren Conrad, who is slimmer than Kim, but somehow doesn’t look good in skinny jeans.

  • T.D.P

    well, the chick behind her looks great! :)Her? ummm hmmm…. so-so

    • julia

      haha i have to agree, my eye went straight to the skinny girl behind kym, love her leggings haha

  • Ella

    I think the jeans look all right on her, but because her loose top stops just at the widest part of her butt/hips it makes her body look bigger than it really is. Not very flattering. I can understand why she often opts for tighter clothing to show off that she does have a slim waist.

    • VK

      I agree, Kim looks fine in those jeans, it’s the baggy top that does nothing for her…or nothing good for her atleast. It hangs off her bog boobs and falls on her big bum and hips and makes her look chunky all over. She definitely looks ALOT slimmer in fitted tops. Gorgeous face though no matter what she’s wearing.

      • VK

        lol big boobs

      • Leanna

        Agreed. Being a pear shape myself the absolute worst thing you can do is wear a big baggy top.

  • mdw

    good grief. Awful, sorry. She’s too large for skinny jeans, they dont flatter her at all.
    While it please me to think that the standard to ‘attractive’ is slooowwwlllyyyy going more in this direction and away from bone bags, some how i feel this is a little too extreme as well at the OTHER end of the spectrum. She’s too thick for my taste. I dont like too skinny and not too chubby. I like a liook…like….say Sophia Bush’s in a few posts up from this (in the grey bandage dress)

    • rachael

      totally agree with you!
      not a fan of her big ass…… ditto for too boney ones (including my own 🙁 )!

    • Ramie

      I agree she should not wear skinny jeans! It looks like they were painted on. And I am NOT a fan of huge booties. 🙁

      • bay

        WEll a girl should have a butt and boobs and not be twig or look like a boy. she has shape and they look good on her. you probably arebone of the girls that dont have an ass and i way to skinny.

  • anna

    I think she looks good but those jeans are gonna tear apart any minute now!

  • jennah

    i dont think those jeans work well for her. could be the color? but i think she looks good– very pretty girl

  • Instant

    How the hell are they so tight on her butt and legs, but she doesn’t have muffin top? 😛 I think that right there shows that she isn’t “a little too extreme as well at the OTHER end of the spectrum”. If she were on the extreme at the other end the spectrum, she would be fat, but she’s not.

    • Leanna

      Because she has small waist and flat stomach, she carries the weight around her hips, thighs and butt.

      • Leanna

        And I agree she is certianly not ‘other end of the spectrum’.

        Opposite of skin and bones is flat out obese, not thick with a booty, not even chubby.

      • VK

        Exactly, you’re only likely to have muffin top problems if you have a fair amount of fat on your abdomen. She’s just a perfect hourglass which is why she looks great in skinny jeans and not the tops she’s wearing here.

    • Meril

      well the waist line just happens to be big enough, some jeans do have that kind of model that at some bodies, for the waistline not to be too big, u gotta be willing to end the blood circulation in ur legs, or use a belt with bigger trousers, so i don’t think the non-existant muffin top is a proof of anything but jeans that at least in some way R big enough for her. I don’t like the look on her, even if being curvy is in right now(not sure about it though), some clothes just need to be left for the skinny ones. I’ve seen too many teens with their flobby stomach showing in between their skinny jeans and tiny tees, bjerk…

      • Instant

        The thing is though, it is super tight on her butt, legs, and there’s no gapping at the wait(you can tell in the pic where she is holding her shirt up), and usually when you see someone with big butt and legs like hers wearing tight jeans, the waistline cuts in too. But her’s doesn’t because she has a slim waist in comparison to her butt/legs, hence no muffin top. I don’t’ see why she can’t wear these types of jeans, I don’t think “skinny jeans” should only be for slim women. After all, aren’t skinny jeans meant to show off butts and legs? All of which Kim has, and very nice ones too, I might add. Just because some women are wearing them when their stomachs aren’t fit enough for them doesn’t mean Kim(whose stomach is fit enough) shouldn’t be wearing them. The only thing I don’t like about them is the color, too bright of a hue, should be a little darker.

    • Blissful

      She purchases her jeans 1 size up and tailor them down, so of there would be no muffin top. I have to tailor my pants at the waist also.

  • Michelle DD

    if she doesnt have a muffin top, its probably because shes not wearing size 2 jeans 🙂

  • Rose

    hm.. i don’t know
    i love her body and i think she looks great but this jeans does not look good on her =/

  • Liz

    its funny.. I notice the hot chick in the back with long, skinny legs.. she looks fantastic in skinny jeans!!! Kim… not so much.. but Kim has a gorgeous face I think…
    2) Herve Leger Bandage Dresses
    3)Gladiator sandals.

    I f youre even A LITTLE on the big side and want to look good.. PLEASE refrain from every wearing these things.

    • Kristy

      Haha, the chick in the back has got amazing legs! I agree with you though, Kim doesn’t look good in these jeans at all, her dad calls them footballer thighs, ones that curve outward compared to the knee. She is gorgeous though.

    • slitt

      that is silly. have u ever heard of thick and toned? if everything is hard and no wobbly bits eg beyonce why can’t they were those things? have u every seen kim in a herve leger dress? she looks amazing because her stomach is so flat it compliments her hour glass figure perfectly. in fact they should put a pic of kim in one of those dresses and a skinny girl and see who looks best. Google it, everytime i have seen kim in one of those dresses i think ‘WOW’ whereas i have seen cassie (very slim) in that dress and it didn’t have the same effect. i would say those dresses compliment curvy girls best as long as they are toned. And i would say short girls should stay away from the sandals more then thick girls

    • Leanna

      What does how thick you are have to with wearing gladiator sandals?

      • Ella

        I think the horizontal straps give the illusion that legs are shorter and thicker than they really are. More or less in the same way that vertically striped clothing gives the illusion that people are taller and slimmer. I think most people with average or larger legs would want to avoid making them look even bigger and short girls (like me) would want to avoid making their legs look shorter, as slitt said.

        • Leanna

          Ah I see.

          Will be avoiding them then as I am short with thick thighs lol.

    • VG


  • Denisa

    daaaaaaaamn, that ass is big. I think she’s trying to compete with J.Lo slowly , slowly :)))
    but she has a lovely face and awsome skin !!!!!!!

  • Meko

    ha….ha…she wish she wore a size 2 in jeans more like a 12. even though she doesnt have a muffin top she could had gone up a size on those jeans and i noticed that she has chicken legs from the knee down. that chick beside her looks good in her skinny jeans.

    • Uhm..

      Well! Someone’s a bit of rude, aren’t they!
      First off, size 12 is not big. And who says she wishes she wore a size 2, she’s said countless times she’s happy with her body.
      I think someone’s just the teensiest bit ignorant..

  • Imster

    from the front: okish
    from the back: not good. not good at all.
    she’s got an amazing figure, but not one that was made for skinny jeans.

  • Kae

    Those jeans make her look out of proportion, they emphasize her pear shape. Not good…she could look way better. I still must admire that beautiful face. She really is pretty.

  • britmel

    LMAO. thats all i can say.
    she looks like a character.

  • Mrs. L

    She is gorgeous! some people have a skewed perception of normal, and she is smaller than normal. She has a tiny little waist, slim arms and calves, a full chest and womanly curvy hips with a butt. In person, I bet you that she is smaller than most. She has a face and waist women would kill for and a whole package that most men go ga-ga for!
    As for her outfit…I don’t think it is all that flattering.

  • kb

    seeing her in front of the thinner girl, in the third picture, she looks about the same. just shorter with shorter legs. i guess she may be as small as she says she is.

  • Kellie

    ehh. I don’t like it . . . & I’m ‘curvy’. To me, it’s the equivalent of an ultra thin girl trying to fill out a tight dress. I’m just not a fan this time around . . . which really sucks because I pretty much worship Kim’s body and fashion choices.

  • sw

    ya, not a size 2

    • VG

      probably is in real life. you can make ANYONE look bigger with photos especially if you are that close, imagine if the camera was far away you’d think she was slim with a lil booty!
      i saw this girl in real life when she came to australia with paris and she was tiny! with a booty thats about it!
      no wonder she doesnt feel she needs to lose weight! look at her!

  • Mary

    who thinks those are “size 2”???

  • Emmy

    Who on earth is gonna buy a fitness dvd from someone who looks like that? The power of marketing…

    • VG

      omg wtf!

    • Instant

      I’d rather buy a fitness video with a trainer that looks like Kim than from one that looks like the thin girl behind her. Kim looks strong and healthy, the only thing the girl behind her as going for her is that she is thin.

      • the chick in the back looks fine.

        • Instant

          To me, she doesn’t look fine. She’s thin, has large knees and too much of a gap between her legs, IMO, that doesn’t look good.

          • just because someone looks thin doesn’t always mean she doesn’t look fine. she’s healthy and you shouldn’t be assuming that she doesn’t look good. so i disagree.

          • Instant

            Uh, I said she doesn’t look fine to me, for the reasons given. I don’t know if she’s healthy, but IMO she doesn’t look healthy(hence, the reason I used the word “thin” instead of “slim”). I’m not assuming anything, I’m giving my honest to goodness opinion that the girl in the back does not look fine to me.

          • uhh i think she does look fine. she’s thin but not overly too thin and just because a woman is thin doesn’t always mean she’s unhealthy and yes you are assuming she doesn’t look fine because of her size and that makes me mad because i hate it when people want to assume that a chick is skinny, something is wrong with her and that’s not the case. not all thin women look unhealthy and are naturally skinny and i think she’s healthy, even though she’s thin so who are you to say who’s healthy and who’s not?

          • Instant

            Damn, so combative.

            “and yes you are assuming she doesn’t look fine ”
            Do you mean that I am assuming that she isn’t fine, like she has something wrong with her? That, I can understand, because I am assuming that she isn’t completely healthy because she looks too thin to me. But to say that I am assuming that she doesn’t LOOK fine, it looks like you are saying I am assuming that she’s ugly, which I’m not. She’s cute, I guess, but I can’t really see it because I think she is too thin, and I think it’s a shame if she is doing so because of some pressure to be that thin. I don’t think she’s naturally that thin. Is she naturally slim, sure, I think she may be, but to me she looks like she is keeping herself smaller than what she should be.

            “not all thin women look unhealthy and are naturally skinny and i think she’s healthy”
            Thin and skinny are terms used to describe a person that is underweight. Slim and slender I believe are the terms you are looking for when you are talking about women that are naturally “skinny”. And I agree, not all naturally slim/slender women look unhealthy, I’ve seen quite a few that are very nice and look healthy. I see nothing wrong a woman being slim/slender if that’s her natural body type.

            “so who are you to say who’s healthy and who’s not?”
            And who are YOU to say who’s healthy and who’s not? After all, you’re trying to determine her health the same way I am, and that is by looking at a picture of her. If you think underweight women are OK, well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but don’t try to make me out to be the bad guy because I’m not agreeing with you. I’m not insulting her or anything, I am stating an opinion on what I see, and I see a thin woman, not a slim woman.

          • Instant

            *palm to forehead*
            duh, I finally get what you meant when you said I was assuming she doesn’t look fine 😛 Sorry about that.

          • i’m sorry if i sound mean but all i’m trying to say is that nobody should just because a person is thin, skinny or whatever you call it doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy and i don’t think being underweight is healthy but to me i don’t think she’s that thin. that’s just what i see. when you said she doesn’t look good, i’m looking like “what are you talking about?” yes she’s thin but that maybe her body type and i thought you assume because she’s that way you think it’s wrong. being too thin is unhealthy but so is being obese so all i can say is we should try to have healthy bodies and at the same time love who we are as women.

  • jam.

    how the funk did she get them on?? they are soo tight.
    maybe they have stretchy material?…mmm…no.
    i deffs dont like her body.
    i have a very simular shape..without the bigg boobs.
    i hate it sooo much.

    but mind you she is a pretty girl.
    she gets more and more genuine every time i see her.

  • Sanja

    She looks great.. So beautiful and curvy.. Just the way a real woman should look..imo..

    • Alaina

      A “real” woman? As opposed to? A cyborg woman? I hate when people use the term “real woman”. All women born women are real women; it’s not their size or body type that dictates that.

  • Sammie


    come on ppl…she looks great/

    • Michelle DD


      ok, who are you trying to convince.

      oh, and leggings should be banned too for women over 100 pounds

      • Instant

        “oh, and leggings should be banned too for women over 100 pounds”
        What an ignorant comment.

  • Ela

    I make this mistake of wearing a loose top with my tight pants as I don’t want to look tarty, but it’s a bad move when your waist is the slimmest bit of you. A snug shirt would look better but the jeans are a great move for her. Why should she try and ‘balance’ her figure, go ahead and flaunt it!

  • Kaia

    her body is great, but ick. skinny jeans look terrible on 90% girls I see. trends aren’t for everyone

  • KairiKawaii

    I think she looks delicious, lol. But I don’t like her top…and the jeans look good depending on the angle that the pictures were taken. The first two pictures don’t really do her justice because they’re from a weird angle…

  • britmel

    thats not curves.. thats a mutation

  • Shavay

    Kim is perfect!! Whenevr i see a pic of her i js stop & stare ! haha.

  • uhhhh

    lol skinny jeans are for skinny people. not fat ones.

  • Kae

    I rarely think skinny jeans look good on anyone. They can make even a thin person look top heavy. Not good…

  • Sam

    beautiful face!bleah for her body…it makes me wanna puke

    • anonymous

      Why? She has a lovely body, what’s so puke-worthy about it?

  • Cristiano


  • J.

    i think she looks amazing. shes toned and has a great body. skinny jeans look great on her. and show off her curves very well. some of you are saying that they make her butt look bigger than it actually is, well her butt IS ACTUALLY THAT BIG. and she is beautiful because she presents herself with confidence. thats what makes her so damn sexy

  • Justin McCarthy

    i dont know that some of you are talking about, she looks beyond amazing in those jeans, maybe a smaller shirt is needed but the jeans are perfect! Girls must not be aware that guys like thick(not fat)women. Looks better than looking like a twig, I love when girls like this wear skinny jeans.

  • Justin McCarthy

    I dont know what some of you are talking about, she looks beyond amazing in those jeans, maybe a smaller shirt is needed but the jeans are perfect! Girls must not be aware that guys like thick(not fat)women. Looks better than looking like a twig, I love when girls like this wear skinny jeans.

  • h2

    I think that these comments just go to show that everyone has their own tastes. And thank God for that! Otherwise only a small percentage the female population would be considered attractive! Some of you guys are so critical! I would hate to see what you say about the people you see everyday!

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