Kim Kardashian, Wow or Eww?

Kim Kardashian in a Cleavagey Dress – Wow or Eww?

182622808_10 - Kim Kardashian in a Cleavagey Dress - Wow or Eww?

Kim KArdashian is back and she surely know how to capture our attention: here she is at last night’s Parisian premiere of Mademoiselle C in an ultra cleavagey dress with a peek-a-boo factor, paired with dark lips.

How do you all like it?

Kim Kardashian’s Dress – Wow or Eww?

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182622258_10 - Kim Kardashian in a Cleavagey Dress - Wow or Eww? 182622805_10 - Kim Kardashian in a Cleavagey Dress - Wow or Eww?  182622809_10 - Kim Kardashian in a Cleavagey Dress - Wow or Eww? 182622818_10 - Kim Kardashian in a Cleavagey Dress - Wow or Eww?

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  • Liv

    Her boobies are making my boobies hurt…

    • Isabel

      She is dressed for open heart surgery.

      • Maggie

        OMG, I nearly died laughing. Best comment ever 😀

    • Lola69

      The most hilarious thing is, my breasts are twice her size… and holy moley, they look like yoga balls taped to her chest

  • Leana

    What’s that stuff that makes her boobs look all sparkly? I want it!

    I don’t like the dress at all, nor the lipstick and hair.

    • Mera

      That’s just bronzer on her boobs.

      Is it possible to consider her to be beautiful yet revolting at the same time?

      • Liv

        Yes… that’s how I feel about her… and I really became disgusted with her when she said on her show to Kourtney something along the lines of “I agree with mom, you should get married before you have children because I have values and morals… and I guess a family is more important to me than you in the marrriage aspect…” To which I almost threw up… A sex tape, two divorces, a spread in play boy, leaked nude photos… and knocked up by her boyfriend and not married… yeah she has some morals and values… Jeeze it’s not a huge deal to me… but if you’re going to be on your high horse at least do what you say you do… haha

    • Zoe

      I think it’s highlighter. I personally think it makes her right boob escpecially look a bit strange to because of how it the catches the light!

      I think highlighter looks awesome when put down the middle of your lower legs though. 🙂

  • Gabriella

    Her boobs look so hard and big, like they’re going to leak at any moment.

    • Heather

      Yes this.

      Actually I’m thinking she either didn’t nurse or has quit for a while now. When my boobs got super engorged from going too long without nursing a tiny baby they actually get a little lumpy from all the milk inside.

      I guess there’s a remote chance she is pumping, but I just can’t see her committing to that for some reason.

      • burckybear

        can we see a picture from behind? with a fish eye lense of course.

  • lc

    Definite eeeewwwwww.

    • Dani


  • Anushka

    Not into the outfit, but this makeup looks good on her.
    I believe low cuts like that look best on smaller chested women, whereas larger chested women look wonderful in scoop necks and sweetheart necklines imo.
    Then again, you should wear whatever makes you happy.

    • Adriana

      Yes, I agree. Women can wear whatever they want and I don’t agree with saying “eew” about a woman’s body. But as far as what is flattering, this would look hot on someone with no boobs lol. I personally like to see the shape/ silluette of larger chests and the skin of smaller ones. I certainly don’t think it is gross though.

  • panama

    Can someone please agree if they think she has had another nose job? I swear she looks different now but i cant put my finger on it!!

    • Anushka

      I think shes been contouring more heavily to make her face appear slimmer and defined.
      Maybe that’s why it looks slightly different. Plus the makeup look is quite severe, unlike Kims usual look.

    • Gabriella

      “Plus the makeup look is quite severe, unlike Kims usual look.” Because her usual look is light or no makeup, right?!

      I think she’s had a nosejob too. Her nose gets smaller and smaller at every year.

    • Anushka

      No, her usual makeup look is not natural looking, true. But she tends to stick to common colours, Reds, oranges. Very rarely have I seen her in this vampy dark burgundy lipshade. Thats all I meant to imply.
      What is the necessity to be sarcastic about something so basic?
      I am not trying to rule out that Kim may have gone under the knife, then again I simply meant to state that maybe she looks different cause of the heavy contouring. We all know how transformative well done makeup techniques can be 🙂

      • Gabriella

        Hey, I didn’t mean to sound rude with my sarcasm. Sorry!

      • Anushka

        Its allright ! Sarcasm is easily misread when typed.



  • lele

    agree panama, she has definitely something going on in her face.. i think during her pregnancy she did that.. whatever it is.. it makes her look much older, she was such a beauty, but too many plastic stuff in her face

  • Polly

    She does look very different since her pregnant days. She looks like Kourtney alot now. Also, she looks very tired. That dress is awful.

  • Sophia

    Sorry but she looks like a drag queen

  • Janice


  • Viva

    Is kim k mixed i thought she was white because isn’t armania(?) a country in europe? Now I do realize that not everyone from europe has blue eyes blonde hair and fair skin but she and her sisters look mix to me. Kim does not look good with that shade of blonde

    • Mera

      Yeah, she is Armenian.

      In fact, I think there are, or have been, some Armenians on this board.

      • Mel

        I am half Armenian like Kim and consider myself white though also Middle Eastern. My mom who is fully Armenian also considers herself Middle Eastern white, but my fully Armenian grandma would insist we were simply European.

    • wonderwoman21

      Their mom is white and their dad was Armenian, which is European as well. So not really mixed 🙂

      • Hazal

        Um no, Armenia is not in Europe. It’s in the South Caucasus (Western Asia).

        • wonderwoman21

          I double checked, legitimate sources seemed to agree that it’s considered a European country.

        • wonderwoman21

          Bbc country profiles lists it as European, as did a couple other sites, but then some agreed on its ambiguity:

          “Culturally, historically, and politically, Armenia is considered to be part of Europe. However, its location in the southern Caucasus means that it can also be considered to be at the arbitrary border between Europe and Asia: in other words, a transcontinental nation. However, both these classifications are entirely arbitrary, as there is no easily definable geographic difference between Asia and Europe.”

          Hmm interesting. I also found out that they used to be part of the Soviet Union and that Armenian is a Indo-European country. Thanks to Kim K I learned all kinds of things today.

          • Hafsa

            She doesnt look white at all. Maybe meditteranean white or south american, not white. Not eastern, northern, western european at all. My best friend who is indian like myself looks like Kim, no plastic but.

          • Lillaliket

            I consider it to be an Asian country, but I’m from Sweden and to me Armenia is so far away, both geographically and culturally, so I guess I’m not the right person to have an opinion on this.

          • wonderwoman21

            *Armenian is an Indo-European language, not sure why I wrote country.

            Yeah Kim and Kourtney definitely got their looks from their dad, they look Middle Eastern to me too. Or at least what I think of as Middle Eastern. I think Khloe is the milkman’s child though, pimp mama Kris is scandalous that way.

          • Jewel

            I am Greek and we have a lot of people in Greece that are as dark as Kim. My cousin for example is so dark that people consider him to be Indian or Pakistani sometimes and I have a lot of friends who look like Kim. Mediterranean people can have this skin color and features as well, are we not considered white? Race and coloring are actually really ambiguous even if you talk about black, white, asian, alien, w/e. Goes to show that separating people through color is dumb after all.

          • Mera


            I was watching this show on genetics, and there are:

            1) black people whose ancestry is predominantly european


            2) white people whose ancestry is straight outta africa

            So yes, you are entirely correct, skin colour is not a good guide.

          • jane

            I think the distinctions made by Western Europeans and Americans can be very crude. They usually don’t distinguish by culture and ethnicity, only by geographical location and race. For most Westerners, “Middle Eastern” refers to race, the same way as “Asian” and “African-American.” They also draw up huge geographical categories that encompass many very different sub-regions. Hence the term “Middle East,” which lumps together Israel, Turkey, the Arab nations, Persia, and the Caucasus countries. (I don’t know about Greece — it’s sort of on the border, but I bet most people would consider it a European country).

            Armenia is part of the Caucasus region, and therefore similar to nations like Georgia and Azerbaijan. Furthermore, it’s an Orthodox Christian nation, so religiously, it’s similar to Russia and Greece. However, Armenian culture (religion aside) is way more similar to Turkish and Persian culture than it is to any European culture, so if the only two options are European or Middle Eastern, I would definitely pick Middle Eastern. And in terms of appearance, Armenians definitely look a lot more like their Middle Eastern neighbors (olive complexion, dark hair, dark eyes) than the lighter-colored Europeans.

            Back to Kim K — she definitely inherited those Armenian genes, and she was not meant to be a blonde.

          • wonderwoman21

            @ Jane, choosing to place it as a Middle Eastern country doesn’t really work, since ‘Middle East’ isn’t a continent; it’s either European or Asian in terms of which continent Armenia happens to sit in geographically.

            I would definitely say Greece is in the continent of Europe.

          • Hafsa

            I have a friend whose mum is blonde, literally blonde, and from Afghanistan region. My friends hair looks reddish, both light. They say Afghanistan was occupied by Russia, so some of the people have those genes, thats why some people look white over there. In Greece, the countries next to Turkey, middle eastern, they werent called europeans till of late, they have gene mixing with Turkey, thats why alot look middle eastern. There has been a lot of mixing in the world of races, so if people look different to the nation they supposed to look like, it is because the family has a mix somewhere along the gene pool, and not because that country has that phenotype naturally.

          • Rose

            “Middle East is not a continent”, that is right but you are completely missing the point. Trying to define a person to a continent based on their looks is a generalization at its worst. Do you know how many different looks there are in the continent called Europe? Or the continent called Asia? Or Africa? Since when do we simmer down a person’s background to a choice of six (maybe seven) continents? Yours is the most uneducated argument I have ever heard. This whole discussion of what race Kim belongs to is completely arbitrary. There is only on race on our planet, and it is the human race. As for the arbitrary discussion of whether she is white/not white/something else can be viewed from many angles but the least productive way to look at it is by pinpointing the continent she is from. The more appropriate way to look at it is through culture, politics, religion, history, language and society, which by the way is also far from clear cut.

          • Hafsa

            God, for those of us that to believe in a higher power, created humans who are the same fundamentally, but diverse in their outward appearance. Its like tribes. Speaking of race is not meant to seperate us, but to celebrate our heritage, which is different to other race groups, and be proud of it. Certain phenotypes are common in certain races, its very obvious, while some are similar. Race does exist, whether we like it or not. We should learn to celebrate and accept each others differences, cos I read somehow, our diversity unites us.

          • Hafsa

            Children can fall exclusively phenotypically on the mother’s or fathers side of the family. If Khloe looks more european than the others, its not becos her mum was promiscuous, know it was a joke. Its becos of her moms gene being more dominant in her. Look at Jessica Alba and her daughters. They look phenotypically white, becos of Jessicas mother, and probably Warrens one side of the family. Its to do with the gene pool.

          • wonderwoman21

            @ Rose, I haven’t tried to define her by her looks or assign her a country based off her looks. Nowhere did i say she looks a certain way therefore she must be from such and such a place.

            Kim IS Armenian on her father’s side and the question was whether Armenia is in the continent of Europe or Asia. I said Europe and based this on outside sources and geography, not her loks.

            So get off your high horse and read the conversation in its entirety. Everything you said has nothing to do with anything i personally said, at least you recognize that ‘Middle East’ isn’t a continent!

          • Lillaliket

            @rose, that was kind of why I asked what “white” even is, because it seems like such an outdated way to define people! And since it means different things to different people, it doesn’t really have any meaning, scientifically speaking or otherwise. however I realise that I’m just as bad in saying that Kim’s dad looks middle eastern, that doesn’t make any sense either since people in the Middle East look very different from each other, just as everywhere else. That is just my opinion on her dad so it doesn’t really mean anything to anyone but me! This whole thing got a bit weird, I’m sorry about that!

          • Murmel

            definitly not europe. it s behind turkey and the ural (natural boarder of europe) and it was a former su-country. it is a beautiful country!
            The Armenians are
            an Indo-European race made up of tribes that long inhabited the
            Armenian Plateau. It is probably impossible to accurately pinpoint the
            predominant ethnic make-up of the people. The “pure” Armenian is
            considered Aryan in features with blonde hair and blue eyes, though one
            would be hard-pressed to find more than a percentage with these
            pure features within the population. Many have an olive to dark
            complexion, with black or brown hair and eyes.
            They look often like turkish people or like Sintis or Roma (european gypsys)

      • Lillaliket

        Her father definitely looked more Asian (Middle Eastern) than European though!

        • Hafsa

          You so right about her father. I am indian, Kim looks middle eastern even south american or indian. Not white at all.

          • Lillaliket

            What does “white” even mean though? Are Jews white? Is “white” a certain colour or is it more of a heritage thing? I’m not going to pretend that I’m colourblind or something, I can see that people have different colours/facial features/hair or whatever, but this whole race thing is weird to me! This isn’t just to you, I’m asking everyone because it’s not something we usually care about in Sweden.

        • Hafsa

          Like how you made out Kims dad looks middle eastern rather than european. Its something you can just see, cant explain, its obvious. European as a nation, skin colour pale and often colourful hair and eyes, with caucasoid features, deep set eyes, elongated bodies, narrow nasal structure sometimes. Are you really swedish? wont expect you to ask differences if you are european. Its like a pre-school question, being brutally honest. Its kinda obvious.

          • wonderwoman21

            Personally i see “white” as a blanket term that covers anyone of European ancestry without specifying an exact ethnicity or nationality.

            I think that’s pretty much the American idea of it, though personal views probably vary.

          • Lillaliket

            My point was merely that even though both her parents are of European descent, her dad LOOKS middle eastern (or at least like my idea of it) so that’s why Kim looks the way she does. I don’t think you can see on someone where they come from, you can only guess! There are a lot of dark and short Europeans and there are blonde and blue eyed afghans. It was really a rhetorical question, as I don’t really believe in dividing people like that. This conversation is making me feel a bit like Dr Mengele : / and yes, I’m really Swedish!

          • Lillaliket

            I mean Himmler. I can’t even get my nazis right. Sorry if I’m not making much sense, I don’t get much sleep these days!

          • MerryHappy

            Don’t worry, lillicat, I don’t think anyone thinks you’re coming off like Mengele. Race is kind of a biological fallacy, anyway. I think more people go by ethnicity/culture determine what is commonly thought of as race. And if it’s from a cultural stand point, I would call her ambivalent white American. She doesn’t seem to have any culture. White is also a blanket term for me for ‘some kind of European.’ I don’t think anyone is getting all nationalistic about it haha.

          • Murmel

            this might describes people from central europe like germany, belgium, switzerland, austria. but scandinavian people look on average completly different to italians, spanish, portugese, greeks, croatians, albanians, turkish.

    • Teiku

      People tend to forget that people from Middle East as well as Indian people also belong to Indo-European race. And our race just like any other is quite diverse. Which means you don’t have to be “white” to belong to IE race.

  • She looks bizarre to me – her face looks plastic and so do her boobs due to all that make up. Definitely eww – nothing nice to say about her look here.

  • Melou

    Horrible make-up, hair and dress.
    Her boobs are too big for a dress like this.

  • wonderwoman21

    Is it bad that I think she looks kinda good here and that I’m not minding the hair or dark lipstick?

    It’s too early for this and this whole no coffee thing is breaking my mind.

    • MerryHappy

      I’m not minding it either. I like reds and it reminds me of my sister’s lipstick in the 90’s; I thought she was the most beautiful person who could do no wrong haha. I actually really enjoy a deep cranberry/berry red on others but the rest of the look has to match and hers doesn’t. I think a more 30s vibe with the makeup would carry the lip better. There is no saving the dress.

      • wonderwoman21

        The dress is so tacky, but her gleaming rack distracts from some of the tackyness.

        Generally I don’t like dark lipsticks, probably because it does remind me of the 90’s chola makeup that used to be so popular. I think maybe we’re not minding the makeup so much because for once it’s actually toned down and not so Kardashian-y.

        That’s cute that you idolized your sister, I have sisters that are more than a decade older than me so I know what it’s like to look up to an older sister. I used to want a 90’s perm like my sisters lol

        • MerryHappy

          Exactly! My sister is 12 years older than I am and I always thought she was so cool. Haha. I was just talking about chola makeup the other day! Mila Kunis as the wicked witch in Oz had chola makeup. It was the best part of the whole movie.

          • wonderwoman21

            Lol she did look kind of chola in Oz!

            I still see chola makeup; the shaved drawn-on eyebrows, lip liner, and crazy winged eyeliner. I wonder why anyone still does it.

  • Hazal

    Sorry, but she looks like a mess. All the taping made her boobs look fake and the new hair colour is horrible. Definitely an eww!

  • Suleika

    Weird. My son is 5 and a half months and I’m breastfeeding…so this dress is a HUGE no no for me!! I guess she’s not breastfeeding lol. Hideous dress btw.

    • silvy

      I read that as 5 and a half years lol and i was thinking, what the….

      yea its true if I wore that dress while breastfeeding I would probably have 2 wet spots on it haha

  • kat

    looks like a slutty burqa DNW

    • Lydia

      LOL she totally does

  • Morgan

    I just read an article that said Kim is breastfeeding and wanted to FedEx her breast milk back to the States for her baby. If that’s true, wouldn’t her breasts be leaking? I’ve never been pregnant so I don’t really know how breastfeeding works, but I do know that lactating mothers will leak milk. It just seems strange to me that she would wear a dress with no breast support. Maybe she is lying about breastfeeding?

    • Heather

      Different women have different levels of leaking. I am a huge leaker. Next baby I’m going to get a device that can catch the milk on the one side while you nurse on the other. My SIL never leaked once.

      You can get slim pads that almost work like a diaper in terms of absorbency. Lily pads are another brand that would actually work really well with this dress.

      As I said above, I just find it really hard to believe that she has fully committed to breast feeding since she is leaving her tiny baby for an optional little vacay for fashion week. I know working moms manage pumping and trips all the time, but I just can’t see Kim being that selfless with her body and her time.

      • Lydia

        TMI, lady. no one wants to hear about your leaky nipples, jesus.

        • Heather

          Nipples, boobs, leaking milk, boobs, nipples spraying milk everywhere, diaper blowouts, poop everywhere, vommit down your back, rock-hard engorged boobs, baby peeing in your face.

          You’ll thank me someday.

  • snugglepup

    She looks quite heavy, like really heavy, If I saw her on the street I would consider her to be “a great girl”. It’s never flattering to go deep and unsupported with a big rack, it just doesn’t look classy ever. I like this new blonde-too tan look even less than her usual.

  • MerryHappy

    Just when I was holding out a tiny bit of hope because her mom isn’t her manager anymore and Kanye wants her to be more hf, she does this. A sweaty-boobed-bondagey nightmare. She is kind of revolting. She used to have a cute face and nice body ten years ago, but she augmented, botoxed, and fat injected that all away. Now she’s unsettling and sad, and you can see the pretty girl she used to be, but when you look too hard it’s all fake.

  • Marike

    opposite to class, trashy kim, but I love to see how low can you go. go kim!!!

  • Kae

    Does she ever wear color?

  • Melissas080

    I think she is pretty..but I also think she has had some work done recently. Probably a tummy tuck after the baby, which is why she was in hiding for so long..maybe something with face.

  • popo

    It makes me sick to look at this woman sometimes. She just looks all kinds of bad over here imo. So. EWWW.

  • Ewww

  • Channy

    eeeew! hide those things.

  • Britt

    I say WOW!!!!!! Yeah it’s low cut but She literally Just had a baby !! Her boobies probably look extra huge because of breastfeeding ? If she ever did ?? I think she looks so amazing for three months after birth and she looks confident and pretty I love the less makeup look she’s worn in all her Paris pictures.. Even with the dark lip I’m loving her new look.

  • Isabel

    I love how u can see the implant scars. Real boobs my ass.

    • Winnie

      RIGHT?!? i actually can’t even deal with the fact that she adamantly denies ever having had plastic surgery smh

  • liss

    I´m really surprised that I think she looks like Beyonce in the face & hair in these pics.
    Horrible milky boobs in a way to sexy dress, this dress would only work on a small chest like Erin Wasson

  • Pixie

    Not liking the dress, but I think she looks great, especially for having a baby just three months ago. 🙂 🙂

  • Lydia

    i use to think her tits were real, in these photos? hell no

  • Gabriela

    What a disgusting display

  • Cam

    Well, her lipstick is a nice color. Kind of.

  • Sara

    Ok, I’ve never commented before but I had to on this one. She really is a pretty girl, but she is tacky enough without the “display a boob” dress. This is just an attempt at receiving compliments on her post baby figure.
    She does look better than I’d of expected her too, though. Never thought she would slim down so quick.

  • Izzy

    Tacky as usual.

  • brittany

    She looks very aged here. The blonde hair and dark lips make her resemble someone in there late 40s

  • serena

    @Versus is there any way you could do a post on Elsa Hosk? She is a Swede model, just did a photoshoot for VS PINK with Sara Sampaio…just a suggestion : )

  • burckybear

    Rancid, she is the least sexually attractive member of her family and include the bizarre melted faced step father in that.. Yuk!

  • Veronique

    I’m just not a fan of her body right now…
    And that dark make-up…and blonde hair…and cleavage…and just everything about this look.

  • Winnie

    i’m still trying to figure out wtf it is she had done to her face. as for the dress it’s just hideous. i don’t think i’d like it no matter who wore it

  • Alyssa

    I was just re-watching Season 1 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians… that aired back in 2007. She was GORGEOUS. Perfect figure, perfect face. WTF happened? And her fashion sense has gotten a lot worse since she started dating Kayne.
    This look is horrible. Tacky dress, tacky bronzer, and her lipstick, hair and makeup look horrible. I’m just upset because I used to really like her look and it’s all gone down the drain!

  • Tst

    Urrgh. Explains it better than eeeeeeew! disgusting ho!

  • solaxia

    That hair and that makeup is so off! She could look nice at this weight but she just tries too hard with her clothes and makeup as usual and just looks…off.

  • Nene

    I remember the good old days when i used to admire some of Kim’s style.2009,2010 and 2011 were Kim’s most stylish and best-dressed years.

    Kanya seems like the over-bearing type who takes so much pleasure in dominating his woman.And Kim looks like one of those women who doesn’t mind such behaviour in thier man.
    “Don’t wear that.”
    “Pack ur back and come with me now”.
    “I want this hairstyle on you henceforth”…
    Telling not asking.
    Like seriously?
    I’m a very strong-willed and independent young woman and can’t take such crap from ANY man.
    Oh yeah,alpha males are kinda sexy.But there is a fine line b/w a wimp and a an alpha male.When it goes from sexy to bossy then it’s “Au revoir!”

  • D

    Beautiful makeup, beautiful face. Wish she would go back dark ASAP though – I just imagine her looking ten times better with the dark hair.
    The outfit, definitely made for a flat-chest/runway model type – any curves and its going to look trashy. Also, my first thought was fake boobs when I saw these pictures – not just because her breasts are large but the appearance of them/outline… looks plastic? Could be due to nursing or bronzer/highlight makeup on her chest…but they definitely do not look real here IMO!

  • tequilla

    huh.. im the one who usually sayes that she atleast has a pretty face but.. she looks awfull with this hair, and this dress.. makes her look like an trash can with boobs.. kanye shouldnt do any fashion.. she never looked worse.

  • Sheri

    I’m usually a huge Kim K fan and usually think she looks amazing but she does not look good here.
    Her hair doesn’t suit her. I think she looks way better with darker or even light brown hair, but not blonde. It looks like she has really bad regrowth and it makes her hair look dirty.
    I don’t like the dress. The cleavage is too over the top and the length of the dress looks odd at her ankles.
    And the weird cape looking jacket… and the shoes don’t match the dress.
    Her makeup also doesn’t suit her. Kim’s makeup usually looks so flawless and bright and luminous. Here she looks like she is playing dress ups as a witch or something.

  • happygolucky

    Se is ridiculous.
    I don’t know how anyone can find her attractive.

  • Lucia

    I check this website almost everyday but I never comment cause my english is not “that” good and I can see that there are a lot of sensitive commenters so pls do not take my below comment in a negative way.
    For people referring to Kim K looking armenian or southamenrican … I am from Uruguay, a southamerican country (between Argentina and Brazil) and here there are no native people, most of the population has european heritage (mostly italian, spanish, german and french) as their grandparents or greatgrandparents came here escaping from wars in europe or middle east (such as my grandparent who was an armenian born in Turkey and arrived with his family in Uruguay when he was 9 years old escaping from the turkish massacre).
    The typical look here is brunette hair, white skin and hazel eyes… but there are a lot of causasian people too… blond with fair skin. In Argentina, mostly in Buenos Aires, people look very similar to us (uruguayans). But in other parts of Argentina you can find some native ascendance.
    In Brazil there is a lot of diversity when it comes to peoples looks… because they do have a lot of natives and a lot of european immigrants so you can see really beautiful and different people. From all the countries where I have been, Brazil is the one that holds the most races diversity.
    Anyways, my point is that today with globalization we cant really generalize that much when it comes to races…. you see… I am half armenian-half italian, born in Uruguay and I have green amenian-like eyes, dark blonde hair and fair skin… and my sister is really brunette with tanned skin and dark eyes…
    Today, races are really mixed so we can talk about heritage mostly but you cant really predict the country where they come from just by looking at their skin.
    Ok… that was a bit long. Hope I made a point.

    • Camila

      You’re right Lucia, many people disregard that there are mixed ethnicities almost everywhere now, in south america, like you said, that is particulaly more intense, I’ m brazilian and when I travel abroad people are often surprised to learn where I come from because I don’t look like watever image they have of how a brazilian person should look like. We just can’t generalize, lots of people are of mixed descent.

  • Carolina

    OH GOD WHY??? My eyeeeeeess !!!!

  • Alecia

    This is disgusting. Seriously Kim, put on some freaking clothes. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR NASTY A** HUGE BOOBS! God, she is just soooooo trashy!!

  • Lizz Joe

    i really like her make up, and the dress itself. but on her? hm.. nopes.

  • Way too OTT and her hair makes her look really bland here

  • Poires Poires

    I actually like her post baby body–she looks really lush–but the high fashion, avant garde thing just doesn’t work for her at all, most of the time.

    • Olivia Marie Wall

      I thought she was wearing her new Avant Garde baby line… kidding. But her boobies look painful…

  • KVirginiaM

    That dress just screams “Hey! Look at my tummy and breasts! I’m still sexy after having a kid, right?!” I think she became so insecure with her weight during pregnancy that she wants to make sure everyone knows that she can still be a sex symbol. It looks sort of desperate. Just my personal opinion.

  • truwordz

    ………. tht cleavage gap is too big. It’s weird the way she really wants to look like beyonce and even weirder how much she actually looks like her……

  • Lotsaluvin

    Hmmmm….showed it to

  • Lotsaluvin

    I showed my BF the 3rd picture of her and his response was “Who the f%ck is that? She looks like a fat porn star”
    Enough said….

  • kiss-my-sass

    Like her makeup, the outfit, not so much.

  • retrobanana

    holy canolli!!!!! she looks like her pre baby weight to me cept for the cans…guess shes breast feeding…now why would u need that much cleavage? why unless you were in playboy or one of those worse then playboy mags….I actually like the blonde hair…or ombre hair or whatever caramel I guess….

  • retrobanana

    I saw season 1 too the other day she looks like a totally different person like her cousin or something someone resembling her but not quite her…

  • Polska Blondynka

    Ha ha too much, Kim. The dress is just weird…

  • Amanda

    thats disgusting. im honesty frightened at these images. what is she thinking to wear this outfit.

  • water