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  • lilone

    if I was her husband I would be pissed everyone gets to see what I see in private.

    • Kia

      Her husband is having her model his own ideas

    • AnonyChick

      Yes, I believe I have read that Kanye actually picks her clothes much of the time.

  • chris

    well i cant lie her body is banging here, better than kylie’s by miles. her face actually looks fairly natural and pretty in the black outfit too. ugh i hate saying this- get fat again Kim lol.

  • Kia

    Yawn. The “genius” doing “”””fashion””””.

  • AlyssaMoh

    her body doesnt look good here, her face looks stranger and stranger, i wish she’s stopped short of the nose job and just stuck with a little bit of fillers under her eyes…

  • Veronique

    Her waist looks quite small and her stomach is suddenly flatter than ever, after two kids and a large weight gain with each…what kind of procedures achieve that? You guys think it was Atkins and cardio or going under the knife, yet again?

    • Agatha

      She lost weight but I would guess she had a retouch procedures-wise.

    • Kia

      Hello she’s wearing a corset?!
      And she has a small waist to begin with,even if she’s short

      • Adriana

        Her entire body is man made there’s nothing natural letf on her. And her body is constantly changing and is obviously not with diet but with different procedures.

    • Neutra

      Laser lipo, cool sculpting, ie quick, lazy fixes.

      • Kia

        You guys can’t accept that, even given procedures, she just have a crazy whr and banging curves in her dna.

        • Lily

          In her DNA ????? You are joking right????? And yes she has a exaggerated WHR that anybody with money can achieve.

          • Kia

            Whatever you want to tell yourself to calm to your envy.
            Even with a million dollar I wouldn’t have those curves. And she looked that shape even ten years ago, only the butt became bigger after the first pregnancy.
            Dna is a thing you know…

          • KiraKira

            I wish I had lipo in my DNA… /s

          • chris

            you’re absolutely right– look at khloe she doesnt have that shape and never will. go look at kids pics from when she was a teen, she was curvy. not saying she hasn’t had some work done too, but shed be super curvy without surgery.

          • Kendra

            Khloe now has an hourglass shape too. Look at her recent photos. Kim had full breasts the rest was achieved through many surgeries.

          • Sabrina

            Damm you sure kiss her ass. Anybody with money can for sure get those curves. And yes 10 years ago she had a similar shape because she already had multiple surgeries. BTW Kylie had a ruler shape, bigger on top, and now she is an hourglass shape and let’s not forget about kloe she has an hourglass shape too proving that with money almost any body modification is posible.

          • Kia

            Lol you are full of envy it’s almost funny
            I don’t kiss anyone’s behind, I couldnt in fact care less about Kim kardashian

          • Jessian

            Yeah!!!!! and why are you defending kim????? I doubt is envy she’s just reminding every one what money can achieve.

          • Yanira

            If you take fat cells from one part of your body to another when you gain weight that part is gonna get bigger.

        • Chelsea

          Her body is not a result of having great genetics. Multiple people time and time again have claimed that kim has gotten multiple procedures done. One of them is her own husband who said he, himself has paid for her boob job and for lipo. Kim butt is a result of lip suction of her abdomen and fat transfer which is injected into her butt. If you pay attention khloes and kids butt, they have scarring at the injection site.

        • AlyssaMoh

          I can accept she bought it….
          Which is fine in so much that she tacitly ackowleges that, but her old body was the best, this one is a mangled exaggeration now

        • SexxyManatee

          I could definitely accept it, however it seems so highly unlikely.

  • bluepixie

    I think it’s getting a little gross and sickening. I’m not really wowed or in awe, I like my body too but to me there is difference between clothing for the public and lingerie type/showing off your nipples. I understand she is a celebrity but at this point I’d find her way more beautiful in normal clothes. Her trying to prove something is pretty lame and (sorry) pathetic. But she’ll never understand this as she’s buried deep in her fame and would assume haters are jealous.
    Lately she looks slimy and dirty, last time she looked good was that post “doesn’t my waist look photoshopped”. But way back she actually seemed to have good style in her earlier years.

    • Milla

      Yup, narcissism is like a car crash, you really don’t wanna see it, but you can’t help yourself staring at it. Did you recognize, she always steps out first, thus everybody is able to photograph and see her completely. But anyway, who cares, attention is what she needs, attention is what she gets. We feed the monsters, wondering why they are still around. 😉

  • Uma

    She lost weight but now her boobs and ass look completely ridiculous on her frame. The fact that they still won’t admit to surgeries and that there are people out there believing this is real is quite fascinating. On the positive side, her face looks more like herself again, no? I think she laid back the fillers and what not for a bit.

  • Kat

    The older she gets the more desperate she is. Kind of reminds me of a quote from Game of throne “until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear”. That younger another is Kylie, nothing is natural with her either but she has youth what Kim is desperately trying to hold on to.
    In 5 year she will do another sex tape just to stay relevant. Sad.

    • chelsea

      I couldn’t agree more. Only a matter of time, they will age and start sagging and there won’t be anything they can do to reverse it. Sad to see how young Kylie is and she is getting there procedures done. anyone could change their appearance, but it is obvious that mentally they will never be happy with their appearance.

  • Sun

    Desperation is the new sexy apparently. No wonder she’s “friends” with Emily R.
    Her boobs look horrible saggy and misshapen in that black bodysuit thing but normal lookingin her white “top”. If she’s supposed to be advertising her husband’s fashion skills (ahem) she’s really just showing off how poorly designed and unflattering they actually are

    • Kia

      Her husband fashion skills are “porn-ripped”. Like an escort catalogue or something? Not really clothingkia

  • sharlane

    She’s so over the hill now in terms of fame and celebrity that I’m not even annoyed by her anymore. She’s clearly feeling more body confident now… no longer stuffing herself in full box spanx layered under turtlenecks and camel coats in the summertime. that’s nice i guess!

  • Sanne

    … just horrible

  • cheeze.wiz

    I actually liked both outfits

    • Kia

      I liked the black corset on her…but with that barely naked cleavage and the sheer it’s all a big Halloween mess

      • cheeze.wiz

        Well I guess that explains me

  • Bella

    She’s so gross. Have some class, Idk how this could be seen as anything other than the oldest profession.

  • liss

    It´s just so insane that I can´t even find the words to describe how crazy it is to walk out like this. I´m all for free the nipple but it becomes a bit too much when you have large breasts. I just can´t imagine how much attention this woman really wants/needs

  • prettydarnfunny

    BARF. why does she think skankyness is fashion?

  • trippman

    This woman’s a fashion goddess

    • Veronique


  • AnonyChick

    I still think she’s beautiful, tacky outfits and all.

  • Laura

    Okay, it’s seriously getting ridiculous now.

  • Me

    Just when i think that she is a mother of 2 beautiful kids.makes me sad.
    She is so vulgar that it cant get worst.even burlesq dancers wears more clothes that her . Sad,sad world, and most teens are in love with this whole faux kardashian thing 🙁 .

  • Eee

    I wonder . If you see youre wife all the time naked ,is there any intimacy or excitement left at all ?

  • Snugglepup

    She’s basically naked. She already looks like something a horny teenager with unrealistic expectation thought up, a straight on porn figurine, and she dresses like that on top of everything? I think she’s looking the best she has in a while but seriously, leave something for the imagination. She is daring, have to give her that…

  • SexxyManatee

    Her arms look good.