Kim Kardashian, Wow or Eww?

Kim Kardashian’s New Year Resolution: To Stay Fit

Kim-Kardashians-New-Year-Resolution-To-Stay-Fit - Kim Kardashian's New Year Resolution: To Stay Fit

I usually stick with the same New Year’s resolution, so I guess this is more of a continuation than a brand new resolution… but… my New Year’s resolution is to stay fit, workout harder and try to eat healthier. I would also like to make more time for my family and friends! After all, they are what’s important in life!

… says Kim on her blog.

And on another note, how are we liking Kim’s black look? Is it a Wow or an Eww?

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Happy New Year to Everybody!


Kim-Kardashians-New-Year-Resolution-To-Stay-Fit-2 - Kim Kardashian's New Year Resolution: To Stay Fit

Kim-Kardashians-New-Year-Resolution-To-Stay-Fit3 - Kim Kardashian's New Year Resolution: To Stay Fit

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  • Mariah

    I think she is beautiful and I like her is diffferent but she pulls it off. Her face is just so beautiful to me!! I like her body too but it is not my ideal body but her face shape and features are just really really beautiful. Everyone says such negative things about her all the time but I don’t see why, she is an extremely beautiful girl and that is what we are talking about on this site right? How she looks? I get that she annoys some ppl but she is growing on me, she seems like a nice girl just making money in the way she knows how.

    • baby101

      i agree completely!
      people say so much crap about her! she has an amazing body and stunning features, i think people who say crap about her are just jealous. and she is not only making money from a reality show but before that she has always been involved in fashion as a stylist and boutique owner. i say GO GIRL!

      • ckmj787

        agreed. haters. gorgeous girl who knows how to bank on her looks…everyone always hate on her…109lbs or not…she is stunning…ask your men…they will tell you…

        • Laura

          I agree…I also like how she is simple and honest on her resolutions…just keeping fit…it’s a great resolution for 2010 and a good incentive for all the Americans to lose weight and keep fit…she is actually a good role model for Americans, in a society where obesity is epidemic.

          • Milly.

            i cannot stand kim kardashian, she comes across as if she is really desperate for attention all the time, but saying that, i can’t deny that she is stunning and has an amazing figure.

        • cat

          she should just go away already! what contribution did she give to the industry other than her boring sex tape and her ‘reality’ tv show? i used to like her but her talks about her weight and her looks is getting a lil bit too much. yeah, she’s gorgeous and has a great body. i won’t deny that. but seriously, do something good and useful already or just go away!

  • H

    Exactly what does she do?
    Average looks. And she is in no way 109 pounds.
    And no, i’m not jealous of someone with an IQ of 38.

    • lc

      My thoughts EXACTLY!!

    • Mariah

      Average looks? You can say a lot of things about her you may think she is stupid and annoying with a low IQ, but one thing that is not average about Kim is her looks! She has an unusually beautiful look and I do not see how anyone can deny that. I am not even a fan but it just stood out to me that you said average looks when kim’s look is anything but average. I doubt you are jealous of her IQ but I would bet you are pretty jealous of her beauty!

      • Lila

        Different people find different things attractive. I don’t find her beautiful or stunning either.

        Don’t assume people are jealous just because their opinion differs from yours, that’s pretty dumb.

        Maybe you live in a city of uglies and H lives in a place with Kim’s are common… see I can make assumptions too!!!

        • lc

          Thank you Lila! I am in no way jealous if Kim’s “beauty”. Lol. I simply think she has average looks. I don’t have to find her beautiful, and I don’t.

          • Mariah

            You are right she does not have to think that she is beautiful I was giving my opinion as well. But talk about assumptions…look what she said in her comment she assumes Kim is lying about her weight and assumes Kim has a low IQ when in reality she has no idea, neither do I! I just think so many of you spread so much negativity and rude comments and I think it is unnecessary. You call people dumb and this and that and it just spreads negativity. You have no idea how smart any of these people are that you are judging! You feel that you know Kim or whoever else from reading this site when in reality she could have a much higher IQ than you do. I am just trying to point out positive attributes by saying she is a beautiful girl working hard making a lot of money. You all ask “what does she do???” She works and makes millions of dollars and is financially comfortable from choosing this line of work, that is what she does and I think it is safe to assume many of you wouldn’t mind doing it either!

          • lc

            @ Mariah-
            “Working hard”? Reality TV is considered working hard? She may make millions, but she has no talent, and it can’t be that “hard” to exploit your life to the public on TV for money.

          • Traveling all the time, owning businesses, hosting events being what seems like an all around business woman from what I see on this site and having watched her show here and there. That still is work, she doesn’t sit at home all day and do nothing, she works for the millions of dollars that she makes. Why do you think you are sitting here writing your rants about how much you hate her and how ugly she is? Because she has worked hard to put herself on the map enough so that ppl like you are angered by her fame to the extent that you spread hate and assumptions about her! You might not think she’s pretty or envy her lifestyle, but there is some reason why you feel such hate towards her…

          • molly

            @ mariah

            I am about as surprised about your “working hard”-comment as Ic is. Someone who is supposedly paid 10,000 per tweed is not working hard! lets compare her earnings to – let’s say – a paramedic who spends up to 80 hours per week at a hospital and who will have made about 50,000 at the end of the year. That’s five Kardashian-tweeds about how gorgeous and skinny she’s become.

        • This is something I’ve been seeing a lot on this site. Not directed at any of you gals here but I feel like saying this.

          “It is my opinion therefore I can’t be jealous.”

          Yes, it’s wrong to assume that a person is jealous simply because they have a different preference. But our opinions and preferences ARE influenced by things like jealousies and insecurities. Sometimes we may not be aware or understand these things, but they do seep through to affect our opinions/preferences. After all, is it mere coincidence that most skinny girls don’t like big women, and most big women don’t like skinny girls?

          And when you present your opinions in a way that is personally insulting, not just stating your preference, you leave yourself open to be accused of being jealous. The level of hate and negativity portrayed in some comments does indicate a personal connection to the topic/person of interest, which can be insecurity, jealousy, or just hate.

          I don’t want to say anything, but a lot of the comments I read on this site do scream jealousy to me, not just mere preference.

          • Sidney

            Agreed. It’s just as easy to go saying you’d never be jealous of a that and that kind of person b/c you dislike something about them as it is for another commenter to accuse you of being jealous. (Not that it matters i guess, but i just felt the need to comment since i’ve been sensing the same thing 😀 )

          • Lila

            Mariah and Casey. I don’t think my post was hateful. In terms of being jealous of Kim, I’m not… not subconsciously or otherwise. I’m in med school, I’ve done psych rotations and above all, I know myself.

            I’m not jealous of her looks, because I love the way I look and love myself.

            I’m not jealous of her money because my parents make as much or probably more than she does. When I’m done with school, I’ll probably make a lot myself.

            I’m not jealous of her fame, because it’s not something I desire for myself (especially the means through which she attained it)

            I’m just sick of people assuming that others are jealous. We all express ourselves differently. Some people are just more blunt. Maybe its not hateful, maybe its just how they express themselves.

            We are not all sitting behind a computer screen with zit covered faces eating bon bons and weighing 300 lbs.

          • Kae

            I have to agree with you. One of the reasons why I rarely comment on here anymore is the negativity and hate of some individuals. I prefer to make mostly positive comments about people that I like. I’m not sure what the point is of constantly writing bitter diatribes about celebrities. Humans are judgmental by nature but it’s silly to always focus on the negative.

      • The Kardasians are BUTT UGLY! I wouldn’t want to ever look like them… they look like apes! lol

        • lc

          Thank you, Aims. I agree. I’m sorry, but no matter how much any if you try to read into the comments about not being jealous, get over it. We’re NOT jealous. It actually insults me for anyone to accuse me of being jealous of Kim, she is so not worthy of it! I simply find her unattractive, and that is that. As clearly stated above as well, I am neither jealous of her lifestyle nor her looks. I find her to be average in looks, and she is completely talentless to me. It IS possible for some people to actually, I don’t know, NOT be jealous of her. Seriously.

          • Mariah

            That’s funny that you say that Casey, I am actually in the field of Psychology as well, not quite to my PHD yet. But I do not think this has to do with my simply being a positive person who doesn’t feel the need to bring others down and spread hate. It looks like we are the minority and one of the few ppl left in this world who are not unkind and do not try to hurt other ppl. Just by reading this site you can see how hate filled our world is it is honestly somewhat depressing. For this specific post I understand some ppl may find kim annoying, may not find her beautiful, but it is the things that all of you say and the way you say it that shows something much more than merely an opinion.

          • LOL! Casey thinks I’m jealous of Kim??? She obviously didn’t look at my profile pictures – I’m not afraid to say I know I’m MUCH better looking than Kim. God, I would sooner light myself on flames and jump out of a building than look like Kim Fat-ass-ian. I agree – I’m insulted that anyone would think I was jelous of kim. The only thing I would be jelous of is her MONEY. Of course, I’d love to have millions for sitting on my Ass and eating cheese puffs! 🙂 But… I’ll take my tight cute little body any day over hers. I dont even think I find her average in looks, but clearly she is better looking than her sisters. She’s a good person to look at on a fat day cause it makes ya feel better about having an extra slice of cheese or extra scoop of ice cream! LOL.

          • Casey

            Please, actually read my comment(s) before addressing their content.

            I never said you were jealous. I said you appear jealous.

          • anadeau07

            Casey thats fine but I don’t know how I could APPEAR jelous by giving my honest opinion. I think the family is ugly. Simple and honest. Done deal?? I can’t find one good thing on Kim and ask any man – they wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole.

        • Mariah

          Here is an example of what I think Casey is referring to. You of course would claim you are not jealous but look how much hate your post is filled with. If someone was indifferent and felt no emotion towards the person they would simply say oh I don’t think she is as attractive I do not understand the hype. But no, you insist on saying things like” BUTT UGLY” and “they look like apes!” How rude and emotion filled is that. It is a simple fact that it screams jealousy. You are just trying to be mean and negative because you likely are not completely happy with yourself. This may be slightly judgmental on my part but as much time as I have spent working with girls suffering from self esteem the signs are pretty clear to me by now. It is just sad that so many ppl in this world feel the need to hurt the feelings of others especially when they don’t even know them!

          • Casey

            Mariah, that was exactly what I was referring to.

            Maybe it’s not jealousy, but it’s hate. Why hate if you are comfortable and secure with yourself? It’s strange.

          • lc

            No, not hate. Maybe she said the apes thing because it was what she truly felt they looked like? Maybe it was the best example she could think of? I’m sorry, but you two seem to think you know everything and that you should be psychiatrists or something. It’s not that easy to read random strangers you DON’T know. It’s “strange”? Why, I’m beyond comfortable with myself. I already have mentioned that I’d much rather look like myself than Kim, I’d rather be thin, etc. Besides, Kim’s head looks a little too small for her body. Sorry, but I say, and I’m sure Aims does too, these things because they are what I think, there’s no “deeper meaning”, or something. Maybe people like you should not worry so much on figuring everyone out in life that you come across, esp. via the Internet.

          • Casey

            Lila, I don’t think either of us were referring to you. I think we were referrign to Aims’ comment, or at least, I was.

            Of course people are not going to agree on everything, and they have a right to express not liking someone and it doesn’t automatically mean they are jealous; however, the really mean and personal comments do seem to point in that direction and I don’t think it’s that far fetched for people to accuse those commentors of being jealous or insecure (and those two things are different in my mind at least).

            lc, so be it. I definetly think Aims was hateful, for what reason, I don’t know. Jealousy and insecurity are most likely but you’re right, it may not be the case. It could also be bad manners, or perhaps, he/she was personally wronged by Kim Kardashian. But because I don’t know Aims, the first thing I would assume is jealousy or insecurity, and like I said, it’s not a ridiculous assumption.

            I do still think it’s strange that someone with confidence in themselves would feel the need to say such stuff about other people. People with confidence may think those things, but don’t feel the need to make an effort to say them and put others down…that is something that is characteristic of insecure individuals (like bullies, for example). And coincidentally, I am actually going to be a licensed psychologist in about two years when I finish up my phD program.

            Happy new year to everyone.

          • lc

            Well, maybe, but I’m sorry, but it STILL does not always have to be about insecurities, or low self esteem. I said what I SAID because I truly think it, nothing more. As stated before, I am not insecure, and would even prefer to look like myself over Kim, as a matter of fact. As for everyone else, I think they were merely stating their opinions as well, but I suppose I don’t know for a fact.

          • lp23

            Bang on Mariah. Hopefully some women will listen and learn to love themselves. It is not healthy to hate someone you don’t know. The butt ugly comment is ridiculous. It does look like people bring out their own insecurities on to these celebs. The one that baffles me is how much they know about people they strongly dislike. I cannot stand Jordan& Peaches Geldof and don’t follow what they do. If i see them in a magazine are newspaper i turn the page over.

          • anadeau07

            Oh you are so right! 😐 LOL. You have NO idea…. 😛 Thanks sweetie but I’m very happy with my body and I’m also very happy with my medical career. Not to mention my very hot (tall, dark and handsome and rich) boyfriend. Yes I am so very jelous. Oh and I’m soooo very unhappy! LOL.

          • ann

            You are in the medical field?

            And people wonder why i refuse to go to the doctor. Look what makes it in the door.


        • Laura

          The other 2 look ugly but not Kim, in my opinion. I like her Mediterranean look, her facial features are very feminine and so is her body.

          • calidoll

            I agree with this.. She is exotic and I like her look.. I also like the fact that she doesnt have the Typical body that so many other girls in Hollywood , socialites ect have. .. I Like the show and gets lots of laughs.. Kim is beautiful, successful, and famous.. Heck im jealous!!!! 🙂 oh yeah and my fiance and brother think she is sexy !!!!

      • lc

        I don’t ENVY Kim AT ALL. She has done NOTHING worthy of anything to get famous, she has a show where cameras follow her and her obnoxious family around doing pointless things. That’s all there is to it. There is no “spreading hate and assumptions about her”. Some people feel that she is irrelevant and has average looks, there ARE going to be people that think that! It doesn’t matter how it is said, I know myself and I KNOW I am comfortable with myself. Kim has nothing I want, not fame, not notoriety, not to be famous for having a well known name and SEX TAPE. Simply put, Kim is just that, irrelevant. There’s nothing engaging about her in the LEAST bit to some people, namely myself.

        • anadeau07

          Agreed. I can’t believe Casey thinks anyone would be jelous of her looks. She seriously… looks like a monkey. Thats almost as bad as saying “Aims you want to look like Tori spelling!” Don’t even get me started on horse face there… lol. I love Kim simply for the fact that she makes everyone feel a little bit better about themselves. But I do agree she looks “exotic” … like an Ape from a far off country! 😛 So Ms. PHD thinks she knows how I’m feeling? Yes… the skinny girl is jelous of the fat chick? Honey, you need to give your head a shake or two. LOL, and if you knew MY CAREER she’d know why I’m laughing at her dinky “licensed psychologist” job. I make double and maybe triple what she makes…

          • Well I may not be making as much as you but at least I can read a comment thoroughly.

          • Just Me

            “An ape from a far off country”
            WOW! I’m assuming that would be Armenia.

          • ann

            I’ve got to side with Casey here, there’s a lot of unnecessary hostility coming from you. You have some issues you need to work out. Kim isn’t fat. No don’t tell me it’s your opinion. There are objective standards to determining if someone is overweight. This girl isn’t overweight. If you were thinking rationally you’d know this.

          • Mariah

            honestly “anddeau07” clearly has a variety of internal issues that she needs to sort out. We should try to not even entertain her ridiculous comments with a response. She feels the need to put others down to make herself feel better and she will deny it of course because that is what people like her do. She managed to hatefully insult three different people in just a few sentences and of course she knows none of them personally! Too many girls suffer from what you are suffering from anadeau, my life’s goal is to help girls like you and stop the hate that you spread to other people. You should look at yourself and really see how negative and rude you are and ask yourself what is the point of that? Why do you feel the need to be cruel and hurtful? You clearly are so overly obsessed with looks and money and so completely brainwashed by the media that it has turned you into this unlikable person. Seek help, you don’t want to live the rest of your life this way you are so ugly on the inside and I won’t even comment on your profile pictures that you keep bringing up. Good luck.

          • CRABS

            Mariah, what kind of person, let alone an aspiring Psychologist, says this to someone: “Seek help, you don’t want to live the rest of your life this way you are so ugly on the inside and I won’t even comment on your profile pictures that you keep bringing up. Good luck.”?
            Mentioning another person’s profile picture is low. This website is for discussing your opinion on CELEBRITIES, not the profile pictures of a person with an opposing opinion to yours.

          • Mariah

            Crabs-I was responding to anadeau’s constant use of her own profile pictures that she thinks gives her the right to be hurtful to others. I stand by my comment about her being ugly on the INSIDE, never did I say anything about the outside I simply said I will not resort to her level by even acknowledging her comments about her profile pictures. I recommended seeking help because when someone has emotional issues of this nature, help is usually required so that they can sort through them and stop spreading unneeded hate around this world especially to other young girls. I can see how my comment could have come off a bit rude I wrote it immediately after reading many of her hurtful and hateful comments that just infuriated me for some reason. It hurts me to see girls like that and as I said this is my reason for getting into the field of Psychology. I guess I let my emotions about that get the best of me and that is how my comment came off that way but I still stand by the fact that at this time she is extremely unattractive on the inside and she should stop using her “money” and “beauty” to shield what is really going on because she shouldn’t HAVE to live the rest of her life this way. I hope I cleared that up.

          • Coconut Slush

            Mariah. This is the internet. Not the real world. Stop pretending you know every single poster’s personality, because in reality, you know nothing. Sorry. You cannot say Andadeau has emotional issues because you don’t know her. And she wasn’t insulting anyone, because I highly doubt that KimK likes to sit and read this website, so how could she get offended? I’m not even sure if she can read.

          • Mariah

            Coconut either you did not read any of this young girls comments or u are just as low of a person as she is. I am not claiming to know everything about everyone but there are obvious signs of when someone has insecurities, I see it through my work all of the time. I never said or wished anything negative upon anyone, I just said I hope that she finds positivity within her. It had nothing to do with her opinion about Kim, I could care less about that, but her constant hateful comments and rude comments about other posters relating to looks and how much money she makes shows a lot about who she is. You are talking about things you have obviously not read, look at her comments, she absolutely is insulting people, some celebrities and others are posters.

  • Ana

    What’s the deal with those fancy lollipops she’s been sucking lately? She is VERY beautiful and very annoying person, too shallow and self obsessed point blank. Oh yeah, the dress is meh, I don’t like it, but it isn’t actually the worst thing I saw…

    • I was thinking the same about the lollipops. I guess it’s sexy and I just missed the memo.

  • allie

    uggghh she’s so annoying, i’m sick of seeing her face, and i’m sick of hearing about her. and she’s a hypocrite, she goes on and on about how it’s great to be “curvy”, but the second someone calls her fat, she starts claiming how she’s a size two and goes as far as to put a video up of her fat ass squeezing into a pair of size two jeans… and SHE’S FAMOUS FOR NOTHING that’s what gets me the most, just because of that sex tape, she now has a reality show that just shows how much of a whiny, spoiled brat she is. people can be famous for anything these days.

    • lc

      Amen to that. I agree %110 with you.

    • hater! i know i know your not a hater right?? Read over your post and try and claim that. It is filled with hate, hate and more hate! Why do you care?! Why does it make you soooo mad that a young girl got lucky and got famous and is making the best of it? I don’t especially care for her I don’t know her personally but neither do any of you yet you have so many emotion filled rants about her it is crazy to me.

      • lc

        Well, she is famous for NOTHING important, therefore the likes of her and her family make me ashamed for America. Everything allie said was SPOT ON, whether we HATE her or not. Wow.

    • I kind of liked her before. But I was watching the show a few episodes ago and she dropped $20,000 at ONE store. Now I can’t stand to hear anything about her.

      • Stacy

        Well if she has the money let her spend it. Why does that bother you that she spent $20,000 in one place? She’s not the only famous or rich person doing it.

        • I’m sorry Stacy. I didn’t mean to offend you by expressing my opinion. Next time I want to give my opinion, I’l keep you in mind.

          • Stacy

            Okay I wasn’t offended at all by your opinion. And sorry if I offended you, but this comment kind of came off as rude to me. You had an opinion and I responded to that with my own opinion. If that bothered you then I won’t respond to any of your comments from now on.

          • Being turned off by excessiveness is not rude. If you’re going to attack my opinion then yeah please don’t respond to my comments. There are also a lot of people on here that said a lot worse things.

  • kayla

    First i am 5.2 and i am 109 lbs, it is VERY possible that kim is 109 lbs. She has a tiny waist and tiny legs. She’s probably lying by a few lbs though bc she has in the past.

    Second she is gorgeous and of course she talks about her weight a lot because that is what gets the most response! if ppl want her to stop talking about it then they should just ignore her and quit leaving so many comments on her posts!

    • Laura

      I agree, she is short, she can be 109lbs, she carries all her weight on her big bum and boobs.

  • Eve

    Tiny legs?! Come on, have a close look at the picture. She is dressed all black and she looks quite big girl. But, I am not implying she is not pretty and her body isn’t sexy. She is beautiful, her body is gorgeous. But I would really respect her more if she stoped lying about her weight, size, etc. and started being proud of her naturally (I hope so) curvy femenine body.

  • Eve

    and that lollypop is just…….come on…..stupid!

  • rei

    She looks beautiful as always….

  • Katie

    Wtf? A lollipop? What for?

    • Mariah

      She probably endorses the brand of lollipops or something like that. People pay celebrities money for the silliest things but hey if she is making a few grand off licking a lollipop more power to her.

  • lc

    There is no way she is 109 lbs. She’d be WAY thinner. Sorry, Kim.

  • Rula

    I honestly pity people who love sticking the “No way she’s 109lbs” insult. Different weights look differently on different bone structures/heights, etc, DUH!

    • Annie

      I totally agree! The girl is only 5’2″!
      109lbs on a 5’10” model would look way different.

      Geez. Weight is distributed differently!

    • lc

      She REALLY just does not look 109 lbs. I’m sorry, but she really would look way skinnier if she was. At any rate, I don’t believe it. She looks to me like 120, why she claims to be 109 is beyond me.

      • I’m 110 and I’m pretty sure I weigh as much as Kim’s left ASS cheek! That thing is so massive and it looks like cottage cheese…. 😐

      • Yeah I’m 122 at 5’2.5″ and I don’t see a difference between our weight.

        • anadeau07

          Yes but I bet your bum doesn’t look like cottage cheese. 🙂 122 is healthy actually, but I don’t think Kim should be lying about her weight.

  • I like her new year’s resolution. I think her body has improved so much since she has got fit. I’m glad she didn’t lose her curves in the process.

    She usually looks great, but I am not a big fan of slicked back hair like that. I also despise shoulder pads. So right here, she’s not looking great to me.

  • psycho

    I like that lollipop!

  • Okay Kim doesn’t weigh 109. Her boobs and ass along could tell anyone that. She has a massive ass, she needs a hazard light for that thing. Also, her big fake boobs alone probably weigh about 10 extra lbs or more. My friend Christine is 5’2 and she is 107lbs and she is a TOOTHPICK. My friend Samantha is 5’2 also and she is 130 and she looks about Kims size…

    • lc

      I agree. I’m 5’5″, and when I weighed around 107 I was a 10x skinnier.

    • Laura

      130lbs in a 5’2 girl would be overweight..and Kim doesn’t look overweight.

      • anadeau07

        My friend isn’t overweight. 😐 She looks Kims size and seriously she stepped on the scale and it was 130. She’s idian and by no means big but she has the same thicker legs as Kadasian…

        • ann

          You said Kim was fat, so by extension you just called your friend fat.


  • artemis

    bottom heavy 5’2″ girls can weight 109! they got small bones too lol….I’m 5’4″ and weight 103 except I don’t have big boobs…and she’s more toned and has skinnier legs (muscles weight more than fat) so yes…it’s sooooo possible

    • lp23

      I have to say her dress size is rubbish.

      She has similar body shape as my friend. She is not a size two.
      She is a personal trainer but has big hips and boobs like Kim.
      Kim is telling fibs about her dress size imo. Her body is amazing.
      I don’t know why is wants to appear smaller.

      • anadeau07

        I kno! I don’t understand how Kim is by any means a size two. I’ve seen her near tinier celebs and it just boggles the mind how she thinks anyone would buy that. Eva longoria is a size 2 and she’s half Kardasians size…

  • Purplebunny

    to stay fit?wow tell us smth new kim

  • Melanie

    A good resolution.. can’t say the same aout the dress it’s a bad fit and looks slutty.

    I also don’t think she’s 109pounds at 5″2′. that’d be a bmi of 19.9 and I would guess she’s a bmi of nearly 21.. so approached 120pounds, imo.

  • cj

    Her makeup is hot!
    maybe shes somebody we can call “intelectual”(didnt spell that right, i knw)
    but come on, she wasnt discovered for something great, but for a sextape, so dont know why people have sutch huge expectations for her. we know what shes famous for, haha.

  • Taylor

    I’m all for celebrities getting in shape and inspiring others to do so, but I’m really tired of hearing from her. It seems like that’s all she talks about these days and it’s bordering on obsessive. Is that all she’s good for- her body? What is she trying so hard to prove?

  • lc

    HAHA! Who’d be jealous of Kim’s fat ass? I’d take my own body over hers ANY day.

  • Coconut Slush

    To all these idiots that say that she is “gorgeous” and “works HARD to make money”, let me just tell you a few things.

    She became famous after creating a sex tape.
    A sex tape.
    She has no talent.
    She does not “work hard”. Being a w**** and having a camera follow you around all the time for a low-budget tacky television show is not considered “hard work”.

    …and she’s fat. And not a “stunning unique face”. Nicole Scherzinger looks just like her. BORING. Did I mention that she’s fat?

  • Coconut Slush

    To all these idiots that say that she is “gorgeous” and “works HARD to make money”, let me just tell you a few things.

    She became famous after creating a sex tape.
    A sex tape.
    She has no talent.
    She does not “work hard”. Being a wh*re and having a camera follow you around all the time for a low-budget tacky television show is not considered “hard work”.

    …and she’s fat. And not a “stunning unique face”. Nicole Scherzinger looks just like her. BORING. Did I mention that she’s fat?

    • lc

      I completely agree with you 110%. Everything you said was quote worthy.

      • lp23

        So you agree with the poster calling us all idiots for having a different opinion?

        • lc

          What I meant was, I agree with all the statements about KIM that she made, since I believe that is who we are discussing here? Man, it doesn’t take much to get some people off…

    • Mariah

      she’s a whore? i agree a sex tape is not a good thing but i doubt she was the one to release it and i think all of us have made mistakes in our life so to be so judgmental as to call her a whore for that is so close minded and rude. I said she works hard because she is clearly not sitting in her house doing nothing, we see so much of her on this site she is obviously out and about working on all of her different projects. The thing about it is that it really doesn’t matter how she got famous, it does not matter if she cannot act or sing, she IS famous and it makes all of you negative ppl soooo mad you can’t handle that someone got lucky and now is making money off of their looks and different business endeavors. What you guys should ask yourself is why does someone elses success make you so angry that you feel the need to call a young successful girl horrible hurtful names, I think most of us are women here so why can’t we support the success of a fellow woman? And calling her fat? Come on, that just spreads unrealistic ideals of beauty and weight so you sound even more ignorant by saying that. I just hope u get more comfortable and happy with yourself and your own life so you no longer feel the need to spread hate into the lives of others. Good luck.

      • yeah yeah

        Mariah I completely agree with you. Finally someone who actually has a good opinion in here. I don’t usually like to read the comments, I just was bored today and decided to say something lol, Because ppl are usually really dumb when writing there little comments, but you have good points. By the way I’m a guy. I just think kim is super hot and fine! And to everyone else saying she doesn’t work hard….uh…she has her own business along with her sisters! The acting thing is just kind of like a side thing for her, and she also models alot for her brands, not to mention where you ppl can “choose” to workout, she, “HAS” to workout and eat right in order to do those photo shoots, which photo shoots are harder then you ppl may think. And who cares if she made a sex tape. Ppl who are not famous do it all the dang time, and it’s ok then. Why can’t a famous person do it, without some asshole stealing it somehow? Maybe that’s what turns them on? Maybe that’s there fetish, it really isn’t none of our business, so get over it. 🙂

      • lc

        I’m sorry, she is famous for NOTHING, n-o-t-h-i-n-g, and that makes me ashamed of America. This is what our country has become? A land of get-rich quick, talentless opportunists who “get lucky”? Well, we should all be so lucky then, right? No more going to college for Phd’s anymore, just hope and pray that a sex tape you made gets leaked so you can do a string of irrelevant things, like exploit your excessive lifestyle on TV, and get paid for partying. Yep. Sounds like a plan. Support her success? I support HARD WORK and DRIVE, and I don’t care what you say, Kim has neither. You said yourself that she “got lucky”, and took advantage of an opportunity. So, you have proved MY point. She has done nothing worthy of support in my opinion, and whether you like it or not, it is MY opinion. Get over it. I’m perfectly happy with myself, maybe you should not concern yourself with reading into other people you come across on the Internet because you have NO idea what they are like. So, good luck =)

        • yeah yeah

          I was going to just ignore this, but omg lol. I mean c, mon already. All this mariah person is saying if you HAVE to keep coming back and saying something not so nice about someone, which isn’t a crime, it’s not like ur the first, shoot even I use to, but then I realised it was just stupid, then there must be a REASON. I’m sure ur a very cool person, but it’s not cool to say kim kardashion doesn’t work hard. Like I said, she has her OWN business, including the one with her sisters, and mother. She MODELS. and I would know, trying to break into the entertainment industry, it’s not easy work. It’s very hard. And she must have a brain if she can do all that business stuff. I am not exactly the smartest person in the world, and I really don’t care to be, but nothing bad is happening to america because there are so many ppl who are interested in all that smart stuff and it doesn’t mean I don’
          t work hard and same goes for kim, who did go to school and learn things I’m sure and who is probably admittingly alot smarter then me lol. She does work hard and it’s cool to have ur own opinion, but it’s like this is abut how she looks in the picture and about the comment, she made about the whole fitness thingy, not about her IQ lol.

          • lc

            You think Kim’s smarter than you? I don’t know, I’d rather see famous people who actually contribute to the community, not err, “models”, or whatever, like Kim. I truthfully don’t think she works that hard, Mariah can think what she wants, I don’t know why she keeps coming back with the hateful thing. I’m simply stating what I think, and I can do that. I am unchanged in my views.

        • Casey

          I think what you’re trying to say is not that she’s famous for nothing, but that you don’t like/approve of what she’s famous for.

          Even if we can agree that she’s only famous for her sex tape (which I don’t think is true because thousands of girls make sex tapes every year and only a few become famous), she’s famous for something.

          I don’t think any celebrity is famous for nothing. All of them are famous for something, whether we like/value that something or not. The thing people have to realize is that they make the celebrities famous. KK would never have been famous if people didn’t read articles about her or watch her “stupid” show, or pay attention to her talking about her figure. She didn’t magically become famous, people made her famous. And now those same people are upset that she’s famous.

          Yeah, I would much rather that scientists and resarchers were the ones becoming famous over any actor or celebrity, but I will recognize that I’m part of the problem, and so is everyone else here since we’re all sitting on this website talking about celebrities and increasing their fame.

          • lc

            Maybe so, but I think exposure from her famous father helped. Other than on this site, I really pay her no heed anyway. If it weren’t for this site, I’m not sure I’d know who she was that well, other than the tape and her father. I ignore her image most everywhere else I see it. But, we’re here to comment, so…Also, I do mean people like her in general, not JUST her.

        • Melissa

          Yea yea, you are sooooo not a guy. Or if you are, you talk (type) exactly like a girl.

      • lc

        You keep going with the “hate” thing, like it’s the only word you know. I DON’T hate Kim, not at all. I simply believe that she is unworthy of support and I do not because I support hard work, and Kim has not worked hard for what she has, you even said she “got lucky”. I am stunned as to the fact that our country has become one where you can be “famous” for your looks and other talentless, superficial things. These people don’t deserve to be famous, let alone praised for it. I don’t believe in that, and no matter what you think, it is my opinion, and it is not changing.

        • yeah yeah

          Also if you can “think” that’s what america is coming to, but guess what? You’re on a website called “skinny vs cuvry”, leaving comments. Ur giving into it just as much as anyone else. Really not a big deal 🙂

          • Versus

            Hmm… I resent that. I don’t think my site is nocive, nor part as a valid argument in your “What America is coming to…” debate, nor comparable to Kim Kardashian’s actions.
            It may be about looks, but I am actually fighting against many superficial trends here, such as Photoshop, plasticization, “obvious Hollywood-ization”and always loving healthy, variety and natural. I try to promote healthy mindsets, to admire the female bodies, to set a positive tone.
            I am sorry you can’t see all that.

        • Mariah

          Calm down a bit I know talking about Kim gets you riled up but nobody is trying to change your opinion. Your opinion is clearly swayed by other aspects of your personality just as mine is. I believe that ppl should do whatever makes them happy and successful in life. You are angered by this woman’s success you want her to go to college and get a more normal job but what if that doesn’t make her happy? She has a job, she does work weather you choose to see that or not what if this type of work and success makes her happy and not your ideal of what is “good success.” The fact is it doesn’t matter if you think she deserves her fame or not, shes famous, famous enough that you care so much to talk about her like this! You could just accept and congratulate another person’s success because she is not hurting anyone or you can do what you ARE doing, saying rude, hateful comments about her looks and weight because that is all you can say! What does that show you about yourself? That you feel the need to put down other ppl that you don’t even know in very hurtful ways? THAT is something you should be ashamed at America for! The fact that there are too many people who are negative and just plain mean and choose to fill our lives with hate.

          • yeah yeah

            Again I must say this mariah person makes a good point. And to the versus, alot of the things aren’t “positive” in here lol.

          • lc

            I’m NOT being hateful, I’m having my own opinion. I can have that. Everytime I say something, Mariah has to as well, so…it goes both ways. So, what’s your point?
            Again, I am not being hateful. I’m stating facts and opinions, not insults. Why you can not see that, I will never know. I don’t support what she stands for, that is my belief.
            And thank you Versus, I know this site is about discussing other issues as well, some people seem to be unaware.

          • Mariah

            You are not stating facts you are stating insults. Calling her fat, ugly are being insulting and rude, not simply stating facts. I completely respect your opinion of not respecting Kim for whatever reason, but it is the way you go about expressing that, full of anger and hate. You are young and negative and hard headed and hopefully you open up your mind to some positivity at some point and one day another woman’s success will not threaten you. My point was simple, nothing Kim is doing is negative or hurting anybody, she is just living her life. So just live yours!:)

          • CRABS


            Coconut Slush and lc have the most valid points here. No we are not jealous of Kim’s “success” or her “talent” (hahah it makes me laugh hearing the word “talent” when relating to Kim).

          • Mariah

            I am sorry Crabs, did I use the word talent? No I did not. Why do ppl bother to respond without even reading the comment thoroughly? No kim does not have any specific talent that I know of. Does that mean she isn’t working multiple jobs and making millions off her success?

          • Coconut Slush

            Mariah, you support that? You support some talentless person making millions whilst not contributing to society in any PROPER useful way? Are those millions not a waste? Should those millions not be used in helping people around the world, but rather be in the hands of a fat, useless, self-absorbed, fame-greedy American?

          • CRABS

            It’s funny you say that Mariah, because I wasn’t talking directly to you 🙂

          • Coconut Slush,

            That same argument could be made about any celebrity, any athlete, and any other rich person who is directly not helping out society.

            The thing is that, she does provide society with something useful: entertainment. Whether positive or negative, it’s entertainment. Just because you don’t find her interesting and don’t like her method of achieving fame doesn’t mean others agree. If she wasn’t entertaining, she wouldn’t be on this blog and making millions. Simple as that.

            You act as if she became famous and then people knew about her. No, people made her famous. You don’t become famous by yourself or magically…you become famous by people paying attention to you. People chose to support the “talentless,” “fat” person that she is, so I don’t get why you’re blaming her.

            I’d rather that no celebrity, actor, actress or singer made millions so easily and would rather it went to scientists and doctors, but that won’t happen as long as people choose to see a movie instead of going to get a check up or donating to a research fund.

            People prefer giving their money for pure enjoyment and entertainment and not for something useful, and that’s just how it is.

          • Coconut Slush

            In no way have I ever supported Kim K’s fame. The only way I know of her is through her stupid show on cable television. I signed up for foxtel (cable television) so i can watch quality things, such as music from the 70s and 80s by talented musicians, movies with talented actors and actresses, etc. Unfortunately, along with the package came a stupid garbage show called “keeping up with the kardashians”, and I was unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it only to see that its a load of **** – a camera following around 3 fat girls who seem to do nothing but be idiots.
            And then I see her on this website.
            Take a look at the comments that people post on Kim K entries. It seems that the majority of these people seems to think the way I do about her!
            She’s not the same as every celebrity. She falls under the “annoying and talentless” category.

          • CRABS

            Casey, sure, we pay millions to entertain ourselves and the money doesn’t always go to the appropriate causes, but wouldn’t you prefer “entertaining” yourself with something worthwhile?

          • Mariah

            Thank you Casey you said exactly what I was going to say. Coconut Slush, that is your opinion. It is your opinion that Kim is not entertaining, talentless and of course you have to add in an unnecessary remark about her weight. But you have to realize that your opinion is not that of the entire world, others do find her entertaining. I am not saying I am one of them, but if she has one of the top rated shows on a network, many endorsements, owns successful companies, obviously others disagree. No she is not bringing something to society as important as doctors or scientists but as Casey said she does bring entertainment. What I have trouble understanding is why people like you come on sites like this and say a bunch of horrible things about a person who you do not want to be famous when in fact that is only making her more famous, the more you comment the more exposure she gets. But bottom line what is she doing that hurts you, or anyone? She is living her life, working her unconventional jobs, but in no way is she hurting anyone! You do not have to watch her show, you do not have to come to sites like this, you CHOOSE to. The way you talk about her it’s as if she is some horrible person who is out there doing these terrible things when really she is just an entertainment figure simply doing her job whether you like her job or not. I just wonder why people who supposedly hate this woman that they have never met so extremely, even care so much to take the time out of their day simply to call her fat and ugly and useless, that is just pointless and rude.

          • Coconut Slush

            Correct, it is my opinion! What’s your point, Mariah? That my opinion is my opinion? I already knew that.

          • Mariah

            Coconut Slush you addressed my comment and I responded to the questions that you asked. I realize your opinion is your opinion but when you come on here stating your opinions as if they are facts and calling everyone who disagrees “idiots” what do you expect? All I did was respond do your question. You are so confrontational and feel the need to start all these little arguments about this I wonder why…

          • yeah yeah

            You know, alot of the ppl in here giving their “opinion” are talking about how kim kardashion makes all this money and isn’t helping the world and blah blah blah naggety nag, BUT! You ppl on here talking about how fat she is, or how she looks like a monkey, or how she doesn’t put her money to good use, are not helping either. Being mean doesn’t make the world a better place….hate to break it to ya peeps.

          • This kind of brings me back to the first post I made on this thread.

            The “this is my opinion therefore I can say whatever I want” attitude I see on this site.

            Opinions are not always right, not always objective, and not always free of jealousy and insecurity. At some point an opinion stops being merely an opinion.

            Being unnecessarily mean is more than just an opinion. Whatever the reason for it…jealousy, insecurity, lack of manners, etc etc….it’s not “just an opinion.” Feeling the need to read about someone you hate, click to post a comment, write it, and submit it, requires effort, effort requires motivation, and motivation requires a goal. People who make hateful comments have an intended goal. Typically, that is to bring others down and make themselves feel good. Not always the case, but yes, most of the time, it is.

            I think that’s what Mariah was trying to say. The person in question did make several very rude comments about both celebrities and posters, including myself, and I in no way provoked some of the comments she gave me. Why did she feel the need to do that? I don’t know, you tell me, but I’m going to conclude that since most people who do that are insecure, that she is probably insecure too. I may be wrong, but I may be right too.

          • Coconut Slush

            OR the reason we post our opinions on here is because we are bored and feel like posting our opinions. WOW, amazing huh?

  • Ellie

    This girl gets way too much exposure and she’s not very interesting.

    Remember back in the days when she leaked her sex tape and no one even cared?

  • Hazal

    To be honest: Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful woman. But that’s all…

  • Well of course that would be her New Year’s resolution…

    Boy do I hate the top part of that dress… and what is up with the..silver lollipop??

  • padme

    Her resolution should be to be less shallow and conceited.

  • Amarige

    ..Does she EVER talk about anything else aside from weight??

    She made the same resolution last year, appeared on covers on magazines hawking her diets, became a spokesperson for a weight loss product…

    It’s 2010 aldready! FIND A NEW GIMMICK!

  • yeah yeah

    I think all the kardashion sisters are beautiful, and I think kim is always looking fine. Not to get negative , because I don’t want to be one of those lame ppl, but I think kim worries too much about her weight. It’s like it’s cool to have a workout tape and all of these other health things, but it seems like now that’s all she really talks about. I can understand it, I use to be the same way, but I think it’s sexier when you are not obsessing about it, but she is still one of the hottest sexiest women out there and her sisters are hot as well.

  • spanktacular

    I must start out by saying that I can’t stand this woman. She claims to be healthy and want to continue such yet at the same time she promotes diet pills. She attributes patt of her weight loss (along with diet and exercise) to the supplement.


    How misinformed can she be?! She is famous for nothing (her water sports involved sex tape isn’t fame worthy in my opinion) and yet young girls look up to this bird brain. Terrible!

    That said Kim is a gorgeous woman but she could benefit from portrayer herself as an intelligent woman isn’t of how she is now. There is no shame in being smart (and drama free wouldn’t hurt!).

    Oh and that dress and pulls back hair isn’t doing her any favors. 🙁

  • spanktacular

    I must start out by saying that I can’t stand this woman. She claims to be healthy and want to continue such yet at the same time she promotes diet pills. She attributes patt of her weight loss (along with diet and exercise) to the supplement.


    How misinformed can she be?! She is famous for nothing (her water sports involved sex tape isn’t fame worthy in my opinion) and yet young girls look up to this bird brain. Terrible!

    That said Kim is a gorgeous woman but she could benefit from portrayer herself as an intelligent woman isn’t of how she is now. There is no shame in being smart (and drama free wouldn’t hurt!).

    Oh and that dress and pulled back hair isn’t doing her any favors. She needs a stylist too 🙁

  • yeah yeah

    lolololololol I think It’s funny how you “WOMEN” are giving ur “OPINION” when really it’s just insults, calling her fat and dumb. Any man or boy knows she is all the hottness and that’s why she’s famous, including her hard work. being an 18 year old guy I can tell she is one of da hottest things around and being a guy, most of us like women with an actual body and not a grass hopper looking body. The funniest thing of all is kim has nothing to do with any of you and you all are snotty enough to say she looks like a monkey, yet when someone puts ur name out and says something about ur “opinion” you get all crap faced lol. Real classy peeps 🙂
    P. S. It’s also funny how you women just sent urself like 50 years back calling a perfectly nice looking women a monkey (which yes even I have thought that, but at least she looks like a sexy monkey) and calling herself fat. Are you chicks still at home serving ur men look like ur granny? haha

    • First of she doesn’t look like a monkey, in my opinion yeah she is beautiful blah blah but that does not mean that you have proof that she is not superficial and stupid.

      Oooo wow I guess because you are 18 and and a man you speak for all other males, not everyone would her attractive, have taken a survey of every man in the world? nah didn’t think so, when u get around to that let me know

      oh and not every women who doesn’t like Kim is shaped as you say is ‘a grasshoper’

      oh and you referring to women serving men, it’s the 21 st centruy hunny and you are setting women back by saying that and don’t insult our ‘grannys’ either.

  • Natasha

    *sighs* Just when I was starting to like her her again and visit her blog daily she says something so incredibly stupid. My god Kim youuuuuuurrrr so dddddduuuummmmmb it’s beyond belief. She’s the modern day female equivalent of Narcissus(greek mythology) I’m sure back in the day if she came across a deep pool in a forest and saw her reflection for the first time she’d fall in looooooveeee. SMH 🙁

  • “Kim Kardashian

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