Kim Kardashian, Photoshop Job

Photoshop Alert: Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire

Photoshop-Alert- - Photoshop Alert: Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire

Here’s Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire magazine this month (right picture), with the tiniest waist in the universe – a waist that has had help (besides from Spanx and a tight belt) from our frenemy Photoshop.

Then take a look at Kim’s completely different face shape on the cover of the magazine! For some unknown reason, the editors chopped off her chin, slenderized her face and elongated and thinned her neck, too.

Photoshop-Alert-2 - Photoshop Alert: Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire

What do you guys have to say about this one?

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Photoshop-Alert-3 - Photoshop Alert: Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire

Photoshop-Alert-4 - Photoshop Alert: Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire

Photoshop-Alert-6 - Photoshop Alert: Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire

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  • cheese

    The top of her thigh is as big the photoshopped waist… I think the photo editors should take anatomy! Seriously, what is the point of creating impossible proportions?

    • Polly

      I know! I saw these pictures knew they were going to be on SVC! I would love to see the before photos.

      • solaxia

        ha ha true. But unfortunately my thigh circumference is only 2″ off my waist circumference ha ha

  • hellohannah

    although she doesn’t really look like her “real life” self, she still looks pretty as usual. i almost like her a few skin shades lighter.

  • Kat

    “Let’s just halve the size of Kim’s waist. No one will notice.”

    • Jemima


      • Lola

        i just love photoshop! it always makes me laugh!

  • gabrielle

    i really love her. besides photoshop…i find her simply beautiful, almost perfect, my second-best after Angelina…she’s super gorgeous, let’s face it

    • Leah

      gorgeous, yes, and she has a good body, but she goes overboard with the surgery and especially with the makeup

  • Princess

    She`s so beautiful but the waist look so tiny she looks like a doll.

  • holly

    ew why do they want her waist too look so weird.

  • k


  • Ida

    with the fake new face shape, she looks perfect!

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  • jenny

    I think the cover looks like the girl from the pussycat dolls. Can’t you see her singing “don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me…”?

    • mel

      Haha yes. I always thought she looked a bit like Nicole Scherzinger actually, but Nicole is a prettier version of her with a better body, imo.

  • She is absolutely beautiful but i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again.


    • Anne

      never liked her face, it was like 538945 feet long, like a camel

    • amina

      Is her name actually kimberly?

      • Milla

        yes (:

      • Yeah it is, Bruce always calls her Kimberly on their show.

        • solaxia

          ha ha i was so confused…i was thinking “who the h3ll is Kimberley?”

  • Mariah

    She doesn’t look overly photoshopped at all to me. Her waist may have been slimmed a bit yes but with spanx as well as a tight belt and sucking in her waist is probably very, very close to that. The rest of her body looks pretty accurate. Her face looks just like her just with pursed lips and a different angle, maybe they shaved her chin off a bit but thats it. I definitely do not see this as a big photoshopped disaster she looks just like herself.

    • pixie

      I completely agree with you. It”s not near as bad as everyone is letting on. She will always be gorgeous, photoshop or not.

    • snoops

      I feel like you are looking at different photos than the rest of us? Sorry but not only does her waist look waaaaaay smaller than it is, the whole thing, the shapes, everything if off. Whats going on with her ribs? And why does her body looks like its made of putty and an elastic band has been tightly tied around the middle? Her thighs are bigger than waist! The whole look is so ugly, she has nice curves in real life, what they did here is gross and anatomicaly incorrect. No way spanx and a belt could distort her body so severly. A steel-boned corset would be needed to do this, and even then the shape would be different to this.

  • skinnyme??

    I am sure Kim love these pics. She always wants everyone to think she is a size 2. 🙂

  • Cally

    Face-wise, she looks 100000x better in the photoshopped pictures.

  • Ophelie

    She totally looks like Nicole from pussycat dolls with the Photoshop. I don’t like what they did to her face in the chin up pic. At least she still looks human and recognizable though.

  • Anne

    according to this photos, her measurments must be 40=20-40 wow

  • lc


  • No doubt she loves the photshop

  • hays

    Her right hand looks like it was drawn on by paint. She looks almost cartoonish, really weird.

  • padme

    Her neck looks hilarious. Why don’t magazine editors like the look of human beings?

  • flossy

    This is ridiculous she bleats on about the lack of good role models for young girls and complains that the whole teen moms on TV is not good for young girls (which I actually agree with). She claimed that the images portrayed in magazines are false and give young girls a image being a female which is unhealthy and yet here she is contradicting herself.

    • Anne

      shes not talking about how theyre photoshopped to look prettier, i think she meant they themselves shouldnt be in the magazines because they should be ashamed they got pregnant and everyones giving them money and attention
      she wants the attention to be on HER instead, she cant stand it

      • flossy

        How true, she is a media whore and total attention junkie.

  • Cleopatra

    I wouldnt hate her but I just dont care.I used to think she was gorgeous but nah..not any more.
    I am surprised though how long the kardashians’ fame stage’s been going..Thought they would fade away by now and no one would care any more.

  • Kimberley

    Ugh, I’m getting sick of these celebrities trying to fool us. They are getting photoshopped almost entirely. Does Kim K – who is known for being curvaceous and busty, REALLY expect us to believe she’s dropped 20lbs overnight? and that waist thing just looks ridiculous.

    • lp23

      Is this post for real?

      The magazines photoshop the pictures.
      She walks in gets a makeover and dresses up and they take pictures and then the magazine edits the pictures to suit what they want to put out to the people who buy the magazine.

      • lc

        “The magazines photoshop the pictures.”

        And they SHOULDN’T. That’s the point of the post, I’m assuming.

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  • Sims

    She’s undoubtedly gorgeous in real life. The Photoshop makes her look too fake!

  • mia

    Why do that to someone as beautiful as Kim?

  • Photoshop always manages somehow to crack me up.HA! to all the gorgeous pics… shes so pretty natural too! It makes me laugh my ASS off to see Kim’s ass literally phtoshopped off.
    btw, check out
    if u wanna check out more random comments

  • Why would someone photoshop a face thats already naturally so pretty? I don’t get it. The body on the other hand could use some work…

  • amina

    I dont think besides the waist, they photoshoped her to much. I mean, she did tone up, i saw some recent pictures of her in a rusty red dress, and she did look like she dropped a few pounds. And i think even my waist would look small if i wore a tight dress and wore a tight belt on top of that. Kim does not have a big waist anyway. As for her, photoshop or not, we know she’s beautiful, even without makeup she’s quite attractive. I love how the editors didnt attack her legs with photoshop. They look like her legs!

  • WM

    kim must still have the flu because those lips haven’t shrunk back.

    • annalee

      annalee likes this comment.

  • Ashes

    I think she looks much more beautiful in the unphotoshopped pictures. I especially love the picture of her in the salmon coloured dress. Anyway, I think the photoshop is really unnecessary because she’s such a beautiful woman as it is.

  • Clare

    They made her neck like too thin for her head.

  • annalee

    She uses so much makeup; I think she looks like that in real life too. It’s a shame, I think she has a lovely face. Doesn’t need all that concealer, foundation etc. I have nooo idea why she’s famous though.

  • Anna

    haha her waist looks ridiculos. they elongated her legs too, she has quite short legs in real life, even with heels. however, the shopped face looks so much better than the real one, her real puffy face screams platic surgery, it is awful!

  • N_S

    hahahahah!! honestly as much as I hate kim! i love the posts about her the most!
    to be honest.. she is pretty!!! but A- i wouldnt wanna look like her B- Her pesonality and the way she lies make her the ugliest ever!
    thats why I dont like her i guess!

    Versus! plz plz do a post on this picture:×639.jpg

    She had them on her offical site and then they were taken off for some reason!

  • noura

    wut r u talking about ..its not even that photoshopped its just for a diffrent angle and with better lighting !!

    • N_S

      Come on babe!! her lips are photoshoped, whole face strcture, chin, neck, hair line even nose and of course body (legs and waist)
      am not denying she looks good in both pix! but it is photoshoped a lot

  • N_S

    oh and i might also add they the color boners (she doesnt have them that clear) and skin tone!

  • N_S×648.jpg

    here is a picture from her website with the same angle as the cover.. you can compare

  • Jahliss

    that waist is sick haha

  • Hazal

    Damn, she’s so beautiful <3

  • Wow, if her body really did look like that, that would be pretty amazing. Come on, she has nice curves in reality, they could have made her more look realistic.

  • Cristina

    Look at her HAND!!! How can you own a brain and say that the pic is not photoshoped? Wow.

  • Dani

    Kim is very beautiful but if that magazine doesn’t like her body or face then they shouldn’t publish her…I’m so sick of photoshop….

    • Dani

      Maybe I’m just sick of Kim :))

      • Cristina

        If there was a Like button, i would so like your comments, haha. Greatly put! 😀

  • Rebecca

    I really don’t like this chick! She’s like the brown version of Paris Hilton. Armanian version. Whatever. Superficial, plastic, no personality or talent. Did her sex tape not manage to provide enough funds for a more realistic photoshop software? Even there voices are similar. Hasselhoffs, Hogans, Kardashians, Snooki and the rest of the pumpkins, Bret Micheals…these are the few celebrities that should disappear in a black hole.

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  • Celine

    Photo editores don’t know the word subtle!