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Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits

FFN_g_51011430 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits

Kim Kardashian is definitely not letting her pregnancy keep her at home – here she is touring around Brazil this week, dressed in hot pink and white dresses (?).

If you missed the post, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson said that Kim will look even better body-wise after her pregnancy.

FFN_g_51011716 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits

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FFN_g_51011423 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits FFN_g_51011425 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits FFN_g_51011426 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits FFN_g_51011428 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits  FFN_g_51011431 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits  FFN_g_51011723 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits FFN_g_51011727 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits FFN_g_51011730 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits FFN_g_51011731 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits FFN_g_51011735 - Pregnant Kim Kardashian in 2 Outfits

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  • zsa

    Heels and spanx? .. ok. So either she is faking her pregnancy or she really hates her fetus.

    • zsa

      I meant hating being pregnant

      • Pixie

        They do make pregnancy spanx, and they don’t do any harm to the baby.

      • Lucy

        …Haha neither of those are very logical conclusions. How about the fact that she’s vain and wants to keep up appearances?

        • Pixie

          I wore them in my fifth and six mth. I had a little chub on my back that I didn’t like. It’s a woman’s personal choice, who are we to judge?!

        • mary

          lol what appearances? removed*

          • patty

            Damn! That was funny but true. LOL

          • swissmiss

            Wow, I just imagined how uncomfortable she must have felt wearing heels and spanx in this heat surrounded by paparazzi. When I was pregnant, I would’ve gone crazy! I wore floating dresses all summer, I kind of feel sorry for her that she can’t let go for once.

            Also I think she already gained a lot of weight. During the first 3 months you should actually not gain any weight (fetus is like 100 g or sth) and after that it shouldn’t be more than a few kg. The biggest amount of weight adds up in the last 2 months with all that blood and water and the baby being about 3,5 kg. Although she has this certain body shape that probably gains easily, so whatever… she still looks healthy.

          • heathers

            Fat? Really? Come on. Spanx are for slimming out lumps and bumps regardless of your size. I am 7 months pregnant and wear them any time I have to get dressed up. I think she looks adorable… though I myself couldn’t get out of sweats the first trimester so kudos to her.

      • Faye_xay

        Maybe, she isn’t pregnant yet! hahaha looks like those two photogs behind her are carrying children!

        • guru

          she looks huge in the first picture. truth is she has never been a slim or small framed woman. being skinny coupled with the right clothing has always given an illusion of her having a barbie like body. its a hannah montana/miley cyrus thing. she is two different people. it must be so weird living that way.

  • Mia

    It’s basically the same dress but in two different colors, right? I think it looks atrocious in that pepto bismol pink…she must get dressed in the dark every morning.

    • Powwow

      Yep, is S the same dress. Hideous in both colours

      • PS

        Hideous indeed. Sheesh, obviously being pregnant didn’t improve her wardrobe choices…

        • tellmewhatyouwant

          and the shoes as well, have you noticed?

    • Aafje

      haha I love the pepto bismol pink! just in a different dress…and not on her…
      I would wear that color.

  • solaxia

    I usually like Kim’s body…but she is not dressing well here at all for it.

  • Hater

    WOW chick is wide already and them bresteses are super full! I’m most certain she hates herself right about now looking like that, with her narcissistic self! Cant wear nothing else but long dresses… Besides that dress is an oximoron, long in front short in the back, sure it would have looked better the other way around, especially if one is pregnant, swollen legs and all. And who wears these kinda heels for sightseeing anyway… really Kim?!

  • Claudia

    Wow.. way too big for those dresses. they do not help her already thick figure at all.. how far is she, not even 4 months? Looks like 5-6 kgs gain

  • Ale

    What’s wrong with her feet on pic 3?? those heels are both hideous and small!

    • Winnie

      really? i love those shoes! usually i’m not a fan of clear heels because they remind me of strippers, but i actually lose the pointed toe ones. they look so classy yet cool imo

    • Debbs

      They are clear around the edges. I don’t think they are too small – just ugly. I remember seeing similar on JLo a few months ago.

  • Duemilatredici

    she looks huge already lol… wonder what she’ll look like at 9 months pregnant

  • Hazal

    Not a fan.

  • Winnie

    omg her Loubs with the pink dress, LOVE! love the pointy-toed pvc trend, can’t wait till more affordable brands come out with their versions lol

    not gonna comment much on her weight because she’s pregnant, but she seems to be gaining quite rapidly

  • Marie

    I bet Kanye is thrilled about her appearance since he wanted Kim to lose weiight..

    • Debbs

      How do you know he wanted her to lose weight? His ex Amber Rose wasn’t exactly thin either. Also, I’m sure he doesn’t expect her to lose weight while she pregnant.

      • Debbs

        Have you actually seen a whale?

        • Debbs

          @Versus – could you please delete this comment? It was in response to a comment that was removed. Thank you.

  • Debbs

    I kind of like the white outfit – but not on her.

  • Pixie

    She’s 4mths now. I think she looks just fine. Saying anything negative about someone’s pregnancy weight is ignorant.

    • Bellerina

      It’s not a matter of ignorance or knowledge. Most of the comments here are statements of opinion, not statements of fact.
      I know women are sensitive about pregnancy and its related weight gain, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t share an opinion about a woman just bc she figured out how to reproduce. This is after all, a celebrity weight related gossip site. It’s natural to have these comments.

      • Pixie

        I find a lot of ‘opinions’ are just insults. Maybe I should just leave the site, it’s just like watching mean girls.

        • guru

          oh get over your self. are you so naive to think that the kardashians themselves dont make these comments about other women? they are famous for being vain. it’s the only thing we can comment on. they arent in movies or singing or directing.

  • Blair

    She looks very pregnant already. Not hating the dress, at least it’s not ghetto animal print like her old style and the Dorothy Perkins collection. Which is hideous.

  • Melissas080

    Same pink dress but she changed her shoes? lol.

    • amber

      Yeah, changing shoes is something every pregnant woman has probably done, especially in their first few months before theyd firmly settled on flats. Actually, changing shoes is probably something every woman who wears heals does. I know i often stick flats in my purse if im wearing heels for any length of time, especially of i havent worn them for long before.

  • serena

    Guy taking photo in pic 4 looks like the pregnant one! 😮

  • mary

    The outfits are fugly and she looks like her usual, stumpy, wide self. I couldn’t even tell she was pregnant.

  • Jacky Daniels

    uh she is gonna be huge 🙂

  • Nobsnob

    Kayne West’s jaw in the 2d picture…it always looks as if he just got his wisdom teeth removed and it is swelling.
    /random comment.

    • Pixie

      He was in a bad car accident years ago and it messed up his face. He had to have his jaw wired shut for awhile.

  • lisa


    • misscheeks

      I cannot for the life of me stand the Kar-trashians ugh (totally devoid of talent, famous for the sake of being famous with a shameless mother pimping out her children and not even interesting) but “ugly fat whale” is a tad harsh imo especially since she’s pregnant.

  • marie

    Moooooo! She’ s blowing up like a beachball and will only get worse. She;s never been thin but she;s border unhealthy now with that weight gain.

    • Debbs

      I don’t like Kim but you really sound like trash with your “mooing.” I think people who are exceptionally rude like this must have boyfriends that like her or something.

      • mary

        lol yea that must be it…all the boyfriends (of the 90% of women on here who dislike Kim) must be in love with her. no, people don’t like her bc of her terrible personality and lack of talent. no one is jealous of this heffers looks

        • Debbs

          Why be so hostile about it though? Do you have some sort of psychological issues? I don’t think mooing at people is ever appropriate – not even from an eight year old.

    • Blair

      Bit harsh.

  • Oopsie

    Kanye shirt looks just like waiter in sushi restaurant hahaha 😀

  • JaneParker

    How far along is she? I thought she was like 3, 4 months tops. If so she looks huge. She’s never been stick thin but she had a much better shape, from these pics she looks super wide. I’m pretty sure you don’t gain that muh weight so early on, so she’s probably using the pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything she wants. Not that it matters, she will probably sign some millionaire deal to lose the weight afterwards…

  • jay-lisa

    She looks so uncomfortable on those pictures…

  • Pixie

    She will always be gorgeous, no matter her size! 🙂

  • Natalie

    She is gaining weight fast it seems. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

  • Jewel

    It just looks like she’s fat and not pregnant. I suppose she just took the Jessica Simpson route and eats all the crap in the world. She can’t have become that wide in such a short time, she’s not even in her 3rd trimester!

  • Bellerina

    Why would she pick to pose next to a garbage bag and powerlines? (Pic 8-9) Was it so the paparazzi had a good shot too?

  • Jacky Daniels

    i personally think she looked hot at her thinest but suprisingly my boyfriend and some male friends think she has good boobs but shes not that special and seems vapid and uptight.

  • ri

    That dress is so ugly!

  • Alyssa

    Wish she would stop trying so hard! I liked her fashion until she started dating Kanye. If I was pregnant and on vacation, I would wear loose, flowy dressed with flip flops. Not whatever the hell she is wearing.

    • Junior

      Omg omg!! I thought I was the only one who noticed that her wardrobe went really far downhill after she started dating him. I used to really look up to her outfits and then I noticed that after a while of dating him, they were getting worse and worse….

  • Adele

    Her actual baby bump is very small, she’s just gaining fat everywhere around it. And it’s not because she’s pregnant, it’s because she’s stuffing her face with junk food that’s not good for her or her baby.

  • Lauren

    im happy that they are pregnant and im excited to see the baby but i have to agree that the dresses is ugly… the dress is longer in the front andshort in the back? how is that comfortable

  • Chelsea

    She wears the ugliest clothes!

  • Amerie

    i couldn’t wait to see pics of pregnant kim, i was expecting her to dress so classy and yet sexy but i must admit i’m dissapointed..those are some real ugly dresses…just bleah..

  • lc

    Wow she is really blowing up. She repulses me to an astonishing extreme so I don’t care about her pregnancy.

  • tor

    I despise both of them.

  • Junior

    Per usual, nothing nice to say about Kim from anyone lol. I actually have a decent amount of respect for the Kardashians. Used to be a big Kanye fan until he went crazy a few years ago, and then started butchering Kim’s wardrobe. But otherwise, I happy for them & their new little gift 🙂

  • liss

    Oooooh this must be so hard for Kanye…She could be wearing something much more flattering… eather way I love what´s kanye wearing, the kimono..YES!

  • binks

    not very flattering shoots, and she looks uncomfortable in what she is wearing. Someone needs to tell her that she can be stylish and comfortable while pregnant.

  • Mish

    oh my god this woman. she needs to buy clothes that actually fit her. it looks like the dress is about to split in pic 7

  • Beckers

    Do celebs or people in general ever put their phone down? You are sight seeing so look at the god damn sights and not your twitter feed.

    Also all these celeb pregnancy are making me broody.

  • Aiko

    Kanye should start taking the Precious comments back!!

    “His di*# made his bi@+* big like Precious”

  • Aiko

    Kanye, your girl is as big as Precious!

  • Joanne

    How many times did she change her shoes!?

  • 8pxo

    Brace yourselves- a million “how I lost the baby weight” articles coming up. Never thought that’d be possible, but I think she’ll outdo jessica simpson in that area.

  • retrobanana

    who cares