Kim Kardashian, Kylie Bisutti, Skinny Versus Curvy, Who Can Pull It Off?

This Red Leopard Dress looks Better on… Kylie Bisutti VS Kim Kardashian!

This-Red-Leopard-Dress-looks-Better-on...-Kylie-Bisutti-VS-Kim-Kardashian - This Red Leopard Dress looks Better on... Kylie Bisutti VS Kim Kardashian!

This asymmetric, tight and short leopard dress seems to be pretty popular among celebs – curvy Kim wore it with black tights a while back and VS model Kylie wore at a recent event. But who wore it best?

This Red Leopard Dress looks Better on… Kylie Bisutti VS Kim Kardashian!

Pick your favorite!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Hazal

    I think this dress looks better on a black-haired woman, so I would choose Kim Kardashian. Besides I like the combination with black tights.

    • Alyssa

      Agreed! and a better figure

  • alara

    kim definately wore it better, the black tights look amaizng.
    besides, kim has a better curvy figure with a hotter waist 🙂

    • Mirabela

      I agree with Alara and Hazal.

  • Melanie

    I think Kylie, just though. They boths look great in different ways.
    Although Kylie is looking a bit hooker ish with that pose and expression haha

  • Serafiina

    Definetely Kim. Her body looks amazing.

  • Yves

    I hate to admit it, but it’s Kim Kardashian on this one. Although they similar limb-wise (Kim is 7 inches shorter but it’s the camera angle, probably), she just has a nicer butt and waist to fill out that dress!

  • kim definitely, she looks gorgeous in that dress.

  • Uma

    Kim all the way. Even though she is shorter, the black tights and insane heals elongate her. I think the fabric doesn’t flatter bare legs that well.

  • Melina

    Altough I can´t stand Kim at all, I think she looks better.

  • artemis

    i love the combo

  • lovisa

    kim all the way!

  • Mazhazard

    I have to say i differ in my opinion. I hate the pairing with the black tights and so think it looks better on Kylie

  • Ayu

    Kim. The too short sleeve on Kylie’s dress is really funny.

  • Sharen

    Wow they are both so annoying I find it difficult to decide… but being objective I’m going to have to go with Kim, the dress looks much better with black tights, and somehow she’s looking really slim in this pic, way hotter than Kylie with her weird expression.

    • °-°


  • ann

    They both look tacky.

  • zozo

    What an awful dress. They both look pretty bad, but i think Kylie carries it just a little better, Kim Kardashian is just aaargh. And thr tights are looking funny with it.

  • mimi

    kim won this one

  • kate

    Kim, no contest.

  • p jane

    kim it is! tho i’m not a kardashian supporter. but strictly this comparison, the dress is best on kimmy but ditch the tights!

  • B.

    Kim all the way! She seriously looks amazing here, and she’d look even better with less makeup.

  • Myriam

    The dress looks way better on Kim, she’s got a better figure, slim and curvy and I like the black tights+heels+black hair+black nail polish+red leopard, good combination

  • Coco

    It obviously looks better on Kylie Bisutti, she’s got a far better body to sport the outfit. Look at those perfect legs!

    • Musaafiruun

      I agree. Kylie has such pretty thighs!

  • Nikki

    When I first saw it on Kylie, I could not believe that it was the same dress. It looks $500 cheaper on her.

    Kim definitely wears it better.

  • Definitely Kim

  • gen

    I totally thought Kylie looked better. Just my knee-jerk reaction. I can’t really explain why, but I think she looks way better (contrary to everybody else’s opinion). Hm.

  • candyshop

    kyle just looks awkward, kim looks lovely in it!

  • Casey

    Kim Kardashian. I don’t like Kylie’s body very much, I find her torso too small and her limbs too long.

  • Natasha

    Kim Cant Stand Kylie …..she looks like a wannabe as usual I’ll be elated when vs dumps her

  • xo

    on a further note.. Im completely shocked by those of you who actually said kim.. beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I think Kim K. is FOUL.

  • CN

    Absolutely KIm. No question

  • xo

    theres PLENTY of question about it. . .

  • sola

    i hope people can actually see now how kim is not so much wider than other skinny girls, and actually has a smaller waist! and only slightly bigger hips. you can see how small her frame is for sure here

    • kate

      Yeah, she looks tiny here!

  • Sidney

    That’s one ugly dress. I like the more black look Kim is giving though, but i’m not a huge fan of pairing thick stockings with skintight mini’s, esp. when it’s a heavy material like velvet. But it’s ok here. Still an ugly dress.

  • GoGo2010

    I was shocked when I read the other girl is a VS model, simply bc Kim holds her own very well against her in this dress.

  • Kaycee

    Kim looks a lot better, but she has gained since then, so her slender legs there are not so slender anymore. i’m surprised kylie looks not as put together in this picture. her face especially surprises me because i actually prefer kim’s face here. i have seen kylie before, and i thought she was pretty pretty but i guess not as much

  • ame

    kim rocks this dress wayyyyy better

  • amy

    Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So gorgeous, love that woman

  • kim is sooo slim!!! she looks amazing! like i have never seen her. beautiful 🙂

  • I can’t fathom why one person would ever wear that dress, let alone two… I personally think it looks better on the VS model though.

  • gabby

    i like kylie’s body better, but the length of the sleeve just doesn’t work on her. and even though i am not a fan of her tights with this, they are kinda needed because it looks slutty without.

  • vkat

    The dress is way too small on Kim – look how it pulls across the stomach and legs. Kylie’s doesn’t do that. Kylie has GREAT legs.

  • b

    Kylie’s such a butterface. When will VS realize (vs = victoria’s secret) that that bizarre smirk is her face? that’s how she smiles! bahhhhhh

  • lc

    Kylie alll the way. No contest, her legs are amazing.

  • Samantha

    I think Kylie’s quite pretty. I prefer her in this dress because: a) the one sleeve doesn’t go all the way to the wrist like on Kim’s (I hate the one-full-length sleeve look as it is)
    b) she hasn’t worn tights, which I think makes the look (not the girl) too bottom-heavy
    and c) I prefer the way Kylie’s worn her hair with this dress.

  • adriana

    Kim definitely. The dress looks a little trashy on Kylie and the leggings with the dress classes the whole look up. It’s not that Kylie doesn’t look good, Kim just looks better.

  • Padme

    I’m shocked so many people said Kim. Her hair style looks too harsh with the dress, and gives the look a very costumey feel. The tights are overkill. It’s too tight in the hips. The sleeve is too long on her. Kylie looks better overall. It really showcases her great legs.

    • lc

      Yeah, I agree completely.

    • Alara

      I must admit, kylie DOES have great legs. Models always look good in figure hugging dresses. Though I still think kims curves look alot better.

  • Bella

    Definitely Kylie. I really don’t like Kim’s figure I feel quite confident saying that she has surgically enhanced both her breasts and butt and gone overboard. I don’t have anything against curvier women (I think Scarlett Johansson is so beautiful) but I just think looking feminine isn’t about big boobs but being more.. dainty? I’m not sure if that’s the word I’m looking, maybe I mean delicate it’s difficult to describe, I just think she looks heavy and out of proportion to her height.

    • kate

      She looks fine for her height. When will people realise that not all short people are petite and dainty!

      • kate

        Also I’d say in this shot she looks pretty slim for her body type. You can’t expect a 5ft2 girl to have the elongated torso and super long legs of a 5ft10 model now.

      • Musaafiruun

        I agree. Kim looks great. It’s just that putting her next to super slim, fairy fragile Kylie makes her look heavier.

    • lc

      Yeah, I know. I always thought she looked too heavy and out of proportion for her height too. I agree.

  • G.

    looks cheap on both of them.

  • Maria


  • fly


  • aiki

    KYLE !

  • whatever

    defo kim

  • jenni

    although i think the dress is hideous, kim makes it look waaaay better. she fills it out better. i might be thrown off though, because kim’s face is prettier. haha.

  • jjj

    Without a doubt, Kylie Bisutti.

  • Kae

    Without a doubt, Kim. The other girl is generic looking with no muscle mass in her arms. Boring!

  • Tom

    Kim has a better body and the dress show’s off her great curves. The other girl has nice legs but the rest of her body is ehhh, not really curvy at all so she more so resembles a rod.

  • I’m going with Kyle because she opted not to wear those damn tights.

  • Kim all the wayy.. girls need to know that skinny isnt the only look!
    Kim Lookss amazingg!!

    • hhh

      i agree with you.
      kim has got a wonderful figure and she is curvy from the back side.

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  • kim

  • Yasmin

    defineteley kim ! tight dresses like that look sooo much better with some big hips & butt !

  • Looks better on Kylie. I really can’t stand Kim. Plus those black tights look horrible.

  • Jacqueline

    I do hate airheads that are famous for nothing, but Kim accessorized it much better and her body is more fitting to the dress.

  • fl4isa

    look at those wide hips and then chicken,not nicely shaped legs on kim! pleaseee i don’t know what’s so special about that body!!??

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