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Tracy Anderson on Kim Kardashian: “I thought she was going to be really concerned about her weight”

FFN_g_51118448 - Tracy Anderson on Kim Kardashian: "I thought she was going to be really concerned about her weight"

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, the one who pulled down new mom’s Gwyneth’s pants and proceeded to criticize her and the one who said that a lot of women have post pregnancy ‘disaster bodies’ recently made some comments regarding her client Kim Kardashian, 2 weekes after the reality star gave birth:

‘From our talks during her pregnancy, I thought she was going to be really concerned (about her weight) once the baby was out, but she’s not.’

‘It’s a tough time, and a lot of women feel like it’s a huge mountain to climb to get back. But Kim, surprisingly, has had the total opposite reaction (than) other moms.

‘She’s like, ‘We’re going to be so good. It’s fun, I feel great!’ She just loves the whole process. She’s in baby heaven.’

… says Tracy.

FFN_g_51098840 - Tracy Anderson on Kim Kardashian: "I thought she was going to be really concerned about her weight"


FFN_g_51098836 - Tracy Anderson on Kim Kardashian: "I thought she was going to be really concerned about her weight"   FFN_g_51134121 - Tracy Anderson on Kim Kardashian: "I thought she was going to be really concerned about her weight"


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  • Emilia

    yeah right maybe now,but im sure shes making a whole reality show only about her m losing weight

  • Pixie

    Ugh, nothing about Tracy is attractive, imo. Even if Kim makes a big deal about losing the weight, so what?!!! I made a huge deal out of losing my pregnancy weight. It’s her life and her body!!! And if people don’t like hearing about it, then don’t read the rags or click on the posts about her, better than bitching and moaning about her . 🙂

    • jerry z

      i agree! i’ve always thought tracy was kind of weird looking – stubby and unattractive – but somehow people always talk about her body like it’s something to aspire to – ack – i would prefer they just talked about her workouts being great but it’s always associated with the woman as well – not what i’d want to look like.

      • 22franzs

        I can undersand not thinking Tracy is attractive but stubby? She may be short but certainly not stubby. She looks very thin and fit to me. :/

    • alyssa

      Nothing about Tracy Anderson is attractive. In fact, that picture of her would make me turn on my heels and run.

      She’s not fit, fitness is about health. She’s about getting as small as you can through starvation and exercise bulemia

  • serena

    First pic of Tracy is kind of scary…
    Kim’s feet look so swollen and uncomfortable in those shoes! I’m not a fan of Kim but I’m glad she’s enjoying motherhood. I hope these quotes are true and not simply bs created by her pr to make her seem less shallow. But with the Kardashians, who knows?

  • georgi

    Glad she didn’t forget to do her pink pedi, wouldn’t want her feet to look bad bwaha ha ha ha

    • Heather

      This comment wins.

    • Emeline

      LOL !

  • Heather

    I know she meant these comments like “Oh it’s so great she’s not worried and is just in love with the baby!” but it comes across more like “Kim’s body is a disaster and I cant believe she doesn’t care because that damn baby is distracting her attention from where it needs to be. Give me 90 bicep curls with 1lb Barbie weights Kim!!!”

    I’m surprised to discover that Tracy has actually had two kids??

    • Candy M.

      I found Kim Ks “workout” videos on YouTube and they’re hilarious. She didn’t even break a sweat, but complained it was too hard when she was doing tricep extensions with, wait for it, 1 lb. And I wonder why she looks so terrible.
      As for Tracy Andersons workout, from what I’ve seen its not much better, a bunch of garbage about “accessory” muscles. All her clients look like they don’t workout, except madonna when she was with her. She herself doesnt look so great.

      • Kate

        The idea of only working out your smaller muscles in order to “pull in” your body is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Maybe some of her clients look great, but Im sure it due to a restrictive diet…doubt squats and dead lifts are on Tracys regime :/

  • AnnieC

    Ah, Tracy, the scammer and liar. Sure, I believe everything that comes out of her mouth. @@

  • Jennifer

    These lies lol

  • Lisa

    To some extent, I feel badly for Tracy. It must suck to dedicate so much time to working out and end up with results like that.

  • Nancy Teegan

    I want to look like a walking skeleton with no hobbies because I’m at the gym 8 hours a day

    • Heather


      • alyssa

        Haha I know.
        Tracy’s followers … What can I say?

        People who fall for marketing and bs

  • seijidan

    I don’t take anything Kim says SERIOUSLY ever.. and that’s all I can say. I don’t even want to comment about her or Tracy but I just hope the baby is getting the attention it deserves from Kim and not the other way around

  • dutchie

    Tracy creeps me out bigtime. She seems like a deeply insecure woman who makes her living preying on other women’s insecurities. I wish she would go away.

  • Athalie

    omg her face in the 1st pic

    • Raquel100

      lol – I know!! She looks like the villain in a scary movie – from the story posted, that might be accurate!

  • Mia

    I can’t tell if she’s being supportive or judgmental. I am not going to sit here and defend Kim Kardashian of all people, but she just had her baby 2 months ago (?). It’s a little ridiculous to expect her to worry about weight loss at this point. And besides, it’s nobody’s business but Kim’s when and *if* she loses the weight. Her body, her choice.

  • SA girl

    Kim Kardashian without the plastic surgery and breast enlargements is beautiful….having mixed Arabian blood cannot be bad. I tend to feel women who take an unnatural procedure done to themselves, really sorry. Natural is best, and gained weight can be lost..it is not the end of the world.

    • Hazal

      Sorry, but Kim Kardashian doesn’t have ANY Arabian blood. She’s half Armenian. And both are totally different ethnicities.
      But I agree that she was beautiful before all the plastic surgery.

      • guru

        if she was so beautiful before her surgeries, why did nobody really care about her until she tweaked herself? sorry she was hideous before her makeover. she had baby hair’s all over her forehead and she was just creepy looking. i agree she takes the tweaking too far now but any kardashian girl au natural is ugly. they need the makeup.

        • SA girl

          Rather stay the way God intended and created you, its more beautiful than artificial (that’s what I meant). Ofcourse they need makeup now. Terrible without it

        • Winnie

          they did actually. she looked the same for a while after her sex-tape came out and after a few seasons of her reality show. she started looking different around the 3rd season, when it was already pretty popular.

        • rubiii

          because of people’s comments like yours she was insecure
          she was looking normal! calling her hideous is just not right.I know she’s irritating somehow but she didn’t look hideous. She looked better than now. And without make up she looks normal too. People are using words as ‘ugly’, ‘hideous’ and ‘fat’ to easily

  • kate

    Kim might be in baby heaven, but her feet are sure in pure hell.

  • mary

    Woof tracy anderson is one fugly woman…as for kim, she didn’t seem healthy in mind or body during her pregnancy…and seemed to gain an inordinate amount for birthing a baby less than 5 lbs. it will take her awhile to shed the weight, but good shes focusing on the child over the weight loss (if thats true)

  • Winnie

    Tracy is so fug :-/ i really wanna know how she got so popular

    • Candy M.

      marketing, her and gwenyth p. are not just friends but business partners. All her clients are marketed as looking perfect now, despite them looking pretty much the same before and after. That and she uses junk “science” and buzz words to create hype like “toning” and “accessory” muscles, and “lengthening”. All the usual b.s

  • SA girl

    Armenian is Middle eastern too, all middle eastern people are considered Arabian by many people, its their semitic gene line, predominant moslem population. Just small technicalities concerning location.

    • serena

      Armenia is a Christian nation, not Moslem, and it’s definitely not Arab. And many cultures in the middle east are not Arab – Israel, Turkey, Iran, etc…these people do not speak Arabic, many are not semites, and they have their own culture and different religions too.
      As for Kim Kardashian she definitely takes after her Armenian father but her mom is white.

      • SA girl

        Please refer to comment given to SwissMiss. Middle Eastern people tend to all have similiar appearances, despite their religious differences. We all are human afterall, no hate intended to jews, moslems, or Christians. ..including other religious groups..

      • SA girl

        Arab doesnot automatically imply “moslem”. Did you know there are Christian arabs as well? Arabia is just a place, not a religion ‘Semite’ means desert dwelling person, in essence could refer to any jewish, christian or moslem person. You women are pretty racist and nasty insecure people, and I was accused of being racist because I am proudly South African. The middle east consists of predominant Islamic, followed very closely by Christianity and Judaism (which is uber-cool, the way they live in harmony with each other). The Kardashians follow Christianity, I do know that. I was just referring to Kim’s appearance. She does look like an arab girl (be it moslem, or Christian). In addition, if you go to India, she looks like an exotic Bollywood actress too. I guess you going to get really angry now, because I am putting her with people who follow the Hindu religion. Because I said she resembles a certain race group, doesnot imply that I am saying she follows the predominant religion, these are two different things. I have seen a lot of Arab moslem women who look exactly like Kim too. I guess I shouldn’t mention it, it will stir up religious hatred in you ladies.

        • swissmiss

          😀 religious hatred! Thats hilarious!
          I consider myself an atheist,but my family background is arabic christians from one side and BELIEVE me, so many of them rather call themselves “phoenicians” because they wanna avoid the term arab – it’s quite ridiculous since of course they are.

          As for the peaceful living together…You live on planet earth right? Because I couldn’t visit my family this year in the middle east because of the oubreaks of intersectarian violence 🙁 So I wish you were right, but in many places in the middle east, ppl DO NOT live in harmony with eachother.

    • swissmiss

      Sorry but that’s not really true. Armeniens are considered to be an own ethnic with their roots in Caucasus and East-Anatolia, not in the Middle East. Also there is a difference between arabs and semites. All arabs are semites, but not all semites are arabs. Israelians e.g. are no arabs.

      Last but not least, armenians are christians and I recommend not to tell an armenian to be from arab roots, since they faced many genocides from a muslim population in their diaspora.

      • SA girl

        Pardon, was just being geographical, no need to be so harsh concerning other ethnic groups and genocide. Sorry to have disturbed you so badly, we are all human afterall, isreali, black, white, arab, hispanic, etc.. They just follow the same middle eastern culture, so too with Syrians, who appear more Caucasian than Armenians, but are considered Arab. It is not about religion darling. Pardon again..

      • SA girl

        And in all respect, the Kardashians do look Middle Eastern as opposed to European. I do see some European in Khloe however, but more middle Eastern looks with Kim and Kourtney. I have visited the mid East at the start of the year, christians, moslems, and jews all resemble middle eastern people. They are really friendly people, who live in harmony with each other, irregardless of their religious differences. I dont know where you get that Armenians hate Arabs/Saudi Arabians, they all have the same culture and lifestyle, despite thir religious differences. Too much hate in the world, we need to get rid of that attitude.

      • SA girl

        For example, it wouldn’t be fair to say, based on my bi-ethnicities, because I am half German, I am prone to hating people of the Jewish faith, when it’s NOT true. Or, because I am half Asian, I am prone to hating Europeans, due to colonialism, which is NOT true. Or because I say South African Dutch women are really beautiful, would imply I am a racist? Yip, NOT true. Donot believe everything you read about in the news concerning the middle eastern dispute, it has NOTHING to do with religion, and EVERYTHING to do with material gain. Have any of you ladies been to the middle east? I have stayed there for 2 years, and was quite taken aback by their hospitality, and unity with each other, despite religious differences. My advice to you and Serena is to find it in your hearts to accept people of different races & faiths, and not to believe media propaganda, that people dislike each other in the middle east because of religion..if there is conflict, it is usually for material gain (oil, land, gold). You really need to broaden your knowledge concerning people different to yourselves, and not just live in a cocoon. It will improve your perspective on how wonderful and amazing ALL people are.

        • swissmiss

          Well I have family in the middle east (lebanon) and been there quite a lot (every year, when the situation is peaceful and I also worked for a NGO there that tries to promote peace within the different sectarian groups ) and I was only referring to armenians as christians, because they get quite touchy in this topic (lots of ppl think they are turkish muslims and I kinda understand that it upsets them, cause they lost a lot of lives there). I experienced this myself. Anyways, I have friends there from all different religions, and there is no need to lecture me about humankind and ethnic love. 🙂 As for the peaceful living together…well….it’s sad really but I experienced a lot of mistrust between all religious groups in the middle east.
          As for the people’s appereance in the area, maybe we can agree on the term mediterranean look?

        • swissmiss

          Oh and I agree with you that material gain changed a lot in these countries, nevertheless ppl identify themselves VERY strongly with their religious views and geographic roots.

  • D

    Lol, clearly Tracy is worried about looking bad herself as Kim isnt losing the weight as quick as Tracy would like therefore she felt the need to point out Kim is *in baby heaven*.
    Never understood the celebrity hype around this Tracy Anderson woman and her – method -. Heres a method, eat right and work out…

  • tequilla

    this broad is so fugly she makes kim looks like a beauty queen even in this pregnant pics!

  • Emily

    Her face resembles the shape of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutrles.

  • gh

    she’s popular cause she’s a good trainer. If she’s bad looking that doesn’t mean she’s a bad trainer plus you don’t have to be beautiful to be popular some of the people that are commenting thoughts are just disgusting

    • Raquel100

      No one here is slamming her looks. We’re pointing out the obvious – that there is something creepy about her.

  • Noorah

    I am kinda shocked to see all the nastiness. If you don’t like her method, that is completely your privilege, but to say someone is ugly is uncalled for. What’s up with all the negativity? What if someone said things like that about you? What if you’re her son and reads this about your Mom? Just because it is the Internet and you can be anonymous doesn’t mean you should. This makes me sad…

    • Tamriel

      I don’t like Tracy at all and I think her entire fitness basis is total BS, but yeah, alot of the comments are out of line. what’s up with all the personal attacks? stick with criticizing her business and advice, not her personally. . I was just on Gamespot (a videogame news site, if you don’t know) and you can’t even imagine some of the things the commentors were saying about the woman who was reading the headlines. People are much nicer here on this site but still, anonimity on the internet just turns people completely thoughtless

  • Raquel100

    Tracy Anderson herself looks frightening & manly. Something about her – her energy/look? – REALLY puts me off! If I were a celeb, I would find another trainer ASAP!!

  • anonymous

    I really bad for Kim Kardashian, she has such an unfortunate body type. short and stumpy. It must be awful seeing how her half sister Kendal is much more attractive. even Kourtney has a better body than Kim.