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Tracy Anderson: “Kim Kardashian will look better after pregnancy than she’s ever looked”

FFN_g_51004312 - Tracy Anderson: "Kim Kardashian will look better after pregnancy than she’s ever looked"

The full story from Hollywood Life:

Kim Kardashian has always been a fan of fitness, but now that she’s four months pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West‘s baby, she’s extra careful about staying in shape for her and her baby — and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson tells EXCLUSIVELY the secrets behind Kim’s rocking pregnancy bod.

As a celebrity fitness guru, whose famous clients inclue Jennifer Lopez, Molly Simms and BFF Gwenyth Paltrow, Tracy is utilizing her world-famous Tracy Anderson Method, which combines toning exercises known as muscular structure, and dance cardio to help Kim along her pregnancy fitness journey. Tracy released a set of DVDs called the pregnancy project, which includes nine DVDs — one for each month of your pregnancy. It’s this method that she’s using to help stay in shape throughout her pregnancy.

“It’s the same research and development that went into the Pregnancy Project,” Tracy tells at the Soho House in New York City, where she spoke for an event promoting Mama Mio, a skincare line designed to help shape, fit and tone skin. “Because she’s Kim Kardashian, I am able to pay more attention to her workout, so I check in with her all the time, and she is doing amazing,” Tracy adds.

Kim trains at Tracy’s Los Angeles studio, where she has been spotted leaving nearly every day in her workout gear.

“She’s following the pregnancy project, and she is doing a great job,” Tracy says. ”She’s fun, she really likes the muscular structure. She doesn’t love to do the dance part, but she’s a really smart girl and she knows that you’re going to get out what you put in. She’s got like a very iconic sexy body, she’s not somebody that I would want to take her amazing curves and turn it into something emaciated,” Tracy says. “She’s such a hot girl so it’s like, let’s keep that body like that! It’s so important that once the doctor releases you to start working out again,” Tracy says, which is usually four to six weeks after giving birth.So will Kim be back in Tracy’s studio after the Kimye baby arrives?“I know she will,” Tracy reveals. “She’s so young, and she’s got me helping her, so she’s going to look better after pregnancy than she’s ever looked. I guarantee it.”

FFN_g_50907723 - Tracy Anderson: "Kim Kardashian will look better after pregnancy than she’s ever looked"


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  • Bells

    No comment

    • linda

      Oh yes.

      *Laughs out loud*

  • Cal

    She’s already gained a noticeable amount

    • Powwow

      Yup, Jessica Simpson must be soo happy that someone’s finally gonna be fatter than her.

      • Emmy


  • Jay

    i get the vibe that kim would take very desperate measures to lose the baby weight quickly. she’s too big of a narcissist not to.

    • jamie

      i dont know, i mean without child she was still fat and wasnt taking any measures to shape up

      • Soph

        She’s only fat if you’re one of these crazy girls/guys that thinks anyone with a BMI over 19 is fat. Pretty pathetic.

  • Natalia

    she will look better after birth? right now she looks like she swallowed somebody. dumpy, stumpy, short, bottom heavy, lip heavy, conceited, porn star, now pregnanat w/ no husband. lovely.

    • wonderwoman21

      See people don’t mind your comments when they’re about Kim K because everybody hates Kim K! Lol

    • Mustang

      FYI, there’s nothing wrong with being pregnant and unmarried/single.

      • Adele

        Agreed. Women can have children without being married or having pa partner. Besides, things don’t always go as planned.

      • Kt

        Yes there is. It is irresponsible. You may have normalized it but being a baby mama is not ok.

        • Mustang

          No, actually, there isn’t. A woman does not have to have a husband or partner in order to be a good parent and raise a well adjusted child. Saying that a woman should be married before having children is outdated. Since women now have a greater presence in the public sphere, they don’t have to rely on a husband to be the breadwinner and sole financial provider for the family. As long as a single person (male OR female) has the financial means to cover the costs of raising a child, I see absolutely no reason why doing so should be construed as irresponsible. And even in situations where life isn’t so neat (divorces, separations, deaths, rapes, etc.) and a person ends up as a single parent, THERE IS STILL NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

        • serena

          That’s an archaic view. Marriage means signing a government certificate for tax and medical benefits. It’s not exactly a guarantee of lifetime bliss – half end in divorce and Kim’s last marriage was 3 months! She is irresponsible but getting a marriage license is not going to change that. Being a single mother is hard for normal women because kids are so expensive and time-consuming. Kim is crazy rich and doesn’t need a day job like the rest of us. What’s actually concerning is how a kid with 2 ridiculously narcissistic spoiled parents will turn out. Knowing Kim she’ll probably film her birth :O

    • Heather

      Lol these were all my jumbled thoughts about her….it is crazy she was horrified by Gwyneth’s butt, yet Kim is sexy and iconic. Kim’s butt…to me…is one of the most repulsive things ever…oh my gosh. Tracy Anderson has lost her ever loving mind :0

    • jackie

      I agree with the people saying it’s okay to have a child when you’re not married. BUT this woman is actually still maried to another man than her baby’s father, which in my opinion is pretty low. I just really hope she will have settled this divorce by the time she gives birth!

    • lc

      Agree Natalia! Great comment lol.

      • Soph

        Love how you included ‘short’ in your lovely list of derogatory comments Natalia. You’re a hateful girl. Not everyone aspires to your thin loving idea of beauty. Millions of people think Kim is absolutely stunning. Your personality is clearly disgusting.

  • we get that she is pregnant and of course she would do sports, have personal trainers. if i had that much money my cushion would even have its own lawyer

  • wonderwoman21

    I’m sure she’ll THINK she looks better after she follows up pregnancy with nips & tucks & lifts & botox; but in reality she’s just on the road to looking like Lil Kim. He body looks like a Thanksgiving turkey; stuffed! Looks like her chest & butt have been stuffed with silicone.

    • Casey


      I always thought she had breast implants and it’s beginning to look that way now that she is gaining pregnancy weight and her bust is naturally increasing.

      • wonderwoman21

        Yes I’m almost certain they must be implants considering her that neither of her two full-blooded sisters (Khloe & Kourtney) are full busted; plus Kourtney has confirmed her own implants. It would be odd odds that Kim ended up the prettiest, bustiest, and assiest! Lol.

        Considering she’s vain enough to laser her hairline I’m sure she’s upped her breast size & ass size. A long with a nose job and something on her eyes & cheeks.

  • Casey

    I wouldn’t bet on KK losing the weight using reasonable means; extreme dieting/exercising combined with surgery seem more likely.

  • Eline

    Well, no Tracy Anderson for me.. I thought a personal trainer was to make you fitter, not fatter! But we will see.

  • Kimmy

    Am I the only one scared of Tracey Anderson? She scares me…

    • Liz

      She’s looking a little scary now a days. She’s probably tweaked it since I looked at it, but her original “method” was essentially exercise bulimia (if you eat fewer than 800 calories and exercise for 2 hours every day you can be as thin as Gwyneth Paltrow!). The cartoonish/pornstar implants are a new “development” since her first mat workout DVD, which is a shame because she looked a lot more feminine/dancer-like without them. It looks like she’s done a lot of work on her face too. I have to admit I like her original mat DVD. I just sort of ignore the fact that everything she says is crazypants.

      • Aafje

        800 calories jeez…I don’t see how anyone could even exercise on that little, I think I would ass out

        • Aafje

          PASS out. lol not ass out…

      • Alexis

        This is a very popular misconception about Tracy’s eating plan. In no way shape or form does it call for you to consume no more than 800 calories a day. Trust. Someone wrote some random article years ago (Dailymail I think?) making this claim….and it’s SO not true. She prescribes healthy, easily digestible, whole foods, and as much of them as you need to feel satisfied. I always laugh when the Tracy Anderson bashing starts online, because I’ve been devoted to her workouts for about 3 years now and my ass looks so freaking good! I’ve never once starved myself following the guidelines of her diet, even in the beginning when I had a good amount of excess weight to lose. Sounds cliche, but don’t knock it till you try it ladies!

      • krikri

        “her original “method” was essentially exercise bulimia (if you eat fewer than 800 calories and exercise for 2 hours”

        I got the first method. There is no diet at all, that starts with Tracy saying “you can eat as much as you want… but well be reasonable…”. . The CD lasts 2 hours, with works out of 10 to 15 minutes. It doesn’t say you have to do it all daily. And it’s totally totally ordinary. What has been done in gyms since Jane Fonda, Besides she was seen making the Bridget run in the park and Madonna weigh lifting.

        So apparently, she is just like any trainer. And she regularly says stupidity that will be relayed in media with everyone criticizing. It’s her PR plan, That works. Other trainers are paid 5 dollar an hour, and she charges 5000 or more.

    • AnnieC

      You should be scared of her. She’s completely unqualified and uses no science for her “method”. Her dietary program is dangerous. She’s a fraud and should be widely avoided.

      • cherrybelle

        Besides the fact that TA has been exposed as an unqualified fraudster advocating unsafe and unhealthy methods to achieve skinniness time and again-who the HELL would want to look like her with that truly odd square body? From shoulders to the tops of her legs she is a totally solid square shape. No thanks.

      • Nataleigh

        right?! this is the woman who says that no woman should lift more than 5 lbs. the original advocator of low weight, high rep for ~toning~ (which hi isn’t even a real thing)

        screw tracy anderson and her bs methods. it’s right up kim kardashian’s alley.

        xoxo the girl who curls 25 pounds and isn’t bulky in the least!

        • Alexis

          When Tracy advises not to use more than 3lb weights, she is speaking to those using her method, not other types of weight training methods. Her arm exercises incorporate elaborate, fast choreography that if done with heaver weights would be frankly, dangerous and not conducive to the type of look she is aiming to create, which are teeny tiny, defined ballet-type arms. She does this by activating underused secondary muscles with light weights. This type of arm appeals to me, and her method is a great way to achieve that look. However, I totally dig that that look isn’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. Nor is it the ONLY way to get that look I’m sure, but it has definitely worked for me.

        • solaxia

          Nataleigh, this may be a stupid question but when you say you curl 25lbs…do you mean with single dumbells (25lbs per hand) or a barbell (25lbs lifted with 2 hands). Either way that’s awesome and I’m glad someone else on here likes heavier lifting =o) I’m just wondering because I don’t know how far behind I am lagging from other girls that lift too!

  • Hazal

    I highly doubt that.

  • Pixie

    I’m sure she will lose the baby weight, she’s too in love with herself not to.

  • Hannah

    Not wanting to sound horrible but for someone who is photographed in gym gear all the time you’d think she’d be in better shape. I know she’s pregnant now but before she’s never exactly been fit.

    • Mizzy

      Meh. You can’t always tell how fit a person is by looking at them. I see plenty of people at my gym who are there day after day and don’t look rock hard. Plus, just because you’re at the gym every day doesn’t mean you are giving it 110% each time. I have plenty of friends who are just happy doing 30 easy minutes on the elliptical and calling it a day.

      • annabanana

        i totally get the feeling KimK is the kind of girl who will “jog” for half an hour and be like “oh that was such a workout I’m so exhausted now” and then quit. She can’t sweat too much or it would ruin her makeup!!!

    • serena

      Not everyone goes to the gym because they want rock hard abs, or because they want to be super fit and run a marathon. A lot of women work out to maintain their current size (Kim looks like she’s naturally plump and would be very fat if she didn’t work out at all). Plus even athletes don’t necessarily look very muscular or fit. I was a swimmer in high school and university and a lot of swimmers I saw looked soft (not chubby but not super toned either).

  • Katie

    It should hope that she would look better after as opposed to before; I mean, it shouldn’t be hard to do. That being said, Tracy needs to scale it back a few notches– just because Kim is following and will continue to follow her plan doesn’t mean a thing. In fact, I would think Tracy would be mortified because Kim is so podgy.

  • Polly

    I think post-pregnancy body would be better for women who didn’t have boobs or hips before…but Kim K already does…she’s going to just look like a MOUND. 😛

    • Anastasia.

      I don’t think pregnancy gives you shapely hips, if anything it just makes your waist wider/boxier. Just look at Heidi Klum. Same with boobs, they might look bigger for a while, but then they just kinda… deflate?

  • Natalia

    Actually i can say something nice about her, she has a nice oval shaped face which can look attractive w/makeup.

  • Nobsnob

    I always found Tracy Anderson to have one of the most unfortunate physique I’ve seen on the “celebrity planet”.
    She’s got that HUGE jaw which is pretty unfortunate and that smiley which is a bit scary. She’s very short and very boxy with no ass and boobs. She’s got a large torso and short legs. :/

    • GoGo2010

      I agree. I don’t understand why she’s such a sought- after trainer….I would want a trainer with a banging body, not one that looks like a man (no offence to masculine-looking women…I can look that way when I diet and exercise too hard, which is why I would avoid such a trainer).

      • Anastasia.

        Agree. She looks like a man, I don’t understand why she’s so popular unless that’s the same look her clients are going for. Ya she’s thin, but she looks like a square block. No thanks.

  • Polska Blondynka

    The weight is going to show on her because she is very short.

  • Anastasia.

    lolll like she’s going to lose the weight through exercise. More likely, lipo, tummy tuck, breast lift, butt lift. And kim does not have an iconic body, she’s just stumpy with a huge ass, a lot of people look like that. Iconic is Marilyn Monroe/Sophia loren. God, I can’t believe the word iconic is used to describe this D lister.

    • serena

      Exactly – after all the procedures Kim has had done, I can’t understand why anyone believes a word she says. She had a nose job, chin reduction, botox, fillers, hair line lasered, butt implants, possible breast implants, and pays someone to paint a layer of makeup on her face everyday. The only reason she’s still famous is because her fans are morons (for example, the fat grafts in her butt wouldn’t show up on an x-ray, yet there was a whole episode about that apparently lol). I hope for her baby’s sake she’ll fade out of the limelight but she’ll probably milk it for a few more years.

  • retrobanana

    well, with tracey endorsing her i am sure she is gonna have to do something tracey only likes skinny people…so i think kim will have to lose “a noticable” amount after..but i dont see her looking like kate bosworth or anything but i doubt tracey would speak up about her if she didnt think she could get her to look “tracey-esque”

  • Sassy

    News flash – Believe it or not but working out is good for your heart, cardiovascular system, and mental health. I like be how it’s all about looks. Over you Kim & Tracy. Considering Kim has like no fans these days…lets just give it another 5-10 years…

  • Snip

    This whole quote is like one looooooooooong self ad. lol

  • Hoovo

    Ok this is seriously what is wrong in today’s society. The girl is 4 months pregnant, why the hell is anyone even talking about when she will lose the weight, or how she will look after. Why not focus on more important things in the world. It’s so clear why so many women care more about the way they look than the way they contribute to their own community. Taking care of yourself is immensely important, but it should not be the main priority in life. In fact if someone is really happy, and healthy, and living a full life, and I mean really full and rich in passion, creativity, and love, they will not have to focus on their weight, as they ill be so busy and so fulfilled that their beauty will naturally shine through, their bodies will actually be better, more natural.

    • loos

      Totally agree with you Hoovo. A pregnant woman should be taking it easy with the exercise and not overdoing it. I hate to break it to those super critical and obviously childless people on this site but she’s 4 months pregnant, of course she’s gained weight. Leave her alone! Why the obsession nowadays?? It’s like women aren’t even allowed to put on weight during pregnancy anymore! And if you do, you must lose it all within a few weeks. It’s a ridiculously unfair and unhealthy expectation. I know so many new mums and pregnant women who are totally ashamed of their bodies and paranoid about putting on weight during pregnancy and obsessive about losing the weight quickly after birth. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

  • shaun

    i think tracy anderson and all the damn kardashians should be sent to space so i never have to hear from them again. personally i dont think tracy’s method is very good. i think it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and the way she talks about women and their bodies is almost degarding to me.

  • Clarence Beeks

    This is the woman who was “horrified” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s ass, but is going on praising Kim Kardashian? She must have fainted when she saw Kim’s ass the first time! The cellulite, and distorted lumpiness… the hell can Tracy Anderson speak this way about her? How much is she being paid FFS?

    • Jacky Daniels

      well maybe gwineth was sagged..

      • Clarence Beeks

        …and Kim’s gross ass does not? In candids, that ass is LOW and sticking out. I will never understand how someone can find her ass attractive.

        From the front, I think Kim has a great shape. But sideways, or rear view? *shudders*

        • Jacky Daniels

          well kims butt is too much junk but imo theres nothing more horrible than untoned skinny ass full of saggy skin..

  • Jacky Daniels

    i believe her. other than her gigantic butt and short legs her body is great.

  • greenieweenie

    do something with that hair, Tracy Anderson. All wrong for her face. She needs shape: cut it to just above the shoulders and let it cover up some of that square jaw. This center middle part and super flat hair is all kinds of wrong.

  • jane

    Tracy Anderson could really benefit from some of that Korean plastic surgery (if you guys saw the recent article in Jezebel about before&after Korean plastic surgery photos, you know what I’m talking about).

    • beckers

      Haha I did read that article. Harsh but true.

    • jamie

      wow…i just read that article too…insane!

      and yes, TA could use some of that. talk about a BOX jaw

  • lc

    AHAHHAHAHA no she won’t. Not unless someone works a SERIOUS miracle. She’ll never look great.

  • Alexis

    Why do us women pick each others bodies apart like vultures? I’m not trying to be smug or snarky, I just honestly don’t see whats to be gained by writing negative hateful things about another woman’s body we have never met before. All it does is make one come across to others as miserable and unhappy. Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself somehow? I just don’t know.
    So you don’t care for Kim Kardashian- fare enough. So you don’t agree with Tracy Anderson’s fitness method, fine. But I don’t see how that merits some of the venom-filled hate spouted on here about complete strangers. I wish a site like this could be used more as a platform for meaningful discussion about some of the topics presented in the articles…… such as body image, and society’s role in how how we as women view our bodies. Instead, it’s just another landfill for awful, shallow and non-constructive remarks about other women’s random body parts. It really is saddening. I do enjoy this site, but I just don’t think I can read the comments sections anymore, it just brings me down.

    • Soph

      Totally agree. This a place where insecure girls come to project their insecurities and take it out on beautiful celebrities. I’m one of them, and have also vowed not to read the comment sections, but then just come back damnet!

  • Kimberly

    I don’t like Tracy Anderson or Kim K. They are both liars. Tracy’s statement is ridiculous. I think Kim will have a really hard time getting the weight off.

  • em

    she looks horrible now. this is another reason why i hate tracy anderson. she’s so full of shit.

  • JJ

    “She’s so young…”

    Huh? She’s not that young for a first pregnancy. She’s in her 30s, not 19.

  • janice

    She looked like she was pregnant before she even got pregnant so I don’t know why she’s acting like she’s gonna have a hard body or something. Kardashian is a wide load and always will be. And what does she have to “get back in shape” for work LOL.

  • jamie

    haha we will see, but i doubt she will lose it that quickly. god knows she had an extra 15-20 she needed to lose before getting knocked up. i dont get her appeal, shes just short and stubby looking to me…her waist isnt even that small, shes just so wide

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