Jessica Stroup, Kim Kardashian, Skinny Versus Curvy, Who Is Hotter?

Who’s Hotter? Jessica Stroup VS Kim Kardashian!

whos-hotter-jessica-stroup-vs-kim-kardashian - Who's Hotter? Jessica Stroup VS Kim Kardashian!

2 different events, 2 hot brunettes and 2 pretty dresses – it just happens that one girl is on the thin and she’s got super skinny legs and the other one looks very voluptuous, especially from certain angles. Very different body shapes and sizes!

Who’s Hotter? Jessica Stroup VS Kim Kardashian!

Pick your favorite hottie!

2 more side-by-side comparisons from different angles after the jump!


whos-hotter-jessica-stroup-vs-kim-kardashian-21 - Who's Hotter? Jessica Stroup VS Kim Kardashian!

whos-hotter-jessica-stroup-vs-kim-kardashian-31 - Who's Hotter? Jessica Stroup VS Kim Kardashian!

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  • lara

    hmm body wise kim is hotter (ecsept the bum) , face wise jessica is hotter or (prettier), very beautilful eyes well the entire face is beutiful , but shes too skinny in the body department

  • Thaipie


  • they’re both beautiful women with nice healthy, bodies but i do prefer kim’s.

  • alex

    kim! her legs look so good here

  • m

    is that kim’s real but?

  • cfm

    Definitely Jessica. I’m sick of seeing Kim’s dog face everywhere.

    • Becca

      I agree. I’m sick of Kim and her huge shelf of an ass.

      • Ariel

        Haha AGREED

        • jasmin

          i agree too!
          jessica is soo stunngin
          and has a amazing figure….skinny!
          im jelous!

  • pia


  • bumblebee

    Jessica is beautiful!!! I would kill to have her body. and she is not TOO skinny anymore, now that she has gained some weight she is in the perfectly normal range.

  • ala


  • anonymous

    Jessica’s dress looks better, she’s cute, looking better than a few months ago. But I still prefer Kim 🙂

  • CA


  • Samantha

    I have a body like Kim’s so I prefer Jessica’s body. I’m very jealous of the lean type!

  • ckmj787

    Kim…and you people must be blind if you think that plain face girl has a prettier face. she is so…normal. Kim is a bombshell!!!

  • salma’ben

    Kim ! I love her blue dress , the hair , the curves SHE IS PERFECT even with cellulite ok !

  • Natasha

    Kim, of course ! Jessica is.. too skinny ! look at her legs in the second pic ! .. definetely.. she is too skinny. Kim wins this one !

  • Jessica is way too skinny! She’s pretty though but Kim is prettier in my opinion, sorry Jessica. Kim also has a gorgeous curvy frame and she actually looks like she’s lost weight even though she didn’t need to. I’m not completely sold on Kim’s dress but the colour and material looks great. (Although if it were up to me, I’d put Jessica’s dress (tis lovely) with Kim’s bag and shoes. Both look great but Kim’s definitely hotter I think.

  • Mirabela

    no doubt: Kim! 😉

    p.s. i have a question: the 3-rd photo it’s photoshoped? because kim’s hips and legs appear too fit (unlike reality)

    • Versus

      No, the picture isn’t photoshopped. She looks slimmer because of the position & angle. That particular position makes the legs look longer and slimmer – Victoria Beckham knows it :)!

  • michelle

    Jessica Stroup is so pretty. I was never a fan of Kim’s sense of style. Also, Kim’s derriere looks oddly proportioned.

  • Suzy

    Kim is hotter. Jessica is cuter.

  • jjj

    I’d have to say Jessica. Much nicer legs and over all package.

  • leila

    jessica is hotter.. her face is stunning and her body isnt riddled with cellulite.. plus kim has huge saggers..kinda gross..

  • krystyn

    Jessica’s shoes are amazing for elongating the leg. She looks adorable!

  • jenni

    now that jessica has gained some much needed weight, i think she looks f-ing fantabulous.

  • mimi

    I think I’d go for Kim, although Jessica looks slighty more proportioned. Jessica’s legs really look too skinny. Kim’s legs look just fine and her skin looks so soft and smooth to the touch!

  • paula

    Kim looks better!!!

  • Myriam

    KIM!! of course…. she is absolutely gorgeous!!!….

  • I love Kim. Jessica looks cute too though 🙂

  • rebecca

    Kim in all departments.

  • Cata

    They both look good. Just different bodies for different tastes. Though, evaluating the first picture I can tell that Kim’s wearing a butt bra. You can see the shape of the string from across her lower back to her hips where it meets the strap from under her butt cheeks. On the last picture you can see the straps squeezing her butt/hip. So much for natural Kim…busted. She does have a nice body, but with a bit of help.

  • rainy_daze

    Kim has the prettier face and the hotter body, regardless of whether she’s natural or fake. The other girl looks like she’s about to collapse.

  • Liz

    Kim has one of the prettiest faces in hollywood.. with that being stated.. Kim has one of the UGLIEST body in hollywood.. her ass is seriously wrong on so many levels..Id PAY alot of money to NOT have it.

  • Ela

    Kim, although her dress is vile. Jessica has a lollipop head thing going on. Nice frock though.

  • gem

    jessica. she’s stunning

  • Andreas

    Jessica is much hotter,I mean her body is hotter than Kim’s body,but Kim has a prettier face.I’m sorry to say,but Kim’s ass is horrible and in this pictures her legs look great,but in other pictures look horrible.I don’t understand why there’s so much difference.I wonder how she is in reality…

  • bb

    KIM of course…..

  • Rima

    JESSICA of course…..

  • Ashley

    Wow,Jessica is gorgeous,especially in the face!!I would love to have her body,too.Kim is really pretty,and I normally like the way she dresses,but this dress just seems not very pretty to me.I love Jessica’s dress,though.

  • dee

    Jessica has nasty looking knees and feet. And I hear she’s anorexic.
    Kim looks more natural, and prettier in general.

  • Jeff B.

    I worship at the temple that is Kim’s ass! Her perfect (all natural) booty should have a national holiday named in it’s honor! When compairing these two, you are compairing a woman (Kim,) to a prepubestant girl (Jessica.) The question is do you prefer women or are you a petifile? As for me I prefer women, the curvier the better!

  • werty

    Its pointless even asking this question. Stroup is near perfection. Since gaining some much needed weight she looks much better. Her legs here still look rather thin but aside from that she looks amazing.

    She is cute and innocent unlike KK. I do like Kim but compared to Stroup, Kim is just another average girl you pass on the street and dont look twice at.

  • scarlett


  • MG

    Funny how the guys all seem to be picking the woman-Kim with the curvy, normal looking body. (remember her body was normal/typical in the 1950s then the fad dieting/fashion magazines came along.) The other girl would need to gain a hell of a lot of weight to not look like she’s on the 15th day of a hunger strike. Why would women want to look like the skinny girl? With her bones jutting out like that?!
    The Kardashian coverage is excessive and Kim is shallow as hell, but I don’t think anyone can say that she’s not attractive or sexy.

  • dan

    jessica stroup all the way,,,
    i think in the bed kim would kill me with her curvy horrible body