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Who’s the Hottest Now? Kim Versus Kourtney Kardashian!

whos-the-hottest-now-kim-versus-kourtney-kardashian - Who's the Hottest Now? Kim Versus Kourtney Kardashian!

They both got cleavages, they’re both wearing sleek and black cocktail dresses, they’re both super tanned and super smiley – they are asking for it:

Who’s the hottest on this occasion? Kim Versus Kourtney Kardashian! Choose your favorite!

P.S. Did anybody else notice that Kim’s going for a more mature, sophisticated look lately (and apparently, she forgot all about super tight dresses that came with the mandatory pose from the back)???

whos-the-hottest-now-kim-versus-kourtney-kardashian-2 - Who's the Hottest Now? Kim Versus Kourtney Kardashian!

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  • cusi

    i like Kourtney’s dress!

  • Serafiina

    Well Kim! She looks soooo beautiful here. Nice arms and shoulders.

  • lola

    kim looks very nice… but im confused, are these girls really sisters? cause all three of them have very different body types and their features arent very similar either

  • Versus

    Yes, Kourtney is Kim’s older sister and Khloe (not pictured) is her younger sister.

    • Leonie

      :O Kourtney is older than Kim?
      I always thought Kim was oldest..

  • change.

    wow, im amazed by kim. she looks beautiful. this is how i want to see her more often, not in sex videos. shes truly beautiful.

  • D33D33

    OMG Kim looks flawless

  • anon

    kim looks like she lost alot of weight esp in her arms, face, and decollatage(sp?)

  • sharlene_threase

    i love kourtney she has always been my favourite!!!

  • spoh

    kim is an shining example of what 30 should look like. All three of those sisters look very different from one another but that’s what happens sometimes, the two little sisters look similar atm though. I think Kourtney and Rob [the lone male of the brood] look alike, NOT saying she looks like a man or he a woman but they look related. Kim is the best looking member of the family, she’s made her whole career on her looks which is pretty sad. Looks fade…

  • freya

    I used to be a masive kim fan, but now im starting to think that kourt is the new uberhotty!

    • MARIA

      Freya…i am WITH you on this one! I like Kourtney the most out of all the sisters. She’s gorgeous, and despite her valley girl talk you can tell that she really is mature about things.

  • HEY EVERYONE WATCH “Butch The Creeper” by clumziwumzi on youtube!!!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT (its kinad creepy though)