Kim Kardashian, Who Is Hotter?

Who’s the Hottest This Time? Khloe, Kim or Kourtney?

whos-the-hottest-this-time-khloe-kim-or-kourtney1 - Who's the Hottest This Time? Khloe, Kim or Kourtney?

3 sisters, 3 different styles, 3 different body types.

While Khloe is tall and strong-looking, Kim is a curvy at the nth degree and Kourteney is a petite, slim and moderately curvy girl.

Who’s the Hottest This Time? Khloe, Kim or Kourtney?

Choose your favorite Kardashian!

P.S. Kourtney’s dress? Wow or Eww?

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  • susan

    Kim is always the hottest of the three. She is very beautiful

  • e

    I know I’m really mean, but can the tallest one just go away? She hurts my eyes. I’m tied between the other two, Kim has a flawlessly perfect face, but there’s something about the other one I just like, she looks cute.

  • biogirl

    Chole has always been my favorite!! i know everyone discounts her of whatever..but i think shes just soo pretty and nice, and down to earth, but mouthy and scarcastic at the same time!! she seems like shed be soo fun to hang and also just a real good friend! GO TEAM CHLOE!! lol..holla!! sorry ima dork…

  • change.

    hmm are they even sisters? i doubt it, or kim just had ALOTTT of plastic surgery done.

  • Versus

    Yes, they’re definitely sisters 🙂

  • sharlene_threase

    kourtney kourtney kourtney!!!

  • Linda

    Totally Kim. Love her but love her sisters too they’re all beautiful but Kim’s beauty is my fave (^_^)
    Btw Versus, I know Kim is an Hourglass.. what body shapes are her sisters?

  • ilovesugar

    It is amazing how different they all look from eachother!
    Kim will always be the better looking one! she’s a hottie
    Kourtney follows…but is far from kim’s place!

  • Barbie

    Kim! And I liked Kourtney when I saw her on their show..she’s so natural and kinda funny 😀

  • kim is.. just look at those curves and that face!

  • plus by any means she is wearing the best clothes

  • Versus

    Kourteney looks like a petite hourglass to me (although she did enlarge her bust)
    and Khloe… hmm, she gains weight all over, she doesn’t have wide hips, nor a very defined waist – and when she was slimmer, she looked like a ruler.


    I notice a few things:
    -Khole is big boned., like Brooke hogan. her built i and shape is also quite mascline and she not a pretty girl at all. she resembels a a giant gorrilla

    -kourtney is average, nothing specail. she is denifiantely not gorgeous. She has chicken feet; her leg shape is unfornately is a large thighs on skinny calves that end at the smallest ankle. Nicole richie also inherited this flaw. its could be the shoes for kourtney though. her legs are not proportionate…

    kim- is gorgeous, and beautiful. by my standards . You can just see it, and the iuglyness around her enhancing / higligting her beauty even more .You can easy see the dove amongst the flock of pigeons. or i should say amonst a turkey and a pigeon. kim is that lovely dove.

    the hottest (from top to bootom):
    1. Kim

  • stef

    hahahahaha freedom
    a dove amongst a flock of pigeons/turkey and a pigeon
    i read that and sputtered in my soup haha
    very very blunt, and strange..
    but i laughed

  • nin

    IMHO Kourtney is a pear with what looks like implants and so is Kim.

  • nin

    PS People the big girl Khloe does have the same hips – she just has a lot of midsection weight and a much bigger build.

  • Lilly

    Kim is gorgeous and she has a lot of style. I love her outfit.

  • Ariel

    Strictly hottest by looks? Kourtney

  • nybeauty

    Wow that big one continues to be an eyesore!! GADS!! Kim is adorable per usual and I like the other one’s outfit as well. Very Cute shoe Kim!!

  • detra

    I think khloe is the hottest of the three. She has a take no s..t attitude and she would do anything to protect her sisters. She has a beautiful face and a nice body.

  • brooke

    You people are freaking nasty!!!
    They are all gorgeous but really khloe has this magnetism, her eyes are her draw card, she has an awsome sense of humour! BEAUTIFUL
    leave her alone! i would like to c half of you stand beside her and c who is more attractive!!!

  • Joy

    Kim is the hottest. I have a crush on her

  • christina

    They all are trash!

  • X

    Ok yes, Khloe does have a bigger figure then Kourtney and Kim, that doesn’t maker her any less pretty, personally i think they all beat me in the looks category, they are all very pretty but Khloe could cut down a little on the eye liner. sorry!

  • Kourtney is the hottest but kim and khloe have the better bodies. All three of fine as hell in they own way though.