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Kourtney Kardashian: “I gained 45 pounds with Penelope”

kourt-us-weekly - Kourtney Kardashian: "I gained 45 pounds with Penelope"

Kim Kardashian is 3 months pregnant – but until we get to hear her ‘How I lost the baby weight’ story, here’s her sister Kourtney and her hot mom makeover – All the details from Us Weekly:

Six months after the birth of her second child, E! reality star Kourtney Kardashian is back in a bikini — and proudly showing off her 44-pound weight loss in a series of unretouched pictures for Us Weekly!Posing poolside in Miami Dec. 13, the Kourtney and Kim & Take Miami star shared her diet and fitness secrets in a full-length interview with West Coast Bureau Chief Rebecca Bienstock.

“It was harder to lose weight the second time around,” admitted Kardashian, mom to son Mason, 3, and daughter Penelope, 6 months (with partner Scott Disick, 29).

“I gained 45 pounds with Penelope.”Now a lean 106 pounds, the 5-foot star credits pro Tracy Anderson’s 90-minute dance-focused workouts and small portion sizes for helping her slim down in record time. “This time, the focus is really on being a mom and being present, knowing my priorities,” Kardashian, 33, told Us.



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  • violet

    who cares? why are these trolls thought of as celebrities – what a joke!

    • HB

      I wish I knew, Violet!!!

  • natalia

    Women are not supposed to even gain weight w/ pregnanacy, they are only supposed to eat a little extras, 200-300 calories a day, some ppl won’t even gain weight at this increase, these women just want an excuse to eat themselves silly, point is, you are supposed to eat more, but you may or may not gain weight by doing that, my mom gained half a kilo

    • janae

      You are right natalia, 200-300 extra calories is all that is needed or recommended and exercise should still be done throughout pregnancy. However, some women will still gain a significant amount of weight anyway. This is all normal! Just like some women will eat a ton through pregnancy and still not gain any weight. I would not say that “women are not supposed to gain any weight” though- of course lactating and the actual baby and plecenta, etc all cause weight gain and even after the baby is delivered “an ideal” pregancy will still leave the woman with 10-20 extra pounds that will most likely be shed naturally-especially if the woman breast feeds. I don’t know kourtney personally, but on her show she is portrayed as very health conscious and active. I think it is a really big judgment call for you to say that her weight gain (which was significant but certainly not extreme) with her pregnancy is because she wanted to “eat herself silly”. I think this comment is especially hurtful because you are inferring that she would risk the health of her baby to use preganacy as an excuse to be unhealthy….that’s not fair.

    • Em

      Um, no. Medical experts state women need to gain 25-35 lbs for a pregnancy. So yes they most definitely need to gain weight. The baby, uterus and extra fluid alone would cause gain. It’s not like it’s pure fat weight, lol. Yowser.

      • janae

        @Em, I do not know if you were commenting back to natalia or me or both….but I wanted to make sure you knew that we are on the same page. I cited 10-20 pounds of weight after delivery-which usually causes on average a 15 pound loss, so yes 25-35 pounds predelivery is what is recommended. However, women that are overweight already will need to gain less and some women if they struggle with extreme nausea will gain less and their pregnancy will still most likely go fine. Just wanted to clarify my comment in case anyone thought I was suggesting that you should not gain weight during pregnancy, only a a crazy person would say that. But it is true that just because you are “eating for two” you should not dounle your caloric intake…natalia was correct that an extra 200-300 calories a day is perfect (unless of course you are already eating less than you should).

        • Eline

          Natalia, I think it is almost IMPOSSIBLE not to gain weight while pregnant (and very unhealthy too). There’s a baby (about 7 pounds) in your belly, fluids and a uteris, so of course you will gain at least 7 pounds. It’s not just fat!

        • Em

          Oh I was definitely just replying to Natalia! Coincidentally, I have a SIL named Natalia who also insists only healthy women don’t gain weight when pregnant (or only gain ~5 lbs). I wondered if it had something to do with her being from South America (Argentina) because she says that’s what she heard growing up there.

          These covers are bad and depressing. This isn’t weight loss… it’s pregnancy and childbirth. It’s not even remotely the same thing at all and putting it in the same category is not good for anyone.

    • jenna

      Seriously Natalia, you’re annoying! Didn’t you JUST post this exact same comment, as ridiculous as it is, on the Jessica Simpson thread a few days ago? Have YOU been pregnant or had a baby? I’ve had several, and with each baby, my Dr. sat me down to discuss what is a normal weight to gain while pregnant, and it always fell in the 25-35 lb range.

      • silvy

        I know, that girl says the craziest things and has no idea! where does she think this 6-10pound baby is getting life from? I dropped 15 pounds when I gave birth, 8 pound baby plus fluids, placenta, extra blood etc. and then I was left with 10 pounds to lose of body weight. that extra body weight is essential to ensure the baby and mother are strong during and after birth.

    • AnnieC

      Please consider enrolling in a basic anatomy and physiology class. Your ignorance regarding the human body is breathtaking.

    • jamie

      “Women are not supposed to even gain weight w/ pregnanacy”

      you win the most unintelligent comment of the day…you gain whta the child weighs, at a bare minimun.

      no excuse for gaining as much as jessica simpson, but it would be unhealthy for a normal woman not to gain a pound.

      • Rosie

        Yeah…That comment was pretty freaking stupid. I mean come on? Common sense should tell you that you’re going to gain some weight while pregnant and if you don’t something is seriously wrong. What’s up with these women anyways? If I had a child the last thing on my mind would be losing weight because I’d want to bond and be with my baby.

    • loo

      Natalia, that is ridiculous! I am pregnant now and have been told to gain 10-15 kgs. If I only gained half a kilo my doctors would be very concerned. Sounds very unhealthy to me unless she was very overweight to start with. Definitely not the norm and most definitely not the recommended weight gain. Comments like that are ill-informed, unhelpful and downright dangerous if any one was stupid enough to take your advice as gospel.

    • erin

      Lol no, I was just looking at the chart in the OBGYN’s office, a normal woman should gain 25 lbs apparently. My mom gained 28 with me and they told her that was the bare minimum and she could have gained more.

    • Morgan

      I was at 36 weeks and only gained 15lbs– the doctors were concerned about my panic attacks and put me on a Rx and I swear to god, I gained 20lbs in the next month. It was miserable knowing I’d done so well and been so healthy and then I had all this extra weight to lose.

  • janae

    Everytime I see Tracy Anderson’s name I cringe. I wish celebrities would do just a tad bit of research before falling for this con-artist. She is such a joke. I am ashamed to say we have the same profession!

    • Powwow

      Why? I lost ALOT of weight, like 15 lbs, doing the Tracy Anderson DVDs and I toned up a lot. Why do so many people dislike her?

      • janae

        I have no doubt that tracys exercise programs will help some lose weight- moving in any way will burn calories and fewer calories in than you burn equals weight loss. However, her diet plans encourage extrenely unhealthy undereating. She claims that she can tuen any body into a slim dancees body, which unless she can somehow go back in time and change her clients’ parents and genetics is ridiculously untrue. She insists on onky using very high reps of low 3 pounds weights, which will increase muscular endurance, but will not increase muscle fibers or make you stronger at all- in fact you will become weaker over time. She also has this weird philosophy about drawing the muscle closer to the bone by utilizing auxiliary muscle groups- which is complete nonsense when it comes to exercise science (but in all fairness she is not the only one, Tony Horton and his “muscle confusion” is another common claim that has zero scientific evidence). I love it when anyone is active and exercising, so I completely commend your weight loss and exercise regardles of the method used. But I will say that going 100% on tracys method of eating way to few calories and working out two hours a day is NOT healthy. She is not licensed or formally educated in any way… and while people may gey resukts from her program because weight loss really is as simple as burning more calories than you take in, an educated profressional trainer can yield much better results in a much healthier fashion.

  • nat shermans

    What an awful title.

    I know every body is different but I’m 5″0 and I’d be so tiny at 106! It’s hard to believe KK. Is say more like 115

    • annabanana

      really? i feel like 106 at 5’0″ is pretty normal….106 at 5’5″ is thin.

      • kt

        Agreed. I’m the same weight and 4’11. I feel that we look comparable. I’m by no means fat, but i’d never consider myself skinny either.

        • janae

          I totally understand this. I am 4’11 also. And while I have more muscle tone than kourtney, I would say that we probably wear the same size in clothing. Typically I stay around a 14% body fat percentage and weigh about 125- and even when I lean out and get to unhealthily low body fat (only temporarily because I compete in fitness competitions) my stage weight is still 112. I always felt like others that were close to my size and height must be lying about their weight because I always weighed more. But then I went to graduate school for exercise physiology and as a part of my clinical work I had to take more measurements/weights/body fat % on so many different bodies that I can honestly finally say (and really believe) the scale does not mean sh*t. Seriously. Every single body is so wildly different that weight is a terrible indicator of health or even size. The point is- kourtney may very well be 106- and some else could look bigger at 95 or smaller at 115. Don’t ever feel bad for not weighing what some chart or bmi tells you to, be happy with how you look and how you feel and the healthy choices you make and throw the scale out the window! 🙂

    • Tinkerbell

      woah… I just feel even more uncomfortable in my skin: I happen to be 92 lbs at 5’2…. aaand Kourtney has always looked absolutely slim & quite ideal to me. this makes me…. what? unhealthy-looking i guess. :/

      • Twinnies! Im 5’2 at 93 and I’ve always thought that Kourtney weighed less than me since she’s shorter… I actually think that 106 sounds too much for her body since she’s much more petite than Kim.

        • Tinkerbell

          yay Lovisa, u make me feel better abou myself 🙂 aaand yes, 106 to me also seems a bit too much for such a petite lady.. but yeah, the very same weight can look totally different on different people, it’s all about proportions, body type & fat vs muscle 😉

          • janae

            Also don’t forget bone density! A huge factor in determining weight thay obviously can not be determined by simply looking at someone. Even people with the same height, muscle mass, and body shape can weigh very differently because of how much their bones weigh!

    • jenna

      I always get frustrated when people talk about height/weight and speculate on whether it’s true that a celeb really weighs something. Every single person has such a different shape and body type. My height is exactly 5’4 1/2″. When I’ve weighed 125 lbs, I’ve been accused of not eating and following an unhealthy lifestyle. To most on this site, you would probably think I was average, not skinny, but I really did look too skinny then. It’s because even though I’m on the shorter side, I have a really large body frame. I take a size 10 shoe, jewelers always are surprised at my ring sizes, etc. I think it’s really hard to guess what a celebs height/weight is if we’ve never seen them in person to know if maybe they have a small, medium, or large body frame, and you can’t always tell that from a picture.

    • serena

      Nat I agree with you. My sister is 5’1″ 110 lbs and she is a skinny girl with a flat stomach and A-cup chest, not curvy at all like the Kardashians. My first thought was Kourtney looks bigger than 106, not because she’s fat at all, but soft and curvy. Or maybe she’s adding a few inches to her height since in candids her sisters Kendal and Khloe are like a foot taller than her at 5’10. But people carry their weight differently so who knows? I do think Kourtney is prettier than Kim for sure.

    • lc

      LOL I’d say she’s more like 120. 106, my as*.

  • Pixie

    I lost 40lbs 4 months after having my baby. Where’s my cover?!! Lol. She looks great!! 🙂

    • Zoe

      Ha ha- congrats, Pixie! 😀

      • Pixie


  • Anastasia.

    Anyone actually believe that this fugly troll wasn’t photoshopped for the cover? Are there any pictures of them that haven’t been altered in some way, shape, or form?

    • Aafje

      I dunno you can actually see skin texture on the picture so I don’t think they airbrushed her at least.

  • MEEE

    No retouching……yet, they use clever posing, angles and they place a sign over the thickest part of her thigh/hips.

    And to think, we will unfortunately be subjected with many of these covers once Kim has given birth. As if we didn’t already get “see how I lost 10 lbs in 10 days!” covers ever other week from women in this family!

    • MissMarilyn

      you realize the sign that’s covering her thighs is actually just an ad that only exists on this website? lol you can click the [x] in the top right corner and it disappears 🙂

      • mEEE

        The one that reads “No Retouching!”? 😉

  • hanan

    :”my mom gained half kilo”
    hmm , so you & your amniotic fluid &… only waited half a kilo ?
    interested .

    • hanan


    • Zoe

      Ha ha ha 😀

  • Nene

    @Hanan,lmao,i was thinking the same too!

    It’s quite funny how some people view pregnancy with just a few statistics or experience(whether theirs,relative(s) or friend(s)).The truth is everyone is different,there is no generalization when it comes to pregnancy.Some women have big babies while others have small babies so you should’nt expect them to gain same amount of weight.My mum said when she was pregnant with me,it didn’t show till her 2nd trimester,as it was i turned out to be quite small when she gave birth to me. So in pregnancy it’s to each their own as many factors affect the amount of weight a woman gains;genes,level of fitness pre-pregnancy,lifestyle,predisposition to fat,state of health,and the above,etc.

    • vivi

      I know! I saw that other girls comment and was like WTF? Maybe her mom had that same sort of morning sickness like Kate Mid. that makes you loose a lot of weight to begin with? Odd.

      Anyhow, my mom gained 17 pounds with me and 19 with my sister and in both cases the doctors were a little concerned that she hadn’t gained more but we were both tiny babies. I think gaining anywhere between 20-40lbs. is kind of the usual range, probably more in some cases if the mother has to rest alot during her pregnancy.

  • heathers

    I gained 50lbs with my daughter. She was health. I lost it all within 6 months after. it was awesome.

  • Jacky Daniels

    imo she looks good, normal. but i think kardashians are slowly loosing their 15 min. of fame..and its about time..

  • Hazal

    Losing 45 pounds of baby weight in 6 months is fine IMO. She seems to be quite petite naturally.

    • AnnieC

      Except she didn’t actually lose 45 pounds over 6 months. She lost at least 15 pounds right away, giving birth. The weight of the baby, the amniotic sac, the placenta and then water weight must all be accounted for. It’s a deceptive cover. Of course, I wouldn’t expect less from a Kardashian.

  • Mim

    Believable. She looks skinny fat though and kind of always has. I’d either lose a little more or put on some muscle..

  • Jane

    I don’t care how she lost weight because on one of her TV episodes, she fainted trying to lose weight for one of these covers. That was after her first pregnancy. Tired of all these celebs claiming how fast and easy it is. It’s not easy. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days, I read about a celeb that died from trying to lose her pregnancy weight. It know that sounded mean, but it can happen with all these ridiculous obsession about weight and pregnancy.

  • lc

    No one cares. Fugly trolls, indeed.

  • blair

    Big deal.

  • Mew

    Where ever do these people get the energy and determination to do Tracy Anderson’s “jump in one place for 60 minutes and raise your leg for another 30 minutes”? It’s the dullest most boring workout ever and seems just pointless. Having to just get the leg workout started, one must raise leg about 200-300 times. That’s mind blowingly boring. Good for her, obviously she has much more patience to spend her days raising her legs than I do.

  • This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me. Thank you!|